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Senior Quantity Surveyor

Doha, Doha, Qatar
February 28, 2019

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Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Glenn has a sound and solid

understanding of pre and post

contract activities; having almost 14

years of robust cost consultancy

experience in the construction

industry, focusing on all types of

market sectors.

Career highlights

Following involvement in the energy industry as a power plant piping designer and staff engineer, Glenn has been involved in the QS practice since 2005; commencing his experience in the Philippines as part of the QS Mechanical Department in Davis Langdon and Seah. Glenn has been seconded to Davis Langdon branch offices abroad to act as a QS support for countries like South Korea and Qatar before permanently relocating to Qatar in 2009. Glenn is currently a Senior Quantity Surveyor since 2016 as part of AECOM’s Programme, Cost and Consultancy (PCC)


Glenn is experienced in all aspects of pre- and post- contract duties including estimating, cost planning, contract administration, preparation of contract documents through to finalization of accounts, and advising on contractor’s claims on a wide variety of projects.

Glenn’s market sector experience comprises of more than 130 projects which include horizontal and vertical structures such as offices, residential, retail, education, leisure, aviation and several infrastructure projects.

Summary of experience

Prepares, evaluates, negotiates, communicates and

provides pre and post contract activities such as listed below for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil works for vertical and horizontal structures

Cost estimating and cost planning

Value engineering

Interim valuation

Variations’ evaluation

Pre-tender estimating

Tender documentation and evaluation

BOQ preparation

Contract preparation

Cost reporting and control

Contract administration

Attends workshops and meetings

Manpower allocation for fee generation

Project monitoring and inspection

Final Account Preparation

Prominent Projects

The following below are few of the projects he has been involved with (Please ask for Appendix 1 for all the projects, if required):

Offices - QP District, Zuellig

Stadia - Al Rayyan and Khalifa

Several roads and highways projects

Mixed Used Development - Heart of Doha

Aeronautics – Amiri Hangar and Hamad

International Airport, Hong Kong Concourse

Leisure - Oxygen Park, Al Shaqab, Lulu Island,

Banana Island, Anvaya Cove, The Temple

Malls – Marina Mall, Ayala Malls, Pacific Mall, SM

Education – Ashgal Schools, American School,

Museums – Heritage Houses, Qatar

Residences & Hotels - Sondo Apartment Blocks,

Shangri-La, Poro Point

Power Plants – Conoco Phllips SZORB, Ras

Laffan, ECS Refinery

Glenn Zabala MScSurv BSc ME

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Professional History

2016 - Present


Senior Quantity Surveyor

2009 - 2015

AECOM Qatar (Davis Langdon)

Quantity Surveyor

2005 - 2009

Davis Langdon & Seah Philippines Inc.

Quantity Surveyor

2004 - 2005

Epson Precision Philippines Inc.

Staff Engineer


Fluor Daniel Inc. Philippines

Drafter / Piping Engineer

Academic Training

MSc in Surveying (University

College of Estate Management, UK)

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

(Mapua Institute of Technology,



Registered Mechanical Engineer

PSME, Regular Member

PICQS, Affiliate Member

RICS (Candidate)

Country Experience


South Korea (secondment only)




Languages (Spoken & Written)

English, Tagalog

Date of Birth

17 December 1981

Contact Information


Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Listed below are few selected projects he has been involved with to demonstrate his overall experience as a Quantity Surveyor:

Senior Quantity Surveyor


Phase 1B and 1C Heart of Doha

Project Details

The scheme is a mixed used site wide development at the heart of Qatar's capital city; comprising of several offices, townhouses, apartments, amenities, hotel, civil buildings, schools, mosques and cultural forums (a total of 56 buildings in these phases). It has a combined GIA of 550,000 m



Post-Contract Works (2016 to 2018)

Undertake assessments associated with the potential cost implication of Client-driven proposed design changes

(PDC) prior to the issuance of Engineer’s instructions for Variations and Contractor’s Change Notices; ensuring that the evaluation of Cost is in accordance with the Conditions of Contract.

Evaluate the Contractor’s cost proposals pertaining to events which it either deems to be Variations to the contracted Works or actual Client-driven changes, based on ample scrutiny of its entitlement in accordance with the Conditions of Contract, design information, Specifications and any other pertinent information related to the claimed event from the Project Manager and/or Architect/Supervision Consultant.

Update the project lead regarding the financial status of variations and estimates to date, in aid of the preparation for the monthly Contract Administration reports that provide the anticipated final account.

