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English Teacher

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
March 24, 2019

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Personal Information

Name: Rami Ismaeal Maki Ibrahim

Nationality: Jordanian

Date and place of birt 1/12/1979 – Irbid /Jordan

Marital status: Single

Gender: male

Contact Information

Home address: Irbid-Jordan Southern Area

Mobile : 009**-*********-(KSA) 058*******

E-mail Address:

Skype: Rami.Ibrahim1234


1. B.A of (English Literature and Translation) 1998-2002

University of Muatah.

2.CELTA( Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults ) Cambridge University.


Language: ( Reading, Writing, Speaking )

Arabic Lnguage: (Mother tongue) - Excellent

English Language: Fluent

Bulgarian Language: accepted

Practical Experiences

I got a scholarship to study the English literature, ( Muatah University) in 1998,

I graduated in 2002 and I started teaching English at ( Military international languages center) as a second language for those who was chosen to be sent on missions to other countries.

I was chosen to teach English (Logistics) in Malaysia in 2007, (Malaysian Peace Keeping Training Center),

(Port Dickson) (United Nations Logistics) for training and teaching English.

In 2009 I was sent to Afghanistan with US army as an interpreter for 1 year to

work with them as an interpreter and, I worked with the USA army in (KASOTC) King

Abdullah the Second Special Operations Training Center in Amman.

In 2013 I was sent to (JMSC) Jordan Military Sports Council) as interpreter up

to 2015.

I taught and prepared students for the (IELTS-TOEFL-CRASH

COURSE) from 2013 to 2015 at Infinity Academy (Irbid), ( Amman).

I taught English at ( Arab student Academy ) 2014- 2016, English as a second language.

I taught the language arts and the World History (The American Diploma program) at Riyadh Najed International school ( Secondary ) and ( middle ) in Riyadh and also taught Science ( American diploma program ) high school and middle school 2016-2017.

In 2017-2018 I promoted to a supervisor (American diploma program ) in the middle school for 8 months.

I am a member of NESA( near- east South Asia center for strategic studies) conference (Abu Dhabi) October 2017 which was held in Abu Dhabi.

I was chosen by the school to represent the school in the conference in Abu Dhabi October 2017 and the conference covered professional development, way of thinking improving teaching, assessment and many other important topics related to the curriculum and quality of teaching.

Location: Abu Dhabi – Intercontinental hotel sponsored by the school ( Riyadh Najed School ).


1. 6 years of teaching English ( Jordan ) military training program ( ESL ) .

2. 2 years at Infinity Academy (Jordan – Amman – Irbid ) teaching IELTS –TOEFL- crash courses 2013_2015.

3. 2 years at Arab Student Academy ( Jordan ) teaching English Language as a second Language for students of other nationalities.

4. 2 years as an interpreter with USA Army ( Jordan – Afghanistan )

and (KASOTEC).

5. 2 years at Riyadh Najed School ( English – Science – Social studies teacher 2016 – 2017,

(2017 – 2018 middle school supervisor ).

6. Malaysian peacekeeping training center 2007.

Duties as a teacher

Developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for 9th grade, administered tests and evaluations, and analyzed student performance.

Conducted group and individual reading, English, and science activities.

Fostered a classroom environment conducive to learning and promoting excellent student/teacher interaction.

Participated in faculty and parent conferences.

Created and implemented an interdisciplinary literature study based on an international theme.

Plan activities that stimulate growth in language, social, and motor skills.

Develop strategies for best utilizing assistant teacher’s skills and offer regular professional development.

Communicate with parents on a regular basis, via annual assessments, quarterly meetings, and monthly phone conversations.

Teachers play vital roles in the lives of the students in their classrooms. Teachers are best known for the role of educating the students that are placed in their care. Beyond that, teachers serve many other roles in the classroom. Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble.

Duties as a supervisor

School supervisors (also called school principals) are managers in charge of the day-to-day operations of kindergarten through 12th- grade schools. They must manage teachers, coaches, librarians, counselors, support staff and other employees.

The current trend is for decision-making authority to decentralize from school district offices to the supervisors of individual schools. Therefore, school supervisors must be aware of concerns from parents, teachers and the community at large. They meet with community representatives and organizers as well as parent and teacher groups. School supervisors must have excellent communication skills.

