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Sales Customer Service

Summerville, South Carolina, United States
December 29, 2015

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Jennifer Agauyo

*** **** ******* ****** *********** SC 29485 843/297-0691 Summary

Operations and Quality Management Team Member Achieved and Exceeded Organizational Goals by Elevating The Profit Margin Weekly Including Ensuring A Revolving Client Base. Successful operations manager with 17 years of experience in creating a competitive advantage. Managed fast paced dynamic company helping propel company status into number one in grossing revenue in this industry. Leader in professional growth and development of departmental staff through interpersonal practices and policy implementation ensuring employee cohesion and retention. Strategist and procedural policy maker with proven methods of delivering the best quality of product, highest rating of customer service, creating new budgetary benchmarks, and creating a team environment.

Sales Executive and Customer Service Represented with a Proven History Consistent in Surpassing Benchmark Store Sales and Establishing a Strong Market in Current Industry. Highly skilled sales executive in top 6 percent of company sales personnel with a proficiency to evolve new customer relationships into sustainable clientele. Proven history of reinforcing preexisting relationships by offering support products and services extending strength in relationship between company and customer for approximately 2 decades. Extended professional knowledge of organization to additional sales representatives whom then were dispersed through several corporate locations and growing franchise operations.

Skills & Abilities

Proficient in interpersonal relational skills.

Strong organizational skills.

Exceptional and effective communication skills both verbal and written.

Team player with innate leadership skills.

Adept in critical thinking skills.

Cross culturally tuned and experienced.



Achieve project fluidity through communicating with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, or design professionals to discuss and resolve matters, and offer solutions to ensure project proceeds in a timely manner.

Record of maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy work environment through enforcing standards and procedures promoting team compliance and preventing of fines and debilitating interruptions.

Establish high employee retention and staff morale through modeling of sound leadership and expressing importance of teamwork.

Consistent building of company brand through applying hands-on experience and applied expertise with every customer on every site.

Ability to recognize cost saving advantages through lessening of material waste lowering materials and inventory cost and boosting a greater profit margin. SALES EXECUTIVE DECKER INC. A.K.A. CACTUS CAR WASH AUGUST 2005 – APRIL 2012

Vital role in helping upper level management develop methods and procedures in promoting business into expanding markets and continuing to increase sales growth in current market.

Ability to overcome restrictive variances attributed to change in consumption by evaluating, adapting, and evolving circumstance into at consumer demand. Direct and supervise a successful department of high performing employees that strongly engage in direct sales and one of a kind customer service experience. Established confidence of upper management resulting in joined decision making in company placement of new hire through recruitment, interviewing, new hire training, and evaluation of personnel for sales positions.

Closely monitor sales activities to always ensure customer receive highest level of service and the highest quality of product by consistent growth of departmental statistics. Lead and model work sustainability through longevity of employment in an industry known for higher turnover due to demands of working in extremely fast paced high intensity work environment.

Reputation generation and popularity of franchise consistently proven through exceeding of sales benchmarks by way of raised profit margins thus establishing the ranking of highest grossing in profits of organization in this industry for approximately 2 decades. LIGHTING SUPPORT SPECIALIST READY MANAGEMENT SUPPORT, LC. / JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC. / AFCAP OCTOBER 2004 – APRIL 2005 Safely and proficiently gained access to active runway, its flight line, and taxiways in hostile and hazardous environment without incident to any personnel or equipment. Contracted civilian to military installation for support of multinational military project exercising ability to communicate and work along largely diverse population and promote good faith as steward and patron of the United States and its US based company with pride and respect for diverse cultures.

Daily support safety guide and liaison in hostile and hazardous territory ensuring proper deployment of loss prevention to personnel and equipment by clearly identifying potential for loss and using strategies to eliminate threat resulting in timely completion of joint multinational project.

Monitor compliance to operational, safety, or inventory control procedures, including physical security standards by assessing security needs of locations, personnel, and equipment daily without incident.

Analyze and evaluate security operations to identify risks or opportunities for improvement and passing them along to proper staffing ensuring compliance from multinational firms and vendors enabling a cohesive and incident free work environment. OPERATIONS MANAGER / SALES REPRESENTATIVE DECKER INC. A.K.A. CACTUS CARWASH FEBUARY 1996 – OCTOBER 2004

Direct and coordinate organizations local operations to maximize productivity and investments by distribution of workload among the departments increasing efficiency and minimizing operational costs.

Monitor daily operations ensuring that they efficiently and effectively provide needed services, producing the highest of standards in quality control and customer satisfaction, and proficiently operating in budgetary limits.

Determine and maintain large staffing requirements allowing business to run at optimal level during peak and lower volume operating cycles. Daily execution of leadership among department heads leading to synergy among the departmental operations and staff helping to provide a ripe environment for teamwork and company cohesiveness and creating individual accountability. Acknowledge the importance for employee retention and cost effects in providing proficient and professional interviews with qualified applicants leading to a positive employment history.

Responsible to supply proper training and placement of employees and provide performance evaluations through real time scenarios improving employee retention by encouraging and promoting within organization.

Facilitate and welcome organizational development and change, by way of establishing and implementing departmental policies, goals, and objectives, encouraging continued new growth in expanding markets that extend from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Confer and advise management concerning personnel, managerial, and marketing policies and practices and their potential effects on organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Daily training and reinforcing of chemical and waste management procedures and protocols. Consistent training of staff to help in eliminating high fines and/or any operating disturbance by respecting procedural requirements of readiness from OSHA Inspectors, Fire Inspectors, Code Enforcement, and impromptu company inspections of upper level management with low infraction record.

Oversee store environmental management and sustainability programs addressing issues such as recycling, conservation, and waste management with high record of positive feedback from corporate operations.


Recommend, select, and negotiate sales contracts based on customer needs and desires earning a sales position in the top 6 percent.

Enhance organizations reputation by building a professional rapport of trust and satisfaction through honesty and integrity as an advocate for the customer. Constant revision and execution of advertising strategies and practices keeping product up to date and fresh in current market encouraging new business growth along with securing current market numbers.



AAS General Business/ International Business

CAS Microcomputer Business Applications

AAS Management/Supply Chain Management

CAS Transportation and Logistics

Specialized Training

CPR and AP certified 2015

Previously held Security Clearance

Runway and Flight line regulations

Chemical weapons gear application

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