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Nursing Nurse

Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
May 12, 2019

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Sarah Suleiman

May ****

Sarah Suleiman

Riyadh- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date of Birth: 18/01/1984

Nationality: Sudanese

Mobile NO. 009**-***-***-***




To apply for a Nurse Educator Position


Bachelors of Science Nursing at CON, King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz University. The ministry of National Guard. 2002-2007

Licensing Body: Saudi Commission for Health Specialists

Professional Status: Registered Nurse

Registration Number: 08-R-N-0231174

Registration Date: August 2008

American Heart Association BLS Instructor NO: 041********


From February 2018 till Present: Nurse Educator in the M-NGHA Center of Nursing Education located in MCX.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to:

1. Providing evidence based adult nursing education for nursing services staff, nursing students, interns and residents.

2. Acting as consultant and resource for current nursing practice information

Facilitate competence in nursing practice

3. Developing educational programs, activities, workshops and Nursing Skills Validation competency checklists in corporation with other multidisciplinary teams.

The programs developed are:

Safe Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products Workshop: In line with American Association for Blood Banks guidelines (AABB)

Peripheral Venous Canulation and Phlebotomy Workshop in line with Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines (CLSI) and World Health Organization

Central Venous Access Device Workshop in line with Center of Disease Control and Prevention

4. Participating in Conducting and teaching classes at least 2 to 4 times per month for Nursing staff, Nursing residents and interns.

5. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS): Delivering 2 to 3 classes of Basic Life Support in the Center of Nursing Education which is an extension of MNGHA Deanship of Postgraduate Studies Center under the umbrella of American Heart Association

6. N95 MASK FIT TESTING: Complying with The Hospital Infection Control Protocols through Participating in N95 qualitative Fit testing using the 3M Fit test Kit at least 2 times per month for Nursing staff, Nursing residents and interns

7. Complying with the Hospital Infection Control Protocols through participating in (Right Care Right Now) program for testing Nursing staff, Nursing residents and interns on proper Hand Hygiene techniques and Donning and doffing of PPE’s

8. ELECTRONIC EDUCATION REGISTRATION: Became the Super User for E-registration Program:

Creating Electronic Educational Schedule Calendar on E-registration

Assist colleagues and orientate them to facilitate their compliance with e-regression

Monitoring cancellation of programs, bookings

Promote learner evaluation of the effectiveness of the educational programs

Working closely with Nursing Informatics department to report, update and make changes on the system as the needs assessment requires

9. GENERAL NURSING ORIENTAION (GNO): for new staff arriving at the Country and/or MNGHA for the first time or re-hire:

Compiling orientees list with the notifications received from International recruitment

Updating GNO Schedule after liaising with appropriate departments involved in program presentation

Sending GNO lists and schedules to all departments in the hospital

Preparing packages that include all the necessary paperwork for new staff

Meeting and greeting the new staff in the Center of Nursing Education

Participating in teaching some sessions for the new staff

Completing GNO summaries, Appointment lists and sending them to all departments concerned

Accompanying the new staff to the hospital to be met and greeted by their Clinical Resource Nurses in their clinical areas assigned.

From May 2013 to August 2014: Covering Clinical Resource Nurse in Endoscopy and Ward 40. Ward 40 is a 32-beded Acute Surgical ward.

From September 2014 to January 2018: Clinical Resource Nurse in Ward 40.

Ward 40 is a 32-beded acute Surgical Unit that covers the following specialties: Plastic Surgery, ENT, OMFS, Vascular Surgery, Podiatric Surgery, Urology Surgery. Very often Ward 40 has admission from Off service specialties like: Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery and General Surgery

Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

1.Induction of Staff and Learner centeredness:

Promoting a supportive and welcoming environment for new staff and learners

Ensuring orientation packages and resources are available prior to the arrival of new staff members

Preparing the unit staff for the arrival of new personnel and learners

Orienting new staff to hospital and ward routines and processes

Coordinating the unit based orientation

Facilitating the socialization of the new staff member/learner into the ward team

Functioning as a mentor and coach for staff members during their first 90 days providing guidance and oversees ward staff when they are functioning as a designated Nurse preceptor to a new staff


Assessing and validating the knowledge and skills of new staff and learners to specific high risk procedures.

Privileging new staff related to specified skills or procedures

Overseeing the supervised clinical practice period

Ensuring documentation related to staff and learners performance is timely and meets MNGHA and nursing services requirements

Elevate any skills, knowledge or attitude related deficits to the Nurse manager in a timely manner and develop a Professional Developmental Plans if needed.

