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Project Sql Server

January 31, 2014

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Muhammad Umair Khan

Address: C/O Naveed Ahmed Elisenstrasse 18, 90441, Nürnberg, Germany

Mobile No.: +49-176-********

E-mail ID:


To obtain a responsible, challenging and hardworking assignment in a professional environment where my

knowledge can be shared and enriched and introduce new concepts originating from innovative ideas, to the

benefit of the employing company and to reach the acme in my position.


Dalarna University, Borlange, Sweden 2009 - 2010

MS in Computer Engineering

Sir Syed University Of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan 2003 - 2006

BS in Computer Engineering


Professional IT Solution, Odesk Sep, 2011 – Till Date

Software Developer

• Designed, analyzed and developed an object oriented application of Hospital Management Information

System using MS Visual studio 2005/2008 in C#.Net.

• Developed and implemented the modules of inventory, point-of-sale, administrative and x-ray

department in application.

• Performed unit testing with respect to modules.

• Used MS SQL Server as a backend tool.

• TSQL Programming.

Shams HealthCare Services, Karachi, Pakistan Oct, 2008 - Feb, 2009

Associate Programmer Analyst

• Designed, analyzed and developed VB based Electronic Medical Record.

• Developed modules in data transformation services and in .Net Nuke.

• Monitored, maintained and configured setup of software, Optical Character Recognition and External

Image Linking, on hospital servers.

• Extracted Information from patient prescription and saved in the database.

• TSQL Programming.

• Managed database design and their implementation.

• Established and maintained sound backup, recovery, and failover policies and procedures.

• Wrote queries, sub-queries, stored procedures, views and triggers in Microsoft SQL Server.

• Scheduled data transformation services.

Galileo Travel Port, Karachi, Pakistan Jan, 2008 - Aug, 2008

Software Engineer

• Implemented application GUI, object design and code following company and standard implementation

practices with the tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, C# and ASP.Net.

Designed, analyzed & developed ASP.Net based application GAS using C#.Net which contains information

about different travel port agencies of Pakistan.

Applied Procurement Module in ASP.Net using C#.Net.

Programmed customer’s information based application in ASP.Net for Bukhari Travels port agency.

Built inter office communication modules.

Created custom reports using Crystal Reports and Data Grid Report control.

Constructed relational databases objects included tables, views, stored procedures, user defined

functions and triggers used the tool Microsoft SQL Server.

Analyzed and designed the transition to Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 from Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.

Rehman Industries (Pvt.) Limited, Karachi, Pakistan Jan, 2007 - Dec, 2007

Information Technology Officer

• Provided support to users on a variety of issues.

• Identified, searched and resolved technical problems.

Monitored, tested and troubleshot hardware and software problems.

Offered support to end users for all LAN-based applications.

Assisted employers regarding installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

Took backup of databases on weekly basis.


Malmo University, Malmo, Sweden Sep, 2010 - Jan, 2011

Project Management and Organization

The Data Processor, Karachi, Pakistan Sep, 2001 - Oct, 2002

Diploma in Information Technology


Skill Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Programming / Scripting



ASP.NET / Front Page / Flash *

Java Script / VB Script / AJAX *

C / C++ / OpenGL *

C#.NET / VB.NET / VB *

Perl / Cobol / Verilog / Assembly *

List / Prolog / OpenGL *

Java / J2EE / NetBeans *

Matlab / AutoCAD / UML / Rational *



SOA (Web services) *

Database Skills

SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 *


Oracle / Oracle Developer 10g *

Project Management

Project Management techniques *

Agile Methodologies (e.g Scrum) *

Operating System

Windows 98 / XP / 2000 / 7 / Linux *


Software Engineering and Analysis *



MS Thesis Using Multilevel Graph Partitioning Scheme to solve Traveling Salesman Problem

Technologies Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008, C++

Description In TSP problem a salesman need to visits each city one time and returns back to the city

from the start point of traveling. This problem is belonging to the class of NP-Complete

problems. Used the K-Mean Partitioning algorithm along with Lin Kernighan algorithm to find

the smallest distance.

Project Name Implementation of Image Processing Techniques.

Technology OpenGL

Description Implemented techniques of Histogram, Filters, Laplacian, Segmentation and Region, Binary

Image Processing and Color Segmentation. Also applied three Coloring techniques HSV, RGB

and YIQ.

