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BI Architect

San Jose, CA
June 19, 2019

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Jahangir Vahid

Business Intelligence, Data Engineering & Scalable Analytics Lifecycle Consulting

(Teams, Vendors, Platforms, Data Architecture & More)



Bringing success in Business Intelligence, Data Engineering & Analytics doesn't come from just having a vast skill set across a wide variety of IT stacks.

It doesn't come from deep understanding of when and where to use which algorithm alone.

It doesn't come from the planning and organization talent to scope resources and talents to projects only.

It's more than just seeking improvement at the margins.

It comes from experimenting until everything fits, embracing change like the dearest of friends, asking for the unreasonable until it becomes reasonable, seeing the amazing possibilities in ambiguity, building relationships not walls of fiefdoms, serving before leading and speaking with results not words.

Delivering results by taking intrapreneurial ownership, nurturing innovation by example, getting all the stakeholders to a common ask, asking things plainly from staff, authentically listening for what is being unsaid, laying the pipelines of delivery not one-off science projects, encouraging rapid prototyping to get quick concrete feedback, celebrating the fast failures as 'pull up sleeve' events to narrow down the solution and above all never letting the seductive concept of 'impossible' get between one's promise and the goal.


Advisor/Consultant @ Various

September 2018 - Present


- Translate Visions into communicable Roadmaps

- Build Value enhancing Project plans that address real, not imagined, business needs

- Design advanced data architectures that support real analytic needs

- Hands on implementation of data flows, caching layers, visualization and AI/ML

BI Architect – Data Engineering @ UnitedHealth Group

October 2015 - September 2018 (3 years)


- Company thought leader.

- Functional SME.

- Broad business approach.

- Resource to senior leadership.

- Develops pioneering approaches to emerging industry trends.


- Predicts emerging customer needs and develops innovative solutions to meet them.

- Solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business.

- Participates in the development of business strategy.

- Develops and manages business plans to achieve objectives.

- Leads large, complex projects to achieve key business objectives.

- Translates highly complex concepts in ways that can be understood by a variety of audiences.

- Influences senior leadership to adopt new ideas, products, and approaches.

- Segment-wide impact.

- Directs cross-functional and cross-segment teams.

- Influences or provides input to forecasting and planning activities.

Year 1


Rebuild existing Data Warehouse sitting on multi-billion-dollar SaaS NLP product, Full Load 3 weeks plus, incremental 27 hours on once a day refresh; ETL success rate ~70%, Data accuracy in the low 90s.

Rewrite 18 SSRS reports to meet SLA requirements of 7 seconds max

Bring project in line with HIPAA and SOC compliance standards

Implement HA/DR strategy


Recruit and Train cross functional team of Data Engineers and Report Analysts

Implement local variety of Agile

Build strong relationships with Product Engineering Teams, Implementation, Production Support, Security, Compliance, Etc…


New Data Warehouse SQL Server 2012R2 satisfying client retention goals

New ETL in SSIS Full Load ~18 hrs, Incremental load ~2mins, refresh every 15mins, Success Rate 99.9% with forward recovery model, Data Accuracy to full consistency within 15 mins improving overall client satisfaction survey results.

Project successfully segued into normal compliance channel.

Year 2


Implement CI/CD over the full range of BI Stack components

Standup and Integrate Tableau into Existing Product as Self-Service Dashboard Solution

Build out 12 Tableau Bootstrap Dashboards

Create augmented Workflow data objects to support modeling user behavior

Create Additional Data Warehouse on separate Product Line leveraging the same NLP engine

Create improved Recall and Precision scoring report on the NLP engine itself

Begin offloading ETL from SSIS to Python


Worked Extensively with Systems team to build out CI/CD pipelines, involved each member of the team, leveraged QA to begin full automation of all regression tests.

Retrain Team on Tableau, send members to conferences, arrange for classes and provide hands on feedback sharing best practices.

Work with vendors to acquire license (From Tableau) and physical boxes (From Auth’d Partner)

Work with various internal stakeholders to standup boxes, implement security in-flight, provision necessary SA accounts, develop key/cert rotation strategy and implement via venafi, derive security model and walk it thru security review, etc…

Lead Front-end team members to create Angular/.NET solution.

Designed and implemented new logging framework for existing Product to harvest workflow data

Created AB Tool for the NLP engine to determine noise ratio for R&P report

Training via pair-programming of team in Python

Build out Analytics SQL Server 2017 Database fed by Python ETL used for operational analytics and rapid prototype environment.


CI/CD Solution implemented for SQL Server/SSIS/SSRS/Tableau and Angular/.NET, full code coverage, all regression tests automated resulting in freeing up 2 full FTE for other work.

