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Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
8500 QR
June 20, 2019

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DOHA AL JADEEDA l Phone: *******1 l

With transferrable visa and can start immediately


More than 3 years experience in Qatar as AR/AP Accountant.

12-years intensive experience in commercial banking, specializing in operations & cash management, internal Audit and Accounting.

Familiar with Basic and General Banking Laws and Anti-Money Laundering Laws.

With good understanding of Financial Reports and Variance Analysis and its significance.

With good understanding of Operational Risks and related controls and has the ability to develop written compliance policies and procedures.

With good understanding of GAAP and IFRS and other International Accounting Standards.

Knowledgeable in Oracle and Finacle Software.



Position Held: Accounts Payable /Receivables Accountant

Processes documents such as invoices and statements.

Reviews regularly the Accounts Receivable and follow-up payments.

Conducts regular reconciliation of accounts.

Verifies items billed against items ordered and received and reconciles differences through follow-up with the supplier.

Posts all the payments received for the day into the system.

Reviews daily transactions to ensure accuracy and correctness.

Prepares cash/cheque for deposit to the bank.

Conducts regular inventory of stocks in the warehouse and address immediately the discrepancy being noted.

Process payment for the supplier.

Performs monthly/quarterly reconciliation of accounts.

Prepares quarterly reports Billing/Costs Reports.

Reconciles the intercompany account balances.

Reconciles the Bank records on the monthly basis.

Check the time sheets for payroll processing.

Perform other tasks as directed.


Last Position Held: Branch Operations Officer/Customer Service Head (2009-2014)


1.Risk Management

a.Ensures daily review of Trial Balance. Monitors, investigates and reconciles float items within reasonable time (i.e. Sundries, A/P, A/R, etc).

b.Investigates and prepares replies to audit findings and discusses with internal auditors; ensures non-recurrence.

c.Investigates and prepares replies to BSP findings (operations matters) and ensures non-recurrence.

d.Attends to and resolves operational and service problems/concerns of clients.

e.Monitors BC compliance with policies/procedures through review/monitoring of performance and work outputs of CSA-Tellers, Cash Staff and Operations Assistants.

f.Ensures “passing” audit rating for the BC through proper checking/control, monitoring and supervision of control functions in the BC.

g.Ensures achievement of sales target of service personnel as indicated in the KRA.

h.Reports to the District Service Head any problems/concerns/issues at BC level which could not be resolved and/or control violations for info and disposition.

i.Reviews/Analyzes trial balance/reports and as necessary, passes/approves adjusting entries i.e. misposting, double/non-take up, wrong entries, etc.

j.Reviews and certifies monthly certification of balances, schedules and attachments and ensures that there are no floats, no long outstanding ARs/APs, no unbalanced accounts, no sundries, etc and submits reports on time.

k.Prepares and analyzes ATM reconciliation report, Documentary Stamps, etc.

l.Approves Oracle requests and monitors timely processing of BC Payables. Makes follow-ups if necessary.

m.Ensures timely receipt and analyzes ATM reconciliation report prepared by ATM Center.

n.Conducts business process reviews to improve control implementation in the BC and recommends solutions.

o.Acts as primary vault custodian of cash and other accountable forms.

p.Assists in the review of bank policies and procedures whether new or existing. Communicates needed changes in policy, procedures, systems to SSD, ITSSG, PRCSD, etc.

q.Handles security matters in the BC in close coordination with the Business Manager, Security Department and District Service Head.

r.As requested, acts as Adhoc member for the reconciliation/balancing of floats/differences in other BCs on special assignments.

s.Investigates and recommends decisions on cases of operational lapses/negligence i.e. Tellers’ overages/shortages, mispostings, etc.

t.Ensures no errors/penalties are incurred both on internal and external reports i.e. BSP reports, BIR reports, accounting reports, etc.

u.Manages CIV level and ensures that excess, if any are transported to Cash Center/deposited to BSP. Ensures also minimum level of mutilated bills on hand.

v.Monitors the compliance review exceptions, internal audit reports of findings and BSP findings are implemented to avoid recurrence of exceptions.

