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Software Developer Design

Baltimore, MD
March 27, 2019

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Extensive experience designing and building business critical software applications. I have delivered projects for online testing, distance learning and tutoring, sales development and marketing, and other industries as well. I focus my development and analytical skills on business goals, practical solutions, decision making, getting results, and the full life cycle support.


12/2004 – Present, DCP Group, Baltimore, Maryland

.NET, C#, JavaScript, Java, MS SQL Server, HTML, XML, CSS, jQuery

Lead Developer

Client Project: eCoast Marketing

Sales Development Central

.NET, MS MVC, MS Web API, C#, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, Google Charts, Salesforce API, ESP API

Designed and developed full set of high performance proprietary telemarketing and sales development tools including autodialing, cadence management, predictive dialing, contact list management, call analytics, and reporting. These features more than doubled sales development reps productivity.

Developed Email Service Provider integration for on-demand email campaigns for more focused, message driven, and timely contact targeting.

Developed Contact List Requisition tools which significantly cut list processing time and efforts.

Developed custom Salesforce integration interfaces to empower sales teams and executives.

Client Project: FI Tools ( Formative Intervention Tools)

.NET 4.5, MS MVC, C#, WCF Services, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery.

Designed and developed all components of the Formative Intervention Tools. These tools enable organizations (including schools) to identify student skill and knowledge gaps for Common Core standards, remediate identified problems, monitor progress, administer enrichment courses, and help with the homework.

Designed and developed assessment delivery application (FI Driver). FI Driver is a browser based application capable of delivering proprietary gap diagnostic, academic progress, and form based assessments.

Designed and developed FI Tools Admin application. Its features include user management and settings management as well as teacher led instructions, student activities monitoring, exercise scoring, etc. It also provides as set of standard reports.

Designed and developed the Instruction Delivery application. This browser based application delivers content to students and provides students with tools to annotate the content with their responses. It primarily targets tablets, and uses PDF to deliver the content and to store the results.

Client Project: Questar Assessment, Inc EAS

.NET 4.5, Java, C#, WCF Services, SQL Server 2008, JavaScript, jQuery.

Led design and development of the mission critical applications for the Questar’s Enhancement Assessment System (EAS) to deliver high stakes end of course assessments with technology enhanced items to school districts.

Led the corporate and school database design and implementation.

Led design and development of the secure assessment delivery application (EAS Driver), a rich internet enabled UI application written in Java for the cross platform deployment purposes.

Led design and development of the school and the corporate services for assessment delivery.

Led design and development of the custom bi-directional synchronization components between schools and the corporate database.

Led design and development of the assessment packages publishing for the EAS Assessment Authoring Application.

Client Project: Ameritox, Columbia, Maryland, Senior Developer / Contractor

MS.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Win Forms, Web Services, MS SQL Server, iBatis, HL7

Participated in the Ameritox Electronic Health Record (EHR) project to enable participating clinics to request lab orders electronically and to get the toxicology tests results.

Performed the initial research to establish proper data formats and HL7 versions, helped with vendor selection for the HL7 transformation tools, performed the inbound and outbound process design, web services specifications as well as the database design.

Implemented major parts of the inbound HL7 process including transformation, data mapping, domain specific validations, parts of the outbound process including HL7 message generation, email notifications, results delivery.

Client Project: Sylvan Learning Impact

MS.NET 3.5, C#, Win Forms, ASP.NET, Web Services, SQL Server 2005, SSRS.

Led design and development of mission critical applications including custom CRM, scheduling and registration, sales and marketing for the Sylvan Corporate as well as for the entire franchisee network.

Led the corporate and learning center database design and maintenance.

Led design and implementation of the custom bi-directional synchronization layer between 1000+ learning centers and the corporate database. This implementation allowed centers to work in disconnected mode.

Led design, development and implementation of legacy and third party systems integration including ETL.

Led design and implementation of the SSRS based reporting system

Client Project: Educate Online: Next Generation Tools

MS.NET 2.0, C#, Win Forms, ASP.NET, Web Services, SQL Server 2005, SSRS.

