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Technical Support, Client Services, and Customer Success Leader

San Diego, CA
March 06, 2019

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Markus Klotzek

619-***-**** LinkedIn: MarkusKlotzek

Experienced Leader:

Technical Support • Client Services • Customer Success • Operations

Self-directed, systematic and organized leader with an over 20-year track record of success. Experienced in Technical Support, Client Services, Customer Success, and Operations management. Demonstrated expertise analyzing situations quickly, developing and implementing successful action plans. Experience managing complex projects successfully with multiple stakeholders across the world; completes projects on time and within budget. Proven ability to develop positive relationships within all levels of an organization.

Business Highlights

Strong leadership skills with talent for building cohesive, motivated team culture, providing great value to the business. Utilizing these skills to improve metrics (KPI’s) such as customer satisfaction, NPS, revenue, phone service levels, and more

Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to achieve a high level of credibility with individuals at all levels of internal and external organizations

Ability to establish a commanding presence, while being authentically fair-minded, attentive and communicative

Professional Experience

LeadCrunch (San Diego, CA) Jul 2018 to Nov 2018

Director, Client Success

oLed a team of 15 Client Success employees

oGrew a team of four Client Success Specialists and one Manager of Client Success in July to nine Client Success Specialists, four Client Success QA Specialists, one Client Success Operations Specialist, and one Manager in October

oCreated a new title structure to allow for internal promotion, growth, and recognition by adding Senior Client Success Specialist and Client Success Manager titles to the department

oIntroduced a new Client Success Operations Specialist role to manage our telemarketing vendor partner relationships

oReached company all-time high revenue goal of $1.1 million in September and an 85% re-booking rate for Q3 2018

oImproved interdepartmental communication and collaboration with Product, Engineering, Data Science, and Sales by creating weekly leadership one-on-ones, process improvement brainstorming sessions, and workflow shadowing

oReduced the number of telemarketing partner vendors from over 20 to the top 5 and implemented bi-weekly training calls and quarterly business reviews (QBRs) to improve lead quality and relationship, leading to a call quality score improvement of over 10%

oStarted key customer onsite visits and accomplished seven successful visits during my tenure, leading to increased customer loyalty

oRolled out a customer survey to measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), NPS, and Customer Effort Score (CES), resulting in a 93% CSAT score, 80% NPS, and 100% CES

Chirotouch (San Diego, CA) Feb 2016 to Apr 2018

VP, Client Services

oLed a team of 70 Client Services agents and managers, incl. Customer Support, Billing Support, IT Support, EHR (electronic health records) Support, eSupport (online customer experience), and Customer Success

oEnsured customers receive fast and exceptional assistance through all channels - phone, chat, online (web-to-case), and community self- help portal. Reduced customer phone wait times from over 1 hour in 2015 to 5 minutes on average in 2016 and 4.4 minutes in 2017. Lowered chat support wait time from over 10 minutes in 2015 to 1 minute in 2017. Raised previous customer satisfaction from 85% in 2015 to 95% in 2017. Decreased phone volume percentage from 48% in February of 2016 to 35% in Q1 of 2018 by utilizing more cost-effective channels such as chat support and online self-help

oGrew outsourced chat support team in the Philippines from 10 agents in 2016 to 18 in 2017 and 21 in 2018

oOptimized the usage of our tools and technologies such as, Avaya phone system, Tableau reporting, Office 365 (incl. Microsoft Teams), LogMeIn remote access

oDissolved previous IT Support department silo by bringing Customer Support and IT Support together via cross-training of agents and management structure change. Continuously cross-trained Support agents on all products to gain efficiency and flexibility on case handling

oDrove policies and procedures as well as support training projects to ensure up-to-date and consistent customer assistance

oImplemented a new, objectives based, annual review process to increase department productivity and employee accountability

oImproved community online portal (knowledgebase articles, new feature request submissions, online support case creations, customer webinar participation, and product update scheduling) to create an effortless self-help customer support experience

oCreated an “Implementation and Escalation” team in 2017 to improve quality and focus on product installations and updates, client data backups, and escalations to Development

oEnforced HIPAA regulations and adoption throughout the department

Mitchell International (San Diego, CA) Jan 2014 to Jan 2016

Director, Technical Support

oDrove BPO (Business Project Outsourcing) to vendor partner “Sykes Enterprises”, affecting approximately 66% of the department’s support structure, incl. all of TAC management. Project completed on 02/2015 which resulted in an in-house resource reduction from 82 employees to 43 and a complete turnover in TAC management by replacing three managers and two supervisors with three highly skilled and experienced managers. Additionally, I turned one original TAC Manager into a Vendor Partner Manager

oCoordinated and implemented business strategies to continuously improve the quality of support to customers. Improved NPS rating by 13.5%, reduced call abandon rate from 17% to 5%, improved phone service levels for “Insurance Support” from 69% to 89% (goal is 80%) and for “Repair Shop Support” from 41% to 85%