Functional Tableau Reports accessed seamlessly & securely via the existing product leveraging SSO resulting in increased customer delight scores.

More accurate NLP scores resulting in Reduced Clawback.

Behavioral data of users available to product engineering team to improve existing product via MLAI initiative.

Reduced ETL costs and solid scale out strategy provided by transition to Python

Year 3


Create new Hadoop EMR-S3 AWS/ HDI-Blobs Azure data lakes to integrate batch ADT data, unstructured blobs, Semi-structured HL7 medical demographic data, EDIx12 claims billing and Structured Workflow data harvested from seven different product lines.

A number of MLAI projects dealing with medical revenue cycle.

Build out a visualization-engine agnostic reporting solution in the cloud.

Provide costing models for migration of reporting solutions to the cloud.

Create Cloud Security Architecture for BI to integrate into larger company wide cloud security architecture.

Numerous POC’s to benchmark data flows on VPN’s, expressroute, etc…

Build out MPP using Azure DW for one-off analytics project


Recruit & Train 3 teams in the US and work extensively with India and Ireland offshore to identify the best fit candidates to deliver the projects.

Troubleshoot Everything, if it could go wrong, it did. Cloud required extensive re-architecture of even the components that remained in the dirt.

Leverage PaaS and discard multi-cloud to meet tight deadlines.

Work hands-on with infrastructure teams, Azure pods, security, compliance, systems team, etc… to hook everything up.

Heavily utilized SQL-like toolsets, HQL, Hadoop SparkSQL, etc.. to reduce training ramp-up for analysts

Utilized swarm data strategy utilizing external Hadoop hive tables pointing to Parquet, ORC and AVRO files in blob storage

Additional Duties:

Company-wide Culture Ambassador,

Business Segment wide Innovation Advocate,

Local Site Employee Community Lead for 200 employees,

Cloud Migration Tiger Team Member (AWS & Azure Contracts)

Internal Tableau Consultant on Numerous Projects

Internal Data Architecture Consultant on Numerous Projects

Enterprise Data Management Team Member (Persistence and Access Strategy)

BI Advisor on Implementation of 5 E2E Contracts (Totaling 2.9 Billion Revenue over 10 years)

MLAI Initiative Team Member

BI Architect @ Hewlett-Packard

July 2014 - August 2015 (1 year 2 months)

Public Sector Project


25 million-dollar contract inked by client

1.7 Billion Rev Stream

Co-Founder @ SelfVitals

May 2014 - October 2014 (6 months)

AWS Microservices

Principal Enterprise Data Architect @ Mitchell International

June 2012 - May 2014 (2 years)

Medical Billing Intersection of Insurance and Healthcare Domains. Exploring adjacencies in established ~400million business by leveraging transactional byproduct data to harvest marketable insights and feedback into legacy workflow thru API/app hooks.


Maintain and Expand Existing Data Warehouse Solution

Implement CI/CD solution

Build Additional Data Warehouse

Retrofit existing products with ML driven insights


Model new product and create dimensional model of business process

Work extensively with Product Engineering teams to create API hooks in existing products to pull ML derived logic/data thresholds.

Utilize SQL to clean data and R to create remove outliers and categorize data.

Work extensively with third party vendors to capture results of workflow to be able to train datasets.

Create tags for workflows touched by ML derived logic/data to drive AB’s to incrementally improve models.

Develop MPP architectural data branch with Hadoop Application Integration/Staging, POCs on Netezza, AWS Redshift, AWS Hadoop EMR


Acquisition Analytics Milestones Achieved

Reduction in costs realized by CI/CD effort

Product Rules engine improved by insights gleaned via retrofit effort

Extensive insights into provider networks

Costing Models on Strategic Technology Directions

BI Consultant @ Mitchell International

January 2012 - June 2012 (6 months)


Rebuild Existing Data Warehouse Solution

Recruit & Train new team


Created useable dimensional model

Stabilized ETL

Deployed SSAS Cubes as caching layer

Hired staff and trained surviving team


Client Retention

Analytics fueled Growth

BI Consultant at Citrix

October 2011 - January 2012 (4 months)


Blackbox reverse engineer subscription engine


Cloned system and fed clone sample data to reverse engineer rules engine


Business Continuity 2+ Billion annual Revenue Stream

BI Consultant @ Urban Science

May 2011 - October 2011 (6 months)


Contracted Project Delivered

Additional Consortium Project

Freelance BI & Analytics Consultant @ Numerous

August 2001 – May 2011

Numerous Single Person C2C

Numerous Recruit & Trains

Numerous Teaching Events

Numerous Mid-Client Backfills

Led Vendor Negotiations


BA Math/Computational Physics

University of California, San Diego

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