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Engineer Manager

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
May 24, 2019

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Senior Drilling & Completion Consultant

Allen Ismail

Date of Birth: 06/08/1960 Point of Origin: Houston Qualification: Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering

Post Graduate Studies: MS in Petroleum Geology

Cell: 832-***-**** / 713-***-****


Nationality: USA


Result oriented engineer with extra organizational skills and over 30 years experience in the industry (Drilling, Completion and Work over), well versed in all activities related to on-shore and off-shore / deep water up to 3000’ WD operations in remote and harsh environments. Well planning, designing, permitting, AFE, rig sizing- selection and acceptance, Procurement, logistics coordination, field supervision and management expertise, monitor day-to-day operations and effectively manage more well plans while freeing up time to focus on mitigating critical risks and reducing non- productive time (NPT).

Liaise with the subsurface groups to ensure required data is available to drill the wells. Prepare all relevant information to meet all requirements of the region's regulations as related to drilling activities. Submit required information to the region's authorities in accurate and timely manner to ensure necessary permits are in place. Prepare drilling well designs (programs) and AFE setting out materials, equipment, procedures and safety precautions. Overseeing drilling engineering engineers. Monitor daily well progress; provide verbal and written technical input as required to Operations groups. Networks with other major projects and service suppliers for design optimization complete technology plan for step-change improvements to rig. Assist in the investigation of non compliances and that lessons learned effectively communicated. Deliver upper docile drilling cost performance with respect to industry peer group. Ensure all cost accounting and procurement procedures are followed by the team, including documentation and records keeping. Be informed on content and impact of host country Concession Agreements, Production Sharing Agreements and Joint Operating Agreements and adhere to the requirements of these agreements. Counsel Exploration team members on the impact of these with respect to planning and execution of projects, conduct drilling and service contract negotiations as needed,. Manage HSE and Risk issues, control well cost and evaluate well performance utilizing specialized drilling software targeting reservoir zero skin damage to maximize well productivity. Provide technical support to all related jobs on the rigs. Experience with HTHP - H2S Environment gas wells requirements and operations. Fairly acquainted with aspects associated with vertical, deviated, horizontal drilling. ERD, MWD, MLT, UBD, well intervention activities; Slickline, Wireline Logging, perforation, CT, testing, acidizing, Frac-ing, Gravel Pack, Frac-Pack, Wire-Pack...etc. Familiar with GOM loop current and eddies phenomena and the effects on the drilling riser, vessel positioning and metal fatigue.

3/30/2018 2/10

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Brazil; Conceptualised and Designed Doam Joa field ERD project, offshore Brazil, depleted reservoir.

Angola Offshore Deep Water; Achieved record drilling surface hole section and cased hole without down hole problems offshore Cabinda in 7 hr. versus 11 days record.

Mexico; Effectively led the well completion project of Burgos development from inception to production maximizing deliverability by 30% more than the plan and deliver the 30 wells project 3 – days ahead of schedule.

USA; Oversee the execution of the T-BAR-X DAUNTLESS # 1 well operations and online data base

(Slim hole, Underbalance, HTHP and Acidic gas well in the Cotton Reefs).

Designed and implemented UBD technology applications and achieved excellent productivity results

(PI >120 m3/d/bar) with minimal formation damage and eliminated intermediate casing minimizing down hole problems in the Rockies.

Nigeria; Successfully prepared, modelled and implemented various Sand Control (Frac pack, HRWP, IGP, etc) in offshore and deepwater (up to 1500m of water depth) environment yielding low skin and low draw-down with substantial high productivity results (with a lot of lessons learnt for field developments in future).

Venezuela, Lake Maracaibo; Designed and supervised the installation of various types of well completions (including Sand Control internal gravel pack operations, selective completions, water producers, water injectors, etc.


Member Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE


Author of Drill Bits Economic life real time tracking software NOMINATION

Nominated by Schlumberger President to be Schlumberger West Africa Drilling Centre Manager in 1998


IWCF Combined Surface & Subsurface BOP's Stack

RGIT Offshore Survival including Norway

Directional Drilling Course

Stress Check Casing Design

Casing Point

3/30/2018 3/10

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Frac Pro-1

Halliburton 403 Course

Magcobar Drilling Fluids Course.


Diswin, Rimbase, Dimis, Perc, Stress Check, Casing Point, Frac-Pro Windows – NT, XP, Vista, MS – Office 95 / 97 / 98 /2000 / 2003 / 2007, Windows-XP, MS – Project, MS- Composer, MS-Imaging, Drilling Tool Box, Smart draw, Drilling Research software, Maurer Engineering drilling suite.


