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Engineer Engineering

Houston, TX
March 24, 2019

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Andres Mussbach

Professional Engineer, P.E. (TX & LA)

Houston, TX 77047 281-***-****

Senior Process & Field Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Engineering/Field Engineering - Project Management Budget/Cost Control

Strategy Planning Quality Control

Multifaceted and accomplished senior engineering professional with proven experience in leadership roles in process engineering design, project leadership, quality control, and subcontractor management pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas refinery environments. Self-directed project leader adept in management of complex project oversight, risk assessment, budgeting, detailed scope of work, resource allocation of internal staff and contractors, development of tools and system requirements to ensure successful on-time project delivery.

Creative problem solver and collaborative team leader adept in ability to motivate and develop top-performing teams focused on optimizing individual and group strengths to achieve project goals in US, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Russia, Guatemala, Peru, and the Philippines. Language fluency: English and Spanish.

Core Competencies:

Full Cycle Project Management

Process Engineering Design

Budget & Cost Control

Strategy Planning/Risk Assessment

Contractor Selection & Oversight

Scheduling & Status Reporting

Field Support & Design Updates

Process Simulation/Flow Diagrams

Equipment & Tools

Quality Control

Team Leader/Motivator

Problem Solving


Ford, Bacon & Davis – Lake Charles, LA November 2018 - Present

Senior Process Lead Engineer

Project Scope – Process engineering group leader.

Process Engineering – Design engineering various projects at a vinyl chloride plant, caustic evaporators, flare systems design, PSVs evaluation and specification.

Process Simulation – Utilize Aspen/Hysys software for material balances, flow diagrams and P&IDs development, PipeFlow for hydraulic calculations. Perform equipment sizing, data sheets and instrument lists.

Pfizer – Kalamazoo, MI March 2018 – October 2018

Senior Project Engineer

Project Scope – Project engineer for the installation of new heaters and a new dust vacuum pumping system, plus replacement of glass bottom valves RTDs. Identified that project was under-budgeted prior to submission.

Project Management – Lead development of project budget, work breakdown structure, scheduling, identification and selection of contractors, identify risks, provide construction support, develop monthly progress reports, and effectively manage staff and subcontractors to ensure adherence to project deliverables.

Fluor Daniel – Greenville, SC March 2017 – August 2017

Senior Process Specialist

Project Scope – Specification of instruments for the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Bioengineering project.

Process Engineering – Development of calculations and preparation of instrument data sheets for on-off valves, sanitary valves, control valves, backpressure regulators, sight glasses, PSVs, restriction orifices, material and heat balances, and sanitary pumps calculations.

S&B Infrastructure – Houston, TX April 2015 – January 2017

Senior Lead Process Engineer

Project Scope – Process engineering and field engineering support during construction phases.

Process Engineering – Design engineering for pipelines, pumping stations, flare gathering systems design and flare stacks specifications, plus tank farms, PSVs specification. Midstream modular design, gas dehydration and dew point adjustment. Gas separation, ethane, propane, butane, LPG.

Process Simulation – Utilized Aspen/Hysys and Promax software for material balances, flow diagrams and P&IDs development, equipment sizing, data sheets, instrument lists.

Field Engineering – Provided field support during construction.

Holloman Corporation – Houston, TX August 2014 – December 2014

Senior Process Engineer

Process Engineering – Developed basic engineering for gas plants and gathering facilities. Managed PSM/PHA implementation.

Process Simulation – Performed process simulation for flow diagrams, material balances, and P&IDs development, equipment sizing, data sheets, and instrument lists.

Field Engineering – Field engineering support during startups.

Ventech Engineers International – Pasadena, TX January 2012 - July 2014

Senior Process Engineer

Project Scope – Managed multiple projects as process and field engineer for refineries, gas plants, and chemical plants. Performed all process simulation and support during startups with utility design and balances calculation for instruments and compressed air, nitrogen, potable and utility water.

Process Engineering – Participated in the following projects and tasks:

1.Dakota Prairie Refinery, North Dakota (20,000 BPSD) – Senior Process Engineer – Performed Process Engineering calculations and simulations. Managed detailed engineering including PFDs, P&IDs, material balances, instrumentation specification, equipment selection and specifications for Amine Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit and Utilities.

2.Cryogenic Plant, TexStar Midstream Services, San Antonio, TX – Senior Process Lead Engineer – Developed and managed basic and detailed engineering including evaluation and selection of RSVE process to separate ethane from natural gas. Led process simulations for different alternatives and comparison. Developed process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment data sheets, thermosiphon calculations, instruments data sheets, flare calculations and materials specifications for cryogenic applications, and PSV specifications. Managed assessment for ethylene production using steam-cracking process from ethane-propane mixture.

3.Verasur Project – Senior Process Lead – Managed project evaluation for a 10,000 BPSD refinery in Argentina including preliminary simulation, process flow diagrams, and equipment sizing for Atmospheric Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Naphtha Hydrotreater, Diesel Hydrotreater, Isomerization, and Reforming.

SKEC – Houston, TX January 2011 – December 2011

Process Engineer

Process Engineering – Developed basic engineering for an amine unit with process simulation for material balances, flow diagrams, P&IDs development, equipment sizing, data sheets, instrument lists, and HAZOP.

