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Engineer Control

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809, United States
December 22, 2015

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Professional Resume

Harry Taylor

**** ***** **** **.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Cell 225-***-****

** ***** ** ************ ********** as a Principal Control Systems Engineer/Programmer in Process Control Systems and Instrumentation as well as Safety Instrumented Systems Engineer as they apply to fossil fuel power generation and Heavy Industry process control applications as well as emphasis on my expertise in turbo machinery control for large industrial frame turbine engines as well as aero derivative engines and Compressor Surge Control. Years of experience in industrial instrumentation and configuring integrated Open Systems for installation and commissioning. I have extensive experience in design, installation, configuration and start up of DCS and PLC Systems. I have expert experience in Advanced Process Control, Plant Information Systems, Continuous, Sequential and Batch control code configuration.

- Excellent Experience in reverse engineering code to functional specifications

- DCS/PLC Systems Subject Matter Expert, SME

- Multiple DCS/PLC Systems Certified

Experience Includes: Design, test, troubleshoot, manage and lead simulation and implementation of new process control systems with and for owner operators as well as technology licensors and major engineering procurement firms. contractors. including legacy system requiring reverse engineering, troubleshooting and migration of hardware, software, and instrumented systems.

OEM Application Lead Engineer leading and supporting manufacturing design of Batch and Continuous Processes, inclusive of FEED Generation and design Process using Intools, 3-D Plant, Specifications development on Automation System and E/I Design relevant to development of detailed design from Flow Diagrams to detailed P&ID'S and Cause and Effects Diagrams to Process Co trol Narratives and Detailed Functional Specifications.

Led process controls design, simulation, check out, start-up and commissioning as well as support for a major capital project including g existing plant hot cutovers of loops. expert experience in leading and directing EPC and Integrator efforts including contractors and consultants.

Programming Methods for IEEE and IEC based: Script, Expression Based Logic, Function Block Logic, Sequential Function Chart, State Based Logic, Ladder Logic and PGM.

Process Safety Management - PSM Trained on several customer based sites.

Actual Programming and Engineering Experience includes design, implementation, execution, participation and review as pertains to:

CAUSE and EFFECTS Matrices Development and Testing/Verifcation of action and execution.

LOPA and HAZOPS identification, development and implementation.

Served as design lead and senior service start up engineer. Years of experience in SIS systems specifications for:

Coordinating and Executing Pre-StartUp Checklists including:

- Detailing Comments from Operations and Maintenance

- Recommendations from HAZOP Review

- PIDs checked against red-lines and walked down in field with the attached MOC(s)

My CORE strengths are in the Reverse Engineering of Integrated Legacy Control Systems as based upon Multiple Installed Existing Plant DCS/PLC Legacy based Systems with Sub-System based controls in built architectures of Bench Board/Sub-System with PLCs, Control Relay based Systems and Instrumented Systems to generate detailed specifications. I Lead and Support Roles in Design, Programming, Commissioning, Start Up and Advanced Tuning of APC for Newly Migrated DCS Systems.

Excellent process configuration and support to plant Engineering and Operations in APC-Advanced Process Control including Algorithm Setpoint or Limit Setpoint Adaptation based on Modal /Condition Control, Model Predictive Control, Multi-Vaviable Process Control (MPC), ASPEN Modeling, Process Simulation, R/D Pilot Plant, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Batch, Fault detection and classification (FDC), Safety Instrumented Systems Programming, LOPA-Layers of Protection and Analysis Specifications, C/E-Cause and Effects Programming, PSSR/PSHR-Process Safety, Continuous Sensor control and Feedback systems for cascade, ratio, feed forward and feedback control. Triconex TRICON/TRIDENT Programming ability and Safety Instrumented Systems Programming as well as Honeywell FSC/SMS Programming. Process Applications for Steam Generation to various types of Condensing and Non-Condensing Steam Turbines. Gas Turbines/Generators and Compressor Programming, Power Generation, Boiler Plant Expertise. Combined Cycle Power Stations and Super-Critical with Advanced Tuning. Experience as well as SEL Schweitzer Electric Labs and many other such ABB! GE, Westinghouse, Beckwith and Siemens Products on Switchgear, Metering, Control and Distribution. Expert past experience in Refining both with Upstream and Downstream Processes including ESD, Flare, Gas Compression Surge and Transmission, Rail and Loading, Batch and Sequential Control including Sequential Function Chart Programming and S88 Standards Development and Programming and Specifications Development for User Requirements, Detailed Design and Functional Specifications for Unit Operation, Phase Logic, Recipe, Unit Operations and Campaign based Programming. Utility Systems Process Control, Burner Management Systems, Incineration, Thermal Oxidizers, Rectors, Environmental Critical and Emissions Monitoring, NOX, Process Optimization Controls and Waste Management.