Led design and development of applications comprising the Next Generation Administrative and Delivery Interfaces for the Educate Online. The system was developed to automate the core business processes for enrolling and tutoring students online. It covered management of process workflows, content development, diagnostic assessments, prescription generation, VOIP and annotation based tutoring, contracts, financial transactions, reporting, and data export.

Led the database design and maintenance.

Led design and development of the capacity planning and tutoring sessions scheduling. These processes produced student rosters from individual schedules, contractual obligations, student preferences, etc..

Led design and development of the teacher, student, and responsible party data management and SSRS reporting.

Led design and development of tutoring web services, software distribution, and automated upgrade process

Client Project: Educational Testing Systems, Strategic Testing Network

MS.NET 1.1, ASP.NET, C#, XML, Oracle, JavaScript, DHTML

Led design and development of multiple revisions of the Strategic Testing Network (STN) software for Educational Testing Services to enhance its worldwide test delivery capabilities of the Internet based TOEFL at thousands of participating centers simultaneously with minimal setup time and effort.

Led the Oracle database design and implementation. Implemented query design and optimization, stored procedures, and database packages.

Developed the high performance scalable scheduling and seat reservation web service interfacing with external candidate registration systems.

Developed JavaScript based Center Administration applications to manage all the day of test delivery processes like center setup, candidate check in, test start, restart, close of day, etc. This lightweight web based application was designed to tolerate Internet service interruptions.

Led the development of the Center Readiness, Network Management and Monitoring applications.

10/2001 – 12/2004 Capstar, Inc, Baltimore, Maryland

Lead Software Developer

MS Windows, VB, Java, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, VBScript, SQL Server, Visual C++, ActiveX, Windows Media, .NET.

Led the design and development effort to enable channel-specific access to the product bundles training programs, online tests in the Resound application.

Led the design and development of customized scoring reports, Led the design and development of the plug-in based assessment and item import process.

Led the design and development of the multi-tier web based assessment delivery. It included browser based test driver, high performance servers, test creation and management tools, individual score reporting, and administrative reporting. The implementation also included a secure, site based component for delivery of proctored tests.

Led the design and development effort for the virtual learning platform. It enabled rapid deployment, integration of live and on-demand training, testing, and communications. The suite included course and program design tools, Internet based scalable delivery applications.

1997 -- 10/2001 Caliber Learning Network, Baltimore, Maryland

Lead Software Developer

MS Windows, VB, Java, JavaScript, HTML, ASP, VBScript, SQL Server, Visual C++, ActiveX, Windows Media, Real Media.

Managed, developed, and maintained a set of online communication and training tools for participants, presenters and subject matter experts. Managed the database design and performance tuning.

Managed development of the admin tools for the program and event setup, scheduling and recording, security management, reporting and others.

Developed a set of content design and conversion tools, reporting and data export engines.

1992 -- 1997 Sylvan Prometric, Baltimore, Maryland

Senior Software Developer

MS DOS/Windows, Novell Netware, Clarion DOS/Windows, MS Visual Basic, Access, MS SQL Server.

Developed and maintained mission critical scheduling and registration applications.

Developed applications and utilities to support the full production cycle.

Developed data routing and integration between the corporate headquarters and international locations.

Designed, developed, and provided full life cycle support for the Sylvan Learning Center management system.

1984 -- 1991 Georgian Planning Department, Tbilisi, USSR

Senior Programmer/Team Leader

IBM Mainframe and PC, MVS, JCL, PL/1, COBOL, FORTRAN, ADABAS/Natural, MS DOS, dBase, FoxPro

Performed data modeling, database design and implementation, application development for a statewide repository of economic indices.

Developed macroeconomic indices forecasting applications using a variety of algorithms like simple production models, the input – output method, and statistical models.

1981 -- 1984 Production Association of Knitted Linen, Tbilisi, USSR


Developed applications for the inventory and accounting systems.

Performed database design and maintenance, unit and integration testing.


1976 -- 1981 Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, USSR.

B. S., Computer Science.

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