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Sales Manager

Redondo Beach, California, United States
May 12, 2019

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Benjamin Morse

Redondo Beach, CA *****

310-***-**** (mobile)

Record-breaking, Credentialed CEO/VP/General Manager. 20+ years Success Ready to Deliver

Recognized team leader and motivator, sales and business development executive with a successful track record in multi-team management, operational budget management, development of strong sales, operations, and development teams delivering unprecedented performance. Proven planning strategist, effective communicator, relentless rainmaker. Extensive experience in all aspects of developing and maintaining business operations, sales and marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Willing to be the big thinker as well as the one responsible for understanding the details and foreseeing potential pitfalls.

•Combines extensive team building and sales leadership experience with core competencies that range from B2C, M2M, B2B and M2M with white glove, solution-selling.

•Proven qualifications in conceptualization, development and delivery of highly successful marketing, sales strategies, list management campaigns and programs consistently outperforming the competition and dominant key business sectors.

•Top-flight performance in customer insight, consultative solutions, selling and branding.

•Sixteen-year management career providing strategic selling solutions across franchise networks

and sales organizations worldwide.

●General Business Management Certified

●Strategic Employee Development & Retention of Staff

●Forecasting & Goal Setting

●Sales Presentations & Negotiations

●Multimedia Planning & Execution

●Internet Marketing and Digital Design

●Creative and Innovative

●Strategic Marketing Plans

●Agency Negotiations

●Sales Promotions

●Trade Show Optimization

●International Sales Team Management

●Motivator / Team Leader

●Mastery Level Closer

Customer Relationships Management

Professional Experiences and Selected Accomplishments


Start up to Market: Manufacturing high quality, great-looking, low-cost electric automobiles, motorcycles, and scooters

CEO & Acting Global Vice President of Sales (2019-Present)

●Developed a new business model, opened retail locations, directly selling opening authorized resellers

●Renamed, rebranded the company and the products to better align with next-gen trends

●Set the vision for the company, defined the overall strategy from launch to scale, long-term goal, strategies, down to sales plan creation and performing hands-on sales training

●Led outside venture or strategic funding, including formation and collaborating with Board of Directors and stakeholders, down to managing social media

●Identified opportunities and challenges, with ongoing evaluation of product, operations and market/industry to mitigate impediments and drive success

●Identified and built partnerships across the venture’s ecosystem and target markets

●Managed competition and threats in the marketplace, with constant evaluation of financial structure, capital strategy, investor relations & strategic priorities


50% Market Share and Highest Grossing Dealership per Capita of all Inchcape locations

Vice President & General Manager (2018)

●Within 90 days, created relationships with new lenders and vendors with preferred terms

●Recruited top talent from inside and outside the industry to replace underperformers

●Devised a new sales process between Sales, the Sales Manager and Finance, increasing the efficiency within the department

●Uncovered important inefficiencies that immediately increased utilization and profitability Service and Body Shop by re-training managers on how to more accurately assign and track work

●Introduced new, extremely profitable products that increased the profits and income for both Sales and Finance

●Devised a new, low-cost marketing strategy that directly and immediately impacted new and used car sales, service appointments, and vehicle rental

●Planning, motivating, and coordinating the dealership’s management team through leadership and solid business practices

●Devised a plan to clear aged inventory, leading to record sales, even in a challenged market


Leader in Aftermarket Door Edge, Door Cup, and Addendum Creation (2017)

Vice President of Sales

●Increased the monthly recurring sales of a seven-year old company by 30% within 60 days, selling to automotive dealerships

●Manage operations of multiple teams, between automotive dealerships and outside installers

●Provided unparalleled customer service and support to assure lasting relationships

●Work with GM’s GSM, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, and Sales Consultants, to pitch and explain the offering

●Created a plan, sourced, followed up and opened new accounts

●Created Best Practices training for new customers, leading to record-setting penetration within the first month

●Lead sales and finance meetings at dealerships to explain the product and sales methodology

●Company website creation


Automotive Industry Market Research Group and Think Tank

Strategy Consultant (Feb 2014-Present)

●Invited by BWG Strategy to participate in interactive executive roundtable discussions, as an industry leader, to discuss key business trends, catalysts and challenges in the automotive industry.

WILSON AUTOMOTIVE GROUP/SCOTT ROBINSON CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP, Torrance and Huntington Beach CA (Six month contract Jan-Aug 2017)

Marketing Research Manager and Portfolio Manager

●Successfully create and manage strategic development for AutoAlert program, integrating CRM

●Intensive market research of competitive products

●Sell and lease new and pre-owned vehicles to clients sourced from the database

●Appraise and purchase profitable pre-owned vehicles

●Collaborate with Service Director to resolve service-related issues

DECISIONQUEST, National Corporation headquartered in Torrance, CA (2011-2017)

Nation’s Leading Trial Consulting Firm

Vice President, Online Services Group

●Report directly to the CEO, COO, and Board of Directors, worked cross-functionally with engineering, design, and planning to lead and manage product development nationally

●Work with attorneys, PhD consultants & developers in the US and internationally, managed the entire online services group including responsible to support product planning with effective market research and provide targeted direction

