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Power Plant Engineer

Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
12000 basic
March 03, 2019

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Electrical engineer (Transferable Iqama)

Cell phone # 009**-********* (KSA), 002*********** (Egypt)


Area of expertise

Project site Execution (E & I)

Project Quality control (E & I)

Testing & commissioning (E & I)

High voltage & Short circuit testing (type & routine testing in Lab)

Operation & maintenance of power equipment

Electric Power Supply and energy management

Shop drawing review

Modification of control circuit in switchgear and protection panels.

Testing software and networking


Knowledge of mechanical work (HVAC, Chilled water, Plumbing, and firefighting work.

ISO 9001 internal auditor


Project Execution Strategy - Project Controls

Project Reporting & Monitoring

QMS implementation at site

Team Building and workload distribution

Power equipment testing Techniques


Personal Skills

• Well versed with project management aspects

• Excellent problem solving and organizational skills.

• Able to communicate and interact with individuals of all levels.

•Proficient with technical report writing and correspondences.


Saudi Council of Engineering

Reg# 56185 dt-30-03-2011


Bachelor of Technology in Electrical (Power) 04 years.

Diploma of Associate engineer (power) 03 years.

Training & Certificate

Basic First Aid and fire fighting

Understanding of QMS

Risk Assessment Management


I am Professional Engineer having good experience in Power Plants, Substation, High rise building, Transmission and Distribution Projects, Vast experience in installation and Testing & Commissioning of Power Transformers, GIS, HV, MV Switchgears, Capacitor Banks, Reactors, Station Service Transformers, HV, MV and LV Cable, . Cable tray, Cable Ladder, ELV system, Fire alarm system, Earthing system, BMS, SCADA, DCS and DC system.

Flexible, motivated, goal oriented approach, Good team worker, able to communicate effectively with colleagues, demonstrate ability to act independently. Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English, Experience in multi-disciplinary co-ordination on projects, working knowledge of AutoCad, MS project, detailed knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Knowledge of Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Aramco and international standards.

Professional Experience:

1.ALFANAR Co. KSA, 01-Mar-2011 to present

Position: QA/QC Engineer – Electrical


1.1Banban Solar Park 1650 MW, Aswan, Egypt.

Client – Alfa solar/NREA

1.2Khurais Al Crude Increment Project RIC area Expansion

Client – Saudi Aramco

1.3PP# 13 Power plant 1800 MW CCPP, Durma, Riyadh

Client – Worley Parson /SEC

1.4Alfanar compound, Riyadh

Client – Alfanar Property Management

1.5King Abdullah Financial District, High rise building project Parcel 5.07 & 5.08, Riyadh

Client –RIC, Hill international and Omrania,


Supervise and monitor all type of Electrical/MEP works related activities and material.

Observes, witness, verify and record whether the quality of work being performed is satisfactory and in compliance with the approved documents.

Responsible for the activities of assigned construction engineers, such as the application of drawings, material, specifications.

Ensure that Project E&I activities are being carried out as per approved IFC Drawing and applicable standard and procedures including project technical specification

Review construction drawings and schedule .ensures preparation of “as built” drawings and other job plans.

Discuss and follow up all quality concerned issues raised by client.

Assists subordinate construction engineers and superintendents on daily basis for execution of site activities and note discrepancies and discuss with site team for rectification.

Coordinates with engineering design on constructability issues

Reviews and/or supervises, as assigned, the preparation of construction estimates, cost engineering studies, schedules and budgets.

Analyses assigned construction activities to determine the scope, time and resource requirements.

Coordinates the interfacing between the construction automation plan and the project controls program at the jobsite. Reviews project controls documents on progress relating to cost and schedule.

Involves punch listing in project closeout during initial acceptance and final acceptance.

Works with various functions to ensure the project achieves corporate goals set for environmental, safety & health, quality, cost, and schedule.

Review all transmittals of drawings and material.

QMS implementation, Project Quality Inspection, Quality related activities and its coordination to Client / Contractor and vendors Inspections.

Maintain system manuals, international & national standards, client specs, Technical data sheets & handbooks, product-range & component catalogues, copy of ITP and all relevant documents related to inspections.

Verify and assure accreditation, certifications, approvals and accolades along with profiles of vendors, external / third party or independent agencies.

Maintain quality records such as log book of the work performed, QA/QC Weekly report, internal inspection report, Non Conformance report (NCR), RFI Dashboard, Pro-active Log, Calibration Log.

Verification of test results, reporting and recommendation to QA/QC Manager for necessary actions.

