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Manager Food Safety

March 18, 2019

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REGISTERED Brgy. jlemuel.(https:+63) Caridad, /917 /mahusay@ph.726 linkedin.Baybay 7408 City, com in/Leyte john-6521 lemuel-Philippines mahusay EDUCATION Sept. Chemistry National 2009 Bachelor Cum Visayas Visca, 2005 High MSEUFCI, RELATED Food Management Coconut Food Implementation Kosher USNOP, Pollution Mitigation Laboratory (chemical) OTHER Good (Laboratory Computer Automobile Microbiological oral Laude School and 2013 and Safety to to communication Baybay and State EOS, 2013 2009 Products Board of Control, written) Beverage Quezon literate (Licensure Management skills License Science Organic driving Systems Diploma JAS, (University City, Specialization SKILLS Passer (and KOFA) HACCP, Management – Leyte SKILLS Production and in Oils (Standards with Management Examination Physico- skills Chemistry Permitting) & and BRC license) Water) in in Analysis English 7, – and Halal, and WORK EXPERIENCE

SC Global Oct. 2013 Food – Products, Present Inc.

PRODUCTION Overall POLLUTION Responsible solid) FOOD Auditee compliance generated Installation Plant Overall equipment filler, wastewater Oversee water Ensures to Accredited VIII In-government Facilitates Design SSOP, Conduct System Maintains Safety Organic Halal in-during SAFETY finished charge charge as to (CIP (in HACCP, sections. HDIP) Issue Astepo PCO and responsible to legal Standard that controling production training Food system, in CONTROL improve by certifications compliance in product by such (implement and plant 7 see maintaining issued SUPERVISOR COMMITTEE product and and the the – (Work the Safety AIB Alfa commissioning attached as company: and Product global Kosher and (for Environmental see pasteurizer, International)compitencies and permits in Laval Instructions, of System USNOP, seminars specifications utilities handling attached of VCO, food managing food from OFFICER all the certificate) Processing Italy) flour, and safety wastes inspections/legality safety BRC EU, – ALTERNATE in clarifier, operation air certificate) of licenses of, JAS SOPs Management relation desiccated the Global Coconut GMP/plans compressors, employees set standards: are and and and wastes forth met HACCP and sterilizer, Standard renewal audits Management: KOFA of to Water from by automated manuals the and (air, Bureau the ((and LEADER Food SGS Ecocert)chiller, coconut raw of Processing wastewater, aseptic for DENR all ensures Phil.– material Safety Food Region GMP,, ), RESEARCH


International Undergraduate

Research May Physico-Sources Plant PERSONAL 2013 at Baybay near chemical Symposium a Coconut-City, Properties Leyte processing of Water INFORMATION Citizenship: Date Age: Civil Gender: Religion: LICENSES 25 Status: of Birth: Male Roman Single Filipino May Catholic 16, 1993 REGISTERED September PRC Validity: http:16 ACCREDITED No. //www.0012488 May 2013 prc.16, CHEMIST POLLUTION gov.2021 ph/services/CONTROL ?id= OFFICER September Environmental RVIII COA NON-No. PROFESSIONAL 2015-2015 RVIII-Management 0088 DRIVER Bureau

(Land H12-Validity: PRIVATE) 2015-Transportation May 001941 16, 2023 Office RVIII KEY TRAININGS/SEMINARS

Alfa Laval Aseptic Equipment Operations and

its Harold Installation Cocowater Brgy. Basic PCAPI-September Sabin Ormoc Food Technical Caridad, Security: Hotel Pollution 8 City, Rodriguez, & EMB-Facility, 30 and & Leyte Resorts Aspects – Baybay A October Commissioning 8 Control Primer Alfa SC City, Global Training Laval 4, Officer’s and 2014 Leyte Phils. Food an proper Update Training and Products, Joseph (Oct. on Course 2013 Inc. Food Diones, – Quality, Sept Acostec 2014) Inc. Safety Dr. University November Chateau Lapu-Japanese Sok Organic January Agricultural Visayas Visca, BRC Patricio February SC Brgy. Introduction Global Alonzo Sarang, Global Caridad, lapu Baybay and State 7, Program M. by 7-Food Agricultural 2016 City, of Gabriel, 13, Nocon the Defense 9, ECOCERT Standard Training Philippines University City, 2017 to Baybay 2015 Sea, Products, Cebu FSSC Certification Leyte Associate Brgy. Institute Organic City, 22000 for Organic Diliman Inc. Buot, Food Leyte Professor Conference and Inspector Punta Safety Standard Update Engaño, Issue Room on Seminar 7 Food Mactan Safety Engr. Neville-August Lapu-BRC Atul Control February Makati Ganediwala Global Lapu Alicia Act City 2, Clarke Union 25-2017 of City, Belen, Standard 26, 2013 Philippines Philippines Cebu 2019 Technical for Food Inc. Manager Safety Issue 8 Training Course

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