Project Name Expert System of Thermostat

Technology Lisp

Description Created a ruled based expert system of Thermostat using LISP which can predict the

temperature of the days after taken some arguments of month, day and season.

Project Name Implementation of Algorithm & Complexity algorithms.

Technology Turbo C++

Description Developed the project to compare the performance of BFS and DFS trees. Also utilized the

Monte Carlo algorithm to count the number of possible solutions of N-Queens and Latin

Square Problem. Compare the performances of Bubble Sort, Heap Sort and Quick Sort.

Project Name Agent Platform Conformant to FIPA Specification

Technology NetBeans, Java

Description By using FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification and FIPA Agent Management Specification,

designed own Agent Platform. Aim of the project was to use AOSE methodologies for

designing agent based applications.

Project Name To solved the traveling salesman problem using different algorithm.

Technology Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008 C++

Description Solved the TSP Problem by using Greedy, Random and Nearest Neighbor Tour Construction

Heuristics with Simulated Annealing Algorithm.


BS Thesis Online Cemetery Project

Technologies ASP.Net, C#.Net, Microsoft SQL Server.

Description This project created for Karachi War Cemetery under the supervision of Common Wealth

UK. This project contains information about bio-data, ranked and pictures of graves of

armed forces. Also used the camera interfacing to capture the videos of graves from server

side (graveyard) to client sides to provide the opportunity to their family members to see

the conditions of graves of their relatives.

Project Name Tic Tac Toe Game

Technology Turbo C++

Description Developed a Tic Tac Toe game.

Project Name Karachi Port Trust Project

Technology Visual C++

Description Developed a data based project for Karachi Port Trust using linked list which contains

information regarding warehouse department, shipping department and finance


Project Name Draft Game

Technology Turbo C++

Description Developed a Draft game using depth first search tree algorithm.

Project Name Software Engineering Project Of National Bank Of Pakistan

Technology VB.NET, MS Visio, MS SQL Server.

Description Visited the IT department of National Bank Of Pakistan and analyzed how they worked and

created a detailed Software Engineering report in which showing their worked through ERD

Diagrams, DFD Diagrams, Black Box and White Box testing and Gantt charts etc. Developed

an application for finance department also.

Project Name CPU Scheduling Algorithm Project

Technology Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003 C#.Net

Description Developed a project of the CPU scheduling algorithm in System Programming subject in

which implemented First Come First Served, Shortest remaining time, fixed priority pre-

emptive and Round Robin scheduling algorithms implemented. This project described the

turnaround time and amount of waiting time for each of the processes when executing

using different scheduling algorithms.

Project Name Online Hospital Management System

Technology Oracle 10g, Oracle Developer 10g, MS Visio

Description Developed a project which contains information about patient information, their medical

prescription and which doctors treats and also doctors bio-data. Also developed report

which contains how we normalized the data, flow charts and used cases, ERD and DFD

diagrams of information of patient and doctors.

Project Name Management Information System

Technology MS Visio, MS Office

Description Visited the IT department of Geo News Channel and analyzed how they are working,

maintaining complex system and how they are communicating between Dubai and Karachi

branches and created report about that.

Project Name Finite Automata Project

Technology C#.Net

Description Developed a project for PALINDROME finite automata.

Project Name Client-Server Interaction

Technology Java

Description Developed a project in which server can distributed the user input data to the number of

available clients and after additions of number server gives the result.

Project Name Compiler Designing

Technology Visual C++

Description Developed two important phases of Compiler Designing Lexical Analyzer and Syntax


Project Name Chatting Project

Technology Perl

Description Developed a chatting project which shows how client-server communicates with each other.

Project Name Implementation of Cryptography Algorithms

Technology C#.Net

Description Developed a project in which Cryptography symmetric algorithm DES, AES and IDEA and

some Asymmetric algorithm Diffie-Hellman, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1 algorithm implemented.

Project Name Expert System

Technology Prolog

Description Developed an expert system of vacuum cleaner to clean the dirty places.


English : Fluent

German : Learning

Urdu / Hindi : Mother Tongue

Swedish : Basic (Learning)


Social, passionate, hard worker, curious and open minded

Adaptable, flexible and quick learner

Good Analytical skills

Fluent oral and written communication skills in English

Ability to work within team or independently


References available on demand

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