Preparation of Checklists and RFI’S of all work done for Consultant approval, & Inspections.

Carry out / witness inspections and testing as per plan

Prepare ITP, Checklist and applicable MOS and implement during E&I inspection activities

Coordinate with consultant and construction department, company QA/QC personnel’s independent testing laboratories, vendor etc.

Supervise and monitor installation activities of MV & LV transformer, protection and control panel, switchboard, MCC, motor, Generators, ATS, BMU, UPS, Battery bank and battery charger, LV isolated bus bar, lighting system and small power system.

Monitor and supervise installation of earthing system, lightning protection and testing of earthing system.

Supervise and monitor the Installation activities of cable tray, raceway, and different type of conduit, cable ladder, MV/LV cable pulling with cable termination & splicing.

Conduct the Insulation resistance test and hi-pot test for MV cable after cable pulling.

Supervise & monitor cathodic protection system installation for water tanks.

Solar system installation and testing.

Supervise & monitor the Instrument and control related activities like (BMS) HVAC System, Fire protection and detection system, Access control system, Telecom System, PAGA.

Witness and verify the Continuity, Megger for Instrument and control cable and power light test, OTDR test for Fibber optic cable (single & multi-mode) and continuity test for telecom cable.

Witness the testing and commissioning activities and calibration of sensor through hot communicator.

Supervise testing and commissioning activities of MV switchgear and LV switchgear, protection panel.

Supervise testing and commissioning activities of Over current relay, Aux. relay, CT & VT, Transformer, transducer, meter, MV and LV circuit breaker, MV cables etc.

Implementing of final setting.

Testing and commissioning of fire alarm system, BMS and access control system.


Supervise and monitor the Installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of HVAC system (ducting, chilled water piping system, FCU, ERU, AHU, DX units).(hydro test, Flushing, smoke test, light test and pressure test), water supply system (copper pipes, PRV, pump room, filter etc.), plumbing system and firefighting system.

Familiar with international standard such SMECNA, ASHRAE, ASTM, DW and international standard code and ensure their implementation during execution and inspection of the mechanical activities.

2.Arabian BEMCO, KSA Dec 2007 – Dec 2010

Position: Electrical Engineer (T&C /Site engineer)


1.1Project – Construction of Power plant (PP9) 2700MW extension consist of C, D & F block (36 units).

Client – SEC

1.2Project – Substation S/S 8159 (132/380 kV)

Client – SEC

1.3Project – Substation S/S 9009 (132/380 kV)

Client – SEC

1.4Project – Bawat Substation (132/13.8 kV)

Client –SEC


Responsible for execution of Electrical and instrument related works to 2700MW Power Plant extension at RPP9 which included installation of DCS panel, server, network switches, cable pulling (power, control and fibber) and termination etc., Testing & commissioning and troubleshooting of all installed electrical equipment in power plant and substation.

Managed multiple engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning activities for various electro-mechanical systems, plant DCS system, SCADA and low current systems.

Forwarded requirements of design change, if any, to engineering department or vendor.

Reported to client SEC and Project Manager formally on regular basis and in weekly progress meetings regarding the Project status. Advised the required support and critical actions.

Reviewed the Project Schedules before approval and issuance internally & externally.

Established and implemented procedures for construction activities execution.

Implemented QA/QC and Safety plans at site up to the satisfaction of the client.

Monitored equipment installation and planning for delivery of construction materials and equipment.

Performed Testing & Commissioning activities of MV 13.8 KV & 4.16 KV Switch Gears, 480 LV Switchgears include complete Scheme Check, wiring check, Bus Bar Protection and functional Checks with Consultant.

Performed operation checks as per approved scheme of switchgear (480v, 4.16kv, 13.8kv, 132kv, 380kv) and verified local and remote (DCS and SCADA) functions.

Performed Testing & Commissioning of Control and protection Panel (ABB, GEDEC, GE, Siemens, Powercon), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), RMU, Earthing systems, DC Batteries & Charger system, UPS.

Performed testing of protection & Aux. Relay, Transducer, transmitter, Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer, Ammeter, Voltmeter,

Performed Insulation resistance test of wire and cables and all associated checks required by Consultant/witness.

Reviewed different protection schemes for 480v, 4.16kV, 13.8kV, S/S 132kV, S/S 380kV system and inter trip scheme b/w generation to substation.

Performed Functional checks of 132kv and 380kv GIS and GIB (Hyundai, ABB,) through local and remote mode.

