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Assistant Chemistry

Brookings, South Dakota, United States
February 16, 2019

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Sonali R. Pandey *


South Dakota State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1055 Campanile Avenue, Brookings, SD-57007., PROFILE SUMMARY

• Ph.D. candidate in Analytical Chemistry with a demonstrated record of productivity through multiple awards, and presentations at scientific meetings.

• A confident and motivated individual with interdisciplinary training in pharmaceutical sciences, analytical chemistry, and food sciences. Expertise in projects involving all aspects related analytical development for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural products.

• Hands-on experience in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of various analytical equipment, extraction techniques, sample preparation, method development, validation, calibration and wet chemistry techniques.

• Proficient in performing data analysis through various programs and laboratory software.

• Experience in authoring and analyzing reports, intretation of result, validation (BCC and AOAC), and technical documents, standard operating procedures (SOP) through GMPs or GLP.

• A natural flair for leadership, enthusiastic team player and excellent communication skills developed through professional experiences, extracurricular projects, and managing research. EDUCATION

Ph.D. (Chemistry), July 2015-May 2019.

Major: Analytical Chemistry, South Dakota State University (SDSU). M.S. (Chemistry), Aug 2010-Sep 2012.

Department of Chemistry, Western Illinois University, Macomb-IL. Major: Organic Chemistry

B. Pharm., Aug 2005-May 2009.

Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune University, Maharashtra-India TECHNICAL/EXPERIMENTAL SKILLS

Analytical Techniques: Product/Physicochemical characterization, Viscometer, Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), Iosthermal titration calorimetry (ITC).

Spectroscopy: UV-Visible, FTIR, MS and NMR.

Chromatography: GC-MS(ESI/CI), HS-GC-MS, HS-SPME-GC-MS, UHPLC, HPLC, LC-MS, SFC. Extraction: ASE, SPE, MAE and SPME

Purification: Experienced in purification of organic compounds using crystallization, distillation and different chromatographic techniques like column chromatography and preparative chromatography. Organic synthesis: Experienced in carrying out various organic synthetic reactions like heterocyclic synthesis, functional group protection, deprotection, total synthesis and multistep synthesis. Operating systems and other software’s: Windows, Microsoft office suite, Endnote, Agilent ChemStation/Masshunter, Thermo Dionex Chromeleon 6.80, Thermo Omnic, ChromQuest 4.0, ChemDraw 3D, Open Eye, Chem Office.


Dissertation focus:“Application of Analytical Techniques in Food Product Development”. Sonali R. Pandey 2

1. Investigate the shelf-life of food product (horseradish sauce) and factors affecting the shelf-life such as ingredient, storage temperature, and harvest season. Worked with a food manufacturing company to study the factors affecting the shelf-life/flavor and overall quality of the final food product.

2. Determination of antioxidant (resveratrol) in wines and grapes of different varieties grown in northern climate.

Stuying the levels of antioxidant in wines made from grapes grown in South Dakota and studied whether growing season and colder climates impact the antioxidant levels. 3. Study the interaction between lipid classes and a newly developed sorbent, Enhanced Matrix Removal (EMR-Lipid). (collaborative project with Agilent Technologies Inc.). Investigating the binding capacity of Captiva EMR-Lipids towards the different classes of lipids in order to remove the matrix effect in food analysis of samples with lipids . PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES

1. Research Assistant-Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI): Marshall-MN.

(Aug 2018-present)

Key responsibilities:

• Analytical and compositional data for food, meat, coproducts and renewable fuels/bio-diesel using various separation and analytical techniques.

• The focus is to develop sensitive, accurate and reproducible analytical methods.

• Actively participate in conference calls, meetings, and project initiative reports.

• Provide a detailed analysis of the value-added pathways to staff and external resources.

• Used analytical methods in accordance with BCC and AOAC. 2. Facilitator, Core Campus Instrumentation Facility: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SDSU, (May-Aug 2018). Key responsibilities:

• Assisted in installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and operation of instruments.