English / Arabic / Spanish



1 Brian Skeels HALLiburton Integrated Solutions IS – Group Project Manger 713-***-**** 2 Rod Hebert Devon Energy Division Drilling Superintendent (713) 286 - 6386 3 Conrad Greer Blue Star Energy Operations Manager (972) 556 - 9306 4 Garret Holt Fairways Offshore Exploration Company VP – Engineering & Production (713) 622 - 3492, Ex. 404 5 Darrell Molnar El Paso Energy Corporation Rocky Mountains - Drilling Manager (713) 825 - 2638 6 Marc Wohl TDC – Energy Corporation GOM - Operations Manager (281) 364 - 1172 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY




Responsibilities include:

Responsible for the engineering, design and implementation of drilling projects for new well, completions, workovers and stimulations. Lead, manage and coordinate day to day onshore drilling activities for internal and external teams of employees, contractors and consultants against assigned projects, ensuring a cost effective and efficient performance. March – 2014


Drilling Operation expert Witness


Aspect Oil Holdings/Pacifico/CPA


Latin America

Senior Drilling Consultant/ Expert Witness

Overseeing the drilling the testing of the Balam -1x ST 3/30/2018 4/10

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Jan. 2012 – Dec. 2013

Belm Energy, USA

Senior Drilling Consultant For


Deep Water Offshore Med, Egypt




May. 2011 – Jan. 2012

Occidental, USA

South Texas

Senior Drilling Engineer

HPHT wells

Jan. 2009 – Dec. 2010





Job Responsibilities

Integration of Technologies - data aggregation, analysis, visualization, storage and management. Connection to existing technology systems to gather and monitor in real-time parameters to mitigate and operate the system on critical wells, with the main goals of the service being:

Avoid kicks and well control incidents

Prevent or minimize fluid losses

Reduce occurrence of stuck pipe

Reduce wellbore instability incidents

Increase drilling efficiency by real-time monitoring of drill string mechanics, hole cleaning and penetration rate;

Reduce non-productive time (NPT)

JANUARY 10TH, 2008 – DEC 31ST, 2008



Responsibilities include:

3/30/2018 5/10

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Responsible for the engineering, design and implementation of drilling projects for new well, completions, workovers and stimulations. Lead, manage and coordinate day to day onshore drilling activities for internal and external teams of employees, contractors and consultants against assigned projects, ensuring a cost effective and efficient performance. Making operational decisions as necessary to improve drilling and completion methods, techniques and efficiency. · Providing advice across the business by keeping abreast of new trends, techniques and technology in drilling engineering and operations. · Developing and applying knowledge of environmental regulations, engineering standards, field operations and well control principles. Senior Drilling Engineer

Consultec, USA



Reynosa, Mexico

September 15th, 2007- December 15th, 2007

Oversee Mesozoic Deep, HPHT Long Lateral Displacement Wells Integrated Project Management and Well Construction Challenges tapping Remote Reserves Arenas. The Bermudez Complex structure complexity being in advanced stage of depletion and tectonically disturbed by fractured and faulted blocks imposes tentative Geomecanics, which requires extensive and challenging well construction planning to isolate different pressure regimes, an environment which requires precise control of the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore to ascertain constant BHP within the narrow operational window during drilling and shutting down rig pumps. Such complexity dictates careful measures be taken for narrow MWT / FG window, hole cleaning

(Barite sag & Cutting beds), ECD, hydraulics and mud theology management, torque, drag, mud system / borehole stability (affected by Mwt. & salinity) / Lubrication and casing and liner running

Evaluate, plan, design and execute Long Lateral displacement wells up 6000 mts (Hole Cleaning, Torque/Drag, casing Flotation, MPD, and AFP/ECD...etc.)

Networks with other major projects and service suppliers for design optimization.

Leads special engineering technical studies, teams and task forces as required toward meeting Drilling objectives.

Oversees the preparation of tenders and evaluation of bids to meet IPM objectives.

Real-time advice on operations and other matters affecting the rig performance.

Evaluates operational risks economic impact versus technical and business decisions. 3/30/2018 6/10

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JAN 2007 - JUN 2007: WELL DRILLING & COMPLETION SPECIALIST Responsibilities include:

Well Drilling /Completions Engineering and Operations Support:

Review of well drilling & completion existing design for work-over and new wells.

Review and optimization of well completion execution program using industry best practice.





Responsibilities included:

Studying and optimising well design of Cañadon Seco and Pico Truncado fields Economic Development Study, applying different development techniques to minimise OPEX and NPT while targeting zero skin damage for maximum production and rate of return on investment.

Aug 05 – Aug 06 PPI_TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Middle East Ltd – Egypt Contracted as Drilling and Completion Specialist, handled operations in Egypt for Centurion and North Sinai petroleum companies.


