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Construction & Safety Management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
August 03, 2019

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Joe Lavoie GSC., NCSO., ICCS., MMP., RSE.

Current Address: West Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Previous Addresses: Fort McMurray Alberta Canada. Kitimat and Vernon British Columbia Canada. Contact Information: E-mail: Mobile: 780-***-**** Website: Key Accomplishments

• Insured $5 Million Dollars as Construction Manager / Supervisor / Consultant at Quality Management Industrial Consultants; Supervising & Consulting Industrial Projects. Six Sigma approach to all projects quantifying cost savings in the millions.

• Provided quality leadership and assurance within an operating plant for eight years. Development of weekly contractor reporting procedural format, designed to update middle, executive management, and stakeholders on the schedule progress and multiple project SPI and CPI assessments. Performed Earned Value Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis.

• Completed the turnaround in a contractor’s performance, assigned self-assessment strategies to contractors, and well-designed quantitative safety objectives with milestone deliverables.

• Completed an "Install Manual" of standards for Electrical contractors across Suncor site. Improving SPI & CPI to meet agreed upon bid documents.

• QMP Quality Management Leader Electrical. Supported the formation of an owners Quality department. Reducing Risk through application of 7 tools of Quality. Perform Quality Inspections, review Standards and provide improvements to Quality & Installation Standards, reducing owner’s risk.


Construction Manager

Rio Tinto - Aug 2017 to Feb 2018

• Responsible for schedule, cost, safety, delivery of projects, execution, team leadership & development, planning long term, problem solving, hiring, employee engagement.

• Managing a BC provincial Construction portfolio of construction projects from design to commissioning through project management process.

• Assigning Supervisors as needed, mentoring (1 on 1, workshops, weekly meetings, etc.)

• Communicating, collaborating, problem-solving, analyzing, planning out projects supervisors for the year.

• Working with coordinators, operations, area managers, maintenance, procurement, represents department in meetings (Example Lean Level 1) and within the community for Rio Tinto.

• Reviewing quality and technical requirements of work packages, before going to procurement tender.

• Development of work flow processes to help provide direction and lean out work flow. Defined authorization of said processes.

• Leadership of ten (10) construction supervisors and two (2) document control, one (1) Administrative assistant six of which I directly hired.

• Development of IFR/RFQ/IFC Process approval network and signoff.

• Reviewed Construction Packages with update Rev. comments before RFQ

• Scheduled in 11 Construction Supervisors into a spread of 60 plus projects into 2018 / 2019. CAPEX & OPEX Projects.

Joe Lavoie GSC., NCSO., ICCS., MMP., RSE.

• Commitment to continuing education and self-development while leading my team in educational development through workshops for higher learning. Projects Raining from single size of $40 Million 2017 - 2018 Dec. to multiple capital projects into 2018

$50M+ approx.

Pipeline - HDD/Open Cut/HDB Supervisor

M&N Energy Services - Construction - August 2018 to March 2019 and February 2015 to March 2015

• Supervisor HDB & HDD operations involving over 100 underground Hotline and H-Slot drills for various sizes from 6” to 24”.

• Contract supervisor of HDD drill rigs civil operations in mountains of northern Alberta. Managing HDD drilling operations 50 days on 14-hour shifts as part of a leadership team, HDD operations through 28KM of rough challenging terrain. 16” & 18” HDD Install, coatings and repairs as needed.

• Duties included, writing all permits (Ground Disturbance, General, Specific, etc..), management progress updates and timesheets invoice review / approvals. Lead meetings, toolbox, FLHA, safety and General Manpower Safety Management. Reporting, advising, coordinating contractors’ superintendents, as the prime contractor/owner representative. (Project Shutdown due to rainy season in 2015)

Construction Coordinator Supervisor

Suncor Energy Inc. - 2004-2012

• Overseeing an organized matrix that incorporates responsibility of the construction projects with trade disciplines and scopes as assigned through the coordination of fixed price and budgeted Cost-Plus Contracts. Completed in-house estimates, hired subcontractors and managed site supervisors. Corrected contractor CPI & SPI as needed to conform to owners Benchmark.

• Monitored the constructability reviews of large projects, EDS, Hazop’s for projects and reviewing all detailed plans, resource loading, Multi-Project Schedules, commissioning, startups, turnarounds, outages on existing and Greenfield projects. Electrical, Mechanical, Piping and structural Repairs. Prime interface between, the corporation and outside contractors, engineering firms, and called upon frequently to resolve contractual or design issues. Quantifiable cost savings in the millions.

• Leading Role Experiences: I have been involved in and taken leading roles as in construction management, QMP (One Year), Superintendent Building Trades, scheduling, planning, commissioning, Workface Planning, coordinating, reporting, start-ups, scheduled and unscheduled shut downs, outages, turnarounds, maintenance management, sustaining projects, Six Sigma and speaking engagements as examples. Having the most construction experience across the Oil & Gas industry including bitumen up-graders, Extraction, naphtha, gas, gas/oil, diesel, hydrogen plant, sulfur plant, extraction plant, high and low pressure steam, utilities, reclamation, tailings ponds, Coker units, Tank farms, vacuum recovery units (VRU), fractionators, flare stacks, control systems, low & high pressure steam, sulfur lines, utility systems, civil ground disturbance, Fire Insulation mechanical (Steel columns, Vessels above & underground), Hot Taps tie-ins, QA/QC, ITP & NCR's, safety tours, and safety meetings with presentations. Manage Joe Lavoie GSC., NCSO., ICCS., MMP., RSE.

punch lists, pre-commissioning and commissioning oil & gas construction and operational tie- ins. Working on 3D models in developing models and P&ID to assist field installations and issue resolutions.

