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Flight Test, System Integration, Field Engineer, QA, Avionics

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
June 25, 2019

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Joseph M. LaFata

Honolulu, Hawaii 321-***-****


Engineer / Technical: Flight Test System Integration Quality Assurance Inspection Safety Validation Flight-Line

Launch - Retrieval - Recovery - Test Operations Flight Systems Program Management Procedures Documentation

Field Service NDT Configuration Analysis Maintenance Interface Modifications Avionics Electrical Mechanical

* Overseas Customer Relations: Germany Japan Saudi Arabia Taiwan Philippines Hong Kong Micronesia Islands


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations / Certifications:

FAR 14 CFR Parts: **-**-**-**-**-** 43 91 121 145

Pre-Flight / Post Flight Checks Functional Systems Test Flight Operation Management Customer Relations

Flight Hardware / Software Configuration Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Requirements Test Plans

Airworthiness Directives OEM Service Bulletins OSHA Safety Regulation MSDS Audits Supervisory Repairs

IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Air Data Pitot/Static / Transponder Test Troubleshoot Installation Repairs Training

QA Certifications / Standards: ISO 9001 / AS9100 / AS9110 DO-178B DO-160 DO-181 DO-260B DO-317

Software: DOORS SAP / SLATE ClearCase ClearQuest ARINC 429 Six Sigma LabView PowerPoint Visio

Military Standards / Mil-Specs: 470B / 471A / 472 / 882 ARP-4754A Schematics Blueprints Manuals

NAVSEA Standards Maritime/Ship Repair Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Specifications Instrumentation

Fly-by-Wire Fiber-Optic Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Leadership Logistics Evaluation


DOD “Secret” Security Clearance - 2009 FAA Medical Certificate Class III Passport Operative

Flight Systems: Avionics Electrical Mechanical: Space Shuttle Military, Commercial and Corporate Aircrafts

Cockpit Operator: Spacecraft / Aircraft: Space Shuttle B2 Stealth Bomber Aircraft

Pyrotechnic Flight Systems: Space Shuttle B2 Stealth Bomber Aircraft

Fiber-Optic Systems: NASA International Space Station Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Ship Boat Shore: Electrical Engineer Law Enforcement Boarding Officer: U.S. Coast Guard

MIL-STD-2000A IPC: J-STD-001 A-610 620 Solder Circuitry: U.S. Coast Guard NASA

National Registered Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance

CPR - BCLS/ACLS Instructor: American Heart Association License

Non-Destructive Test: U.S. Marine Corps

Airborne 2ku VSWR Testing: GoGo


Open Water Diver - NASA

State of Florida: Notary Public

State of Florida/Hawaii: Veteran Small Business Owner - Project Manager Planner Photographer - 06/2003 - Present


University of Central Florida: Orlando, FL pursuing Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineer

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University: Daytona Beach, FL Associate Science Business Management

DBCC / BCC: Community College’s: Daytona / Cocoa, FL Credits Earned

NASA: John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL - 120+ Engineer / Technical Orbiter Certifications

USCG Electrician Class A School: Yorktown, VA Graduate with Distinction

USCG Emergency Medical Technician Class C School: Petaluma, CA


United States Coast Guard - Veteran - Honorable Discharge 09/27/1982 - 08/26/1987

Letters of Commendations: Engineering Operational Technical Performances

Outstanding Performance Awards - NASA

Central Floridian of the Week - Citizen Distinguish Award


Pacific Air Charters Honolulu, FL Senior Avionics Flight Systems Specialist 03/2019 - Present

Flight-Line Operations Modifications Checkout/Test: Corporate / Private Aircrafts & Helicopters

Professional Delivered Solutions USMC Base Kaneoha Bay, HI Non-Destructive Test Engineer / QA Specialist 01/2019 - 03/2019

DOD USMC: Marine Expedition Force Operations

CSRA/GDIT U.S. Army Storck Barracks - Illesheim, Germany Engineer Specialist II 04/2018 - 12/2018

Integrated Military Helicopters Simulators / Modules: AVCATT Apache - AH64 Blackhawk - UH60 Chinook - CH47 NCM3

STS Melbourne, FL Senior Avionics Flight Systems Specialist 01/2018 - 03/2018

Commercial Aircrafts: American Airbus Boeing - 767-***-***-***

Lufthansa Technik Auburn, ME Quality Engineer 10/2017 - 01/2018

L1649 Lockheed Superstar Constellation Aircraft Lufthansa Restoration Project

Performance Software Phoenix, AZ Flight Control Systems Test Engineer 11/2016 - 12/2016

Bombardier Global 7000 Aircraft

Lockheed Martin Orlando, FL Systems Test Engineer III 03/2016 - 05/2016

F-35 Aircraft - Flight Management System Simulators

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Stratford, CT Avionics Systems Integration Engineer 11/2012 - 12/2012

S70i International Military Blackhawk Program

Avenger Aircraft and Services Auburn, ME Lead Systems Integration Engineer 04/2011 - 07/2011

L1649 Lockheed Superstar Constellation Aircraft - Lufthansa Restoration Project

PE Systems Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Dayton, OH Subject Matter Expert 04/2010 - 06/2010

Aircrafts: Global Hawk CRJ4 Bombardier Global Express Lear Orion * BACN

BAE Systems Electronics & Integrated Systems Nashua, NH Systems Integration Field Engineer 11/2008 - 03/2009

