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Russian Federation
February 24, 2015

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Denis Mikhailov

**-*-***, ******* ***., Moscow, 127224, Russia

phone: +7-985-***-****


Employer Cisco Systems, Russia

Objectives Network Engineer (2xCCIE #35015: R&S, SP) with 16 years

of experience in LAN/WAN multiservice networks and

Carrier VoIP solutions based on equipment produced by

Cisco Systems (PGW, ITP, MGX, Catalyst 6500, Cisco

7600, ASR9000, CRS-1/CRS-3), Nortel Networks (CS2K,

Passport 6K/7K/15K, Passport 8600, Shasta BRAS). Good

experience with Solaris and Network Management Systems:

Preside MDM and IEMS. Deep knowledge in TCP/IP, OSPF,


November 2009 - Present day

Professional Cisco Systems, Moscow, Russia


Network Consulting Engineer, Lead Engineer, Team Leader

Responsible for:

- Proactive support (Network Optimization Service -NOS)

of the customers' carrier MPLS/VoIP networks based on

Cisco equipment. The main customer is MTS - largest

mobile carrier in Russia and Eastern Europe. The tasks

of the proactive support engineer are: analyses of the

existing networks to detect the potential problems and

prevent the network outages; Design changes and

improvements based on Cisco best practice

recommendations; Network performance analysis; Work

with cases (problems) that have been rejected by TAC

with reason: Equipment works as it should be in

accordance with engineering documentation, but this

answer and the equipment behavior do not satisfy the

customer. Supported products: PGW2200,MGX8880, AS5X00,

Cisco 7200, Cisco 7600, GSR12000, ASR9000,CRS-1/CRS-3;

- Manage a multinational geographically distributed

team of 11 engineers;

Listed below are some of the most significant projects

in which I have participated:

Design and Deployment of the MTS Internet Aggregation

Transport Node: 2xASR9010 aggregate Internet traffic

from the GPRS/3G structure - GGSN, SGSN, DPI/Flash

platforms (Moscow, Moscow Region and Volga Region) and

transmit it across MTS MPLS transport network towards

the MTS Internet Access Gateway.

Design and Deployment of the MTS Internet Access

Gateway: 4xASR9010, 4xCisco 7600 CSG, 2xCRS-3 with

2xCGSE cards each. These CRSs-3 provides Carrier Grade

NAT service for MTS mobile subscribers from Moscow,

Moscow Region and Volga Region (about 20M subscribers).

Design and Deployment of the MTS Corporate MPLS Core

consisted of 10xASR9010 and about 20 Cisco

7600/Catalyst 6500.

December 2004 - November 2009

Nortel Networks CIS, Moscow, Russia

Wireline Integration Engineer, Team Leader

Responsible for:

-Integration of the Nortel Next Generation Network

Solution (CS2K) into carriers' TDM, IP and OSS


- Carrying out the CS2K Acceptance tests.

- Tracking the problem issues until the resolution

- Provide the interface between customer engineers and

Nortel's support departments (CTAS, GTAC, GNPS)

- Support the Sales activity in difficult/problem

questions for RFP/RFQ preparation

- Provide technical primeship of the packet side of the

CS2K solution (ERS8600, MG15K) for EMEA Network

Integration Services Team.

Listed below are some of the projects in with I have


- Installed, Commissioned and Integrated the Spare Core

site equipment for the Comstar WiMAX project: ERS5520,

ASG5100, Network Management System, DNS/DHCP, AAA, BTS

Managers and BTS Database servers. Designed and

configured Core redundancy topology and mechanisms.

Took part in the large package of the customer

acceptance tests. Comstar WiMAX is the first commercial

implementation of the Nortel WiMAX 5100 solution.

- Installed, commissioned and integrated Shasta BRAS

into Public carrier network of UralSviazInform

(SviazInvest branch) in Surgut city. Carried out large

amount of the customer acceptance tests.