Maintaining the skills and knowledge of staff and learners

Performing episodic assessment and ensure that the unit staff competencies and privileging are current

3. Skills Validation:

Participated as a tester during Skills Validation session to assess the knowledge and skills for Nurse Managers, Clinical Nurse Coordinators and Newly appointed Clinical Recourse Nurses.

Participated in OSCE exams as an assessor for the Nursing students in the MNGHA College of Nursing

4. Bedside Clinical Teaching:

Adjusting teaching techniques based on learning objectives and learning styles of staff and learners

Utilizing the appropriate bedside clinical teaching techniques while working at the bedside with the staff and learners to facilitate improved practice

Coordinating the unit assignments to facilitate the attainment of clinical placement objectives

Participating in briefing and debriefing sessions after stressful incidents such as Codes, mortalities and staff and patients conflict

Promoting the utilization of Safety reporting systems and the activation of Codes as needed

Coordinating and conducting the unit based Code Blue Mock drills 1-2 times per month

Coordinate the unit based Code Red Mock drills and conduct the evacuation process once a month

Organizing workshops and education days for new staff members, students nurses and nursing interns.

Maintaining up to date competency and skills checklist matrix for staff

Acting as a resource for staff and learners for patients care concerns related to skills and knowledge

5. Nursing Outreach Service:

Providing nursing support to nurses in other units related to off service within the required time frames in a positive and supportive manner. For Example: Patients on CBI admitted in a Cardiac unit. Patients on Chest tube admitted in an OB/Gyne unit

Participates in clinical laboratory teaching sessions within the Nursing services Education center and college of nursing

6. General:

Completing and maintaining all requirements to be privileged as the primary assessor for the unit

Meeting with the nurse manager once a week to review the unit educational activities and focus for the upcoming week

Participating in College of Nursing workshops and other extracurricular activities as mandated by Nursing executives

Participating in the unit based activities amid at attaining accreditations requirements

Role models clinical standards, infection control standards, and cultural adaptability.


Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

Providing direct patient care using the nursing process

Demonstrating knowledge and clinical assessment skills

Documenting nursing interaction in the electronic medical records, promoting continuity of care through verbal and written communication

Taking direct appropriate actions in case of emergency situations

Completing assigned responsibilities and performing related duties assigned

Anticipating staffing needs and communicate them to the Nurse manager for shift changes or overtime needs

Liaising with other departments to ensure continuity of patients care

Identifying areas where staff clinical knowledge and skills need improvement

Participating in teaching, mentoring of nursing, medical and paramedical students, interns and residents

Participating in activities, meetings, and multi-disciplinary team conferences and rounds related to improvement of the discharge planning and early needs assessment for patients and families

Briefing and debriefing with the assigned charge nurse at the end of each shift

Assessing patients acuity and load. Reviewing assignments with the charge nurses

Coordinating with the Clinical Resource Nurse to orientate and welcome new staff

Generating staff schedules

Generating pre-planned overtime requests and necessary documents related to staffing and scheduling

Assisting staff in revising monthly time sheets for overtimes

Preparing and maintain staff vacation planner up to date




Responsibilities included but were not limited to:

Providing direct patients care utilizing the nursing process

Participating within hospital established divisional and unit based policies and procedures

Taking direct and appropriate actions in case of emergency

Demonstrating effective communication and collaboration skills when interacting with patients, families and other health care team members

Initiating Nursing and Medical chain of command

Acting as a preceptor, resource and participating in teaching and mentoring new staff and other learners


September to October 2015:

Participated in “Right Care Right Now”- an Infection Control hospital wide program aimed to target the entire hospital staff following the MERS-COV outbreak in 2015. It aimed to teach them about Infection Control standard and extended precaution.

November to December 2015:

Participated in “Venipuncture and Blood Sample Collection for Nurses” Program. A program aimed to train staff nurses on skills and knowledge related to Venipuncture and Blood sample collection following the MERS-COV Outbreak in 2015

March to April 2007:

Obtained 4th highest grade in the 5th Diabetic Educator workshop conducted in March to April, 2007.


King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs-Riyadh

Center of Nursing Education-MCX

1.Current Director: Dr. Rana Al Mulla, the Director of the Center of Nursing Education

2. Previous Director: Ms. Laura Taylor, the Director of Clinical Nursing-Surgical Division

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