Beech Aircrafts: C12 RC12 UC35 - AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System ATIRCM - Advanced Threat Infrared Counter-Measures

Boeing Space Shuttle Operations John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Systems Integration Engineer 11/2007 - 08/2008

NASA: Space Shuttle Orbiters Solid Rocket Boosters External Tanks

United Space Alliance John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Electrical Power Systems Specialist 05/2007 - 11/2007

NASA Space Shuttle Support Ground Operations

Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Orlando, FL Quality Assurance Manager 04/2007 - 05/2007

Government Contracts: Corporate Aviation

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems Melbourne, FL Flight Test Specialist 12/2004 - 03/2005

JSTARS Program USAF: E-8C Aircrafts JSTARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

Cessna Citation Service Center Orlando, FL Avionics Flight Systems Specialist 12/2003 - 05/2004

Flight-Line Operations Avionics Flight Systems - Corporate Aircrafts & Helicopters:

Bell Cessna Citation Challenger Falcon Gulfstream Hawker Lear Piper Sikorsky

ITT Space-lift Range Systems Division Patrick Air Force Base, FL Quality Assurance Specialist 11/2001 - 06/2002

Department of Defense: Range Safety System Sat-Com

Dynacs Engineering John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Quality Assurance / Safety Engineer 07/2001 - 11/2001

NASA: Launch Equipment Test Facility Engineering Development Laboratory

United Space Alliance John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Senior Electrical Flight Systems Specialist 05/2000 - 05/2001

NASA: Space Shuttle Orbiter Operations OPF VAB Pad Launch Recovery

Lockheed Martin Electronic Surveillance Systems Riviera Beach, FL Lead Quality Assurance Specialist 08/1999 - 05/2000

Department of Defense: ORCA AMNS RMS - Remote Mine-hunting Vehicles

Jet Aviation FBO West Palm Beach International Airport, FL Avionics Flight Systems Specialist 04/1998 - 08/1999

Flight-Line Operations Avionics Flight Systems - Corporate Aircrafts & Helicopters:

Bell Cessna Citation Challenger Falcon Gulfstream Hawker Lear Piper Sikorsky

Rockwell Collins International Cedar Rapids, IA Avionics Test Engineer 01/1998 - 03/1998

Research & Development: Avionics Instrumentation Components DO-178B DO-254 DO-160

Saudi Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Avionics Flight Systems Specialist 11/1997 - 12/1997

Aircrafts: Boeing 737 DeHavilland - 8

Boeing Space Systems Huntsville, AL Electrical / Mechanical Flight Systems Specialist 07/1997 - 11/1997

NASA International Space Station: Laboratory Module “Destiny”

Orbital Dulles, VA Quality Assurance Specialist 03/1997 - 07/1997

NASA Department of Defense Programs: X34 PEGASUS TAURUS

Gulfstream Aerospace Savannah, GA Flight Test Specialist 08/1996 - 03/1997

Flight Test: Gulfstream GV Corporate Aircrafts

McDonald Douglas Aerospace St. Louis, MO Electrical Flight Systems Specialist 07/1996 - 08/1996

United States Air Force: Military F/A 18 Aircrafts

SubMicron Systems Allentown, PA Lead Systems Test Engineer Field Service Engineer - International 04/1995 - 07/1996

GAMA Computer Robotic Modules - Silicon Wafers

Lockheed Martin Information Systems Orlando, FL Quality Assurance Inspector 06/1994 - 04/1995

Department of Defense: CASS - Consolidated Automated Support System

Northrop Corporation Advanced Systems Division Palmdale, CA Electrical Flight Systems Specialist 10/1990 - 04/1993

United States Air Force Department of Defense: B2 Stealth Bomber Aircrafts

Thiokol John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Electrical Flight Systems Technician / Retrieval Diver 04/1990 - 09/1990

NASA Solid Rocket Boosters Retrieval Operations: Diver SRB External Tank Retrieval Ships

Lockheed Space Operation John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL Electrical Flight Systems Technician 03/1988 - 12/1989

NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter Operations: OPF VAB Pad Launch Recovery

Department of Transportation United States Coast Guard 09/1982 - 08/1987

Electrical Engineer: Ship / Boat / Shore Law Enforcement Boarding Officer Logistics Boat Crewman EMT

Ponce De Leon Inlet Small Lifeboat Station - New Smyrna Beach, FL

USCGC Basswood (Buoy Tender) - Agana, Guam: South Pacific Micronesia Islands Philippines Japan

USCG Group Monterey - Monterey, CA SQA Standard Certifications, Engineering, Reviews, Configuration Management, Assessments, Government, Regulations, Communication, Readiness, RCCA, Documentation, Traceability, Supervisor, Measurements, CAP, ASME, Techniques, Compliance, Reliability, Blueprints, Line Maintenance, Diagnostics, Statistics, Sourcing, Flight Operation, Research, Liaison, Team, Manual, Integrity, Test Reports, Evaluation, Policy, Evaluate, Analyze, SAP-CRM, Depot, Methods, ANSI, Develop, Equipment, Aircraft OEM Components, Supplier Approval, Technical Database, Airline Technical Operations, Create, Contracts, Budget, Responsibility, Support, Programs, Test Operations, Sustainment, ECM/Sat-Com/Radar Systems, Infrared Laser Technology, Operational Testing, Status Reports, Power Generation, Radar Frequency, Program Logic, Semi-Conductor Tests

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