Worked with General Electric (GE) Engineers in Installation& Commissioning of DCS MARK V1E (Start-up of DCS, Cold &Hot Loop Checks, Execution of Function Checks) of whole Plant.

Installed server and software (Complicity HMI 6.1 & Toolbox), configured TMR and dual controller (MARK VI, MARK VIe). Performed Testing and commissioning activities of controller and IO pack (AI, DI, DO and serial card) as per SAT.

Checked field alarm, indication and commands, changed the graphics in Cimplicity by editing software (GE and Foxboro system) as per client demand.

Helped in Designing of logics for DCS, networking for DCS with help of network switches, UTP cables and Fibber optic single and multimode cables.

Carry out functional Check of Alarms, Indication and Commands through SCADA system, allocation of letra as per IEC code.

Testing and commissioning of SCADA system up to FMK, SMK and RTU panel, field Alarms, Indication and Commands 380 KV & 132 KV Substation.

Prepared mark-up copy for all the Site drawings and sent for the As-Built drawings.

Tested fibber cable with help of power meter and OTDR.

Performed testing and commissioning activities of DC and UPS system, DC looping and its supervision.

Helped SEC maintenance team in Troubleshooting of faults.

Maintained High safety standards & quality procedures with plant running, Preventive, Predictive, Corrective & breakdown maintenance.

Prepared the work permits, isolations of equipment, lockout & hold tag procedure for maintenance Jobs, such as hot work permit, cold work permit, confined space entry work Permit.

Prepared the job procedures & job safety analysis for electrical jobs.

Planning, scheduling, coordination and direction of work as required, communication with client to meet the objectives of all highly complicated Engineering Programming phases.

Recommended the modification or new installation to improve the existing facilities and unify them in Wide frame. Initiate and coordinate with project engineer regarding the justification of Expected Cost and complete the payment request as required.

Key player in the Installation and Commissioning of all kind of control and safety systems.

Functional testing of Instruments and to diagnose faults using testing devices.

Performed Troubleshooting & minor / major repairing of all kind of electrical installation.

Active participation in modifications and new equipment installation. Identified priorities for power Plant maintenance.

3.High voltage and Short Circuit Lab, Pakistan July 2002 to Dec. 2007


Practically involved in Operation and maintenance of 11kV Motor Generator set (1MVA), 500kV transformer, Viscosity measuring instrument for oil, Flesh point, pour point measuring instrument for 0il, Hydrogen content meter for oil, 1800 kV and 180kj Impulse Generator, Partial Discharge Measurement set, Tan Delta and Capacitance measurement Unit, Control Panel of all machines used in testing, High Speed Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies and Different type of instruments use in testing,High current Shunt,control panels and high voltage divider etc.

Performed all type of QA/QC tests with accordance to IEC, ANSI, IEEE, ASTM, and WAPDA specifications on different type of Transformers (Power & Distribution), Transformer oil, Different type of 11 kV and low voltage Switch Gear panels, 415 volts to 500 kV PT and CVT, Low and high voltage Cables, Surge Arrestors, Capacitors, Conductor, Insulators, Auto Transfer Switches, drop out Cut Out, Termination Kits, Joint and Splices etc. Manufactured by National and International Companies.

H.V Tests.

Lightning impulse.

Switching impulse.

Power frequency test.

Induced over voltage.

Rain test.

Partial Discharge test.

Capacitance & Tand test.

RIV test.

Heating cycle.

Hydrogen content measurement.

Insulator Puncture test.

Short circuit tests.

Calculation of transformer losses.

Temperature rise.

Energy meter test.

Resistance measurement test.

Temperature rise test of transformer.

Thermal Short circuit testing of transformers, CT.

Load losses of transformer


Zero sequence test

Accuracy of energy meter and different other test.

4.Islamabad Electric supply company, Pakistan Dec-2001 to July-2002

Position: Line Superintendent


Estimation of Line Losses.

Monitoring of feeder and maintenance

Assessment of load for new connection

Load management

Customer care makes arrangement to close the complaints.

Preparing maintenance and meter reading schedule.

Drafting of reports.


Urdu, Arabic and English.

Personal details:

Father’s Name : Zahid Muhammad

Date of Birth : December 01, 1980

Gender : Male

Religion : Islam

Passport No : JJ1150403

Nationality : Pakistan

Iqama No : 224-***-****

Address in Pakistan : House#412 sector#1 KTS Dist. Haripur, Pakistan

Home Phone No. : 009*-***-******

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