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Engineering Engineer

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 11, 2019

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LinkedIn: - Visa status: - Residence Student visa (U.I.D. No.:-206863866) Expiry Date: - 09/10/2019 Nationality: - Indian

Career Objective

To work in a dynamic environment that provides me a wide spectrum of experience and exposure. To bring a versatile portfolio of skills at work place and serve the organization with positive attitude and efficiency. Interest

Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Well test, Wireline logging, Petro physics, Production, Drilling and EOR Education

Heriot Watt University, Dubai Campus September’18-Augst’19

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (pursuing)

Key modules: Reservoir Engineering, Well test Analysis, Reservoir Simulation, Production Technology, Petroleum Geoscience, Drilling Engineering, Formation Evaluation and Petroleum Economics. Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India June’14 –May’18

Bachelor of technology in Petroleum engineering School of petroleum technology, PDPU

Key modules: Petroleum Geology, Thermodynamic of Reservoir Fluid, Drilling & Well completion, Well log & Formation Evaluation, EOR, HSE, Contracts in HC industry, Transportation & Marketing of Petroleum Products. Academic Projects

“Reservoir Simulation Project” (Class Assignment on PETREL 2015, ECLIPSE-100 software)

Use material balance equation to find Stock tank oil original in Place, average reservoir porosity and developed new model using those parameters subsequently

Ran new model into ECLIPSE-100, PETREL 2015 and to verify authenticity of this model using historic data and set the value of permeability and porosity accordingly for the new model.

Predicted optimum development strategies for maximum oil recovery based on economic constraints

“Formation Evaluation Project” (Petro physics workflow on Tech Log 2011 software)

Interpreted SP,GR, Density log(Density, Neutron log) to find Reservoir Rock, volume of shale

Interpreted Density-porosity log to determined porosity and oil/water bearing of reservoir rock

Determined saturation of different layers from Archie (clean sand) and Waxman Smith (Shaly sand) equation and verified it standard cross plots graph

Finally determined shale cut off using above mentioned parameters.

“Produced Water Treatment” (Industrial Research Project) July ’17-May ’18

Project title: To determined efficient and feasible techniques for treatment of produced water to meet economic limit

Performed successive adsorption using different type of rocks to reduce metal ion & TDS content in produced water.

Analysed effects of different parameters such as surface area, adsorbent dosage and contact time on adsorption.

Investigated simulated data and respective operation cost to achieve efficiency and amend economic feasibility. Relative Experience

Petroleum Engineering Intern, ONGC-IRS (Institute of Reservoir studies), Ahmedabad December’17-January’18

Explored different field’s geologies under Ahmedabad asset

To interpretation of well-logging data and field’s seismic surveys to gain the information about oil-barring zones of different fields of Ahmedabad asset.

Used this data to convert static stimulation model into dynamic stimulation model to maximize hydrocarbon recovery at minimum cost and for better reservoir management. Petroleum Engineering Intern, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Baroda, India May ’17 – July’17

Worked on unit optimization in Fluid Catalyze Cracking (FCC) unit & Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) plants.

Used various catalysts and analyzed effect of time dependent variation in parameters over the plant components.

Performed visual field inspection to ensure the validity of system monitoring data from control panel.

Perform internal benchmarking using primavera to optimize resource allocation, plant maintenance & operation cost. Co-curricular Trainings

Earth science and hydrocarbon Exploration field work February ’16

Successfully collected data pertains to geometry of folds, faults, strike, fossil present near Kutch-Gujarat

Evaluated data to understand stratigraphy of subsurface and project the amount of hydrocarbon prospect present

Analysed type and geological features of rocks on surface to evaluate type of reservoir rock in subsurface.

Lab Project: Geo statistical analysis of data using MATLAB Extra-Curricular Activities

Organized a technical talk on “Drilling and Completion Fluids” by Mr. Clotaire Eyya from Schlumberger under SPE Student Chapter at Heriot-Watt University Dubai.

Attended Flow diagnostics for fractured carbonate reservoirs by Professor Sebastian Geiger, Director of IPE at HWU.

Winner of Well Log Interpretation Competition at SPE Student Chapter Technical Festival at PDPU, July 2016.

Achieved certificate of “PRO SIMULATOR” software workshop organized by Sim Info systems at PDPU has developed standard simulation models for represent typical plant equipment configuration, unit operations, and refinery units. This mainly included learning of How to control process and plant operation in control panel management.

Achieved certificate of completion of “Certified Ethical Hacker”.

Hold the certificate of “THE AHMEDABAD MIILATRY AND RIFLE TRAINING ASSOCIATION” on successfully completing “Civilian Rifle Training Program”.

Worked towards Welfare of tribal women and provided service in rural areas under guidance of Aarya NGO. Technical Details of Skills

Documentation tools: Microsoft excel/word/PowerPoint

Program:- MATLAB(Intermediate level), Python(beginner)

Oil and Gas Software:-

Schlumberger: •PETREL 2015 •ECLIPSE-100 •Tech Log 2011•Geo Frame

Weatherford: • Pan System®

Pro Simulator

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