Assist in the preparation of the phase’s Final Account by providing estimates associated with non-compliance reports, remaining disagreed variations, and costs to complete assessments based on current physical conditions on site; which will be consolidated to form the forecasted amount issued to the Client

Engage in consultations with the Project Manager and Design Consultants to clarify elements associated with the Variations issued to the Contractor and facilitates meeting with the Contractor for clarification and reconciliation of Variation works; to ensure that all Parties have the same understanding of the issues involved and that any unclear information can be mitigated.

Request quotations from several suppliers to check and ascertain the commercial marketability of new elements included within the Variations/Engineer’s Instruction which will be used as the baseline comparison against Contractor’s claim for additional payment; to ensure that the Contractor is proposing competitive prices in his proposal.

Ensures that the demarcation and scope of works of each Contractor and packages are properly delineated to prevent duplication in recovery of costs; and that inter-relationships are properly considered while administering the Contract.

Prepare payment application certifications of the General Contractor and several Sub-contractors for Phase1B packages, certified based on verification of time logs, daily report logs, invoices, approved construction report, site progress and contract agreements; ensure that the Employer achieves the value of money it has paid for’. Senior Quantity Surveyor


ExxonMobil Project

Project Details

The project focuses on the renovation and full fit-out works for one (1) whole floor office. Approximate design development

(DD) cost.

Pre-Contract Works (August 2017)

Manage the consolidation of project estimates including front end documentation based on relevant data pertaining to the design stage.

Conduct QA/QC such as bulk checks and arithmetical checks; to ensure that the document submission is complete based on the Client’s requirements.

Prepare the detailed cost estimate of MEP works by approximating quantity based on specific design criteria and calculated assumption when there are no available layout and only the project requirements are provided; to ensure that the estimated cost has the highest degree of certainty despite incomplete design layouts

Coordinate and liaise with the design consultants prior to commencement of estimating works to understand what is required; present the end value of the estimate including considerations undertaken to the design consultant, in aid of the presentation of construction cost to the Client

Reports to the associate in charge regarding status of the exercise undertaken to ensure that the envisioned approach is implemented and the timeline for deliverables are achieved. Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Senior Quantity Surveyor


Phase 4 Heart of Doha

Project Details

The project is a 132,000 GIA mixed used development within the Heart of Doha. It is comprised of residences, apartments, offices, hotel, and medical clinics.

Pre-contract Works (2011 to 2018)

Prepare cost estimates for mechanical works from schematic design (SD) stage to pre-tender estimate (PTE); in aid of the Client’s management and regulation of cost for the system with a high degree of certainty.

Assist the Associate in charge of the project in estimating potential resources requirement through provision of man-hours to be spent in every design stage including updates regarding acquired hours to ensure that every deliverable is achieved.

Manages the mechanical team through delegation of tasks and checking the quality of the works provided by the team.

Devises a strategy prior to commencement of the exercise to minimize re-work and Client complaints.

Coordinates with the other project trade leads regarding any updates, clarifications, and hindrances encountered during the process; to formulate a single approach regarding considerations across all disciplines, assuring consistency in methodology undertaken.

Request quotations from suppliers for new items and creates a specific mechanical database applicable for the project.

Organize query logs comprising of technical clarifications to be addressed by the design consultants to ensure that tracking information sheets are available to team members.

Assists in preparing a sustainability assessment for LEED and QGBC accreditation of the project.

Prepares cost studies for specific processes and system from the value engineering list provided by the design consultants, i.e. changing material specifications of pipework, change in water heating system (solar to electric source) and change in HVAC system (centralized chilled water to split type and/or packaged type AHU).

Assess and evaluate tender returns in terms of quantities, rates, amount and any errors or missing information from contractor’s bid; to ensure the Client receives ample feedback regarding suitability of each tenderers prior to selection of Contract award.

Coordinate with the design consultants via teleconference and impromptu face-to-face meetings on site; request confirmation on calculated assumptions regarding technical considerations undertaken in the absence of a fully, laid-out, detailed design.

Address technical clarifications regarding Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection systems from the tenderers to clarify or lessen any ambiguity; in aid of the Client’s project manager facilitation of the tender bidding process Senior Quantity Surveyor


QS043 Rawdat Rashed Road QS042 Salwa Link Road and QS043 Industrial Offsite Area Project Details

These are infrastructure projects like highways, roads, round-about and treatment plants managed by the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Ashgal Public Works Authority (PWA) QS043 Rawdat Rashed Road DD estimate (approximately 120,000 m 2

), QS042 Salwa Link Road DD estimate

(approximately 400,000 m


) and QS043 Industrial Offsite Area DD estimate (approximately 3,000,000 m 2


Pre-contract Works (2015 to 2017)

Prepare cost estimates for the whole surface, foul and water installations of the project. Quantities are assessed based on drawings and/or calculated assumptions based on previous and similar projects; using CESMM3 and project’s internal coding system.

