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To manage profitability & production of Al rolling & extrusion ingot

October 10, 2016

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Personal Information



Age 56 Years

Nationality Indian

Years of Experience 31 Years

GCC/ME Experience NA

Current Employer M/S Hindalco Industries Ltd (Primary

Aluminium Smelter).

Organization has DNV approved

certificates for ISO-9001:2008,

ISO-14001:2004 &

OHSAS-18001:2007 .

Current Job Title AGM-Wagstaff Extrusion

Billet Casting; (Casthouse


Education Level Post Graduation in Chemistry

Languages Known English,

Current Salary 21,00,000 INR/Annum

Notice Period 3 Months

Training session attended Time Management, Honing Skills for

Performance Management,

Behavior-based Safety for

Supervisors, Workshop on MANAGE

OTHERS, Finance for Non-Finance,

Leading Teams through Empowering and

Delegation, Information Security

Awareness, Safety & GRA.

Key Competencies-

To manage profitability & production of Aluminium rolling &

extrusion ingot/billet in casthouse with safety & friendly work

environment, have deep knowledge and training & coaching

experience on process SOP development and its establishment, EHS,

ISO-9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS-18001, Kaizen & 5S. To establish

excellent bench mark of all KPIs in Casthouse, put efforts to

strengthen the shop floor workmen through "Skill Development

System" under which I do several activities like identification of

attributes, pre assessment, skill chart preparation, training need

identification, preparation of training module etc.

As Trainer ( independent job):

a) From July 1989 to May 1990 - Process Training of Casthouse

b) From Jan. to March 1996 - Before start up of new Wagstaff

Billet Casting - Training on process, SOP development & GRA .

c) From Mar-10 to Jul-2010 - Skill Gap identification, new

training module preparation and

Proper training of workmen.


Current Position : AGM, Casthouse (Operation)

Department : Aluminium Casthouse / Aluminium Foundry

Product : Aluminium Rolling Slab, Extrusion Billets &

Remelt Ingots

Group : Aditya Birla Group

Company Name : Hindalco Industries Ltd.

. Sr. Manager & Manager - Wagstaff Extrusion Billet Casting

Aug 2010 to Jul 2014.

. Manager - Wagstaff Rolling Slab & Remelt Ingot Casting

July 2007 to August 2010

. Dy. Manager - Wagstaff Rolling Slab & Remelt Ingot Casting

11 Yrs 4 Months

July 2004 to June 2007

. Asst. Manager - Wagstaff Rolling Slab & Remelt Ingot Casting

April 1999 to June 1904

. General Foreman -Wagstaff Extrusion Billet Casting

- 2 Years 6

Months (Oct. 1996 to Mar-

1999 )

. Foreman, Sr. F/Man- - January 1985 to September 1996

Loma Make - Direct Chill Casting



[Direct reporting to AVP (Cast houses O&M)]

Presently heading operations of Billet casting (Extrusion Ingot Casting),

responsible and accountable for all aspects related to Profitability,

Production Planning, Product Quality, Capex approval, Optimum use of

available Resources, coordination with Maintenance to improve equipment

health, Technology up gradation & implementation.

For effective & result oriented production of extrusion Billet / ingot,

always I keep close touch with our internal customer "Extrusion


Being a Manager, I am fully accountable for followings-

. Production planning & control

. Promotes Team Work

. Materials planning & control

. Planning & Budgeting

. Adherence to safety compliances in plant

> Work Force Team - 92 workers, 7 officers and supervisors.


> Melting Cum Holding Furnace & Homo Furnace - Mechatherm


> Casting Unit - Wagstaff Casting Technology.

> Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system

automatically manages the process and equipment control for

consistently high quality billet production.

> Fanless cooling tower.


Melting Area:

For Slab / Rolling ingots: 03 Melting Cum Holding furnaces with

capacity 50 MT (2Nos) & 60MT(01No.)

For Billet / Extrusion ingots: 02 Melting Cum Holding furnaces with

capacity 28 MT each.

For Remelt ingots: 02 Melting Cum Holding furnaces with capacity 45 MT


Beauty of furnaces:

a) Energy efficient Regenerative Burner System equipped with Bloom


b) Auto control logic linked with casting unit.

c) Tilting type oil fired rectangular Mechatherm make furnaces.

Beauty of Casting Unit For Slab & Billet: State-Of-The-Art Wagstaff

casting unit

For casting billets in 5'', 6'', 7'', 8'', 9'', 11.5'' & 13.5'' dia


For slab 36'', 40'', 44'', 50'' & 52'' (width 12'' & 13'') equipped


a) High quality fused silica launder.

b) Auto controlled TiBOR Rod addition machine.

c) On line SNIF degassing unit.

d) Ceramic Foam Filter to remove metal inclusions.

e) Have PoDFA for preparing sample for metallographic analysis.

f) Internally guided Self Aligned hydraulic mono cylinder.

g) Auto control furnace & casting unit supported by SCADA.

h) Effective safety provision in the system.

Homo Furnace & Billet Cutting Machine: Energy efficient Electric

Homo Furnace (25MT) cap. with load charging machine & cutting

machine for Logs.


. In casthouse, I always keep myself ahead by achieving high level of Know-

How, Root cause analysis & Problem Solving Skill on shop floor.

. Self-motivation & strongly believe in continuous innovation / improvement

jobs within available infra structures.

. Fully aware with the importance of job skill, job knowledge & behavioral

competency on shop floor.

. Regular monitoring of KPI's, Development of new SOP's & casting practices

and to maintain healthy & friendly work environment.

. Training & coaching of workforce team, is one of the most interesting

area for me.


Post Graduation in Chemistry from Gorakhpur University in the year 1982


29 Yrs in Aluminium Casthouses of M/S Hindalco Industries Ltd (Aluminum



Father's Name : Sri S. B. Singh

Date of Birth : 01 September 1959

Height : 174 Cm.

Weight : 88 Kg.

Passport Status : F9062816, Dated: 20 October, 2006

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