• Supporting prime contractor (owner) requirements on quality reviews and installations adhering to owner’s standards and reviewing those standards, providing input to owner engineering to standard amendment reviews. Edit and approval of WFP (Work Face Planning) Packages, electrical, scaffolding, etc... Qualifying / Quantifying contractors WFP packages. President

Ocean Electric Ltd - 1989-2002

• Medium commercial and Small Industrial Projects

• 6 Direct Fulltime with 40 indirect Employees

Project Experience Examples

VRU (Vacuum Recovery Unit)- Project E&I Coordinator

• Provided design input on Electrical systems such as, Electrical Heat-trace Assemblies, Power Assemblies Control systems Assemblies, instrumentation, power substation tie-ins, civil, structural, civil, platform designs & locations, and scaffolding support.

• Reviewed over 26 packages on electrical (heat trace, instrumentation, power, etc..) from scoping study to IFC, Revs, 1, 2 and 3

• Chaired weekly / bi weekly progress meetings, provided team leadership, reviewed cost reports, schedules, safety manpower numbers

Reverse Acting Check Valves - Project Coordinator

• Provided critical design input, scoping study to operational turnover. This project was a direct result of a major fire within the plant, to ensure the valves world close in event of emergency all were changed to electrical DCS operation from local air assist.

• 17 insulated valves were designed and installed, provided critical input and developed testing procedures for CS&U and monthly maintenance procedures.

• Provided design input on Electrical systems such as, Electrical Heat-trace Assemblies, control systems, instrumentation, power, Insulation and Mechanical layouts Flare Tip Removal 59F-101 - Project Coordinator

• Reviewed IFR & IFC drawings, electrical, mechanical, low pressure steam, old flare tip removal & supply and install new flare tip.

• Provided leadership on hazard assessments, safety zones, reviewed weather patterns and set hours of operation for removal.

U1 (Millennium plant) U2 (Base plant) turnarounds and unplanned outages - Construction Coordinator Superintendent to Building Trades, Mechanical, Electrical, Scaffolds, Insulators, Specialty Contractors, Quality Inspections & Review / approve QC documentation

• Provided support, leading teams (electrical, mechanical) to successful completions on planned outages.

Joe Lavoie GSC., NCSO., ICCS., MMP., RSE.

• Support, providing leadership to construction during unplanned outages such as fires, incident investigations, plant tie-ins, outages, major equipment failures, supporting operating brown- field plants.

• Often as a leader I am temporally relocated to critical fast track projects, leaving current projects to new area and situations, new fast paced projects of high priority. Deep-bed Sand filter Project - Plant 55 Gas-oil - Construction Superintendent Coordinator

• Provided Design input on electrical, mechanical, control systems, civil, structural, scaffolding support. Reviewed drawings, addendums, at EDS, to IFC. Attended meetings, provided leadership at meetings.


Leadership Qualifications

• Journeyman Red Seal (RSE) # D-04-01227

• Gold Seal Construction Superintendent (GSC)

• Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor (ICCS) # 004410G

• Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) # 00497

• National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) # 000053

• Project Management

• First Level Supervisor Training

• Masters Six Sigma

• Advanced Project Risk Management

• Managing Multiple Projects

Safety Training

• CSTS 09 Upgrade # 11824977

• Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) 2017 # 11954103

• Leadership Safety Excellence Certification (LSE) # 11802613

• Principles of Injury Management # 20286

• Leadership Safety Excellence Proficiency (LSE) # 11804755

• Construction Safety Legislation & Administration # 19935

• Confined Space Entry/Monitor Reg.# 11960947

• Standard First Aid – CPR/AED Level C # 100627194 (Alberta & British Columbia)

• OSSA H2S Alive

• Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)

• Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201 # 1119710

• WHIMS # 5401

• Safety Orientation # 4100

• Bear Safety Awareness # 359-***-****

• OHS Legislation Awareness # 11091158

Joe Lavoie GSC., NCSO., ICCS., MMP., RSE.

Secondary & Upgrade Education

• OSSA Fall Protection # 201*****-**; Cert.# ABCS: 143056

• OSSA Elevated Platform # 20110404-8

• Black Belt Six Sigma; Lean Six Sigma

• Quality Management

• QC Field Inspection

• Tele-handler / Forklift

• Substation Construction

• Protection Skills; Switch Gear; Arc Flash

• MCC - Motor Control Centers

• VFD - Variable Frequency Drives - TBA

• ALTALINK Utility Worker Substations

• ALTALINK Substation Orientation Cert# 362-***-****

• ALTALINK Field Orientation Cert# 362-***-****

• OSSA Regional Orientation C#258-2013

• OSSA Basic Safety Orientation (BSO) # 27070

• Project Estimating & Scheduling


Project Management Institute (PMI)

Project Management Institute Edmonton (PMINAC)

Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) Knights of Columbus

LinkedIn: Personal Activities & Volunteering

Active Local Church & K of C; Active Registered Alberta Minor Baseball Coach; Yoga & Local Gym.

Loving Father and Family Orientated mentor leadership

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