●Developed overall strategy, creating concepts, product portfolio, establishing product requirements and selling points, specification testing, setting effective price positioning, profit analysis', setting accurate target volumes, and full product life cycle planning

●Research and develop of interactive online products to address the need for lower cost alternatives to in-person research

●Working as a Project Manager, create award-winning, user-friendly interactive, patented web-based tools such as CaseXplorer, JuryLive, CaseXplorer Arbitration and CaseXplorer Mediations that opened new markets in the industry

●Research, review and orchestrate various market research firms to provide surrogate jurors for our products

●Oversee study creation and perform crisis management as problems and issues arise

●Create tools, documents and collateral (in coordination with Marketing team) for use by company and partner organizations

●Write published article and briefs in American law journals, as well as create SoundAdvice sound bites for ABA educational presentations and CLEs

●Proposal writing and contract negotiation

●Work closely with partners to develop and execute a global go-to-market plan that drives all aspects of the partner relationship including: revenue opportunities, partner marketing opportunities, application integration, and joint solution opportunities

●Support sales efforts by providing phenomenal pre-sales support and best practices recommendations for internal and external clients

●Create screener surveys to recruit panelists via email, telephone, and webcast

●Build key client relationships at executive and senior management levels in the US and abroad

●Continuously measure, improve and innovate client experiences

●Maintain and update company’s presence on a global website

●Provide 24-hour technical support to consultants and clients via Live Chat on the websites

●Promote, demonstrate products and create studies for law firms, mediators, and insurance carriers

●Complete trade show, public relations, production positioning & client data base management

TESLA MOTORS, Newport Beach, CA(Feb 2010- Dec 2011)

World Leader in Automotive Technology and Manufacturer of Premium Electric Vehicles

Facilities and Employee Management: Store Manager/Senior Client Manager

●Took more Signature Series Model S deposits than any other single person in company history

●Operational management new facilities

●Client education via driving instruction, demonstration, driving in manufacturer competitions

●Created relationships with clients through education and managing the customer experience

●Regional brand management through creating strategic alliances with quality companies for co-branding events

●Team, showroom, vehicle management and regionalized market campaigning

●Guerrilla and print marketing from concept to completion

●Sold or leased $150,000+ supercars to upper echelon, selling millions of dollars in vehicles

●Created and signed all paperwork to consummate legal transactions of vehicle ownership

●Acting spokesperson for one of the World’s leading electric automotive manufacturers

MORSEGPS, INC., Redondo Beach, CA (2005 – 2010)

Leading provider of US-made Telematics and portable navigation, a subsidiary of MorseCo LLC.

Chief Executive Officer(2007 – 2010)

●Provide strategic vision and direction to department heads to drive market share growth within major markets across the United States, South America and Eastern Europe. Dual responsibility for building, restoring and strengthening client base.

●Created strategic marketing and sales plans, industry-specific advertising programs, new product launches, consumer/industry research and trend analysis, demographic and psychographic segmenting, and competitive market analysis.

●Built from the ground up the strategic sales team for domestic and overseas regions. Led the company in new cash positive directions, successfully analyzing and procuring new verticals with high to medium end service solutions in telematics and financial services.

●Web design and development, SEO and online advertising and various print media.

●Quickly identified profile of requirements for a successful strategic sales person; interviewed, hired and developed training module whittling down 60 candidates to ten in the US, South America, Europe, South Africa, Pakistan and India

●Achieved triple digit growth annualized 2005-2007 and exceeded management goal for fourth quarter new revenue of $2.1 million. Based on performance to objectives for customer service, received highest level of management industry-wide in February 2009.

●Worked closely with product management to change processes and solutions guides to customers at this new level. Very well versed in SEO (on and off page criteria), online advertising, web development, and in web analytics.

●Transitioned out of one core product to another, carefully and successfully converting hundreds of customers from one product to the next, as well as transitioning them from one web-based software interface to another.

MORSEGPS, INC., Vice President of Sales and Marketing (2005 – 2007)

Senior management role providing business, operations and sales consulting services to 400+ franchise owners; concurrently launched new products, programs, and services across the franchise organization.

●Lead and empowered inside/outside sales teams to the top position in the country, driving revenues from $250 thousand in 2004 to $5 million in 2007

●Manage sales, service and installation teams totaling over 600 people across the US

AUTONATION/POWER AUTOMOTIVE GROUP USA, Southwestern Region (2001 – 2005)

LAND ROVER South Bay: New Car Sales Manager/Fleet Manager/Internet Manager

●Managed performance and led two teams of ten sales people to achieve sales revenue goals, increasing both volume and profit over previous terms at each review

●Facilitated meetings, conducted weekly reviews, and prepared and executed annual performance appraisals. Managed negotiations and relationships with lending sources

●Controlled sales process, closed deals, and fully managed inventory

●Demonstrated Land Rover off road capabilities to prospective owners to experienced owners in extreme terrain, from the 110 desserts to subzero mountainous regions

JAGUAR South Bay: Director of Finance

●Certificate in Finance Management and Directorship Excellence – Awarded 2004

●Successfully executed all levels of responsibilities within the Finance Department