Process Experience:

-Gasification Processes

-Gas and Distillation Processes

-Condensate and Water Removal

-Acid Gas Removal


-Tail Gas Treating


-Mercury Removal

-Nitrogen rejection

-NGL Recovery

-Fractionation (De-Ethanizer, De-Propanizer & De-Butanizer)

-Sweetening (Ethanes, Propanes & Butanes)


-Fluid Catalytic Cracking






-Crude Distillation

-Catalyst Refining

-Petro-Chemical Refining Upstream and Downstream

-Petro-Chemical Processes and Validation

-Specialty Chemical Processes

-Biomass Fuel Production and Refining

-Air Gas Processes

-Fossil Fuel Power Generation

-Heat Recovery and Steam Cogeneration

-Simple/Combined Cycle, Hydro-Electric Power Generation

-Pharmaceutical Validation

-Pharmaceutical Batch Drug/Chemical Manufacturing

-Semi Conductor Manufacturing

-Power Generation – Turbine / Boiler Controls

-Combustion Controls

-Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

-Waste Water Treatment Processing.

Chemical Process Engineering Experience includes Applicatons requiring:

- Design and Maintenance of Unit and Equipment Operation with regards to Emmissions, Out fall or Release to maximize the Protection of the environment and the Health and Safety of our Employees, Customers, and the Communities in which we operate and/or transport our products as our highest priority.

- Design and maintenance work processes to Identify, evaluate, develop, specify, justify, install, and start-up process improvements to increase production capacity, improve operating reliability, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce energy usage, conserve raw materials, improve product yields and improve product quality.

- Participated in many types of opportunities to enhance safety, upgrade environmental safeguards, and provide for the overall optimization of process operation.

- Provided ongoing engineering assistance to operations including troubleshooting of process operating problems including Re er's engineering program coding and analysis and interpretation of process trending and historical data as well as conducting research and design, special tests, developing reports, providing technical assistance as required and reporting of production status and providing control algorithm and Instrumentation solutions for Process optimization.

- Provided coordination between the Production, Project, Maintenance and Corporate Engineering Departments regarding capital project implementation including preparation of Project Estimates and Design Execution as well as directing Process System Start Ups.

- Represented and/or assisted production and engineering in matters of evaluation, selection and coordination and control of vendors supplying necessary operating services, consulting services, materials, equipment and other needs of operation.

- Provided assistance and leadership to operations including troubleshooting of operating problems, special tests, studies, and assistance with production reporting as required.

- Experience in Applications to Analyze key process parameters and to Generate key process parameters reports for periodical reporting of unit operation.

- Directed, Led and Assisted in the installation and start up of process improvements. - Engineering assignments include participation and support of energy and material balance studies, process studies, and actual generation and Standards Development of process units and equipment specifications and modifications.

- Updated and Created new Operating Discipline Procedures to fill gaps in the Operation’s work process.

- Coach operation’s personnel as an SME on process, equipment, engineering topics.

- Expert understanding and applI cation experience as well as skills and knowledge in Statistical Process Control (SPC) to maximize plant asset utilization and produce low cost, quality products.

- Provided technical expertise to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality.

- Provided assistance in the troubleshooting of DCS/PLC integrated process control related issues. Read and debug DCS/PLC code. Generated Process Control Narratives and Strategies.

- Application and Understanding of plant chemistry and operations knowledge, identification of process control improvements that will improve process safety, improve asset utilization, eliminate environmental issues, and increase operating rates.

- Experienced in Developing Appication Specific Advanced Process Control theory to improve Process Control

Lead and Guide Team in the periodic review of all process control strategies and Cause and Effects Diagrams. and Supported Process Control for Process Safety Management, "PSM", Reviews.

Experienced in Applications and Methods to Reverse Engineer Program Coding to Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control methodology for successful project completion.

