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Software Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 09, 2019

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Guri Ragalyi North York T:647-***-****

Personal Profile

** + years experience in design, development programming, testing and support

Systems Analysis, Software Design, Project Management, Presentation

Certified Systems Analyst

Member of the Hungarian Engineers in Canada.

Professional Experience


Software Projects Manager / Software engineer May 2017 – Dec 2018

Citibas Construction

Construction Project Management software.

Projects lifecycle and organization.

1)It is a web-based and mobile project software, keeping track of work schedule

Coordinate Schedules with Sites & Office, Track Jobsite Activity & Progress

It has a calendar feature.

2)Job costing, financial tracking and estimating of work progress. It is a web-based

and mobile project software.

The programs were developed,

Visual Studio 2015 C# Windows 7, IE 11, Telerik Ajax controls, SQL server

back end, Entity Framework.Net Core 2, ASP.NET core 2 are used. BootStrap and

jQuery,WCF, MVC, Unit Testing. JSON ., data mapping and t IIS 7+

Professional development courses at

These courses were completed in 2016 - 2018 including the projects

belonging to these courses.

Building ASP.NET MVC apps with EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery

jQuery Fundamentals

Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4, 5.

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 3

ASP.NET MVC 4 Fundamentals

Angular JS: Get Started

Angular for .NET Developers

Entity Framework 4.0 By Example

C# Interfaces

Designer Supported EDM Customization

Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework 4.1

REST Fundamentals

WCF Fundamentals

WCF For Architects.

Telerik Reporting and Ajax controls were also used in some of these projects.

Professional Experience continue


Software Developer II May 6 2013 – Dec 14 2015

DynalifeDx Health Care Labratories Edmonton, Alberta

Software developed for Honeywell Dolphin handheld mobile scanner/computer.

This was communicating with the Bluetooth interface and the laser scan engine of

Honeywell’s Dolphin mobile computer. Present software I updated and adjusted. Visual Studio 2008 C#, Windows CE.5, Web API and SQL server 2008 used as back end. On the device SQL server compact is used.Web Service technology WCF also used, javascript, TFS, REST, CSS, jQuery, OWASP.

Motorola MC65 Mobile Computer and Scanner was programmed, and the current

mobile software was modified and altered to work on Motorola MC65 computer.

Visual Studio 2008 C#, Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and SQL server 2008 used as back end. On the device SQL server compact is used, Web Service technology is also used, TFS and JSON. These devices were used by the drivers of DynaLifeDx.

Application for Google Map, and Microsoft Map. As these handheld devices sent

data back to the database server, from these data my program plotted on the Map, and Bing Map the geographical location of the mobile computer (vehicle). I build

this project from scratch.

Visual Studio 2012 C# Windows 7, IE 11, CSS, Telerik Ajax controls, SQL server

as back end, Entity Framework 6 is used, MVC, javascript TFS. REST This was a web application, PDF.

For the financial department a cash receiver and billing program was developed.

Visual Studio 2013 C# Windows 7, IE 11, Telerik Ajax controls, SQL server

back end, Entity Framework 6 is used. BootStrap and WCF, MVC. MS Access.

Unit Testing. JSON ., data mapping and testing, IIS 7+,, CRM, Team Foundation Server (all projects) Data modeling Agile and unit testing environment during development. I built this project from scratch.


Software Programmer Nov 2012 – March 31 2013

Service Alberta

Project Name: Automation

Developed applications and web services with C# and JQuery with Visual Studio 2010 in addition SQL Server 2008 R2 and heavy stored procedures use

Analyzed different solutions, suggesting enhancements and new features

Coordinated with the team, discussing requirements

Understanding of algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented design

Working on various application improvement projects connected to our client's web based systems and business applications

Create feature-set and architecture design decisions

Convert information from specifications and difficulty declarations to computer code to resolve technology and business problems

Added improved functionality to the current large system, repaired ad fixed malfunctioning units, increased robustness to the overall performance

Debug and deliver according to the principles set through Service Alberta

Technology used: Enterprise Architecture, Visual Studio.NET, Web Services, C#, MS Access, SQL server, ASP.net4, CSS, Ajax, WCF, JQuery, JSON . and testing, PDF,,

Javascript, IIS 7+, Team Foundation Server, Unit Testing, Data Mapping., REST, CSS,CRM, data

modeling. During this time I did enhance and patch up their current legacy programs.


Software Engineer March – Oct 2012

Major Projects Group, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Developed Desktop project management applications with C# and VB .net in IDE Visual Studio 2010 and JQuery

SQL Server 2008 database architecture and upgrades

HTML5, SharePoint admin

Developed project management and cost control software for oil construction management called the MPG TOOL. Analyzed the raw data from the files, excel sheets, and the cost related to the earned value of the project progress. The MPG TOOL produced the critical reports for project management.

Technology used: C#,, Visual Studio 2010, MVC, 4, WCF, Ajax, JQuery,

SQLServer, 2008, CSS, Ajax, Unit testing, Team Foundation Server, JSON .

and testing, IIS 7+ These projects were developed from scratch, Unit Testing and

javascript,, Data Mapping, Data Modeling code refactoring.


IT and software consultant Mar 2011 - Feb 2012

Tuske Foods & Delicatessen, Delicatessen, Toronto

Programmed desktop applications, with C# and VB .net Visual Studio 2010 inventory,

restaurant and accounting solutions

SQL Server 2008 and MS Access and back end databases.