oControlled an annual budget of $6.8 million. Reduced business costs by 10% for cost per support case over the last 15 months

oContinued to hire quality in-house and remote employees as necessary, addressed and documented performance issues, provided performance reviews and facilitated professional development of TAC management team, cascading to all members of the TAC team, incl. Level 1, 2, and 3 support agents

oImplemented new and corrected out-of-date policies and procedures, ensuring technical team members are prepared for new software releases; interacted with Product and Development management to prioritize product bugs and design issues impacting customers

oHandled challenging customer escalations and acted as liaison with Product Management (PM), Development, Sales, Account Operation Management (AOM), and executive management to communicate customer needs (VOC) and feedback for future product revisions

oSuccessfully created a cohesive team culture between the new managers with a high level of team loyalty, focused on core business goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs)

oLed or assisted cross-functional teams in various projects. Projects included but not limited to: Identified changes that increased productivity (allowing shorter average phone talk times without sacrificing quality) and customer satisfaction by reducing customer effort

oProduct “Help” and website support tools: Worked in close collaboration with Technical Communications and the Enterprise Business Team (EBT) to improve customer self-help tools such as product “Help” and Mitchell support site online tools in order to avoid channel jumping

oPhone IVR re-design: Orchestrated a complete IVR re-design with the assistance of the EBT, Project Management, and Business Analyst teams to simplify and improve the customer phone experience by reducing the customer effort

oKPI measurement process: Produced and analyzed standard and ad-hoc reports either by myself, via TAC managers, or with the assistance of the Shared Services Group (SSG) on technical support utilization and trends; created and delivered presentations to executive management and key customers on progress and critical issue identification and provided “path to green” as necessary

oCo-managed new knowledge management and knowledge sharing efforts with our Knowledge Manager to improve online FAQs for customers, the internal knowledge base, and new hire training to improve customer experience (incl. next issue resolution) and loyalty

Websense, Inc. (San Diego, CA) Oct 2000 to Dec 2013

Sr. Manager, Technical Support

oResponsible for all phases of Technical Support management, including:

oIdentified and implemented business strategies to continuously improve the quality of support to customers and control business costs. Improved customer satisfaction rating by 17.5% and reduced hold time by over 40%

oHired quality employees, addressed and documented performance issues, provided performance reviews and facilitated technical and professional development of team members

oImplemented policies and procedures, ensuring technical team members are trained on new software releases; interacted with Engineering management to prioritize software bugs and design issues impacting customers

oHandled challenging customer situations for US Central and Canada and acted as liaison with Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and upper management to communicate customer needs, resolved key support issues and provided feedback for future software revisions

oLed teams of direct reports ranging from 15 to 35 employees, successfully created a cohesive team culture with a high level of team loyalty, focused on core business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)

oGuided cross-functional teams in various projects: Identified, prioritized and implemented changes (Taskforce Leader) that increased productivity and customer satisfaction and addressed issues for domestic and international support teams. Years of experience with, incl. implementation, sandbox testing, staged rollouts, feature change requests (notifications, email templates, reports, data usage), outage control, expert user

oStandardized escalation process to senior support technicians and Engineering across offices in US, EMEA and APAC, ensured escalated issues are resolved in a timely manner

oManaged KPI measurement process: Produced/analyzed standard and ad-hoc reports on technical support utilization and trends; created and delivered presentations to upper management on progress and critical issue identification

oChampioned and participated in knowledge-sharing efforts as the Technical Support team grew from under ten US employees in 2000 to over 200 employees worldwide in 2013; managed and maintained online FAQs for customers and the internal knowledge base

Education and Technical Skills

Education and Certifications

oBachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – BBA (German education confirmed by University of Phoenix)

oHelp Desk Manager Certification: 2003 - Help Desk Institute (HDI)

oSupport Manager Certification: 2007 - Service Strategies (SCP)

oWebsense Certified Systems Engineer WCSE and Websense Certified Web Security Engineer CWSE

o2017 AMP 4.0 – Advanced/Executive Management Program by K1 Investment Management

Technical Skills

oSoftware: Microsoft Office incl. 365, Google Sheets and Docs, SharePoint, FTP, Visio, CRM system (incl. Sandbox testing, staged rollout, feature change requests, outage control), NICE inContact and Avaya phone systems, MS SQL, Tableau

oOperating Systems: Windows Operating Systems, some Linux (RH) and Solaris, and latest Mac OS and iOS versions

oNetwork Administration: LAN/WAN, Routing/switching, TCP/IP, Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory, Radius, IIS, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Cisco, Netscreen Firewall, SonicWALL, Bluecoat, NetCache, and several others

oHardware: various desktops and laptops, printers, switches, hubs, routers, scanners, a wide variety of other peripherals, and various Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.)

Additional Training / Seminars

oThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program, Stephen R. Covey

oWhat Great Managers Do Differently, Leadership IQ – Trainer: Mark Murphy

o Additional seminars: Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader, Personnel Law for Managers, Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behavior, Successful Project Management, and more

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