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Air Force Electrical

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
June 29, 2019

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Pertinent information is as follows:

PHONE NUMBER: 425-***-****.

LOCATION: Willing to re-locate.

AVAILABILITY: Within 1 to 2 weeks after date of conformation, if not sooner.

SECURITY CLEARANCE AS FOLLOWS: Former Secret Clearance Expired


ACADEMIC EDUCATION: University of Central Mo.-B/S Engineering-Grad. 2016/12/16


Electrical/Mechanical Engineering offering 15+ years of aviation electrical and avionics systems integration design systems.

Air Vehicle Subsystem Engineering Discipline

Aircraft Supported

Environmental Control Systems, Thermal Management Hydraulic Systems, Fuel Systems, Engine Installation, Landing Gear/Wheels/Brakes/ Steering, Fire and Overheat Protection Systems, Auxiliary Power Systems, Electrical Systems, Flight Controls, and Engine controls

F-106, F-101, F-102, F-100, F-84, F-8, F-104, B-58, B-52, F-16, C-130, C-17, C-5, E-3, E-4B, E-8C, KC-135, EF-111, VC-25A, 427 Bell Helicopter

Overall experience includes:

Structural, Elect/Elec/Elex, Electro/Mech, Cockpit Design, Avionics, GSE/SSE, Airframe, Antenna Design, ATE/TPS, Aircraft Engines, Rotary Engines, Gas Turbine Controls, Jigs and Fixtures, Guidance Controls, Technical Writing, Liaison Engineer (MRB Stamp #815), Glass Cockpit Design, Tooling Design, Heads Up Display, EMP Hardening Design, ATE, Electronics, Electrical Load Analysis, ISO 9000, Flight Controls, Communication System Design, Laser Targeting System, Modification Design, EM Factors, Environmental Control System Design, Wiring Harnesses, Diagrams and Schematics, Trade Study Control System Design, Mechanical System Design, Crew Station Design, Electronic Packaging, Environmental Systems, Propulsion Design, Fuels Systems Payloads, NASTRAN Materials Research, Weights and Balance, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Stability and Control, Loads and Dynamics.


Senior Engineer, Fleet Viability Board, MCR, LLC, Oct 09 – Sept. 10. Position required knowledge of legacy aircraft avionics systems, modern aircraft avionics systems, and emerging world-wide Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/ Sir Traffics Management (CNS/ATM) requirements, knowledge of systems engineering and Air Force engineering integrity programs.

Hawker Beechcraft, Wichita, KS, Oct 08 – Apr 09. Job consisted of working on the King Air 350i turboprop.

TTF Co., Seattle, WA, May 08 – Jun 08. Worked on the lower lobe crew rest, (LLCR), for delta airlines; this included modifying the crew rest structure on a Boeing 767.

E.J.M. Co., Inc., Andalusia, AL, Mar 08 – Apr 08. Created and complied System Safety Analysis for the retrofit of the C-130H for the air force.

Adam Aircraft Co., Inc., Denver, CO, Nov 07 – Feb 08. Created and designed electrical harnesses for the A700 aircraft, which included control of electrical power to be distributed to a right and left bus with a separable bus for emergency operation of a 429 bus.

Avion Consulting, LLC, Houston, TX, Jan 07 – Jun 07. Modifications of private aircraft, helicopter(s), including fuel system, electrical system and hydraulic system.

Flight Structures, Inc., (subsidiary of B/E Aerospace), Marysville, WA, Sep 05 – Dec 06. Perform professional level work in the research, analysis, planning, design, development, and testing of electrical systems, processes, and equipment.

Westwind Corporation, Huntsville, AL, Jun 05 – Sep 05. Perform detailed aircraft electrical installation and fabrication design of communications, navigation and special mission avionics equipment.

Avion Consulting, L.L.C., Houston, TX, Jul 01 – Jun 05. Modifications for private aircraft and business jets, including jigs and fixtures for testing, hydraulics and brake modification, motors and servomechanisms, for flaps, spoilers, ailerons and rudders.

Midwest Express Airlines, Milwaukee, WI, Mar 01 – Jul 01. Modification of avionics on DC-9 aircraft for commercial use.

Boeing Military Airplane Co., Wichita, KS, Feb 99 – Jan 01. Design and installation of avionics packages on the E-4B for the United States Air Force and project to modify 747 for Germany’s Lufthansa including optimum placement and component selection. This included modifying the primary and secondary fuselage structure from design to FAA Certification.

Boeing, Patuxent River, MD, Jun 98 – Jan 99. Responsible for creating aircraft instrumentation block diagrams, electrical wiring schematics, specifying required electrical parts and wire for procurement and all other documentation required to complete the instrumentation installation including EMP hardening.


Education: Kansas City, Missouri, course in Solid Works, 12-17 June 2007

Academic Education Experience:

University of Central Missouri

Graduated: 2016/12/16

B/S Aviation/Aerospace/Aerodynamics/System Safety Engineering

Warrensburg, Mo. 64093

University of Central Missouri

Graduated: 2018/12/07

Thesis: Titled: Exotic Fuels/Aviation Fuels

M/S Aviation/Aerospace/Aerodynamics/System Safety Engineering

Warrensburg, Mo. 64093

Military Status:

U.S. Army




Alpha Eta Rho



Chapter 1032

Specifications and Standards

ATE requirements of levels 2 and 3 of DOD-F-100, DOD-STD-100, DOD-D-1000B, ATA 100, 200, 300. MIL-STD-810D, MIL-W-5088, MIL-STD-1512, AF Regulation 81-10, AMDOI 81-1, MIL-STD-120, MIL-STD-100C, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-2750, MIL-STD-454, MIL-STD-1683, FED TEST STD 791C, MIL-STD-12, MIL-STD-1353B, MIL-STD-16400, MIL-STD-1472, MIL-D-100, MIL-5988, RTCA-D0160-C, MIL-HDBK-217 and Statement of Work (SOW).

CAD and Computer Systems Utilized

AutoCAD Rel. 10 through 2004, AutoCAD LT 2000, Unigraphics II, Mentor Graphics, Intergraph (with Microstation), Cadam, Idraw, CadKey, Rel. 3.0 and Orcad (Rel 9.2 for Windows), Solidworks 2001Pro, MathCAD, Rel. 4.4. IBM and compatible computers, using MS-DOS, Excel Rel. 4 and 5. Windows, Microsoft Office 97 through 2000, Microsoft Word 2000.

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