Took part in the following projects in EMEA Region :

USI Chelyabinsk. (first commercial NGN project in

Russia). Built resilient IP/MPLS core based on

Passports20K and provided integration of it with CS2K

CS-LAN. Developed and carried out acceptance test plan

to demonstrate IP/MPLS core network resiliency in case

of different types of failure.

Vympelcom, Russia. CS2K VoATM/Multiservice Networks

Trial. Built intercity resilient ATM network based on

Passports 7K. Passports 15K PVG were used as VoATM

gateways. Carried out acceptance tests to demonstrate

Passport ATM core network resiliency in case of

different types of failures.

Technopark ZNIIS . First CS2K ISN08 trial in Europe in

Moscow Central

Research Institute of Communications. I&A tasks.

BT 21CN Newcastle and BT 21CN Adastral park, UK. CS2Kc

ISN08 Geo-Survivable. Configured BGP routing with Core

IP network and traffic filtering for ERSs8600. Carried

out GA test package (146 Test Cases).

IPF Iceland. CS2K ISN08. Configured OSPF routing

between ERSs8600 in CS-LAN and Customer Core IP network

as well as CS-LAN security filtering tasks.

Ventelo, Stockholm, Sweden. CS2K ISN08. CS-LAN IP



SibirTelecom, Novokuznetsk, Russia. CS2K ISN08.

Software engineering

( SWCI creation) and I&A tasks in this project.

Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT), Russia. First

ISN09 CS2K in Europe. Performed Software Engineering,

Network Design and CS2000 Integration tasks. Configured

and tested many TDM, H.323 and SIP-T interconnections

with carrier's softswitches of the other vendors:

Huawei, ZTE, ECI Telecom.

Kazakhtelecom NGN, CS2K ISN09, Kazakhstan, 2xCS2K + 14

Trunk Media Gateways (MG15K). Performed Software

Engineering tasks.

Completel, France. Troubleshooting of the SS7

backhauling solution based on MG15K VSP3-o


Golden Telecom, Russia. First CS2K ISN09FF in Europe.

Performed Software Engineering and Integration tasks.

Carried out Customer Acceptance tests of the solution.

Made the interconnections with more than 10 SS7

networks as well as thousands V5.2 subscriber lines.

SibirTelecom, Russia. Software Engineering, Network

Design, Integration and acceptance of Class 4/Class 5

CS2K in Novosibirsk.

Vympelcom, Russia, 4xCS2K ISN09U. Transit International

Exchange Switches. Performed Software Engineering and

Core IP interconnection planning tasks. Integration and

Acceptance of Class 4 CS2Ks in Moscow and


USI Perm, Russia, the largest CS2K network in Russia,

about than 10000 E1s. Software engineering and Network


Comstar-UTS (Now MTS too), Russia, Federal Transit

Network, 11xCS2K in the biggest cities of Russia

(Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Samara, Moscow,

Saint-Petersburg, etc). Network Design and Software

Engineering. Integration and Acceptance of the

International and National CS2Ks in Novosibirsk. Earned

the Golden Award from the Nortel Senior Vice President,

Global Operations - Joe Flanagan from the results of

this project.

Golden Telecom, Moscow, Russia. The largest transit

CS2K in Russia, more than 2000 E1s. Software

Engineering and the Integration and Acceptance of this

switch. Carried out Basic Sanity and Acceptance Test


Multilinks Telkom, Nigeria (One of the biggest CDMA

carrier in Nigeria, more than 10 millions of

subscriber). Was involved in the SS7 troubleshooting

and performed the Customer Test Set for CS2K's ISUP

capabilities. Integrated the 2 x Acme Packet Session

Border Controllers for the SIP-T interconnections

between CS2K and the other Public Carriers.

May 2004-November 2004

Nortel Networks CIS, Moscow, Russia

Wireline Presales Engineer : Data and VoIP Carrier


Supported pre-sales activity of all Wireline carrier

line of products: CS2K, Passport 7K/15K/20K, SER 5500,

MPE 9000. Designed resilient IP/MPLS core network based

on Passports 20K for the first commercial NGN solution

in Russia

(USI Chelyabinsk ).

