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Assistant Program Manager

Rockville, Maryland, United States
May 28, 2019

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Peter Cohen

***** ****** **** *********, ** ***** 301-***-****

Clearance: Active TS/SCI

I have practical knowledge of research, analytical, environmental and other methods geared towards social scientific and scientific inquiry. I have knowledge of the history, culture, politics, economics, environment, communications, science and technology, and military affairs of nations in East and Southeast Asia which enables me to conduct teaching, research and analysis in Asian Studies. Thus, I have the ability to serve as a specialist in East and Southeast Asian studies. I am able to utilize scientific and social science research methodologies, as well as apply these skills to an independent performance and managerial oversight of recurring government, military and operational assignments that often must be completed under time constraints. I am able to use incomplete and conflicting data and information to produce finished intelligence, counterintelligence and academic-style products that assess cultural, political, social, environmental and economic environments, anticipate future trends, and forecast likely political and geostrategic results of US, European and China’s actions in the Asia-Pacific region. Thus, I have a comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge of East and Southeast Asia resulting from fourteen years of overseas working and living experience in Asia and Europe that enables me to undertake predictive and productive analysis. I have frequently applied and disseminated analytical products in international affairs and intelligence analysis to government and military geostrategic operations planning, domestically and internationally. Finally, I have extensive experience in a wide range of established teaching, instructional, environmental and cultural advisory methods, GIS and software methods, as well as exceptionally strong writing and oral communication skills, which includes fluency in several foreign languages: Malay, Mandarin, Indonesian, French and several other European and Asian languages.


2012 – 2018

(All work was performed under NDCA)

East and Southeast Asia Expert (Classified)

•I am a consultant (culture, politics, security, languages, science and technology, education, environmental sciences and biodiversity) on East (China) and Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and Vietnam).

•International science, technology and environmental policies of Europe and East and Southeast Asia.

•Physical and natural sciences and technology: Academic and science policy research.

•Science and Technology of East and Southeast Asia: Academic and government institutions.

•Terrorism and extremism in East and Southeast Asia; intelligence and counterintelligence analysis of East and Southeast Asia. Protection of US from foreign intelligence threats.

•ASEAN-US relations: Security cooperation and economic, trade and security relationships.

•China: Political, cultural, social, economic, scientific, technological and international relations.

•Role of religion in East and Southeast Asia: Islam in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia and Asian Buddhist philosophy and practice.

•China and Southeast Asia: China’s growing influence in Southeast Asia and its impact on the region’s politics, culture, security, environment and economies.

Department of the Army 2010 - 2012

Intelligence Analyst at CIC-PACOM (Southeast Asia), 8th MISG (A), 5th MISB (A), Fort Bragg, NC



•I am an Intelligence Analyst, International Affairs expert (East and Southeast Asia), Program Manager, and Scientist. I have a top-level clearance (TS/SCI) with the Department of Defense that allows me to analyze highly classified sources of information about various geopolitical issues that impact the Asia-Pacific region. I served as an Intelligence Analyst at CIC-PACOM, Special Operations, Army, Fort Bragg, NC for two years. I am fluent in several foreign languages and I am well-versed with Microsoft Office and other computer and software applications utilized in GIS, HUMINT, IA and CI. In addition to my background in international affairs, intelligence analysis and counterintelligence analysis, I have more than twenty years of teaching, research and research management experience in the physical and natural sciences in academia and government. I have also taught International Affairs, Intelligence Analysis, and Asian Studies courses at military bases and universities, as well as prepared soldiers for deployment to their respective AORs.


I translated, from Malay and Indonesian, highly classified country and specialized targeted intelligence (IA, CI and CT) reports, as well as edited and interpreted highly technical operational reports, that dealt with the political, military, cultural, human rights, socioeconomic, technological, and security (intelligence, counterintelligence and counterterrorism) environments of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and ASEAN. I disseminated these targeted reports within CIC-PACOM and through the chain of Command within my USASOC (U.S. Special Operations Command) division up to Battalion Commander. I also presented classified reports directly to the unit Commander on security aspects of Southeast Asia on a weekly basis and the Fort Bragg base commander three times a year. This frequently involved the translation of vernacular classified and open-source materials in Malay and Indonesian. Finally, I translated from English to Malay and Indonesian, highly-sensitive documents utilized, in the field, in theatre of operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines(southern Philippines). I published large (50 pages), medium (20 pages) and small (10 pages) reports reviewed by the BTN Commander and published on SIPRnet and thus available to all in the IC community who have approved access. These reports also were sent to PACOM Headquarters in Hawaii.