• Preparation of SOPs, conducting training and supervision of users on various instruments. 3. Intern-Quality control, Quality assurance and Product development Pfizer Ltd, Mumbai, India. (Oct 2007).


1. Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SDSU (July 2015-May 2018). Course taught:

CHEM 106, General Chemistry CHEM108, Organic and Biochemistry CHEM 114, General Chemistry II CHEM 115, Atomic/Molecular Structure CHEM 322, Analytical Chemistry CHEM 329, Organic Chemistry III CHEM 237, Intermediate Lab investigation Training/Lab teaching of LC/MS 2. Chemistry Instructor:

Spoon River College, Macomb and Canton-IL, (Aug-Dec 2014). Courses: General Organic Biochemistry (CHEM 160) and College Chemistry (CHEM 170). 3. Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Western Illinois University, Macomb-IL, (Aug 2011-May 2012). Courses: Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM331 and CHEM332). 4. Trainee Pharmacist:

Apollo Pharmacy Mumbai, India (June 2009 -June 2010). Sonali R. Pandey 3


1. Certification from ACS on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy, 2018-CO. 2. Certified Associate Spectroscopist from Society for Applied Spectroscopy-SAS, 2018. 3. Graduate Teaching Certificate of Excellence-2016. Awarded for excellence in teaching. SELECTED AWARDS AND FELLOWSHIPS (Out of >5 awards/honors) 1. Fellowship for the ACS Mid-West Women Retreat Chemist, 2018-Iowa. 2. 2nd Place-Poster award-ACS Sioux Valley Section-Annual Graduate and Undergraduate Chemistry Research Symposium, 2018-SD.

3. ACS Sioux Valley Section Sponsored Travel Award ($500). Awarded only to 3 abstracts submitted to ACS symposium-2018-SD.

SELECTED PRESENTATIONS (Out of >10 presentation in scientific meetings) 1. “Wine: When The Vines Are Too Cold And Too Warm. Resveratrol Content in Wines From Northern Climate”, SciX conference 2018, Atlanta, GA and Minnesota Chromatography Forum, 2018 MN. (Oral)

2. “Investigation of Binding Affinity of Polymer-Hydrophobic Compounds Through Molecular Complexation in Separation Science”, ACS Sioux Valley Research Symposium, 2018, SD. (Poster). 3. “Variability of solute-sorbent binding constants in SPE materials”, ACS Annual Meeting, 2018, Boston MA. (Oral)

4. “Effect of temperature on the shelf-life of AITC in Horseradish using Headspace-Solid-Phase- Micro-extraction Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (HS-SPME-GC-MS)”, ExTech Symposium 2018, Ames IA, SciX conference, 2016, MN, ACS MWRM, 2016, Manhattan KS and Minnesota Chromatography Forum 2016, MN. (Oral)


1. Organizing and conference committee-SciX conference, Atlanta (GA)-2018. 2. Volunteer, organizing committee- It’s All About Science Festival, Sioux Falls-2018. 3. Abstract reviewer for AAPS-National Biotechnology Conference and Annual Meeting-2018. 4. Organizing committee at Big Sioux Water Festival, SDSU-2018 5. Poster judge, Eastern South Dakota Science and Engineering Fair, 2018. 6. Organizing committee in Chemical Education (ChemEd.) conference-SDSU-July 2017. INDEPENDENT COURSES/TRAINING

1. Pursuing certificate course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in food and checmical sciences from Department of Economics at SDSU.

2. Completed comprehensive theoerical and laboratory course on “Food safety and Quality Management systems”.

3. Completed comprehensive theoerical and laboratory course on “Chemical Toxicology”. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS

American Chemical Society (ACS), American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), SAS

(Society for Applied Spectroscopy), ASMS (American Society for Mass Spectrometry), ASQ

(American Society for Quality), SIGMA Xi, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science).

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