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Engineering Engineer

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
June 16, 2019

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Muhammed Hassanali

***** **********, ****** ***, **, 44122 216-***-****

My entire career has been devoted to developing the best products and services for our customers’ needs, and providing the greatest return to our shareholders. I have a deep and broad background in basic sciences and engineering principles and am always willing to learn. I understand that any commercial endeavor needs to justify itself on both technical viability and business profitability, and strive to see both criteria satisfied before committing significant resources. I excel at advocating for my projects and my team, and at motivating cross-functional team members to perform at their best on challenging (or

“impossible”) projects.

Work Experience

The Timken Company, North Canton, Ohio (Technology Advancement Specialist Apr 2017 to date) Management responsibilities

• Manage R&D portfolio (review and schedule gate and platform meetings)

• Develop technology roadmap by accessing market & technology landscapes, and current industry standing

• Plan annual CapEx spend by prioritizing projects and CapEx budget, reconcile actual and planned spend

• Negotiate and execute external contracts for collaborative development or project specific development work

• Develop and enforce access policies for controlled lab areas (per government mandate)

• Technical advisor or project lead for certain novel projects (eg hybrid bearings, system design, market impact of technological trends, software selection and implementation) Channel Products, Chesterland, Ohio (Chief of Staff Engineering Feb 2015 to Apr 2017) Management responsibilities

• Overall responsibility for engineering department and engineering projects

• Develop department budget including timing and justification of capital equipment

• Evaluate personnel performance reviews, outline development and training plan, and assign personnel to projects

• Define project scope, make technical presentation within and outside the organization

• Determine staffing requirements (temporary or permanent) and outside resources Company-wide training

• Provide product training on electrodes, controls, and piezoceramics

• Provide technical training on material properties and composition

• Provide competency training in statistical analysis and excel Quality projects

• Collect and interpret data from SEM/EDS, XPS/ESCA & FTIR

• Collect and interpret data from TGA and DSC

• Perform statistical analysis, DOE, FMEA, PPAP, FAI, GR&R and root cause analysis using MINITAB

• Performed ALT/HALT analysis for next generation ignition controller Productivity & profitability projects

• Reduce scrap rate and increase throughput for piezoceramic production

• Streamline assembly of piezo narrow band ladder filter

• Design and implement semi-automated computer rod-bender for electrode production

• Used SolidWorks for product design and analysis

Independent Consultant, Shaker Hts, Ohio (Consultant Sep 2010 to Feb 2015) Material & surface analysis

• Performed surface analysis using SEM/EDS, XPS/ESCA, AUGER & TOF-SIMS

• Performed surface characterization using wide-field confocal microscopy

• Trained personnel in surface analysis theory, equipment operation, and results interpretation

• Performed thermal analysis using TGA, DSC and DMA techniques

• Analyze contamination & adhesion of metallic coatings on metal, plastic & ceramic substrates Multi-discipline modeling of plastics, ceramics, metals and composites

• Performed stress-strain analysis of non-linear material behavior (plastic region or large elastic deformation)

• Performed fluid and thermal analysis in laminar and turbulent regions

• Wrote custom modeling routines for material behavior not modeled in commercially available software (FEA, CFD and thermal analysis)

Design and process innovation & optimization (using Lean, Six Sigma, and CI tools)

• Performed ANOVA, DOE, VA/VE analysis

• Performed FMEA and root cause analysis

• Implemented real time SPC

• Determined product risk exposure

• Guided clients make data-driven decisions for new product introduction, quality systems or production process implementation

Fasteners for Retail (FFR-DSI), Twinsburg, Ohio (Project Engineer Mar 2008 to Aug 2010) New product development

• Developed loss-prevention systems for use in supermarkets

• Developed self-facing systems for retail outlets

• Developed inventory management systems

• Wrote custom programs and used commercial FEA software to evaluate product performance

• Verified modelled test results by conducting prototype testing and analyzing empirical data

• Proto-typed temperature acquisition system for thermally sensitive areas in supermarket setting

• Explored environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products Systems evaluation & implementation

• Implemented VA/VE system for new and existing products

• Implemented stage-gate for new product development initiatives

• Implemented DFM and DFA procedures during product design reviews

• Developed functional testing system for testing at overseas vendors location

• Developed benchmark tests to evaluate fatigue performance of our products

• Performed FMEA on load-bearing products, and wrote custom programs to determine acceptable load ratings

• Developed and conducted training modules for our employees on VA/VE, product testing and statistical analysis

