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Operator Plant

Welkom, Free State, South Africa
March 13, 2019

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Personal details

Date of birth: * March ****

Nationality: SA Citizen

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Sesotho

Driver’s license: Yes Code 8

Skills summary

Operating underground machinery


To obtain a challenging machinery operator position in a high quality mining environment where my resourceful experience and skills will add value to organizational operations.

Educational Background

School: Welkom Secondary School

Grade: Grade 12 (Matric)

Year of completion: 1992

Subjects: Afrikaans, English, Geography, Biology, History, Business Economics

Honors, awards and accomplishments

Practical risk assessment training

Basic life support and first aid procedures

Operator training course

Safe lifting of equipment course

Hira training Health and Safety investigation training

Risk assessment training

Electrical course

Hydraulics course

Mechanical course

Rigging course

Safety Representative training

Relevant experience

Work experience

LHD 514/Scoop Tram Operator ST7 April 2011 - February 2016

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Responsible to test the area for any gasses before work can commence.

• After blasting has taken place, the loader go into the face to ally dust.

• Load all stuff on dump truck.

• Make sure face preparation to the face has taken place before drilling.

• Scratch face with bucket for loose rock, to prevent injuries.

• Transport ore to tips when dump-truck is not needed.

• Load all the fly-dirt in the development areas

• Prepare all development ends underground.

• Take the machine for checks every second day.

Batch plant operator August 2010 - March 2011

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Being in charge of a crew.

• Supervise all activities at the plant, at the same time working as a batch plant operator mixing cement for short crete-in

• Doing all test on the cement for short creting

• Mix the cement with backfill mud, meyco and glenium with the fibre for short crete.

• Do a slamp test on every batch that is made to test how much water is in the cement.

• To reduce it or to add into the cement.

• Take cement cubes for pressure test, to check how much cement we use in a batch.

• Keep the plant clean at all times

• Do all the maintenance at the plant.

• Check all defaults on the plant.

• Put a requisition in to order chemicals and material.

• To make sure that staff do not work in an unsafe environment.

• Do Give 5 and Take 5 on the work that we do.

• Do safe information to crew members.

Dump truck operator WHT 436/EJC 520 Augustus 2007 – July 2010

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Pre start the machine.

• Check if the machine is in a working condition when taking over from another operator.

• Transport broken ore to the tips.

• Use the bucket lever to tip the load at the back.

• Lower the bucket then off loading, use the lower bucket leaver.

• Watering the ore to allay dust when loading ore.

Loco driver (Batteries/Diesel) January 2006 – July 2007

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Transport all material to the infrastructure where all material are been offloaded by the forklifts

• Transport broken ore to tips

• Transport workers with man carriage to working place.

• Does all the transporting of needed at the workplace.

• Valid loco driver’s license.

Transmixer operator

• Transporting wet cement to working areas.

• Operating spray mac at the rear side and filling the vein with wet cement when short crete to short crete the hanging walls and side walls to prevent loose socks from falling.


• Offloading flatbet machine with equipment

• Do stacking with forklifts, tramming to offloading of material.

• Shifting heavy equipment/material.

Bobcat/Skeed-steer loader operator

• Cleaning the plant with the machine.

• Load spillage.

• Clean roadway at the batch plant.

• Clean spillage under conveyer belt.

• Offloading side-hoppers with batching mater/sand for short crete.

Explosive fermel operator:

• Transport anfex, power gel, cortex and other explosive material to places where drilling has taken place.

• Power gel to places where racebore hole are drilled.

• Take fuses with fuses and explosives with explosives. These two are not transported together.

• Make sure explosives are not put together in one explosive boxes.

Simba drill rig assistant

• Plug the 1000v cable into the 1000v box of electricity.

• Prepare he water hose.

• Look for water leaks on the hose and fix it.

• Change the drill steel on the boom with a drill bit when needed.

• Fix the loose fittings on the machine.

• Wash and crease the machine at the start of every shift.

• Make sure the area around the machine is clean of any objects to prevent injuries.

Lube-car operator

• Refuel machine at start of shift.

• Refuel production machine at the faces for example drill rigs/solo drill rigs, dump trucks, LHD where needed or in case of a break down at the face

• Firstly start with the pre-starting on the machine, before any work can commence.

• Start off shift and end off shift re-start.

Charmex assistant (charging up machine)

• Fill the machine with emulsion and gassing for charging up.

• Put all the fusses in an elephant foot bag and put it on the machine, waiting for charging up (after drilling)

• Using the delaying fuse after charging up that take 15 minutes before it goes off with a timer blaster.

• Make sure the mixer mix the emulsion and the gassing for a good advance on the face or to prevent miss fires.

Nipper/Rock Braker January 2004 - December 2005

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Break all big rocks at the tips.

• Make sure tips are clean of big rocks.

• After every shift make sure the grizley are clean.

UV operator April 2002 – December 2003

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Transport material to working areas.

• Do a Take 5 Give 5 on the working area.

• Make sure the place is safe to work at.

• When safe install wire/welded mesh in the hanging wall.

• After installing the wire mesh, installing long anchors to keep all ground conditions stable.

• Grout anchors of 6 metres long in the hanging wall.

• Install ventilation in working area 15 metres from the face.

• Install face pump cables in the face to dewater the face.

• Make sure the ventilation is up to standard.

• Ensure that the Boesman hose is installed.

• Pull the great line in up to the face.

• Put the direction line in.

Stock controller

• Receive all material from main store on surface.

• Do all the stock items.

• Receiving and issuing of equipment to different departments underground.

• Issuing stock as requested with requisitions.

• Stock items are issued according to needs.

• Do stock check daily when taking over from the previous shift.

Service crew January 2001 – November 2001

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Install ventilation tubes into development ends.

• Install ventilation fans in development ends.

• Install drilling water pipes.

• Install drain water pipes.

• Install exhaust fans.

• Do all the preparations in all development ends, where development is going to take place.

Tyre bay attendant July 2000 – December 2000

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Issuing tyres to machines when needed.

• Changing flat tyre on machines.

• Keep record of life spent on production machine tyres.

• Order tyres when needed.

Diesel bay attendant February 2000- June 2000

Harmony/ Target Gold Mine, Allanridge, Welkom, Free State, South Africa

• Issuing 210l oil SAE 40 to mechanical workshops underground.

• Refueling machines with oil and diesel at the diesel bay.

• Issuing anti-freeze to mechanical workshops.

Security Year: January 1994 – July 1995

Grey Security. Welkom, Free State< South Africa

• Patrol the plant.

• Protect the company’s assets.

• Secure a safe environment.

Leadership experience

Crew leader of approximately 6 staff member.

Acting as batch plant foreman when foreman on leave.

Appointed as a elder at church

Computer skills:

• Basic introduction of computer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint.


• Participate in outdoor activities, including cycling, hiking, and fishing.

• Participate in church activities, Praise & Worship, Young adult groups.


Mr. Andrew Green

Harmony/Target Gold Mine

12 Buffalo Street




Tel. No.: +2757 – 452 4612/3

Mr. D Fransman

P.O. Box 88088



Tel. No. +2757 – 3941520

Mr. D. Wangra

United Apostolic Faith Church



Cell. No. +27-83-489-****

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