The student body may be quite diverse, and some students may not speak English; therefore, the supervisor must be sensitive to each student's needs. Supervisors may also have to deal with overcrowding as enrollment outpaces growth.

Job duties include preparing budgets, developing academic programs, establishing performance goals and objectives for the school and for teachers and keeping records. A school supervisor may also monitor students' progress, keep teachers trained and motivated, formulate mission statements, visit classrooms to evaluate teaching methods and provide performance standards for teachers and other employees. They prepare reports on student attendance and performance.

School supervisors or principals are also responsible for making sure the school adheres to local, state and federal education standards. Often this includes overseeing annual or semi-annual testing as well as preparing reports on students' performances and initiating test preparation for students and teachers. Supervisors are also responsible for disciplining students.

1. Managing and observing teaching (American diploma program) in the middle school .

2 . Lesson plans prepared by teachers.

3 . Grade level meetings every month – week.

4 . checking and preparing weekly plans in the middle school.

5 . walk-through assessment for teachers.

6 . Eliot assessment ( through Emails – for teachers in middle school.

7 . The quality of teachers and quality of teaching.

8 . Observing the process of teaching ( exams – quizzes – projects ) during

each quarter.

9 . Checking, grading each quarter, and semester exams .

10 .Weak students programs to improve the weak students in the middle school .

11 . Professional development program for teachers by the end of each quarter

12 . Preparing – implementation – evaluation each quarter for the process of teaching

and make sure that it matched the goas of the program.

13 . Contacting parents by Emails – Mobile – SMS, to keep them updated about

about the progress of their kids through the remedy plan of weak students.

14 . Remedy plan as scheduled.

15 . Worksheets program for each class and subject.

16 . Active learning implementation during the day.

17 . Curriculum ( goals – duties – tasks –challenges ) and make sure it matched

Program goals.

18 . Map test schedule for each grade ( language arts- math – science ) .

19 . providing the General Manager and the administration with all updates

and plans and perspectives of the (American diploma program )in the middle school.

Being a supervisor in middle school or high school is like maintaining the program goals and perspectives, quality of teachers, improving the process of education in the middle school and high school.

Training courses:

1 . CELTA ( certificate of English Language Teaching to speakers to Adults )

Georgia – Tbilisi, August 2018.

2. Licence of teaching in the high school ( Saudi Arabia ).

3 . Assessment course

4 . project – based learning .

5 . lesson planning .

6 . Map test .

7 . Pearson online resources

8 . Rubrics .

9 . Map test and data analysis .

10 . RTI and progress monitoring .

11 . learning styles .

12. Certificate (London Institute) Comprehensive Computer Of The

administrative Qualification Course.

13. Certificate (Individual and collective training course) US Army

14. Certificate (USCENTCOM) Affiliation Seminar Program(.United States

central Command.)

15. USA army experience (Afghanistan) as an Interprete and English teacher.

16. United nation logistics course in 2007(Malaysia) Based on English teaching

17. Muaa tah University training course( English comprehension).

18. Special Computer Course.

19. Basic Tactic course.

20. Psychological Guidance for Officers Course.

Future plans : DELTA COURSE ( Module 1, 2, 3 ).


1. My Computer and its Skills Are excellent

2. My Interpersonal Communication Skills Are Excellent.

3. My English language is excellent spoken and written.

4. I Like To Work With A Creative Teamwork.

5. I am Reliable and Hard Working.

6. I Have The Ability To Work Under Pressure and Deadlines.

7. I Have the Ability To Suggest Practical Solutions To the Issues.

8.Translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.

9.British English and American English skills.

10. Translation

11. Editing

12. Strategic planning

13. Interpreting

14. Project planning

15. Curriculum development

16. Recruiting

17. Mangment

18. Leadership

19. Training

20. Team leadership

21. Creativity skills

22. Active learning

23. Assessment

24. Collective learning

25. Class mangment

26.Solving issues

27 Adults education



Highly skilled in the English Language since childhood and my dream was about the English Language so I was motivated by some American Friends and British friends to study the English language as a Second language in my life.

I always keep improving myself in the English Language according to my travels in Europe – America-South Asia trying all the times to provide students with all that they need to match curriculum and work plans.

Teaching and preparing students for IELTS AND TOFEL exam allowed me to introduce my skills in the English language in many countries, and the unique experience with the USA Army and the allowed me to practice English.


Nawar Rahmoun


American diploma program director

Riyadh Najed school

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