• Coordinated product development, testing and production across multiple vendors (domestic and off-shore) Cross-functional company-wide initiatives

• Lead green initiatives to use environmentally friendly materials in our products

• Setup incoming inspection processes for outsourced products or services

• Evaluated business benefits and cost for ISO certification and LEEDS certification

• Explored cost-effective recycling opportunities at our facility and vendors locations

• Explored system solutions for cradle-to-cradle product cycle Morgan Electro Ceramics, Bedford, Ohio (Sr Project Engineer May 2002 to Feb 2008) New product development

• Developed KPIVs and KPOVs for 1-3 and 2-2 ceramic composites (specified engineering calculations, material specification, process steps, and inspection routines)

• Developed methods to curtail PZT particle shedding in HDD applications of piezeceramics (patent granted)

• Wrote XRF, four point probe and step height routines to measure metal thickness on ceramics

• Developed parameters for ultra-pure CLWS used for ultra-sonic cleaning of bare and metallized PZT

• Mathematically model PZT frequency response to electrical or mechanical stimuli Quality initiatives

• Used DOE methods in MINITAB to optimize various production processes of ceramic & metal composites

• Performed root cause analysis for investigating non-performing parts used in ink-jet printers

• Explored ROI on buying SEM/EDX and confocal microscope

• Modelled erosion and subsequent in-situ monitoring process for ultra-sonic cleaning of ceramics in cleanrooms

• Conducted engineering studies for process improvement and in-process quality implementation

• Justified and implemented metrology and SPC package for automated production and real-time reporting

• Developed SOP and work instructions for in-process and final inspection for automated vision and electrical testing

• Conducted quality and inspection training for new products and processes Systems & process development

• Setup standards for electroless nickel plating & electrolytic gold plating (treatment before plating, plating process operating parameters, measuring plating thickness and adhesion)

• Setup standards for PVD sputtering and evaporation metalization (treatment before coating, measuring coating thickness and adhesion, calculating coating stress)

• Implement and train personnel in real-time SPC

• Used visual manufacturing, six sigma and lean techniques to develop production work-flow (1.2M parts per week) Competitive Carbide, Mentor, Ohio (VP Engineering May 1992 to Nov 2001) Engineering Responsibilities

• Assumed overall responsibility of engineering department

• Developed custom tooling from concept to manufacturing prints

• Provided engineers with assignments appropriate to their skill-set

• Reviewed engineering projects with engineering and manufacturing personnel

• Automated routine CAD tasks through custom programing in C++, Visual Basic and LISP IT Responsibilities

• Maintained local area network (LAN)

• Implemented ERP system

• Developed automated costing model for custom tooling projects (used to quickly quote custom jobs)

• Ensured backups of sensitive information & appropriate access to data

• Developed company web-site and area where customers could design their own specialty tools Productivity & Profitability Projects

• Evaluated acquisition of new equipment for production, quality and engineering

• Linked CAD models to CAM for automated production through C++ custom programs

• Wrote custom C++ code to generate g-code for 5-axis machining from CAD models

• Wrote C++ and Visual Basic code to generate programs for 5-axis grinding and wire EDM cutting from CAD files

• Implemented touch-probes to inspect work piece and automate dimensional inspection

• Automated tool changing and tool offset based on tool wear Master Builders Technologies, Beachwood, Ohio (Sr Researcher Feb 1990 to Apr 1992) Project management

• Lead and participated as team member in research teams

• Directed work of technicians

• Directed and performed LC, GC, and wet chemical analysis if cementitious systems

• Directed petrographics analysis of concrete

• Oversaw long-term tests of concrete samples exposed to various controlled environments Advanced research in chemical admixtures, specialty grouts, coatings and sealants

• Developed concrete admixture that allowed concrete to be poured in artic conditions

• Developed grouts and admixtures that provided consistent flow properties for oil-well cementing

• Develop concrete admixture that reduced corrosion of rebar

• Developed accelerated corrosion test for rebar

• Developed fast setting grout for road repair (also used for vertical architectural masonry work)

• Develop “super dense” high-performance concrete for harsh chemical and extreme thermal conditions Fundamental understanding of cementitious systems

• Mathematically modeled concrete setting as a tool for predicting initial and final set

• Studies rheological properties of concrete as a technique to characterize concrete behavior

• Explored using recycled materials in concrete

• Explored impact of rare-earth salts on physical and chemical properties of concrete

• Presented technical papers at various ACS conferences Education

• MS & BS Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

• MBA Finance, Case Western Reserve University

• Minors in Economics and Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University Citizen of the United States

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