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Sarasota, FL
March 22, 2019

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Hello,I currently do not have an updated resume. However I saw this position and felt compelled to apply. I am familiar with this line of work having a sister who works in this field for over 20 years and past 5 years works from home, currently with expedia as a corporate travel agent. I also am very attracted towards a work-at-home position particularly travel related work. I have experience in traveling myself. I'm available for training and willing to learn. I have all the tools required to be able to work at home and I would love to have this opportunity. My previous work experience is in the fashion design area in which I do have a college degree obtained in that field. My past work experience primarily is in the fashion retail and customer service in addition to restaurant management for my family's business, before spending several years as a several stay home parent. I currently work from home on writing poetry as a hobby and in the process of the publishing a book for that as well as custom designing clothing on occasions or alterations, primarily as supplemental income. However, I've been looking forward towards something exciting and new to be able to perform as a solid work in an work position from home. As soon as I saw this post just googling, I knew it instantly that I didn't want to miss out on my opportunity to apply.I look forward to hearing from you. I've attached my business Facebook profile. Thank you.

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