Ventech Engineers International – Pasadena, TX December 2008 – December 2010

Senior Process Engineer

Project Scope – Managed multiple projects as process and field engineer for refineries, gas plants, and chemical plants. Performed all process simulation using Promax and Hysys, calculations, drawings and field support during startups.

Projects included: Diall Alliance Project, Russia – Gas Treatment Plant Relocation from California to Russia, Senior Process Engineer; YPF Diesel Hydrotreater Plant Relocation from Philippines to Argentina; Refinerias del Montagua, Guatemala, Senior Process Lead Engineer; Pluspetrol Diesel Production Unit, Peruvian Amazon, Senior Process Lead Engineer; Diall Alliance, Russia, Process Engineer; Pluspetrol Malvinas, Process Engineer; Refinerias del Motagua, Guatemala, Process Lead Engineer

Vogelbusch USA, Katy, TX September 2007 – September 2008

Senior Process Engineer

Process & Field Engineering – Developed basic and detailed engineering for ethanol plants based on corn fermentation: calculations, equipment selection and sizing, evaluations, PIDs and Flow Diagrams, data sheets, instruments specifications, field training to Facilities Operators, support during commissioning, pre-commissioning and start up.

Projects included: Abengoa Ethanol Plant, Nebraska; Altra Indiana LLC, Indiana

CH2MHill/LGScott/CH Caribe, Puerto Rico October 1999 – October 2003 / October 2005 – October 2007

Project Manager / Process Lead Engineer

Project Scope – Managed multiple projects as manager for PRASA (Water and Sewer Authority of Puerto Rico), Including developing od budgets and scopes, setting up appropriate work breakdown structure and tasks/budgets, reviewing project costs, updating EAC’s, updating schedules, delegating work assignments and budgets to project staff and monitoring project spending, identifying quality reviews, reviewing invoices, preparing monthly progress reports for client’s invoices, preparing purchase requisitions for contractor’s services, managing contractor’s work, identifying risks, providing construction support. Change control.

Projects Included: pumps stations, odor control systems, siphons, dams and sewer system

Process Engineering – Developed basic and detailed engineering, including process simulations, material balances, flow diagrams and P&IDs development, equipment sizing, data sheets, instrument lists, HAZOP analysis. Instruments data sheets, flare calculations and materials specifications, PSV sizing and specifications, utilities systems design.

Projects included – “Purified Water System upgrade” and “QC Laboratory sanitary utilities design”, IPR Pharmaceutical Puerto Rico; “P&ID’s update for different production units”, AMGEN Biotechnology Plant. Puerto Rico; “New Top Loading Facilities”, Shell Yabucoa Refinery Puerto Rico; “Empty capsules feeding Project facilities”, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Barceloneta Puerto Rico; “COX2 Project engineering (Solid Dose Facilities Design)”, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Barceloneta Puerto Rico; “WFI Upgrade Project”, Pharmacia Barceloneta Puerto Rico; “Detail engineering for injection water and purified water new piping loop facilities”, W. A. Lederle Pharmaceutical, Puerto Rico; “Safety Hazard Studies and SOP’s, Procter & Gamble Puerto Rico; “Solvent Recovery Project”, Pharmacia Upjohn Puerto Rico; “Engineering design and update”, Tres Monjitas Dairy Plant Puerto Rico; “Hydraulic study, basic and detail engineering for water for injection and purified water facilities”, Searle Pharmaceutical Barceloneta; “Albuterol Upgrading Project”, Schering Plough Pharmaceutical, Puerto Rico.

Yonkers Industries, Puerto Rico October 2003 – October 2005

Project Engineer

Project Scope – Managed different projects for the pharmaceutical industry. Designated Pfizer leader for the planning and development of the following projects: “New Wallet Packaging Line #9” (12 MM$), “Freight Elevator Upgrade” (1.3 MM$) and “New Wet Granulation Facilities” (1.2 MM$). The responsibilities includes the preparations of schedules, engineering drawings (lay outs, plot plans, etc.), meeting coordination, cost control, bid analysis, subcontractors supervision, etc.

Other Process Engineering Experience:

ALG S.A., Argentina, CPC S.A. Argentina, ARCAN S.A., Argentina, TECHINT S.A. Argentina, Compania General de Combustibles, Argentina


Master in Chemical Engineering & Master in Organization & Business Administration

Buenos Aires University, Faculty of Engineering, Argentina

Professional Engineering License PE 43280 (Louisiana)

Professional Engineering License PE 122453 (Texas)


Engineering Economics Good Manufacturing Practices & OSHA Polymers Synthesis and Production Methods

Installation of Piping & Fittings, Special Materials, Pressure Vessel Design & Water Treatment Plants

Use of Software “Hysim” and “Aspen/Hysys” (Heat & Energy Balance Simulation for Process Applications)

Cold Box LNG Design Software HTRI Heat Exchangers & Air Coolers Design PROMAX Simulation Software

Quality ISO 9000 Standards ChemCAD Process Simulation Software PSM Program Implementation

Phathom Pumps Design Simulation Software SPI Smart Plant Instrumentation Software Flare Net Design Simulation


College of Engineers & Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico (CIAPR)

AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers

IAPG – Argentine Institute of Gas and Petroleum

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