Engage in consultations with Design Consultants to clarify composition of the project’s requirement and clarify any ambiguous or conflicting issues.

Manage the team in producing a cost estimate by providing all the information required and consolidate all estimates from all colleagues working for the project.

Manage and coordinate the anticipated and utilized man-hours during the estimate; to ensure that the used man- hours are in accordance with the Project Manager’s projected cash flow.

Prepare front end documentation like executive summary, detailed assessment, cost per square meter and other miscellaneous requirements in line with the project deliverable.

Prepare and compute bulk check reports especially on major cost drivers for quality assurance and control.

Prepare necessary notes, inclusions, exclusions and drawing lists associated with the project; to ensure that design considerations are effectively conveyed in aid to future exercises. Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Quantity Surveyor

Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company

Amiri Flight Hangar

Project Details

The project pertains to a fully air conditioned warehouse facility with offices to house amiri aircrafts. It requires approximately 200,000 m



Pre-contract Works (2014 to 2016)

Provide cost estimate during Design Development and Tender design stage.

Prepare cost estimates though approximating quantities and calculated assumptions during early DD stages and detailed measurement up to TD stage.

Manage deliverables for all mechanical works through delegation and coordination with mechanical team members; devising a plan for the whole team to efficiently produce a high quality estimate.

Prepare rate build-ups and organize database as back-up prior to estimate submission.

Coordinate and update progress of the exercise with the project lead to ensure that the project will be finished on time and with high quality.

Coordinate with the designers and project managers for brainstorming technical information associated with the project to make sure that everything will be considered.

Report the anticipated and actual man-hours used by the mechanical team for company’s budget allocation.

Undertake cost studies i.e. changes in the Specifications requirement of piping materials on Plumbing and Fire Protection System.

Ensure that the quality of works done by the mechanical team is of high quality through bulk checks on cost drivers and arithmetical checks.

Quantity Surveyor

Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company

Heritage Houses

Project Details

The project is comprised of a massive EID Prayer ground, Mosque, and (4) Four Heritage Houses that will be used for exhibition purposes. It has an 8,100 m



Post Contract Works (2012 to 2014)

Prepare cost estimates for civil and MEP works prior to submission of Engineer's Instruction; ensuring that any cost associated with the changes are based on the Contract and within the Client’s budget.

Evaluate contractor's monthly interim submission for payment certification through site walks, evaluating bill of quantities and the Contract.

Maintain an updated log for estimates and variation works to properly monitor and clearly identify outstanding works required to be considered for future assessments.

Liaise and coordinate with the Associate in-charge for the preparation of cost reports by providing all the details and related financial issues associated with the project.

Engage in coordination meetings regarding project updates and progress with the Client, contractors, project managers, site engineers, designers and consultants.

Undertake value engineering exercise for electrical lighting and structural works.

Evaluate contractor’s cost proposals for variation works in accordance with the Contract through measurement and assessment of all pertinent facts associated with the proposal

Facilitate reconciliation meetings with contractors for clarification of claims and site progress.

Evaluate the validity of Request for Information (RFI) forms to ensure if such should be considered as a variation to the works.

Request quotations and additional information from suppliers to ensure that the product can be used in the project and that its costs are within the current market range.

Analyze and evaluate the delineation of scope of works of each packages and contractors; to ensure that no duplication of recovery in costs is considered

Activation and utilization of nominated sub-contractor’s contracts on works included in the Contract; to ensure that the payment received are as per Contract.

Provide risk allowances and contingencies during preparation of estimates which will provide better financial cushion on uncertain issues that might affect the Budget.

Utilizes technological tools such as Constructware, Microsoft Offices programs and internet on administering the Contract and within preparation of cost estimate.

Upheld the philosophy or doctrine of a valid contract; making sure that rates, percentages and procedures will be in accordance with the Contract.

Evaluate several variations on civil and building services trades in accordance with the Contract and QSMM.

Prepare all the information being and/or will be used prior to Main Contract signing between the Client and the Main Contractor; ensuring that all the terms, correspondences, drawings, Conditions of the Contract, appendices and stamps are fully coordinated and considered.

Attend dry-run steering committee meetings which aim to ensure that the Client will be able to acquire budget from the government smoothly and advises on financial issues associated with topics considered in the meeting. Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Quantity Surveyor

Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company

Supreme Education Council (Qatar’s education department’s main office), Al Luqta Villa Complex (Residential Apartments and townhouses) and Umm Ghuwalina Tower (Apartments) Project Details

These projects are for loan monitoring purposes; to ensure that the project’s assets and progress (as collateral) will be able to shoulder the loan being applied and/or acquired from the bank in case the Contractor and/or the Employer becomes insolvent. Our Client is Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ). Post Contract Works

Undertake assessment on the progress of the works through site visits.

