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Geological Engineer

Cajamarca, Cajamarca Region, Peru
September 06, 2019

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Reg. CIP Nº ****** / D.N.I. *0321641 / 978-371473 / 976-388603 / 076-344250 / Jr. Aurelio Pastor 343 Dpto. 301 - Cajamarca, Perú. Geologist engineer committed to Ethical Awareness, Fighting against Corruption, Integral Safety, Social Responsibility, Care of our Planet Earth and Productivity. I worked as a Health and Safety specialist in the company SECURITAS. I have evaluated, mined and watched over Safety in quarries of limestone and river stone. I developed, explored and make quality control in fluvioglacial and epithermal gold and silver deposits in Sipán mine and in Yanacocha mine. English level: Medium




MATKAL: Sale of 4,272 m3 of crushed limestone (94.3 % CaCO3 Equiv.). Oct. ‘17 - Jan. ‘18

Safety and Occupational Health Certification "Coaching the Trainer". 24 Mar. 2016

HOCHSCHILD: I helped ensure the quality of logging and sampling. 2013

NEWMONT: It was found gold: 869 Koz (inventory) in San José Gravels, 800 Koz (resources) in La Quinua Sur and 137 Koz (resources) in Máximo (all fluvio-glacial ore deposits). 2007

NEWMONT: We found ~250 K-ounces of gold (inventory) in Quecher (epithermal). 2005

NEWMONT: We found ~10 M-ounces of gold (resources) in La Quinua (fluvio-glacial). 1998 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

SECURITAS: Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor Jun. 10, 2019 - Aug. 15, 2019 I helped for the growth of the Health and Safety at Work culture of SECURITAS employees that work in the Yanacoha mine.

MATKAL INGENIERÍA S.R.L.: Manager and Safety supervisor Aug. 09, 2018 - Jun. 09, 2019 I make sure of the good work of accounting. I execute several payments, I help obtain materials for the operation and replace the person in charge of the operation when it is necessary. CIEMAM S.A.C.: Geologist responsible for Safety and Instructor Apr. 20, 2018 - May 25, 2018 I improved Safety in the Colquirrumi ex-mine & reviewed Reports of some students who did Internships. MATKAL INGENIERÍA S.R.L.: Manager and Safety supervisor Dec. 13, 2016 - Aug. 08, 2018 My partners and I acquired a crushing plant and built a cavern (Cajamarca). We crushed limestone in the “Cordillera B-1” quarry (Hualgayoc), from where we sold 4,272 m3 of crushed limestone (94.3

% CaCO3 Equiv.). Then, we crushed river stone in the La Isla quarry (Llaucán, Hualgayoc). MATKAL INGENIERÍA S.R.L.: Senior Geologist Oct. 21, 2016 - Dec. 13, 2016 I evaluated projects for copper, gold, carbon, shale and limestone in Cajamarca. Geologist Instructor: Sep. 23, 2016 - Dec. 29, 2016 ESR Entrenamiento y Capacitación: Instructor in Mining Safety courses. Geologist Instructor: May 29, 2014 - Mar. 16, 2016 CETEMIN: Instructor in Sampling, Mineral Quality Control and Safety & Occupational Health courses. ESR Entrenamiento y Capacitación: Instructor in Mining Safety courses. ISEM: Instructor in Safety and Occupational Health courses. CETEMIN: Instructor in mining geological courses. I shared the General Geology course at Raura mine

(Compañía Minera Raura S.A.) and the Geological Sampling course at Cerro Lindo mine (Milpo) too. GeoWissens: Senior Geologist: I evaluated the viability of some projects. Jul. 13 - Nov. 2013 1) I helped improve the codes of minerals and rocks. 2) I elaborated the budget to map and sample for a company. 3) Help make the scale model of the watersheds around a mining project. 4) I prepared the information to evaluate some concessions in Ayacucho. Hochschild: Senior Geologist: I evaluated the Inventory in the Sipán Leach Pile. Nov. ‘12 - Apr. ‘13 1) I helped improve the Safety. 2) I helped improve the Geology by innovating the geological logging of the drilling samples. 3) I helped to ensure the quality of the geological record and the sampling of the drilling samples. 4) I supervised the sampling for the density tests. NEWMONT, Yanacocha

Senior Geologist: I led several projects orientated to add ounces of gold. Jun. 2010 - Sep. 2012

I made the Internal Auditing of Máximo, Carachugo Upper & Yanacocha Sur Layback projects.

I re-logged some drilling samples of Cerro Negro Este and Oeste projects.

I modeled lithology and alteration of Cerro Negro Este epithermal project.

I developed San José Gravel project: drilling, geology, sampling for tests and geological modeling.

I optimized clays model in the Cerro Negro Oeste epithermal project.

I Improved the geology of fluvio-glacial projects after innovate the logging format. Geologist (III): I led several projects in which gold resources were increased. Jun. 2007 - May 2010 1) I prepared information to obtain Environmental Permits to explore in Yanacocha. 2) We found 869 Koz (gold) in San José Gravas, 800 Koz (gold) in La Quinua Sur and 137 Koz (gold) in Máximo. Geologist (II): I helped to increase gold resources. April 2004 - May 2007

I compared the geology of walls vs. the geology of detritus of blast-holes at Chaquicocha pit.

I made the reconciliation of geology and gold shape of the Chaquicocha open pit.

I helped to find ~250 Koz of oxide inventory gold in Quecher epithermal project.

I generated some drilling targets in Chaquicocha, Carachugo and Quecher.

I developed Cerro Negro and Cerro Quilish projects: Geology, geochemistry, drilling and logging. Geologist (I): I helped in the addition of resources and reserves of gold and silver in several projects and I worked as production geologist in La Quinua open pit. January 1999 - March 2004 1) Logging of detritus of blast-holes and mapping of slopes (La Quinua). 2) Sampling for density tests and metallurgical tests. 3) Mapping of slopes and logging of samples of drillholes (La Quinua). Assistant Geologist 1998

I helped to find ~10 Moz of gold reserve (oxides) in La Quinua fluvio-glacial project. EDUCATION


Masters in Earth Sciences - Minor in Geological Exploration UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE INGENIERÍA

Refresher Course: I achieved the Geological Engineer degree - ‘Graduation with Honors’ UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE INGENIERÍA

I studied Geological Engineering career, I graduated as Top (1997)

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