GM/Executive VP of Sales and Marketing (West Los Angeles/Sherman Oaks/Long Beach)

●Opened, recruited, trained and managed multiple sets of staff at the highest volume dealerships in the US

●Appointed the leadership role for sales meetings, training sessions, strategic marketing and sales planning, teaching others how to lead

●Negotiated with wholesale buyers, sellers and vendors, and organized trade shows

●Successfully created marketing and advertising strategies in print, TV, and radio cost effectively

●New business development, budgeting, forecasting and reporting

●Managed negotiations with lenders, vendors and advertising agencies to successful ends

●Turned a bare warehouse into the #1 volume dealership in the US in 45 days

●Led dealerships from outside the top 100 to be ranked #1 and #2 in the world for volume

●Increased profitability 300% (average from $2,100 to $6,300 per units in the first month)

●Brought four new manufacturers to the dealerships, each exceeding projected sales and profitability margins

Los Angeles Cycle Sports, Inglewood, CA (1996 - 1999)

Sales and Manager/Business Development Manager

●Led the dealership to become the largest volume dealership of its kind in N America in ‘98/’99

●Led the dealership to become the largest volume dealerships in North America in 1998 & 1999

●Helped lead productivity from less than $5M in 1996 to over $14M in revenues for 1999

●Ranked as #1 volume salesperson then successfully promoted to Sales Manager

●As a Sales Manager, led a team to over 118% from 27% of quota for 31 months straight

●Hired for all departments; trained, managed, closed for sales department.

●Achieved marketing and advertising success on TV, in print and on radio.

●Successfully attracted new manufacturers and product lines to the dealership.


UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Business Management

Executive General Management Program: awarded the honor of Graduating Class Speaker - 2009

University of California, Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology - Awarded with Honors 1995


Certificate in Finance Management and Directorship Excellence – Awarded 2004

Special Appointments, Affiliations and Interests

●Commissioner, Redondo Beach Preservation Commission 2019-2023

●Chair and Commissioner of the Redondo Beach Public Safety Commission, appointed office by the Mayor, City Council and elected and then re-elected as Chairman by fellow commissioners from 2008-2017

●Appointed Vice-Chair of the ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section Trial Techniques General Committee 2013-2014 fiscal year

●Multiple publications in ABA Business Litigation Section

●UCLA Anderson Alumni Association

●Sales Management consultation for 24 Hour Fitness, highest achievable feedback for effectiveness

●MMA fighter and Instructor: Credentialed, Certified Instructor of Elite Special Forces Combat

●Winner of thirteen motorcycle road racing, Supermoto championships, as well as auto and kart championships

●Religious school educator and advisor to teens with over 15 years experience

●Tall Ship crew member, crewing on the most challenging passages in open seas, including the Northern Passage through unprotected waters in Winter

Professional References:

“Ben is not only the consummate professional, but his drive is unparalleled. His ability to plan at the strategic level while motivating his team is unique and encouraging. Calling him a "Natural Leader" does not do enough justice for someone who exemplifies polish, knowledge and passion. I would work for Ben again, any day of the week.”

-Alan Silkes, President and CEO at SILKES, INC.

“I’ve known Benjamin Morse for several years and he is one of the most professional business people I know. His organizational and multitasking skills far exceed most sales people I have encountered. He has a strong entrepreneurial sense of being and is results driven clearly demonstrated by his past business successes. I trust him implicitly and would recommend him to any organization that is trying to make a lasting impression on an account base and develop a top revenue-generating region.”

-Corey Fleischer, Area Sales Manager at Runtime Design Automation

“Ben, as he prefers to be called, is a "Winner." I had the opportunity to learn with him during our years at UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Business.. I found qualities in him which are rarely found in our professional circle. He is very creative and quick-witted person. He is also fun to work with. He has a lot of knowledge in Sales and People management. He is an entrepreneur to the core. He has the ability to see invisible business opportunities and is quick to act on it, thereby benefiting/helping his company benefit from the entire operation. I enjoy working with him.”

-Sandeep Panigrahi, Group Chief Executive Officer, Chalksphere Inc.

“Ben Morse is a creative, committed, and honorable man with veracious integrity. He has the dogged determination to make things happen; especially when he believes in the mission or cause of a project. With unbridled enthusiasm, I am honored to recommend Ben Morse.”

-Erin Hoffman, MHA, MSW, COE at Heidi Hoffman, MD INC

“Ben is a world-class sales and marketing manager! He is great at connecting with people on a one-on-one basis while still staying focused on the big picture.

Ben has great insight into people. I have witnessed him defuse tense customer situations and turn complaints into new sales.

He is also highly adept at reading trends in the marketplace and quickly devising marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.”

-Steven Sorell, Principal, Sorell Law Group

“Ben Morse is an exceptionally fine man - He is extremely capable at a wide range of skills and possesses a broad spectrum of practical knowledge. He is responsible and reliable, and consistently those and many other attributes in his family, in his business ventures, and in the community.”

- Mark Hyman, Shalom Travel Consultants

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