September 2003 - May 2004

Terawave Communications, USA

Sales Engineer.

Supported sales activity of TeraPON systems (optical

last mile solutions). TeraPON devices are based on BPON

standard that describes the rules of transport

different types of traffic: Ethernet, TDM synchronous

and Video in the ATM cells inside the G.983 frames. I

provide technical supervision for Terawave customers:

Comcor, TransTelecom, Golden Telecom, etc. Organized

many trials of the new Terawave products and

technologies such as TW-300LAN, Terawave Gigabit Ring,

etc, discussed customer suggestions for developing new

products/software features, tracked problems through

the resolution.

April 2001- September 2003

Diona Group (Nortel Networks Authorized Education and

Service Partner)

Network Engineer - Senior Trainer

Senior Trainer key role is to responsible for providing

technical courses based on Nortel Networks equipment:

Passport 4400/6k/7k/15k switches and Bay Networks

routers and LAN switch; adaptation courses for

Russian/CIS students (network engineers and operators

of large corporate and public networks).

As Network Engineer, in the same time I've been

involved in many customers' activities such as network

planning and designing, network/equipment problem

troubleshooting, hardware and software upgrade support,

provisioning of network equipment.

Listed below are some of the projects in with I have


Corporate multiservice network of Bank "Sberegatelny"

in Krasnoyarsk region (East Siberia). Backbone of this

network based on 12 Passport 6400 connected with each

other by ATM STM-1 optical links. More than 60 remote

offices based on Passport 4400 connected to backbone

with using MPANL links via terrestrial and satellite

channels. This network is the largest corporate

network in Russia that is built on Passport 6400/4400

multiservice switches.

Carrier multiservice network for Multi-Regional Transit

Telecom. Network consists of 8 Passport 7480 placed in

the largest cities of Russia from St.Petersburg to

Khabarovsk (more than 7000 km). Passports are connected

by using multiple E1 ATM links with IMA service, PNNI

have being chosen as basic routing and signaling

protocol. Network provides AAL1 CES, FrUNI and IP

services for customer equipment: Ericsson AXE-10 public

telephone switches and Cisco 72XX routers.

April 1999-April 2001

DEK-optics JSC (Nortel Networks partner and public


Leading engineer

Duties of leading specialist include the following


Installation, configuration and operation of the own

multiservice network of DEK-optics: a few Passports

6400 connected with using E3 ATM trunks via SDH ring

based on Nortel Networks SDH muxes TN-1X/TN-1C. This

network provides FrUNI, AtmMpe and Voice Networking

services for customers as well as transport for public

Internet traffic which amount was more than 100 GBytes

per month. Also I had to installed and supported public

Internet servers (WWW, FTP, Mail) based on FreeBSD as

well as provided security by firewall configuration and


Installation, configuration and support of network

equipment for our customers. Listed below are some of

the projects in with I have participated:

Corporate multiservice WAN Network for the Ministry of

Railway Roads of Russia. In this project our customer

needed to build a network that provides reliable

transport of different types of traffic: voice and data

with specified and guaranteed QoS via numerous

satellite links. Satellite links are the most

acceptable and no expensive method of connections

between network nodes cause of large (in kilometers)

size of this network. Network has a nodes from

Kaliningrad (most western point of Russia, near Poland

and Germany) to Sakhalin island (60 kilometers to west

from Japan) and from Murmansk to Makhachkala in

direction from north to south. Also the minimal

bandwidth usage for voice traffic is an issue. One of

the major requirements was able to management all

network equipment from one management platform. On this

basis multiservice switches Passport 4400 and Passport

6400 were chosen as basic network equipment. Network

management was made on Sun Ultra 5 workstation with

Nortel Networks NMS 12.2 as management platform. This

network provides the wide spectrum of services for

customers: FrUNI, Voice Networking, PPP and transport

corporate LAN traffic trough ILS services. Network

consolidates the huge amount of customer equipment:

Cisco 2600/7200 routers, BayStack and Catalyst LAN

switches, Meridian 1/11C and Ericsson MD-110 PBX's as

well as Lucent 5ESS public switch.

