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scaffolding inspector

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
Q7000 but negotiable..
March 19, 2019

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Tajudeen Lateef Ashimolowo

Address: Building No55, zone 55, street 431, al-aziziya Doha Qatar. Mobile No: +974********

Experience: 8 years working experience

Job target: scaffold Inspector

Email address:

Summaries of experience:

An experienced Scaffold inspector having Eight years of experience including Gulf countries in high rise building, road construction and estate development, Determined and decisive, uses initiative to develop effective solutions to problems. Achieve high safety standards, and instrumental in attaining safe man working hours in projects during employment on the various projects.

Professional Training and Institution Attended.

(IOSH) Institution of occupation Safety and Health (2016) Scaffold inspector safety training (2016)

Nigeria College of Education (NCE) (2005)

West Africa senior school certificate (2002)

Work Experience.

GROUP 3 Trading and Contracting Nov. 2015 till date DOHA. Qatar.

Consultant: MZ and Partners Architectural and Engineering (MZP) Project: Barwa Housing Development Project Alkhor

Position: Scaffold Supervisor


Erecting scaffolds in accordance with local, state, and federal, manufactures recommendation and institutional rules and regulations. Page 2 of 4

Inspecting all scaffold components prior to assembly to insure that components used are of similar material and in good repair before becoming a part of the completed scaffold. This includes (but is not limited to): mudsills, screw jacks, frames, braces, planks, access ladders, brackets, etc.

Maintaining fall protection requirements while erecting / dismantling scaffolds.

Providing a scaffold to the user that is free from recognizable and preventable hazards (i.e. fall protection systems in place, falling object prevention in place, appropriate access / egress to and from the scaffold, appropriate anchorage and stability of the structure, appropriate walking / working surfaces, maintaining appropriate clearances from electrical hazards, etc.)

Training of other scaffold users if needed.

Refusing to occupy a scaffold prior to the Competent Person providing documentation indicating that the scaffold has been inspected and deemed safe.

Notifying the Employee/workers of any safety concerns associated with the erection, conditions, use, and / or maintenance of the scaffold.

Utilizing the appropriate fall protection equipment / systems at heights above 6 meters

Examining the scaffold tag to verify that it is deemed fit for safe use. Provides technical advice on scaffolding works and participate in work requiring higher level skills

Monitor the organizations of the day to day scaffolding activities on various sites as required

Ensure that materials for scaffolds are marked and kept in good condition and safely used.

Has capability to calculate the counterweight for outboard of heavy duty Suspended Scaffolding



Position: Scaffold inspector

Project: New orbital highway and truck route package Main contractor: J&P


Ensuring that employees follow the organizations policies and procedures during the usage of scaffolding

Ensuring employees performance and give feedback to the management.

Coordinate environmental monitoring team

To ensuring scaffoldings are erected correctly and standards are followed

Enforced applicable laws and regulations to work processes.

Manage strategic collaboration and coordination of safety process within the company.

Lead the establishment of minimum safety guide line and compliance.

Design and preplanning of the scaffold including weight limitations, scaffold type, fall protection, tie-offs, supports, etc.

Overseeing the erection of the scaffold

Final inspection of the scaffold prior to initial occupation for use.

At a minimum, daily inspection and documentation of the condition of the scaffold and its ability to be occupied safely.

Inspections of scaffolds after changes / alterations have been made.

Oversight and inspections of mobile scaffolds.

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Training of other competent persons, scaffold erectors, and users. ADCO Construction Company Nov2009 - Mar2013

Lagos Nigeria

Position: Scaffolding supervisor

Project: obalende market villa.


Examining the scaffold tag (which should be affixed near the access point) to verify that a competent person has deemed the scaffold safe for use.

Refusing to occupy a scaffold prior to the Competent Person providing documentation indicating that the scaffold has been inspected and deemed safe

Notifying the competent person of any safety concerns associated with the erection, conditions, use, or maintenance of the scaffold.

Utilizing scaffolds in accordance with all local, state, federal, manufacturer, and institutional rules and regulations.

Utilizing the appropriate fall protection equipment / systems at heights.

Monitor the design, certification of all scaffolding structure on site according to all relevant specifications and standards.

Inspect all scaffolds erected within the boundaries of Project construction sites and yards to ensure they are suitable for safe use, and comply with the relevant industrial standards, and Company permit to work procedures.

Inspect and assess the condition of the scaffolding material and reject damaged, defective and substandard material.

Ensure that the Contractor maintain a record of the condition of all scaffolding materials and assemblies to ensure that they are maintained correctly and dispose of the damaged or defective materials

Provide advice on the suitability of specialized scaffolds supplied by contracting companies to meet the health and safety requirements of Company, with regard to design and access in case of plant upset conditions Personal information:

Name: Tajudeen Lateef Ashimolowo

Marital status: Married

Gender: Male

Language: English, (currently studying Arabic)

Referees: 1.Khaled Yaqub Civil Engineer

2. Ismail Arole Safety Manager

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Reading, Touring, and Playing Soccer.

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