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Engineer Drilling

Houston, TX
March 29, 2019

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Dennis W. Romero ***** West Bellfort St Apt *** Sugar Land, TX. 77498-1813


Industry Recognized, Multi-Award-Winning Oil & Gas Drilling Engineer with Exemplary Track Record of Rapid Professional Advancement from Production Engineer to Drilling Superintendent to Senior Advising Drilling Engineer and Consultant

A consummate professional generalist and acknowledged subject matter expert, experienced and skilled in all areas commonly handled by specialists, from logistics to mud engineering.


Successfully engineered the world-record horizontal intermediate radius well in Smackover Formation Chunchula, Alabama (18,413’ TVD 19,896’ MD with 49.7o / 100’ build Radius and 2,500’ Lateral), the first for UNOCAL with enormous quantity of detail, surpassing production capacity of vertical well

Formally recognized for performance with award after project completion

Set field records for drilling horizontal wells, completing 50-60 with several rigs running simultaneously, in Devon Energy Carthage Texas Field Cotton Valley Formation, achieving considerable savings

AFE’d and wrote several drilling program firsts for Devon Energy

First horizontal well in the Cotton Valley formation

First underbalanced (Nitrogen Foam) horizontal well in the Pettit formation

First underbalanced (Nitrogen Foam) horizontal well in the Travis Peak formation

First underbalanced (8.4 ppg Fresh Water) exploratory horizontal well in the James Lime formation

Received Special Recognition Award from company for outstanding performance, including planning and drilling of the deepest TVD intermediate radius well in the world (TVD = 18,413’ MD = 19,896’ Max Inc. = 93.2 Max Build Rate = 49.7 / 100’)

Received Authors Award for Contribution to “Closed Loop Steerable Drilling System Tackles Multiple Targets,” published in Oil & Gas Journal for Spirit Energy 76 (in consultation with Baker-Hughes)

Used in drilling along salt dome flank offshore in Gulf of Mexico to control direction and inclination to ensure hitting all targets

Recognized for saving 10 days rig time and an estimated $750,000 offshore in Gulf of Mexico 2001 (using DPI 9-7/8’ MP66 PDC Drill Bit 10,574’ Footage 155.5 Hours 68 ft./hr. ROP W Cameron Block 279/280)

Worked with bid companies and selected DPI for using PDC bit which performed at record rate

Achieved exceptional penetration rate, remaining in well for 155.5 hours

Successfully engineered and drilled the first horizontal well for SG Interests in Mancos Shale Formation Bull Mountain Field, designing and implementing drilling program

Helped expand books to 150 more prospects as oil prices rise

As land was already leased, worked through U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Forest Commission, and various county agents to ensure complete setup in a timely and proper manner

Profile of Experience, Skill, Value

Leadership Scope — Supervising day-to-day operations to keep projects on plan, fielding problems and making decisions to best maintain progress. Work with various contractors, make sure on time and provide all necessary services. Diagrammed oil wells to show management daily progress and cost vs. actual AFE estimate. Work with geologists and land man to ensure land is cleared legally, ie, not under a home, in a stream or wildlife habitat.

Accomplished in — Supervisory Line Operations capacity, planning and implementation of drilling and completion programs, maintaining critical focus on Continuous Improvement, gaining ability to accurately predict costs and tackle any type of problem successfully

Wrote drilling programs and Authorizations for Expenditures (AFE) for numerous field and exploratory wells, both horizontal and vertical, for 75 development wells average per year as Drilling Engineering Consultant for Devon Energy

Planned and supervised drilling and completion of exploratory and development wells and workovers in several states, including Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and Michigan, as well as the Gulf of Mexico

Made significant contributions to a variety of drilling engineering assignments in the Central US Business Unit, focused on well planning, AFE preparation, drilling orders, completion and workover procedures for wells ranging from 3,000’ to 19,500’ in depth

Record of consistently reducing well costs using the most efficient planning methods available

Contributed to published industry papers in Petroleum Engineer International, and Oil & Gas Journal

Always current with industry changes, trends, and advances for application as justified

Avid researcher of projects using trade publications and service companies, and paid agencies to ensure adherence to government regulations

Conducted look-back studies to prevent similar problems in future wells, to make continual improvements or changes, such as in eliminating casings to save hundreds of thousands of dollars

Conducted prespud meetings to lay out project objectives with all contractors on location, to plan drilling methods according to conditions, anticipate problems and determine who does what when

Consistently reduced well costs through efficient planning and comparison studies of other wells drilled, developing Rate of Penetration (ROP) and cost vs. debt estimates for daily operations

Demonstrated acuity for improvising problem-solving techniques on exploratory wells such as abnormal pressure and loss circulation and possible correction remedies

Evaluate contractor bids to ensure proper fit and drilling program success

Worked with geologists and geophysics to ensure proper casing design and bit selection parameters, providing a detailed picture of the well to be drilled, identifying zones and faults for proactive assessment

Provide accurate cost and time estimates for drilling wells as cheaply and efficiently as possible, following sound engineering practices to ensure maximum safety and integrity

Career History

SG Interests / Gordy Oil Company 2009 to 2016

Consultant Drilling Engineer

Devon Energy - Houston, TX 2003 to 2009

Consultant Drilling Engineer

Unocal - Houma and Lafayette, LA. / Mobile, AL / Sugar Land, TX 1969 to 2002

Senior Advising Drilling Engineer 1995 to 2002

Advising Drilling Engineer 1988-95

Contributed to Technical Paper (Detect Fractures When Drilling With Oil-Based Mud)

Production Foreman (Ganado Texas Field) 1986-88

Supervised field maintenance and daily production activities

Minimized field expense, maintained highest safety standards, and maintained production at highest possible level

Drilling Superintendent 1981-86

Planned, supervised, and implemented drilling, completion and workover programs for Ceverza Ligera Platform in East Breaks Blocks 159 & 160 Offshore Texas

Drilling Engineer 1977-81

Planned, supervised, and implemented drilling, completion, and workover programs for exploratory and development wells (Offshore & Onshore LA, TX, AL), including onsite rig supervision

Production Engineer 1972-77

Designed and supervised installation of gas lift, compression, separation and storage facilities, increasing production and accelerating depletion of reserves prior to lease expiration

Focused on workovers, acid stimulation, gravel packs, compressor maintenance, salt water disposal facilities, perforating, coil tubing-nitrogen, snubbing, etc. for land and inland water production projects in Louisiana

Education & Development

University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering

Professional Training

Well Control & Well Planning Training – sponsored by employer Unocal

Courses in Hazmat, Emergency Response, Crisis Communications, and Incident Command Systems

Areas of Skill and Expertise A-Z

AFE Preparation / Bid Requests, Evaluation / Budgeting / Casing Design / Cementing / Completion Design / Diagnostics / Directional & Horizontal Drilling / Drilling Fluids / Drilling Orders Preparation / Fishing Operations / Industry and Field Research / Onshore & Offshore Operations / Onsite Supervision / Permitting / Planning / Proactive Problem Solving / Production Operations / Research & Development / Turnkey Operations / Workover Operations

Professional Associations

American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE)

American Petroleum Institute (API)

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