Public SDH network of JSC Gazcom (one of the largest

satellite carrier in Russia, has 2 own communication

satellites). This network consists of 7 TN-1X SDH

muxes are placed in the main telehouses of Moscow and

Moscow region, and provides transport services for

traffic goes from North-East region of Russia via

satellites (main gas field of Russia).

September 1996 - April 1999

R&K JSC (2nd computer manufacturer in Russia)

Head of computer assembling and testing department.

I was responsible for assembling, testing and

maintaining x86-based multiprocessor servers and

graphical stations for various network applications

such as: Novell Netware 4.11/5.0, Microsoft Windows NT

4.0, FreeBSD and Linux, providing on-site and off-site

consultation, localization of equipment problem,

tracking customer suggestions and problems through to

resolution, developing method of testing, testing and

processing results.

Professional CCIE Routing and Switching #35015

certifications CCIE Service Providers

CCIE Data Center - Written

Nortel Networks Certified Support Expert (Passport ATM)


Nortel Networks Certified Support Expert (Passport

Voice) - NNCSE Voice

Nortel Networks Certified Support Expert (Enterprise

Solutions -Bay Networks routers and switches) - NNCSE

Enterprise Solutions

Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist - NNCSS

Passport 7000

Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist - NNCSS

Passport 4400

Nortel Networks Certified Trainer (Passport

4K/6K/7K/15K/8K, BayRS routers, Alteon Application


Cisco Certified Network Professional - CCNP

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE

Professional - Data Center Unified Computing Implementation - 1

Trainings week, March 2014, Cisco, San Jose, US

- Cisco IP Multicast - 1 week, July 2013, Fastlane,

Moscow, Russia

- CCIE SP Bootcamp - 1 week, November 2012, INE,

London, UK

- Cisco IOS-XR Deployment, Maintenance and

Troubleshooting - 1 week, San Jose, USA, March 2012.

- CCIE R&S Bootcamp - 3 weeks, September 2011, Isarnet,

Munich, Germany

- Cisco ASR9000 Aggregation Services Router Series

Essentials - 5 days, January 2011, Sydney, NSW, AU

- Advanced Implementing and Troubleshooting MPLS VPN

Networks - 5 days, November 2010, Richardson, TX, USA

- System administration of the OS Solaris 10 - part1 -

5 days, May 2009

- System administration of the OS Solaris 10 - part2 -

5 days, May 2009

- Negotiation in the Difficult Situation - 3 days,

April 2008, Nortel, Maidenhead, UK

- World Class Negotiation - 3 days, April 2008,

Nortel, Maidenhead, UK

- Alteon Switched Firewall Administration and

Configuration - 3 days, October 2007, Nortel,

Maidenhead, UK

- Network Integration Services, CS2K boot camp part 2.

Trunk provisioning and CS2K translations - 3 weeks,

July 2006, Nortel, Maidenhead, UK

- Network Integration Services, CS2K boot camp part 1.

Packet side of the solution - 5 weeks, May-June 2005,

Nortel, Maidenhead, UK.

- SER5500 (former Shasta ) Operations and Maintenance -

5 days, October 2004. Nortel, Montigny-le-Bretaneux,


- CS2K solution overview -2 weeks, June 2004. Nortel,

Maidenhead, UK.

- MPLS and IP/VPN on Passport - 3 days, August 2002,

Nortel, Maidenhead, UK.

- Accelar 1000 Operataions and Maintenance - 5 days,

July 2001, NTC-UNI corp, Moscow.

- Passport Carrier Operations and Maintenance - 5 days,

March 2001, Diona Master Lab, Moscow.

- Passport 4400 Operations and Maintenance - 5 days,

April 1999, Diona Master Lab, Moscow.

Education Earn a degree of Mechanical Engineer with a major in

Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics from the Bauman

Moscow State Technical University in May 1998

(1992-1998). Diploma with excellence.

Additional Date of Birth: 15 of June 1975.

information Married, have 2 sons.

Have a driver license category B.

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