- Led / Guided / Participated in the design and implementation of equipment and process improvements, material of construction improvements, and efficiency and cost control improvements.

- Experienced in the identification of uncontrolled variables to Guide process analysis for plant improvement and simplifYing process optimization opportunities.

- Experienced in Prepare of Estimates and Execution to Start Up of plant capital/expense projects, and follow these projects to successful commissioning and completion.

- Expert at Leading and Performing Root Cause Analyses.

- Led and Created Plans to assist Continuous Improvement Teams (i.e. worked with Reliability Engineering to teach them how to Utilize Control System to resolve equipment reliability issues).

- Led efforts to address and resolve customer needs and concerns.

- Exeriences in supporting and generating new cost reduction ideas.

- Constant Support of the ongoing needs of the organization.

Additional Experience includes:

- Participation in Advanced Statistical Analysis

- Process Applications and Development of Advanced Control Algorithm Functions for Unit Operation specific to the Process Unit Function, example: Reboiler, Energy and Steam Usage or Input Media Conservation in the Applied Technology.

- Advanced Experience in Power House and Boiler/Steam Systems 8nclyding Steam Properties.

- Experienced in Mechanical and Equipment Balance Analysis for design criteria such as Heat Transfer. and analysing Applications related toThermodynamics.

- Expert Experience in Process piping, pumps, and fluid flow Applications.

- Expert Experience in Economic assessment of Improvement projects

- Expert Experience in Applications related to Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control Methodologies and Procedures.

- Expert Chemical Manufacturing Experience in Applications correctly applying the Istrumentation and Equipment suitable to the Chemical Properties and Design Criteria.

- Experienced in SAP and Maximo Work Process

- Expertly Trained and Certified in Root Cause Analysis with several Owner / Operators.

HRSG/Combined Cycle Process Experience:

- Steam Turbine and Combustion Turbines (Pratt Whitney FT4 TwinPacs and GE Frame7) Automation systems start ups and automation system retrofits and upgrades.

- Heat Recovery and Steam Generation Commissioning and Start Up

- Simple and Combined Cycle Combustion and Steam Generation Commissioning and Start Up

- DeltaV Programming and Interfaces for Start-Up and SFAT testing

- GE MARK V Turbine Interface and Controls for F7A Turbines

- GE MARK VI Turbine Interface and Controls with GE Cimplicity LM6000 Turbines

Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering Experience:

-Conceptual Development, SAMA, Boolean, Logics, Functional Narratives, Specifications and Functional Logic Diagrams, Sequential Control Matrices Modeling, Control Simulation

-Specification for Centralized Control Systems and sub-systems hardware, instrumentation and motor controls

-Instrumentation / P&ID development, instrument index and I/O database development

-Design Control Panel layouts, Loop Sheet diagrams, Loop Wiring, Motor Control Elementary Diagrams

-Configuring the Process Control Code, Database, Graphics, Alarming, Logging, Reporting and Trending for full operational function as a turnkey system to plant operations.

-Ethernet Device interface Beta Testing and Performance measurement

-Foundation Fieldbus Protocol and Imbedded Intelligence device /system configuration

-HMI / SCADA configuration with PLCs

-IBatch, data capture, reporting capabilities for system security, ActiveX controls and VBA scripting

-OPC server configuration, KEPServer configuration and DDE Protocol configuration.

-ISA S88 Batch, S88 experience defining hierarchical recipe management and process segmentation frameworks that separate products from the processes to standardize the reuse and flexibility of equipment and software. Experience in coordinating and integrating recipe-related information across control domains.

-Factory Acceptance Checkout from termination to Graphics and Alarming

-Field installation and Hardware grounding, power up and commissioning

-Control Systems Networking and Communications configuration, throughput testing and Diagnostics

-Instrumentation Calibration, Retrofit for Shutdown and Start Up Experience.

