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Houston, Texas, United States
September 04, 2019

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An accomplished leader and trusted advisor in developing and implementing competitive IT infrastructure for mission critical operations specializing in strategic planning, disciplined forecasting, budget development, design, and program/project implementation leadership. Background

Michael R. Colton has more than 20 years of experience working with organizations to plan and implement information technology systems in major domestic and international markets; industries include: oil & gas, corporate headquarters, financial, legal institutions, and health care. Michael has directed all aspects of systems deployment, (both internal and outsourced) totaling more than $300 million. His experience covers single floor corporate facilities to multi-site projects exceeding 20,000 employees. Much of his work is associated with new construction or renovation projects, which, to-date, exceed $2 billion and 24 million square feet. Often, he is personally requested, by client organizations, to implement the very strategic plans the he helped develop. As a Trusted Advisor, he then forms and leads Program Teams that often exceeds 100,000 hours of effort and years in duration.

He works with senior executives to ensure infrastructure is designed and implemented effectively; to meet both organizational objectives and excellent return on investment. Professional and Industry Experience: Partial - Representative IT Infrastructure: Mission Critical Operations

• For a worldwide Oil & Gas company developed the IT/Telecommunications requirement/specifications for a new greenfield campus in South America. Collaborated with the Architectural/Engineering team for all associated systems including: MEP sizing / N+1 congruence

(tactical and strategic), physical security elements, and meeting all relevant global standards. (duration 7 months)

• For a global internet content provider, with a portfolio of more than one million+ square feet. Served as trusted advisor to develop worldwide IT standards for Charter and Program Management Processes in real estate initiatives. Applied PMI/PMBOK V6 standards. (duration 6 months)

• For the nation's largest municipally owned energy company led the development of a 20-year strategic capacity plan for a new data/control center. Subsequently, served as 1) the IT trusted advisor to work with the Architect/Engineer/Construction Manager to design and build a new 65,000+ square foot data/control facility and 2) the IT Program Manager: built and lead the project management team for all IT systems migrations; 150,000+ resource hours of effort. Total budget $120MM; IT $60MM+. Applied PMI/PMBOK V5 standards. (duration 5 years)

• For a national financial institution relocating its primary and secondary computing environments. Assessed and redeveloped the tactical and strategic Data Center requirements and successfully achieved Oversight Committee adoption. Served as the IT trusted advisor to the Architect/Engineer team for the design and construction of the facilities and also served as the IT Program Manager - including more than 15 Track managers, 200 support staff, 5,000+ task project plan, 150,000 resource hours of effort. Successfully transitioned the leadership to a newly formed internal PMO organization to manage the application migration. Applied PMI/PMBOK V5 standards. (duration 2+ years)

• For a global fund management firm, developed the tactical and strategic requirements and successfully negotiated comprehensive outsourcing contracts for multiple Data Center environments. Successfully led the implementation process and transitioned ongoing responsibilities to internal management. Directed the design and implementation of two international operations. (duration 2 years)

• For a national real estate organization with numerous remote offices wanting to create a consolidated Data Center - developed the tactical and strategic requirements, budgets, and schedule. Sought and successfully achieved approval for the project and subsequently led all aspects of construction and IT systems implementation (duration 1.5 years)

• For a national financial institution served as a Trusted Advisor and Program/Project Manager to assist with the consolidation of their telephony systems and operations into a new national organization; serving approximately 22,000 end users and 50 sites. Participated in the earliest development phases and assisted with resource planning (more than 100 personnel), scheduling, phasing methodologies, project plan template development, and built and led a program management team (consisting of both internal FTE and external contractors); through implementation of a single telephony solution for all sites. PPM Tools: Microsoft Project/Office, PMI/PMBOK V5 standards. (duration 2 years)

• For a global fund management firm continuously outgrowing their DC facilities, developed the tactical and strategic DC requirements, schedule and budget for the deployment of their first “Tier III” computing environment. Subsequently led and managed the implementation of IT and facilities infrastructure. This facility has successfully exceeded the operational life expectancy, exceeded uptime criteria, and elegantly supported growth and equipment form factor evolution as predicted (duration 2 years)

• For multiple regional financial institutions, migrating from aging facilities to new district headquarters, developed the tactical and strategic requirements for IT infrastructure systems including: IT facilities, DC, LAN, Voice, Cabling. Subsequently co-led the planning and implementation of these systems through migration and decommissioning. Implemented standard project management processes and tools including: multi-layer management reporting, task tracking, exception reporting, escalation methodologies, scheduling, costing, and resource management. In total these projects exceeded 2.5 million square feet of facilities, $1 Billion in construction, $50+ million in IT systems, (duration 15 years)

• For a global transportation company who was relocating their North American billing center led the design, scheduling, planning and implementation for the move. Circumstances were unique in that the Client desired a “fork-lift-move” of all mainframe, server, and telecommunications equipment. Through rigorous pre-planning and execution, this was successfully accomplished over a 4-day weekend

(duration 1+ year)

Other IT Projects

• For an international corporation led the development of the business plan to deploy fiber optic infrastructure throughout a major region of a South American Country

• For a South American Bank, led the development for all IT Infrastructure requirements for a new bank facility

• For a global corporation led the development for all IT Infrastructure requirements for a 1 million square foot, mixed use, development project in Singapore

• For a government space agency led the development for all IT Infrastructure requirements for a new facility that would serve as the manufacturing site for lunar and solar system human exploration

• For a global metal producer led the development of their North America DC strategic requirements and performed a comprehensive business case analysis for internal vs. outsourcing operations.

• For a newly IPO national service provider led the process of developing a new North America headquarters project from inception to completion

• For a global computer manufacturer led the development of IT infrastructure requirements for regional customer service centers

• For a world-renowned health care facility led the design, specification, and implementation of all IT Infrastructure systems for a new 1 million square foot medical office building including: all IT spaces, voice, fiber, intra-building voice and data cabling, video information and entertainment system

• For a global Oil & Gas company completed the following IT / Telecommunications initiatives: o Implemented a new satellite communications system for the global tanker-ship fleet to provide real time communications and logistics; fuel savings alone paid for the entire system in less than 2 years

o Implemented a new SSB/VHF communications system between off / on-shore operations and exploration fields in Nigeria, Africa

o Implemented a new, shared tropo-scatter/vhf communications systems to facilitate exploration and production activities in Angola, Africa o Implemented a new national store-and forward messaging system to replace teletype o Implemented a new Hyper-link system to provide local response times for remote offices Languages

• English

Education, Licenses & Certifications

• Bachelor of Science Degree

Electrical Engineering – Cum Laude,

University of Tulsa

• Microsoft Project / PPM Tools (20 years / 10,000+ hours)


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