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Automotive Technology Instructor

Florence, South Carolina, United States
2200.00 per month
June 29, 2019

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Position: - Automotive Instructor - e-mail

Cell: 1-264-***-**** / 1-721-***-****


*May ’16 to Sept ’18 *Curriculum Develop. / Lecturer @ Nipa SXM Automotive Technology

March ’16 to April ’16 City of West Minister College London Lecturer in Automotive Engineering

Sept 2, ‘15 – March ‘16 Haybrook College Burnham Slough - Automotive Tutor / Assessor

June 2 – June 9 – 2015 Otley College Ipswich – Automotive Instructor / Assessor on contract

Jan 2009 – May 2015 Automotive Lecturer at D&J School of Technology in conjunction with the Anguilla Community College teaching Basic Electricity @ City & Guilds

Sept ‘91 – to Aug 31st ‘08 Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School / Technical Teacher in Automotive Technology and Basic Electricity / Electronics House Wiring / human resource management, record keeping, and inventory [the daily use of the computer]

Aug. 1989 – July – 1990 La Sirena Hotel (Initial Construction as an electrician and Operational Maintenance Personnel after commissioning) which included Mechanical, Automotive and Electrical duties

Sept. 1988 – Aug – 1989 Gov’t Electrical Generating Plant as (Operator on the main switch board; recording date relevant to day to day operation / Technician for general service and repairs on plant / vehicles)

Mar – 1987 – Aug – 1988 Aqua Design (an American firm) (Anguilla’s first locally trained Reverse Osmosis Technician - trained in Saint Martin in [basic plumbing skills, plant assembly, trouble shooting and repairs – worked at the Malliouhana, Cocoloba and Cap-juluca Hotels - Reverse Osmosis Plants here on Anguilla

Feb 1985 – Feb. - 1987 Self-Employed as a free-lance Automotive Technician and Electrician carried out bumper-to-bumper repairs on import and domestic vehicles. And engaged in domestic house wiring. Carried a small inventory of parts and accessories; build and operated my own workshop.

June 1981 – Dec 1984 Gov’t of Anguilla Public Works Dept as an Automotive Technician. Carried out routine maintenance and repairs on all Gov’t vehicles.

June 1980 – Mar 1981 H.R. Owen Automotive Dealer (Jaguar) Slough England. Work include all aspect of service and repairs

Aug 1978 – Oct. 1979 Several on-the-job-training attachments including spot welding - Slough England.

Aug 1977 – July 1978 Signet Rings an Automotive Manufacturing Company Slough England. Machinist

May 1977 – July 1977 Textile industry Berkshire Slough England.



EDUCATION: - February 2018 - ATech USA – Automotive Simulator Training @ SXM

May 27th 2014 Motivational speaker at the Lincoln Institute of Technology Denver Colorado USA– power point presentation on ‘be a drive gear’

December 2004 Industrial Conference Las Vegas USA: on the technology in the work place and the problems educators face in delivering a curricula adequate to bring the relevant skills that would enhance better work ethic and increase productivity. I was admitted to the Wall of Fame at the Denver Automotive and Diesel College.

Oct 2000 – Oct 2001 The University of Bolton England: Communications, Critical Analysis / Problem Solving, Management Change / Case Studies, Computer Studies; word-processing-excel-emailing and much more; Industry and Productivity / Majoring in Philosophy of industrial relations and technology and its effects on the landscape of our present society [Technical Vocational Education] / Bachelor in Education

July 2000 (A Tech 2000) @ S&B College Bristol England - Diagnosis Lab training. Working with simulators setting up various scenarios creating situations and pursuing each vigorously, the objective being to find adequate solutions.

July 1999 (A Tech 2000) @ S&B College Bristol England – Automotive Analysis Lab Training [Smart Car] In this case a vehicle was attached to a computer where faults were inserted and the demand on the technician was clearing defined each fault, using a systematic chronological approach and then administer the solution.

June – July 1997 OBD 11 (on-board diagnosis generation 11) @ Denver Automotive and Diesel College. Most vehicles dated 1995 to the present are fitted with the OBD 11 diagnosis system. This is a feature for accessing diagnostic codes primarily related to emission control. Hence, I was exposed to the language of expression and the analysis that lead to the interpretation of fault codes.

Sept 1994 - June 1995 Teacher Education @ Red River Community College in Canada. In this teacher program I covered communication, the art of disseminating information, crisis management, computer studies, industrial relations and foremost the philosophy behind technical and vocational education. The program culminated with three months of technical teaching at a local high school in Manitoba Canada and was awarded a (Diploma in Education) and a (Certificate) in Basic Electricity and House Wiring.

Aug 1990 – May 1991 Automotive Technology & Computer Diagnosis @ Denver Automotive and Diesel College. This program exposed me to the US concepts and culture of study and work. The automotive training centered on service and repair, covering from the tires up to the most state of the art diagnosis and repair procedures. The other aspect related to the management and professional development processes in establishing and operating a business. (Associate of Occupational Studies Degree / Management Certificate)




March 1990 On Board Automotive Computer Diagnosis / Suspension and Computerized Transmission Concepts. I became familiar with the terms and reference applied to the Ford Motor Company with emphasis on specific technological terms and language of interpretation related to Ford Motor Vehicles. @ Ford Motor Company in Puerto Rico (Certificate)

April – June 1986 Skill Plus (Refresher Course) @ Slough Technical Training Center in Berkshire England. Majoring in Diesel / Gasoline Engines tune-up, general repairs and engine overhauls (Certificate)

Sept 1982 – Apr 1983 Machine Shop Practice @ the St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corporation. On the job training included: carrying out light work assignments using the Lathe, Milling and Shaper machines. This discipline has built an appreciation for work with close tolerances and has served well to highlight the benefits of precision (Certificate)

Nov. 1979 – May 1980 All aspects of Automotive Maintenance and Repairs @ Slough Technical Training Center in Berkshire England. This being my first opportunity to get involve in automotive training. It was an invaluable experience covering all aspects of service, repairs, customer service, public relations, inventory and professional development. It has undoubtedly paid many dividends. (Certificate)

Sept 1978 – June 1981 Continuing Education [part time] @ The Ebenezer Bible Institute (EBI) London England subjects include English, History, Sociology, Counseling, Education Psychology and Theology. (Diploma)

Sept 1972 – June 1977 School Levers Certificate Secondary Education @ The Valley Secondary School Anguilla: transfer to continuing education in London England

Skills and Qualifications Implementation, Customer Service and Public Relations Skills. Professionalism, top priority. Goal achievement includes: sound management skills, theoretical and practical knowledge. My long-term goal is to leave a legacy where others [the youth] of like experiences can strive and be motivated to achieve their greatest potential in spite of the odds.

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