This restaurant accounting solution allows a complete costing out of menu items. Whenever a price in the inventory changes, the food cost is automatically be updated. This allowed the restaurant to produce a variety of restaurant management reports.

Technology used: C#,, Visual Studio 2010, 4.0, JQuery, WCF, CSS, Ajax,

code refactoring, TFS. JSON . and testing, SQL server, Access data mapping.


Software Developer, Roxborough Hotel June 2009 – Jan 2011

Project Name: Banquets Software

Roxborough Hotel, Employee scheduling, Beverage inventory web based

This project kept track of employee’s time, earnings and seniority in scheduling

Data could be entered into web interfaces.

SQL Server 2008 Database, Access database

This software manages employee schedules and personal information. It allowed cost savings by including a client database, an employee database, client booking, and reservation scheduling where booking is available. Customization assisted different departments to track their own information needs (client history, sales promotions, etc), as well as integrating software used within individual departments. Projects were developed from scratch.

Technology used: C# under Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Entity modeling 3.5, 3.4, VBA, JQuery, Ajax, TFS, WCF, CSS, writing documentation for the software use.


Software Developer Dec 2008 - Apr 2009

Dr. Zheng, Toronto

Project Name: Client Database Tracking

Completed Dental, Administrative and Accounting systems debugging and testing

Provided On Site support to clients for all systems.

Provided a patient tracking system, to include patient data, scheduling and billing. This software also organized the patient’s images files and charting. The system scheduled regular visits, and saved administration time, while allowing for reports to be produced quickly.

Projects were developed from scratch.

Technology used: Visual Studio 2008, 3.5, CSS,Html, Ajax, SQL Server 2008,

Data modeling, Entity modeling MS Access, writing documentation for the software use, TFS,



Software Developer Feb - Nov 2008

Work Dynamic Solutions Technologies

Project Name: General, creating web pages, sites, testing, fixing bugs.

Testing and coding, Workflow,, Ajax, SQL Server Express, All Web Based, creating web pages, fixing bugs, designing data structures

Data conversion, repair legacy code.

Worked on various application improvement projects connected to our client's web based systems and business applications, including reporting, analyzing, and adding functionality to our client’s transportation tracking system.

I build web pages from scratch, updating current pages and maintenance programming/testing.

Technology used: Visual Studio 2008, C#,,, SQL Express, MSAccess, jscript,

CSS,, writing documentation for the software use, TFS. Entity modeling.


Software designer Nov 2001 - Dec 2007

BN Services & Trade DOO Kragujevac, Serbia

Project Name: Smart Card

Smart Card architecture and software design

8 - 16 bit microcontrollers (chip) were programmed

Devices (IFD) reader of the cards.

Encryption security applications (DES)

This software solution implements the SmartCard API Framework that supports accessing smart card readers through the Windows native PC/SC Workgroup API (WinSCard) and the German CT-API. The memory card is supported through proprietary storage card API and CT-API. This solution was developed for use in the Health Care system to store patient data and payment information in a DES secured technology. The use of this card proved to be effective in protecting sensitive patient information while allowing for faster check in times to access health services. Projects were developed from scratch. Converting MS Access databases to

MS SQL server databases.

Technology used: Visual Studio, C#,, C++, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MS Access,

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Javascripts.


Software Developer Aug 2000 - Nov 2001

JDSUniphase, Ottawa

Project Name: Multi Projects, software specialized for hand held scanner, software for instruments measuring light, Laser instrument data collections.

Team members of the CWDM & DWDM Engineering Group Analytical software applications were designed to aid various engineering projects.

Designed a client/server application system(CWDM dept), that includes data definitions, transactions screens, reports and other programs to capture data

The application used were able to convert the raw data into useful information, thus providing exact information on any given device, timely information on any product line for statistical purposes

Developed bar code reader software for capturing the data from the fiber optic devices

Web based data entry of fiber optic devices

Integrated Developed Environment(J Developer,Eclipse)

Used client/server information system which is collecting data on optical components in the production process

The data is entered by handheld scanners

Developed an electronic file system that collects data and formats the specific data that the customer requested on a product line; this data file is sent to customer electronically when the product is shipped

Planned, designed and administered a small network and a file server for the CWDM engineering department

Technology Used: Client/server applications including VB 6 and C++; Web based in Java, JavaScript, XML,, MS Access, SQL Server, COM+, COM, DCOM n-tier, Team Foundation Server, code refactoring.


IT consultant, Tester, junior developer Nov 1999- Aug 2000

Domus Software Ottawa

Developed Relational Databases

Developed a client database for a physician

Technologies used: MS Access & VB 6 Java, Java, MS Access, FrontPage, Macromedia, in both Windows 98SE environment and WEB.

Responsible for understanding requirements, creating test scenarios, test scripts, preparing test data, executing test scripts and reporting defects and reporting results to Test Lead. Understand and analyze Business, functional, technical and UI (User Interface) requirements of the projects/release. I created test scenarios, test conditions expected results and tests cases. I maintained common test data information of the projects/release and, writing documentation for the software use.



Bachelor of Information Systems Athabasca University 5 years

Carleton University Mathematics, 2nd year

University of Calgary Mathematics 1st year

Personal interests/Hobbies: Outdoors, Jogging, swimming, bicycle, chess


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