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Engineer Customer Service

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
February 19, 2019

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Brad Schultz

*** ***** **. *****

Portage La Prairie, MB



PROFILE SUMMARY: Accomplished Second Class Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the industry and highly safety-oriented. Possesses expertise in steam and gas turbines, boilers, refrigeration and air compressors, preventative maintenance programs, co-generation systems and steam and cooling distribution. Resourceful, analytical and detail-driven with capabilities in completing multiple requirements according to deadlines. Obtained customer service and leadership training which increased level of interpersonal and communication skills, and works effectively with co-workers, management and customers.


Boundary Dam Power Station- Operate ash removal equipment, troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance on said systems.

. Operated 3-150MW turbo-generator sets and 1 300MW turbo-generator set, these were coal fired boilers and the 300MW Boiler had twin furnace. Inspected various pumps, air compressors, fans, and other auxiliary equipment associated with these turbo-generator sets.

. Inspect superheater, reheater and water wall sections of boilers for slagging conditions and operated sootblowers and water lances accordingly.

Queen Elizabeth Power Station- Operated 2 66MW turbo-generator sets, which were natural gas fired and used bunker C oil as a backup fuel, inspected the various auxiliary equipment involved with these turbo-generator sets.

. Maintained records and log books at both plant locations and passed on relevant information to next shift.

. Involved with commissioning of six 28MW Hitachi H25 Gas Turbines, working directly with Hitachi personnel from Japan.

. Involved with commissioning of six Once- through-steam-generators that worked in tandem with the gas turbines to supply steam to the two 66MW steam turbines in the old plant, Helped in de-commissioning of the two 66MW boilers in the old plant.

. Involved with commissioning of three 38MW Hitachi H35 Gas Turbines, working directly with Hitachi personnel from Japan. This involved tripping tests, balancing of turbine rotors and finding proper burner firing sequences for maximum efficiency.

. Performed various PM’s and reported any problems to the appropriate departments using the SAP operating system.

. Participated in “ super-shifts “ which enabled the opportunity to operate the entire plant. This included manning the panels in control room, working two different areas on the floor, or being the floater which operated the pump house and provided assistance to wherever help was needed.

Lamb Weston Foods- Operated two 60,000ib/hr Nebraska Boilers to supply saturated steam for use in the process of producing French fries and hash browns.

. Operated auxiliary equipment: Feed pumps, High Pressure hot water pumps for use in sanitizing equipment, high and low pressure condensate return pumps, air compressors, water softeners and de-alkalizers for water treatment and followed a chemical treatment program that was designed specifically for food production.

. Performed rounds of various heat exchangers and accumulators throughout the plant and recorded any problems.

Prince Albert Pulp Mill- Operate a 90,000lb/hr hog fuel boiler to provide steam to a 22MW back pressure steam turbine to produce power to sell to the provincial power grid.

. Supervised two Third Class Power Engineers, two Millwrights, one Dual Trade Electrician/instrumentation mechanic, and one apprentice instrument mechanic on a 12 hour shift: led daily safety and tailboard meetings.


Lamb Weston- Operated main refrigeration system which was rated at 2500 Tonnes and held 55,000 pounds of liquid ammonia. The system consisted of four low stage pressure ammonia compressors and two high stage pressure ammonia compressors, one medium pressure ammonia compressor which cooled the day freezer, all for the main product line, plus two low stage compressors for the spiral freezer which was used to freeze hash browns

. Performed rounds of various main and auxiliary equipment for refrigeration system including ammonia pumps and vessels, main purger, batter chillers, ammonia coils in various locations, rooftop Condenser fans, condenser water pumps, thermo-siphon oil cooling system for ammonia compressors and a sub-cooler.

. Assisted Chief Engineer in planning of short term shutdowns, usually 24-48 hours every third week for sanitation purposes of production area of plant, write and perform LOTO’s, confined space permits, hot work permits, and safe work plan permits for plant staff and outside contractors.

. Start Up and Shutdown of entire steam and refrigeration systems to accommodate these shutdowns.

. Supervise one Third Class Power Engineer on shift.

. Maintain records and logbooks


. Experience in operating SAP, Maximo and JDE operating systems

. Ten plus years of operating DCS systems, mostly DeltaV but Pro-Voxx as well.

. Five plus years operating PLC systems for steam and refrigeration.

. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Office experience.

. Confined Space, WHMIS, TDG, First Aid including AED, and Harassment free Workplace training.


SaskPower: November 1988 to April 2011

Prince Albert Pulp: August 2012 to December 2012

Lamb Weston: February 2013 to October 2017

Simplot Canada: September 2018 to December 2018


Mount Royal Collegiate: September 1977 to June 1981

SIAST: September 1985 to May 1986 Power Engineering

Obtained Third Class Power Engineer Certificate in June of 1989

Obtained Second Class Power Engineer Certificate in September of 1996


Jim Knelsen Burke Bechtel

First Class Power Engineer First Class Power Engineer

403-***-**** 403-***-****

Dominick Zimmerman

Plant Manager- DAPP Power



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