Contracted as Drilling and Completion Specialist, handled operations in Nigeria and Algeria as follows:

Consultant _ Drilling & Completion Operations

April 02 – Oct 03 then June 04 – Aug 05


PPIN- TECHNOLOGY SERVICES – NIGERIA: Oversee drilling, completion, QA/QC and EVI activities for ExxonMobil-Erha, Addax, Shell- Bonga and MoniPulo in Nigeria. Oversaw daily operations, drilling practices, safety and cost. Assured detailed records of all aspects of the operations were kept and that all operational reports were submitted in proper form and timely. 3/30/2018 7/10

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Country Manager

Oct 03 – June 04


GULF KEYSTONE ALGERIA LTD – ALGERIA; Contracted to oversee 4 exploratory wells operations, Fault / Anticline Trap, remote desert wells operations, liaised all company affairs in country, OBM waste management, solidification, Dev. / HZ Wells operations. Dec 01 – Apr 02 SIERRA ENGINEERING / SOVEREIGN OIL & Gas Co., NIGERIA Senior Drilling Engineer / Drilling & Completion Manager OPL 205- 206

In charge of upcoming 2 appraisal wells onshore Nigeria, and 1 exploratory well drilling and completion operations, harsh and remote environment operations. Supervised technical review, well design, AFE, rig sizing & selection, bidding services, reviewed & selected project providers, Procurement etc.

Oct 97 – 2001 PEII, USA

Petroleum Consultant

Handled several office and field drilling, completion and work-over assignments in different parts of the world for several clients. Drilling, Completion and Workover Consultant, supervised all aspects of drilling, completion and workover in open water, over platforms and inland for several oil & das operators domestic US (GOM & LA) and overseas. Contracted to El Paso Energy, USA as Senior Drilling Engineer for implementation of drilling optimization, cost optimization and best operational practices in the Rockies. Technically supported and monitored 4 rigs, well planning, AFE, Logistic coordination, drilling operations. Monitored hydraulics to assure that hydraulics used is near optimum as equipment available. Monitored Drill-off tests to assure that penetration rates at or near optimum for the drilling situation. Reviewed and evaluated all drill bits when pulled and, as appropriate recommend changes in bit selection and drilling parameters to the drilling supervisor. Monitored daily drilling cost, analyzed it and made recommendation to minimize cost without jeopardizing best operational practices or safety. Maintained accurate records, including curves and graphs, relative to drilling progress and cost.

Contracted as TDC Energy, USA as Expert Witness to oversee ADTI turn key completion operation offshore G.O.M. Based on jack – up operations, wrote post frac – pac analysis report.

Contracted to Medex, France as Drilling Manager. Drilled offshore Tunisia the step out well

- El Fel # 1. Was responsible for contractor bids, vendor’s selection, drilling engineering and operations in Tunisia. Supervised budgeting, support services and cost control. Contracted to Matrix Oil & Gas, INC. USA as Turn Key Operations Witness to witness their GOM OCS - G 190 # B-10 offshore development well drilling operations. Ensured drilling programs were carried out efficiently, safely, professionally and at a minimum cost. Liaised operations with Materix Field Production Superintendent (simultaneous operation). Assured 3/30/2018 8/10

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detailed records of all aspects of the turn key operation were kept and that all operational reports are submitted in proper form and timely.

Contracted to Blue Star Oil & Gas LTD, USA Expert Witness for their Underbalance Cotton Reef HTHP Slim Hole well, the T-BAR-X DAUNTLESS # 1. Oversaw daily operations, drilling practices, safety and cost. Assured detailed records of all aspects of the Turn Key operation were kept and that all operational reports were submitted in proper form and timely. Verified and signed daily IADC reports. Kept records of failed equipment and Non – Productive time. Planned, designed and executed project digitized database. Audited both Drilling Fluids Company and Fluids Hauling Company records for Arbitration. Contracted to Halliburton Energy Services Integrated Services as Drilling & Completion Intl. Lead Engineer / Manager. Designed Doam Joa field ERD project, offshore Brazil, depleted reservoir, foam gravel packs w / MCS, performed with both compressed air and nitrogen mixture. Implemented completion 30 development wells (Burgos Project) onshore Reynosa, Mexico for PEMEX. Participated in planning and implementation of completion and evaluation phases. Full operational responsibility (Office engineering & Field supervision) as well as coordination of Halliburton Product Service Lines in 'Lump Sum' operations. Additional responsibilities included administration of completion service contract, operations quality control, procurement activities and statutory obligations. Contracted to NewCorp Energy Inc., USA as Senior Drilling Engineer designed AFE Naka Field, ST. Landry, Parish, LA to drill vertical mother hole to core Sparta “A” Sand to evaluate the reservoir, then drilled Horizontal underbalance to achieve zero skin, 2000’ lateral displacement. Utilized Weatherford downhole deployment valve technology and prepack screen completion across the lateral open hole interval. Contracted to Fairways Offshore Exploration Corporation, USA as Turn key / Workover consultant to P&A depleted interval and re-completed another – in OCS – G 5625 Well NO. A – 4 ST 1. Was responsible for contractor bids, vendors selection, workover engineering and operations, mobilization, logistics coordination, supervision (Supervised well lubrication – pump & bleed procedure, underbalanced TCP). budgeting, support services, cost control and operation documentation.