w.Ensures that BC transactions are processed within the set limits, approvals and authorities.

x.Manages risk areas and ensures elimination of errors, irregularities that could result to possible bank losses.

y.Implements all assigned control-related tasks on joint custody, dual control with co-custodian.

z.Reviews and approves transactions i.e. advice and pay, cash advances, outgoing FXTT and domestic TT and other over-the-counter transactions.

aa.Earmarks BP/DAUD and second endorsed transactions against existing approved credit lines (if both Business Manager and Sr. Customer Relationship Officer are not around the BC).

bb.In the absence of the Business Manager and/or Senior Customer Relationship Officer, assists in the discharge of some functions within limits of capacity/workload and authorities.

2.Service Quality

a.Manages the queue to ensure delivery of services within set standards.

b.Performs signature verification, conducts withdrawal/encashment confirmation, handles counting of bulk deposits, etc.

c.Services ATM, cash loading, retrieval of deposits, etc. based on prescribed frequency and ensures 24/7 ATM serviceability.

d.Ensures satisfied clients and no complaints situation on its day-to-day operations.

e.Conducts business process reviews to pinpoint service problems and recommends solutions.

f.Implements service-related projects of the Bank i.e. queue system, delivery of spiels, telephone courtesy, mystery calls, etc.

g.Attends to ATM complaints & ensures immediate resolution.

h.Analyzes usual service problems i.e. queue build-up, customer complaints, etc. reviews business processes and implements improvements to ensure desired quality service.


a.Manages and ensures operating expenses are within budget i.e. overtime, SOS, photocopying and other controllable expenses.

b.Checks and reviews staff efficiency index reports for accuracy and proper management of volume of transactions.

c.Recommends and implements business process review on costs initiatives.

d.Prepares yearly operating expense budgets and schedules accurately and on time.

4.People Management/Training

a.Monitors BC personnel’s compliance to basic training i.e. signature verification, counterfeit detection, BCSTOP-Telexing Module, E-Learnings etc. and enrolls concerned BC personnel in needed trainings.

b.Coaches and trains in-house all BC operations personnel as required i.e. when errors are incurred, when new policies/procedures are issued, when reminder memos are issued, etc. Acts as BC personnel’s coach and mentor at all times.

c.Participates in meetings, conferences, trainings/seminars when necessary.

d.Acts as trainer/speaker during trainings/conferences as required by his supervising officers.

e.Plans and implements mandatory VL and job rotation program in compliance with existing Bank polices and submits to the District Service Head for review and approval.

f.Resolves BC personnel conflicts/problems and ensures teamwork and cooperation among everyone in the BC.

g.Identifies personnel with officer potential and recommends the same to the District Service Head.

5.Administrative Management

a.Prepares requisition for furniture, equipment, manpower, repairs as needed.

b.Facilitates, coordinates and follows-up FFE/repairs requests, including manpower requests, and ensures these are processed within an acceptable period of time.

c.Maintains BC premises and keeps it well maintained and clean all the time.

d.Implements and coordinates with Security Department any security-related concerns.

e.Oversees day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure smooth operation and proper upkeep of the BC premises and safeguarding of Bank’s assets.

CANTILAN BANK, INC. - Philippines

Positions Held

Accountant /Branch Banking Operations Support(2007-2009)

Accountant (2006-2007)

Internal Auditor (2002-2006)





Basic Rural Banking Course

Conducted By: Central Bank of the Philippines

Basic Commercial Banking Training Course

RCBC In-House Training

Money Counterfeit Seminar

Conducted By: Central Bank of the Philippines

Anti-Money Laundering Training Seminar

Conducted by: Central Bank of the Philippines

Risk Based Audit Seminar

Conducted By: Punong-Bayan & Araullo Auditing Firm

Signature Verification Seminar

Conducted by: Central Bank of the Philippines

Advanced skills in MS OFFICE applications (Excel, Word and Outlook)


Birthdate : January 28, 1981

Citizenship : Filipino

Visa : Work Visa

RP No. : 281********


To be provided upon request

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