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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
May 05, 2019

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Nadu-***110, INDIA




Phone: 097********

OBJECTIVE A position with an organization that will benefit from my Technical, Management and Quality skills, As well as offer me the opportunity for increasing levels of responsibilities and professional growth.



1. Established Calibration Centre

2. Act as Technical and Quality Manager

3. Independently Run as Calibration Centre and Accreditation Preparation 4. Familiar with Requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 5. Potential to work independent and also coordinate with team members to attain the goal

6. Prepared and Worked for new Calibration centre Accreditation WORK


Base Electronics & System,


January-2017 — February-2017



February-2017 — March-2017

Intech Calibration Private


July-2017 — August-2018

Kumaraguru Centre of

Excellence in


August-2018 — Till now



Calibration Engineer

Calibration Manager


1.Performing Electro-Technical, Thermal, Humidity, Pressure, Mass and Volume instrument calibration

2. Troubleshoot the instrument

3. Estimate the uncertainty calculation of ET, Thermal and pressure 4. Find the solution of the instrument problem

5. Identify to procurement good instrument

6. Planning and Perform onsite and inhouse calibration.Give Technical Tips to field engineer.

7. Analysis and Evaluate the Calibration Results

8. Handling the standard and UUC calibration instrument Prabhu Deva A Calibration

Prabhu Deva A Calibration 1

9. Performing Calibration as per ISO/IEC 17025, Criteria Document& relevant International/ National Standard for Calibration of Instrument 10. Perform Quality Checks ( Retained & Replicate, Intermediate & Functional Checks, ILC)

Documentation and Procedures

1. Preparing Quality Manual and Quality System Procedure as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2017

2. Maintained and Implemented the System as per the Procedure 3. Preparation of Forms and Formats

4. Preparation Quality Policy and Objectives

5. Develop and Prepare the Procedure for the Calibration activities in reference with International/National Standard and criteria documents 6. Preparation and Conduct of Internal Audit, MRM, Training Plan and Inter laboratory comparison plan ( ILc)

7. Handling the Customer Complaints and take appropriate Corrective, Preventive and Risk Analysis

8. Prepared, Maintained and Updated History Card, Review of Calibration certificate, & Maintenance Check

9. Daily update the Environment Register

10. Maintained Traceability of Standard Instrument 11. Preparation of Calibration certificate, SRF, Feedback Form, Data sheet, DC. Accreditation Activities

1. Preparation of Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC) as per requirement for various field

2. Preparation of Authorised signatory

3. Facing the audit and taking advice from auditor for continuous improvement EDUCATION BE-Electronics and


August-2013 — April-2017

Kumaraguru College of Technology,Coimbatore

TRAINNING ●Attended “LABORATORY MANAGEMENT & “ INTERNAL AUDIT AS Per ISO/IEC 17025:2017” Conducted by Central Manufacturing Technology Institute(CMTI), Bangalore

●Certified “Product/Application training on Fluke 5080A/SC Calibrator & 8845A DMM” Conducted by Fluke Calibration

●Certified “Product/Application training on Fluke 9144 with process version and 5609 Reference Probe” Conducted by Fluke Calibration

●Certified “Product/Application training on Fluke 3130 Pneumatic Portable Pressure Calibrator and 700 HTPK with 2700 G Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator” Conducted by Fluke Calibration

●Certified “Estimation of uncertainty in Measurement for ET Parameters” Conducted by Fluke Calibration

●Attending workshop “Temperature and Pressure Calibration” Conducted by Additel, USA

●Attending Fluke Calibrations Webinars Training Video Prabhu Deva A Calibration 2

SKILLS 1. Calibration

2. Calibration Management

3. Uncertainty Calculation

4. Ms-Office, Internet

DECLARATION I do here by declare that the particular of information and facts stated herein above are true, Correct and Complete to the best of my knowledge and belief Place: Trichy Prabhu Deva A


REFERENCE 1. Mr.Edwin Ponciano-Quality Manager and Calibration Engineer at Regional Center Corp,Saudi Arabia

Whats app Contact Number- +966*********

2. Mr. Vinay Kumar-CEO and Technical Manager at Aarush Testing and Calibration,INDIA (Mysore)

Whats app Contact Number- +91-988*******

Prabhu Deva A Calibration 3

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