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Plant Time

Kennewick, Washington, United States
May 15, 2019

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Edgar Hernandez Resume


Tyson, Wallula, WA — meat cutter

*-**-**** ** *-10-2008

My Job was to Maintain clean proper equipment and most importantly maintain a sharp knife. I was given a designated cut of meat and was given an assigned time. I had to meet that time consistently and not fall behind before i was considered out of training. I left this job to Attend CBC

CBC, Pasco, WA — Secretary

10-18-2008 to 3-27-09

My job was to answer phones and take messages for my bosses. I was also in charge of supervising student with special needs that were given extra time for exams and test. I left this job in search of more hours as I rarely worked more than 18. PSSI, Wallula, WA — Sanitation Laborer

02-17-2014 to 07-29-2014

My job was to where proper equipment and be able to completely sanitize the Tyson plant in appropriate time. We were expected to hold on to a 200 psi hose that shot out 200 degree water while ducking, crawling climbing and lifting to make sure every nook and crannie was hit with water and soap. I left this job for a higher paying job with more hours. HR Industries, West Richland, WA — Construction worker 08-03-2014 to 03-22-2015

We were to pull lift and align 30- 150lb beams and work as a team to lift them We did multiple things. We grinded cement and sanded countertops. We measured to make sure that that all border were equal. We mixed concrete, paint and chemicals depending on what the customer wanted. We skimmed concrete and also used a air gun to add a layer of colored concrete to front and back patios, driveways and garages. Painted countertops and sealed them. Business got slow so we were all laid off. Labor Plus Soltions, Pasco WA— Field Laborer

On and off from 05-05-2016 to 08-24-2018

At this job we usually worked 9 months out of the year. We harvested everything from apples to cherrys, onions and even potatos.Occasionally we would go and work in the vineyard if their was a plague approaching. This was good old back breaking work sometimes we had to carry a 12 foot ladder up the hill just to come back down with a heavy sack of apples around our shoulders. Other times we had to walk bent at the wate for ten hours using a home made instrument to slash the weeds to make sure that the product was the one benefitting from the fertilizer. This job was 60 hrs a week minimum with no overtime pay.


Reich Installation

10-14-2018 to 02-12-2019

At this jobsite in idaho their was many different companys working alongside each other to finish a large freezer warehouse facility in Burley, Idaho. My main job was to take inventory and have all the beams ready and connected for whenever the crane was ready to lift. I also had to make sure that the other workers had the different size bolts and screws that they needed for the pece they were assembling. If someone with an imortant job was a no show i had to fill in and learn quickly to make the deadline. I worked fast and hard and that s what i do for all my employers.

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