Coordinate with the project managers on the update of the project and any substantial issues that might affect the progress of the project

Prepare progress report including all necessary substantiation such as photos and cash flow chart.

Update the Director in-charge on the status of the project and the report prior to submission to the Client.

Consolidate and check reports prepared by my colleagues prior to submission for quality assurance purposes. Quantity Surveyor

Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company

Phase 1B and 1C Heart of Doha

Project Details

Same as above.

Surveyor’s Involvement

Pre-construction Works (2010 to 2012)

Prepare BOQs for all Mechanical trades for buildings and per design stage.

Coordinate progress of works and updates utilized man-hours with the Associate in charge.

Manage the team working with me while producing the BOQ.

Provide answers on any tender clarification queries associated with my works.

Provide a cost estimate by consolidating all works delegated on me and pricing it accordingly.

Coordinate with the Designers for project's orientation and clarification of the available information and Client's requirement.

Several Projects (Outstanding works only)


Surveyor’s Involvement

Measure and prepare pre and post construction cost estimates for civil components like finishes, doors, and concrete works for Heritage houses, HOD Ph1B & Ph1C, Amiri Flight Hangar and Al Rayyan stadium.

Measure and prepare pre and post construction cost estimates for electrical system like Mains, power, lighting, security, communications, FDAS, Earthing, Lightning, ICT and BMS systems for projects like HOD projects, Qatar Foundation Offices and ExxonMobil offices.

Creates punch list and assess progress of works through visual inspection prior to turn-over to the Client of the AL Khor Housing development.

Provide assessment on the risks associated with the project as per recommendation of the project managers and designers in the risk register.

Create benchmarking database for highly efficient estimates. Zabala, Glenn Sena

BScME, MScSurv

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Philippines’ Experience Summary

Davis Langdon & Seah Philippines Inc.

In the Philippines, I was able to work on all pre- and post-construction works (under all 3 departments as below) for most of the projects the company was commissioned to work with. My expertise and work experience here are for mechanical works listed below.

Water Installations

Potable Water System

Non-potable / Grey Water System

Hot Water / Solar Installations

Irrigation System

Swimming Pool Installations

Engineering Installations

Condensate Drain Installations

Refrigerant Piping System

Chilled Water Installations

Air Conditioning System

Ventilation System

Rainwater Installations Fire Protection System

Sanitary Installations Conveying System

Special Systems (i.e. davit, monorails, and the


Department 1 of 3 BOQ Team

Provide a detailed bill of quantities for all mechanical works for all construction sector including horizontal and vertical types of structures both international and domestic projects.

Assess and evaluate specifications and client's brief or narratives prior to measurement.

Provide the project team lead the anticipated time required for the project and updates him on the used man-hours.

Attend meetings with the designers and the Client for project's orientation, updates and any issues that need attention.

Department 2 of 3 Post Contract Team

Report to the project lead my assessment on the project's progress for Mechanical Works prior to Interim Valuation

Visit sites for any walk through with the designers and project managers.

Coordinate and negotiate with contractors for any claims on variation works.

Assess variations on a Cost Plus or Lump Sum Contract Department 3 of 3 Estimating Team

Provide cost estimate for all construction stages; with or without any plan layout.

Request quotations from various suppliers and maintains good relationships with them.

Assist in completing the annual cost handbook

Attend coordination meeting with project managers, project developers, designers and architect.

Create an estimate through approximating quantities of all mechanical trades.

Provide value engineering estimates for all mechanical trades as requested by the Client.

Assists in creating a yearly database for all associated mechanical items to have a fast and efficient procedure of pricing any succeeding projects estimating purposes.

Report with the team all the updates associated with the project.

Create and prepares database for benchmarking exercise to maintain a properly substantiated and high quality estimates

Staff Engineer

Epson Precision Philippines Inc.

2004 – 2005

Prepare and provide the following activities below:

Manpower allocation

Production of die cast mold products

Supervision of Manpower and Deliverables

Drafter / Designer

Fluor Daniel Inc. Philippines


Prepare and provide the following activities below:

Draft, layout and design piping system for Power Plant

Coordinates and reports to supervisors

Projects - International:

Conoco Philips S Zorb Sulfur Removal technology, Louisiana, USA


Paul Kavanagh

Senior Manager

Contracts & Claims

Msheireb Properties Qatar

Ian Mescall


Program Cost Consultancy


Hannes Joubert

Associate Director

Program Cost Consultancy


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