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Maintenance Quality

San Antonio, Texas, United States
February 21, 2019

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Neha S. Gajera


To work in a challenging but professional atmosphere which shall enable me to keep in touch with emerging technologies, and provide scope for widening the spectrum of my knowledge and thus serve the organization with my expertise and hard work.


Advanced levels of proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Windows version 95/98/XP/Vista/10.


Molecular biology

•Gene cloning


•Recombinant strain development for expression of various enzymes in bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

•Transformation of E.coli and yeast

•Gene isolation, vector construction

•Protein expression studies

•Recombinant expression system-bacterial, yeast and fungi

•Screening, isolation

•Worked on pichia pastoris (yeast) for strain improvement in lipase enzyme


•Screening and selection of various enzyme producing micro-organisms of commercial importance.

•Strain improvement using Chemical and UV mutagenesis.

•Maintenance of pure cultures.

•Selection and optimization of culture conditions for bulk production of enzymes.

•Study and evaluate the effect of culture conditions on enzyme production.

Protein/Enzyme Detection, separation and purification

•Electrophoresis :- SDS PAGE, Native PAGE

•Protein precipitation techniques

•Qualitative detection of enzyme in polyacrylamide gel using Zymogram

•Partial purification of proteins.

•Protein quantitation: Bradford method, Lowry Method, UV spectroscopy

Analytical techniques

•Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of a number of enzymes. A few are Cellulases, proteases, Pectinases, Xylanases, Glucosidases, Lactase, Nuclease, Phytase, Lipases, etc. according to various guidelines

Enzyme characterization

•Substrate screening and optimum concentration.

•Determination of kinetic parameters Km, Vo, Vmax, Reaction rate determination, etc.

•Effect of Temperature on activity and stability of enzyme.

•Effect of pH on activity and stability of enzyme.

•Effect of activators/inhibitors.

Microbiology Skills

•Water testing.

•Environment monitoring test by settle plate.

•Microbial media preparation, modification, optimization etc.

•Media suitability and Growth promotion test

•Pure culture screening, isolation, handling, maintenance

•Biochemical tests for microorganisms identifications


Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat India 06/2014 – 09/2018

Research Associate

Roles and Responsibilities:

•Screening and selection of microorganism for industrially important enzymes

•Application specific performance evaluation of potential producers and develop commercially viable and economic processes for bulk production

•Immunoassay development, optimization and validation

•Perform experiments and assays to support product troubleshooting and QC

•Antibody purification and conjugation

•Incoming material inspection and testing

•Labels and products inspection

•Maintain and track supplies and raw material inventory

•Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prepare buffers, reagents and Immunoassay kits

•Coordinate with outside contractors on lab equipment calibration, maintenance and repair

•Communicate with team members and external collaborators

•Perform mammalian cell culture, qPCR, ELISA, and cell-based assays

•Maintain lab notebook maintenance and perform general lab maintenance

•Learn new techniques, plan and execute experiments, and provide input on data interpretation and troubleshooting

•Support assay qualification and development activities

•Performing bacterial growth and plating assays to improve genome editing

•Designing, constructing, and purifying plasmids containing genome editing reagents

•Conducting molecular and biochemical assays with purified proteins

•Perform all work in compliance with company policy and within the guidelines of BioFire Defense Quality System.

•Performs diagnostic tests using PCR to check the functionality of several different instruments produced by BioFire.

•Responsible for research and/or development in collaboration with others for assigned projects.

•Performs lab duties and experiments.

•Collects and analyze data relating to real-time PCR.

•Contributes to project process within his/her scientific discipline.

•Responsible for maintaining instrument history quality control records.

•Responsible for developing and revising instrument quality control procedures, involving controlled Word and Excel documents.

•Ensures that laboratory notebook for assigned projects/experiments are maintained in accordance with the BioFire Defense Employment Handbook.


Bangalore University, India 08/2011 – 07/2013

Master’s Degree in Science Biotechnology

Padmashree Institute of Management & Sciences, Karnataka, India 06/2007 – 03/2011

Bachelor’s Degree in Science Biotechnology

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