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Marketing, Creative & Strategic thinking and research & analytics

Boulogne-Billancourt, IDF, France
April 25, 2014

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Samay Bhardwaj

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***** ******** ***********, ******

Mob : +33 (0) 6 66 11 00 69



Paris School of Business, Pȏle ESG, France

Masters of Business Administration (Marketing)


Bachelors of Business Management (e-Banking & Finance)

2012 Manipal University, India

Professional experience

Carrier Transicold, Paris, France August - December 2013

Communication & Marketing Analyst Assistant

Been able to follow and formulate indicators for market analysis which help to

identify key points when it comes to understanding and getting a clearer idea of the

company’s current position.

I have indulged in numerous company activities that play a great role in shaping the

way we are expected to work tomorrow, namely corporate strategies.

Done extensive research to create a database that acts as a strong foundation for any

future strategic planning in a market where the company has little or no reach.

Created infographic results based on research and been a strong part in providing

suggestions on possible investment opportunities.

Been able to have an extensive & informative connection between different

departments within the organization.

I have been dedicated to providing constant updates to my immediate supervisor for

all tasks on-going and completed, hence proving to be more structured.

Hilton Hotels, New Delhi, India May - June 2011

Human Resource Department Intern

Have worked with the HR department of Hilton Hotels comprising of 6 other team

members to fully understand the role and operations of the department, and its

relation with others.

Had gotten to understand the most valuable assets for a huge hotel such as this, and

their role and expectations in a customer-interaction process.

I got the opportunity to formulate programs and exercises for better employee

performance, attitudes and environment.

LazerTreks, Taipei, Taiwan May 2008-2009

Representative for Public Relations

I was responsible for 80 clients per day, to led and direct groups of 8 through the

600m2 computerized gaming facility to create an interactive teaming and gaming

experience for both consumers and large company programs for HP, IBM, Motorola,

Microsoft, Dell, CitiGroup, Intel and Yahoo.

Worked with 8 colleagues to implement a client management program built on

customer satisfaction, enjoyment and magnetism (customer loyalty). I also developed

effective communication skills particular working with groups from various cultural


Remained consistent in my services for the customer and my behaviour at work with

great importance for honesty, maturity and tactfulness.

Getting to learn more everyday made me enthusiastic about the next day and new

challenges to come, this optimistic attitude helped me to overcome any situation I

faced and in turn exceed what was expected of me.

Formosa Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan May - June 2007

Marketing Department Intern

I worked with a team of four in the Marketing Department to analyse the historical

marketing approach and develop a new plan for indirect marketing and cross

promotions for the hotel and restaurants.

Maintained a steady balance between theoretical understanding and practical


Was able to interpret various strategies and furthermore help to improve them as I had

mastered much more than the basics at Formosa Regent.

Related Experience

-Fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Intermediate level of French and basic skills in Japanese

-Computer expertise in Visual Basics, SAP and Web design

-Completed 150 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) during high school

-Accomplished 35 hours in Project Management

-Studied and lived in New Dehli, India, Taipei, Taiwan, Istanbul, Turkey and Kobe, Japan

University Term Projects

The Effectiveness and Diversity of Human Resources at Hilton Hotels


Has helped me to understand the practical implementation of HRM and


identify the most valuable resource of a company i.e. being its


Right to Information Act & Indian Banking Industry


Provided a detailed and knowledgeable front on the aspects of the RTI


Act and the Indian Banking Industry helping me to better implement

this knowledge in the future in this area of expertise

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