•I gave frequent PPP to the BTN Commander (each week) and the Fort Bragg Base Commander (each month).


Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii 2009 - 2010

Associate Professor of Forensic Science

I taught courses in the forensic sciences and trace analysis. I also taught the legal implications of forensic evidence, as well as mentored students and performed independent scientific research.

Biologist, Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office (PIFWO), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Honolulu, Hawaii


University of Texas (Austin) 2004-2006

I taught courses in Ecology, Environmental Biology and Biochemistry. I mentored students and performed

Independent research.

Adelphi University, Garden City, New York 2002 - 2004

Assistant Professor of Biology

•I taught courses in biology and undertook funded research in the conservation of Southeast Asian flora.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Visiting Fulbright Fellow (2003-2004), Penang, Malaysia 2002-2004

Lichen Curator, University of Michigan Herbarium 2000-2002

Managed the UM Herbarium Lichen Collection.

Columbia University, Department of Chemistry 1998-2000

Postdoctoral Scholar in Antibiotic Chemistry.

French Academy of Sciences/CNRS Postdoctoral Fellow (Prof. Guy Ourisson,

Head, French Academy of Sciences)

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 1990-1995


• Interdisciplinary Biology/Asian Studies

1995 - 1997

University of Washington Master of Science (MS), Seattle, Washington

• Organic Chemistry

1988 - 1989

University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Salk Institute

University of Maryland, College Park Bachelor’s 1981-1984 Degree

• General Studies

1985 - 1988

Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, Maryland

H.S. Diploma

1973 - 1977

•General Studies

I was Senior Editor of the periodical Berita, the publication of the Southeast Asia section of the Association of Asian Studies. (AAS). I was Editor from 2014-2016.

Translation and Interpretation experience in Foreign Languages:

Independent Consultant in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (2012-2014) Two years

Intelligence Analyst/Instructor, USASOC, Fort Bragg, NC (2010-2012) Two years

Fulbright Fellow in Malaysia(2003-2004) One year

Overseas living, and informal working experience, over the course of Twenty years

Twenty-two years in Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore

(1962-2013; intermittent)

Professional Translation and Interpretation experience in Malay and Indonesian: Five Years Informal Translation and Interpretation Experience in Malaysia and Indonesia: Twenty years Professional Translation and Interpretation in Mandarin Chinese ( Putonghua) Two years Professional Translation and Interpretation in Vietnamese (and some French) Two years Professional Translation and Interpretation of Japanese Two years

Professional Translation and Interpretation of French Four years (Je suis bilingue en anglais et français)


ArcGIS 10.x

Used in study of multivariate population distributions in 2-D topographic maps of extremist activity.


Used in study of multivariate population distributions in 2-D topographic maps of extremist activity.


Used to generate topographic layers to better study biological



Used in study of multivariate population distributions in 2-D topographic maps of extremist activity.


Used to generate web platforms to hold cloud data removed

from storage


Used to generate web platforms to hold large-scale cloud data.

Computer: Microsoft Office, Excel, PeopleSoft, PASCAL, COBOL, C, C++, PERL, JAVA, HTML, MATLAB, PYTHON, TABLEAU, UIX (XML)

Computer programs used to generate software compatible arrays for measurements of human populations over time and space. UIX can be used with any of the software I have indicated above. They can all be modified based on the particular needs of the researcher, such as GIS mapping using a MATLAB framework, which I have developed in CI and CT research. UIX affords any preferential interface and appearance which helps with professional presentations. Several people can share the same platform with UIX, which is helpful when working on multiple-authored data and lay-outs. I have used UIX in international frameworks where encrypted classified cloud data can be exchanged (2009-2012).


English Fluent

French Fluent

Russian Professional

Indonesian Fluent

Malay Fluent

Mandarin Chinese Professional

German Professional

Italian Professional

Spanish Professional

Portuguese Basic

Hebrew Professional

Dutch Professional

Japanese Basic

Vietnamese Basic

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