Contracted to TDC Energy Inc., USA as Workover Foreman to de – salt producing well offshore GOM. Was responsible for operations, mobilization, logistics coordination, supervision, support services, cost control and operation documentation Contracted to Santa Fe Energy Resources, USA as Completion Foreman to de – complete and replace failed down hole equipments and Re – complete the OCS - G - 15323, well # C- 2. . Was responsible of offshore completion operations supervision. Contracted to Murrphy Exploration & Production Co., USA as Expert Engineer to Audit East Polar Unit wells files for arbitration in respect to the local water aquifer contamination. May 97 – Oct 97 LAGOVENA – VENZUELA thru Triton Engineering Consultant Drilling & Completion Engineer

Based on Pride II & Pride I Barges. Engineered and supervised drilling and completing horizontal entry wells. Prepared daily drilling reports using DIMS, casing and cement report, daily well cost reports, NPT reports, weekly HSE report, well Close-out report. Oversaw all critical rig operations including drilling, logging, casing and cementing, completion running. Prepared activity reports on each. Maintained material stock and inventory on rigsite. Monitored mud chemicals, fuel and drill bit usage. Prepared the detailed completion design of well conduits including specification and selection of all accessories / hardware like 3/30/2018 9/10

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Tubing, Packers, Seals, Liner hanger, Pre – Packed “SLIM – PAC” Steel liner, GLM’s, safety devices, wellhead and xmas tree.

1996 – 1997 UMIC – IVORY COAST

Consultant Drilling Engineer

Based at office in Abidjan was in charge of well planning, designing, permitting, AFE - preparation, logistic coordination. Monitored day-to-day operations. Evaluated well performance by utilizing specialized drilling software and technically assisted 2 jack - ups drilling operations, directional wells (Compact Driller & Adriatic - IV). Cameron Weight –Set Mudline Suspension System with wash ports (WMSW), RFT, DST, Supplement AFE, Cost breakdown, Map field bits Cost / FT and optimized drill bits selection. 1994 – 1996 CHEVRON - ANGOLA

Drilling & Completion Foreman

Based onboard Brazilian and French jack - ups, tender supported platform rig and Semis. Water depth +/- 3000’, high temperature with hole section up to +/- 14,000’. Drilled high angle Directional wells. Supervised completion operations including gravel-packing, acid stimulation, perforation, chemical consolidation, packer and liner hanger running, completion running, wellhead make-up, flow-line hook-up, DST, well testing in single and dual. Cased Multi-zone wells completed with Halliburton Multi – Zone Stacked Completion Assemblies Versa – Trieve / Multi – Position; BHD Hyd. St. Pkr – Versa-Trieve Pkr – MCS closing Sleeve – MSJ shear sub – Blank pipe – Production screen – landing nipple w / collet – indicator seal ass. – Versa-Trieve packer – MFS Ported Flow sub – Collet seal Ass. – MSJ Shear Sub – Blank Pipe – Production Screen – Sump Pkr. And Seal Ass. An Extended Length System Versa – Trieve / Multi – Position was utilized in Floater applications where the flow sub and service tool assemblies have been lengthened (Safety Margin) to compensate for thermal contraction and ballooning of the work string at the Pkr. 1988 –1994 SHELL - SYRIA

Drilling & Completion Foreman

Onshore drilling & completion foreman supervised all aspects of drilling and completion operations, logistics coordination, oversaw support services, cost control and operation documentation.


District Manager

Manages the operations of a district, products and services including employee management and development, inventory management, sales, HSE, engineering, maintenance, operations, service, ...etc

3/30/2018 10/10

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1984 – 1986 I.O.C. (AGIP), EGYPT

Completion & Workover Foreman

Onshore completion and workover supervisor, supervising all aspects of completion and workover operations.


Mud Engineer / Area Engineer

Engineered and supervised different drilling fluids systems, completion fluids in the field (N. sea & Egypt) to an Area engineer in charge of three platforms completion operations offshore Greece.

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