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Social Media Project

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
R135 ph
February 15, 2019

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SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Full Name Shaun Jason


Citizenship Republic of South Africa

ID 880**********

Date of birth 21 April 1988

Gender Male

Telephone +27-84-387-****

Email address

Skype address sjraubenheimer

Languages English (native)

Nationality White

Physical address Plot 45 2nd Road

Van Ryn Smallholdings

Cloverdene Benoni

Postal address PO Box 8392




November 2017 – December 2018

Shaw Academy

Diploma in Wed Design

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Diploma in Mobile App Development

January 2014-Present

Independent contract work for a variety of industries Heathcliv Architectural: 3D illustration for billboards and sales advertising literature for pamphlets. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR): Animated 3D-rendered technical illustrations for product and technology concepts including short videos for client presentations. Development of scripts for Maya in Python 4 year Exp. January 2013-December 2013

Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design (Cape Town) I completed a Diploma in 3D Autodesk Certification and completed a two-month Internship at Luma Arcade in Johannesburg. I also attained a certificate for Python and programming. During this year of study, focus was on 3D animation pipeline using the following programs:

• Maya 2013 & 2014

• Eclipse

• PyQt GPL v4.10 for Python v2.6

• Python 2.6

These studies included the use of creating plugins and apps for Maya and Windows. Lecturer: Jared Glass

January 2011-December 2012

Touch vision Cape Town

During my First year, I studied 3D animation workflow using 3Ds Max: SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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• Modelling,

• Shaders and texture unwrapping,

• Rendering,

• Dynamic Simulations

• Rigging and animation.

I also worked with the Adobe Creative Suite:

• Designing (Photoshop/Illustrator),

• Sound Editing (Sound Booth),

• Texturing (Photoshop),

• Video Compositing (Premiere, After Effects).

Lecturer: Donovan Cook

January 2012-December 2012

In my Second year, I studied Maya entertainment, animation and pipeline development. As a class project, we created a shot Film where each student had a specific role. I was assigned to check all modelling. I also Had to complete my own project I created a character from scratch following the pipeline to final product. Lecturer: Wynand Lens

January 2010-December 2011

During these 2 years I spent at home studying blender to convince my mother that 3D animation is what I Really wanted to study. I started using blender at 15 and taught myself from tutorials and the manual. SECONDARY EDUCATION

I attained a senior certificate at Muriel Brand school in 2009.

• English first language

• Functional Mathematics

• Travel and Tourism

• Comp typing

• Biology

• Business Economics


I enjoy the Following:

• Sailing

• Art

• History

• Technology

• Science


With the success I achieved at Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design, and my free-lance work, I have developed a passion for the creative visualisation of conceptes. This passion needs a platform for expression, and I would like to develop the necessary skills and techniques to be able to translate working drawings into 3D versions of peoples’ dreams. My ultimate dream is to reach the top of my chosen profession and achieve a level of success that will ensure the clients I work with feel that my digital representation is a realistic and practical reflection of what they wanted. SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Various project videos and reels can be viewed from my Linkedin profile at:


Donovan Cook

Cape Town

Cell: +27-72-971-****


Wynand Lens

Cape Town

Cell: +27-76-334-****


Danny Nicker


Building 14

Meiring Naude Rd,



Building 14

Phone: +27-12-841-****


SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Heathcliv Architectural

3D prospective of proposed Private Residence

SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Various 3D perspective of potential Town House complexes for Residential Developers SID: CSIR Industrial project

CSIR exhibition portraying “SID”

SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Screen shots of “SID” taken from the animation I did for CSIR (please see the 3D Industrial Illustrator presentation on 2015 ShowReel - ) Printed Electronics

Screen shots of taken from the animation I did for CSIR (please see the 3D Industrial Illustrator presentation on 2015 ShowReel - ) SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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Face and Gaming

Screen shots of taken from Rigging reels I have done. Please see

Maya Python:


Squash & Stretchy SplineIK tool: JointSegTool:



SJ Raubenheimer – Curriculum Vitae

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