-I/O check, unit scaling and conversion verification from I/O device to code and graphics

-Functional Check Out, Start-up, Trouble Shooting, Reconciliation and System Performance Diagnostics

-Trouble shooting installation and process applications and initial tuning for Start Up

-Advanced Loop Tuning and Process Control Code Configuration to balance the process equilibrium

-Reliability Engineering Review of Equipment, performance data collection and trending

-Commissioning and Validation of the Integrated Control Systems’ Control Code and Functional Operation

DCS systems experience with:

-Emerson Delta-V, Fieldbus and FlexConnect

-Foxboro I/A Series

-Honeywell TDC 3000 & Experion PKS

-GE MARK VI Millennium Open Process Systems on Cimplicity and Control WorkBench

-ABB Symphony / Harmony I/O and Advant

-Bailey INFI90 and NET90

-Westinghouse WDPF and Ovation


-Siemens Teleperm PCS7 & Siemens S7

-Yokogawa CS2000 and CS3000

-Provox Envox and DVOP

-ABB Taylor MOD300

PLC systems and interfaces experience with:

-Allen Bradley PLC5, SLC520, RSLOGIX 5000, RSView, FactoryTalk, PanelView, PanelBuilder and Plantscapek

Instrumentation & Controls experience:

-Instrument Analyzers

-Control Valve Cv specification

-Motor Control Circuit configuration

-AC / DC Drives configuration, ramping, tuning, characterizing and function generation

-Specification and Process trouble shooting for control applications such as level, pressure, flow, weight, conductivity, TOC, pH, NOx, etc.

-Single and Multiple Loop Controllers, Pneumatic and Electronic.

-Heavy experience with transmitter and Analyzer products from Rosemount, Foxboro, Bently Nevada, Brush, Beckwith, Fieldbus, Rockwell, ABB, Ametek, Allen Bradley, Invensys, GE and Westinghouse.

-Multiplexing devices

-Hart/Smart software maintenance packages such as Rosemount and Fisher Software maintenance packages.

HMI/SCADA Interface Experience:



-Wonder Ware



-Custom built HMIs.

2002-Present Emerson Process Management - Systems Start Up Engineer, Professionally servicing Emerson, their Local Business Representatives and Customer base as a Salaried Employee and Contract Professional:

Exxon Mobil - Jacobs Engineering Reverse Engineering PLCs and Instrumented Systems against Project Design Specifications for Tail Gas Clean Up Unit, Wet Gas Scrubber, Sulfur Recovery Unit and HCLA Amine Scrubber also Ordering New PLC Based Sysems and Instrumentation, Valves and Analyzers and Validating New Program Logic on New PLCs and exisitng Honeywell Experion DCS, Westlake Chemicals, Geismar, LA Vinyl Chlorides - Reverse Engineering CALCS/MATH/LOGIC from Foxboro I/A into FRS Specifications for programming to new DCS, Taminco - TDC3000 Reverse Engineering for Legacy System Migration to Specification and creating Migration Plan, Lubrizol - Deer Park, TX DeltaV System Batch Programming, Triconex Tricon/Trident Turbine Automation Programming for DOW at Port Allen, LA and PPG Lake Charles, LA, ONEOKE Refininery - Medford OK - PROVOX to DeltaV Legacy System Migration, DTX Oil Refining-Reactor for Oil Recycle Refining, Channel View, Tx, Shell Criterion Alumina Catalyst Plant in port Allen Louisiana for Yokogawa CS3000 System installation and field bus configuration design start up project, American Ethanol in Sutton Nebraska 250 ML/D production facility for Siemens Teleperm System and P&ID review and markups. Many Others in Full Detailed Resume...

Emerson - code development implementing S88 Standards on DeltaV, worked and consulted directly for Emerson Corporation’s Headquarters in Austin, TX - USA and Leicester, United Kingdom – Europe as well as working with numerous U.S. based Emerson Representative firms.

1991-2002 ABB Automation Inc. – Atlanta, GA, Professionally serviced ABB, their Regional Business Representatives and Customer base as a Salaried Employee and Contract Professional:

International Projects, Senior Field Service Systems Start Up Engineer

ABB Automation Inc. – Bailey Controls Co. – These projects listed below required work on ABB Advant, Bailey, Emerson Delta-V, Foxboro IA, GE Open Process Systems, GE Cimplicity, GE Mark VI, Honeywell TDC 3000, Fisher Provox, Ovation, Moore and MHI Diasys Open Systems along with numerous PLC manufacturers equipment. Senior Systems Start Up Engineer in Field Service for International, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans on the following projects, demand calls, emergency calls and start-up.

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA, Bachelor of Science in General Studies from General College with combined studies in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

U.S.A.F. - Navigational Radar Systems Technician and Air Training Command Instructor, Honorably Discharged.

References available upon request.

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