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Medical Physician

Barjhar, Assam, India
July 08, 2019

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Dr. IbnazarLatif

Regn.No : ****1(Indian Medical Council)

Mobile : 009***********

e-mail :

Address : SunRise point, Flat 2 B, Baghorbari, Guwahati- 781037.

Career Objective

To obtain a challenging position in a medical setting that will allow me to gain experience with a diverse and challenging population of patients, henceforth serving mankind.

02/02/2018-uptildate - working in Nemcare hospital pvt Ltd as Deputy consultant in the Department of Internal meddicine.

16/10/2017- 31/01/2018 –working in GNRC Ltd hospital as Deputy consultant in the department of Internal Medicine

2016(mar16th)- 08/09/2017 -working in Awafi Polyclinic, Riyadh(Saudi Arabia) as General Physician.

2014(Aug 12th)- 14-03-2016 -Working in Azizia Medical Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as General Practitioner.

2 011(Nov 11th)-2013

Worked as ER Physician in Al-Quwayiyah General Hospital,Riyadh(ministry of Health) Saudi Arabia

2008 (Oct 1st) - 2011 :

Worked with Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI 108), as Emergency Response Care Physician in the care wing.

Responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and referrals for patients during their Golden Hour of trauma.

Handling daily paperwork, checking treatment forms (PCR), database management

Managing patients in pre-hospital care & follow up.

2005-2008 :

Worked with Down Town Hospital, Guwahati( a reputed hospital of Assam)

Postgraduate training in family medicine

Performed basic medical procedures while pursuing doctorate degree.

Participated in several in-house training courses and CME programmes

2002-2005 :

Worked with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) refinery Hospital as resident physician.

Handeled the diagonosis,treatment and referrals of patients

Assisted in several life saving procedures like CPR, endotracheal intubation,gastric

lavage,abdominal tapping and catheterization etc.

Performed duty in Emergency Room.


Worked with SwagatEndolaproscopic Surgical Research Institute

Worked as resident doctor in the department of surgery and managed the Outpatient Department


Worked with North East Frontier Railway Central Hospital.

House Physician in the department of ICU, Tuberculosis and Chest Disease, Medicine & Emergency

1999-2000 :

Worked in Guwahati Medical College & Hospital.

Underwent Internship Training in Medicine, Surgery, Community Medicine, Obs&Gynaecology andENT,Eye, Emergency and Skin department.

Other Affiliations :

Worked as Medical Advisor in a Medical Insurance Company,Teaching experience in emergency and family medicine .

Educational Qualifications

M.D.General Physician in Family Medicine.

Emergency & Critical care course.

MBBS from Guwahati Medical College &Hospital(1994-98),Guwahati University


1. Dr. Pranab Chowdhury, MD(medicine), Guwahati Refinery Hospital, Noonmati.

2.Dr P.C Battacharya,MD(Medicine),FRCP; Consultant Physician, Down town Hospital,Guwahati,India;Ph:+919*********,

3.Dr. Subash Khanna,MS(Gen.Surgery), Consultant Laproscopic Surgeon,Shantipur,Guwahati, India.Ph#919*********,

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