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Management Training

Los Angeles, California, United States
December 22, 2015

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*Here is my resume.*

*Paul Condon*


*Director, Condon Training and Consulting 01/31/2011-Present *Provider of

Courses for Emerging Leaders, First Line Supervisors, Middle Managers and

Senior Executive Service Candidates. As an Adjunct Faculty Member for the

Office of Personnel Management Development Centers, designed, developed and

delivered on site courses for the Department of Defense, Department of

Homeland Security, Department of Interior, the Veterans Administration,

NASA as well as served as Visiting Program Director for resident courses

for multiple agencies. Consistently exceeded the standard of 4.5 out of

5.0 on student ratings. Provided practical tools and engaging classes to

government employees. Used unique creative exercises to engage students.

Focused learning on the specific needs of students.

*Training and Organizational Development Officer*, NASA 11/2008 – 01/31/2011

Established a Lean Six Sigma effort in the Dryden Flight Research Center.

Provided training opportunities to Government Service employees, both

technical and non-technical. Improved performance in filling quotas for

training. Established easier selection process for selecting Graduate and

Undergraduate funded Studies candidates. Wise user of training resources.

Targeted training brought to this remote location for employee development

based on indications from surveys, assessments, and leader perceptions.

Obtained highly relevant technical training for engineers due to the

increased need for competency in composites. Trained by NASA as a Black

Belt Lean Six Sigma facilitator. Facilitated lean six sigma events that

saved millions of dollars in spare parts for aircraft. Wrote the Request

for Quote for the follow on contract for Transforming Dryden, a change

management effort. Trained facilitators in process improvement techniques

in the government and the private sector. Provided coaching for senior

leaders on the Executive Team using the NASA 540. Participated in the

creation of a Human Resources University for human resources offices across


*Lead for Human Resources Development*, NASA,11/2007 – 11/2008

Served as the Lead for Human Resources Development and the Organizational

Development Specialist for the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate.

Introduced transition management to the Directorate. Provided change

management consulting for a reorganization of the Vehicle Processing

Division. Consulted to senior leaders as well as supervisors in career

development planning and leadership development. Provided the organization

with a succession plan for leadership. The Succession Plan was unique for

government. Designed, developed and conducted leadership training for

supervisors and manage the Leadership Excellence and Advancement Program.

Revitalized the existing program to be more organized, efficient and

customer focused. Provided expertise on training development,

facilitation, and training evaluation to the Kennedy Space Center, Assisted

the design and development of Workforce Violence Prevention training.

Provided support to a NASA agency training course for emerging leaders.

*Program Director, Office of Personnel Management*, 12/2005 - 11/2007

Served as the program director for several leadership courses in the

Eastern Management Development Center. Designs, develops and presents

training as well as oversees the training presented by contractors.

Arranged custom training for federal agencies. Developed interactive and

state of the art adult educational experiences. Consulted with senior

leaders regarding career and leadership development, as well as performing

360 degree consulting. Directed the Seminar for New Managers and the

Supervisory Leadership Seminar which are two week Interagency Residential

Training workshops that train federal leaders up to GS 15 and SES level

leaders. Redesigned and presented the Executive Communications Workshop

which trains executive leaders to communicate effectively with press,

communities and congress. Developed two courses, one in Performance

Management, and the other in Working Across Cultural Boundaries. A highly

skilled and experienced trainer, training developer and facilitator.

*Executive Officer, US Army Europe*, 6/2005 - 12/2005

Served as the Project and Task administrator for the Directorate of

Engineer Staff that oversees a part of the European Theater. Plans, directs

and monitors staff work in support of engineering operations. Provides

status to the Command Group. Coordinates with other major staffs.

*Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Kaiser Permanente*, 5/2000 -


As the internal consultant to a billion dollar health maintenance

organization provided internal management consulting to top leadership,

middle management, front line supervisors, and labor partners. Achieved

progress in improving working relationships among traditionally competitive

internal organizations. Facilitated improvement in strategic planning,

capital planning, operating room efficiency, radiology, and

labor/management relationships. Coached physician and non-physician leaders

in promoting positive change to achieve quality affordable health care,

improved access, and positive work environments. Provided consulting to

statewide labor/management change efforts on Workplace Safety and Patient

Care Documentation, and the implementation of a new information system for

Radiology. In short, provided successful process consultation services to

wide diversity of clients at all levels of the organization.

*Organizational Development Specialist*, Federal Aviation Administration,

8/1992 - 5/2000

Consultant to the labor/management partnership change effort in the Air

Traffic Control Division. Facilitated collaboration in all levels of this

complex organization among the management and labor leaders. Coached

internal management and labor leaders to coordinate a change process to

move the organization from a bureaucratic top down management culture to

one which valued collaboration and involvement to achieve high quality air

traffic control services. Introduced an innovative customer focus program.

Developed a process for significantly reducing human error in air traffic.

Initiated a front line management leadership development effort.

Facilitated an innovative approach to Airspace Redesign. Developed a highly

successful process for negotiating airspace utilization among facilities.

*Counselor/Trainer, Right Associates*, 8/1991 - 10/1992

Counseled service people, government employees and their families

concerning job search skills. Conducted assessments of client knowledge of

the job search process. Evaluated draft resumes and cover letters for

accuracy, grammar and content. Conducted three-hour seminars to introduce

clients to the job search process, resume writing and determination of job

objectives. Conducted a six-hour workshop which involved the same subject

areas, but in greater detail. Operated a management information system that

supported the functions of the counseling center. Educated clients on the

operation of a computer and the use of job search and resume writing

software. Recruited companies for a database of prospective employers.

Arranged trips to job fairs and presented workshops to prepare attendees.

Presented job search related information in the form of public speeches to

various groups of potential clients. Designed flyers and wrote scripts for

radio presentations advertising our services. Identified sources of

information on federal jobs.

*Signal Officer*, US Army, 10/1971 - 10/1991

Successfully lead many organizations as a signal corps officer. Served as

Race Relations Officer in the Army's massive change effort to eliminate

racism. Commanded two large companies, bringing them from poorly

functioning to award winning organizations where soldiers felt appreciated

and valued. As a staff officer significantly improved the performance of

organizations that involved security, doctrinal development, training and

organizational development. Demonstrated an ability to lead diverse

organizations and to promote employee involvement and process improvement.


Northeastern University, Bachelor's Degree MAJOR: Liberal Arts Math

Pepperdine University, Master's Degree MAJOR: Human Resources Management

US Army Command and General Staff College


Green Belt Lean Six Sigma NASA 2009

Basic Black Belt Lean Six Sigma NASA 2009

Advanced Black Belt Lean Six Sigma 2009

NASA 360 Degree Feedback training for Certification 2008

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