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Assistant English

White Plains, NY
January 31, 2019

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George D. Nyamndi – Curriculum Vitae

Objective: Looking for a gainful employment opportunity as an Assistant Professor in the humanities in a University where I will join a team of faculty members in attaining the institution’s mission and vision at the levels of teaching, service and research.


9430 Washington BLVD

Lanham MD 20706

Tel: 240-***-****


1983 – University of Lausanne, Switzerland: PH.D. in Literatures in English

1979 – University of Lausanne, Switzerland: B.A. in Literature

1977 – University of Lausanne, Switzerland: Diploma in the Teaching of French

as a Foreign Language

1974 – University of Bern, Switzerland: Attestation of German Studies


Academic Appointments

2009- 2018 – Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Buea, Cameroon. Main areas of teaching: African Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Literary Criticism and Creative Writing, Research Methodology, Rhetoric.

2015 – Visiting Associate Professor, Department of English, University of

Bamenda, Cameroon. Taught courses in Postcolonial literature at the

postgraduate level.

1999 – Visiting Lecturer, Department of Modern Letters, University of Douala,

Cameroon. Taught English Literature and Culture.

1999 – Lecturer, Department of English, University of Buea, Cameroon.

1993 – Assistant Lecturer, Department of English, University of Buea, Cameroon

1992 – Visiting Lecturer, National School of Administration and Magistracy,

Yaounde, Cameroon. Taught Ethics and Inter-Culturality.

1980 – 1982: Instructor of English, Trevor P. Bent School of English, Lausanne,


1982 – 1983: Instructor of English, Institut Schmidt, Lausanne, Switzerland

Instructor of English, Gymnase du Bugnon, Lausanne, Switzerland


2016 till date: Editorial Adviser, Summit Magazine, Buea, Cameroon

2016 till date: Member, Bali Nyonga Heritage Committee

2015 till date: Member, Exams Ethics Marshals, Cameroon General Certificate of

Education (GCE) Board, Buea, Cameroon.

2014 – present: Member, Examinations Executive Council, GCE Board

2014 till date: Editorial Adviser, DONA Editing, a cross-disciplinary editing

consultancy in the arts and social sciences

2013 till date: Member, Department of English Scientific Committee, University of


2000 till date: Chair, Friends for Africa Foundation, a peace and development

advocacy NGO

1998 – 2015: Member of Senate, University of Buea

1996 – present: Assessor, A/Level French, Cameroon General Certificate of

Education (GCE) Board

1996 – 1998: President, Alliance Franco-Camerounaise, Buea, Cameroon

1994 – present: Editorial Board, Epasa Moto, University of Buea,


1988 – 2001: Member and Adviser, Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV)

Debate Club

Elected and Nominated Offices

2003 – 2005: Director, Administrative Affairs, University of Buea

1998 – 2003: Head, Administrative Division, University of Buea

1995 – 1998: Head, Housing and Catering Division, University of Buea

1991 – 1993: Sub-Director, Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Information and Culture,

Yaounde, Cameroon

Other Academic and Professional Activities and Duties

2010 – 2015: Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Buea, Cameroon

2009 – Resource person, Departmental Seminars. Paper delivered:

“Literature as Metonymy: Holding the Centre”

2006 – 2010: Chair, Department of English, University of Buea.

During my tenure I started an English Language degree program

that helped transform the University of Buea into the English

Language Proficiency hub in the Central African sub-region.

Nov. 2008: Chair, University of Buea Organizing Committee, along with

Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia: 10th Conference on African and

Caribbean Literature, University of Buea, Cameroon.

Nov. 2007 – Attended the 9th Conference on Caribbean Literature in Castries, St

Lucia. Brought the Conference to the African continent for the first

time ever. It is now known as the “Conference on African and

Caribbean Literature”.

1996 – Member, Organizing Committee, Limbe Cultural Festival, Limbe,

Cameroon. As in Douala in 1988, it was my place to showcase literary

activity in the English-speaking part of Cameroon.

1988 – Member, Organizing Committee, National Cultural Festival, Douala,


Grants and Awards

2015 –Ministry of Higher Education Research Modernization Grant ($5,500)

2008 – University of Buea Grant in Aid ($5,200) towards the hosting of the maiden

edition in Africa of the International Conference on African and Caribbean


2007 – Faculty of Arts Scientific Grant ($5200). Interview with Derek Walcott (1992 Nobel Laureate for Literature) in Saint Lucia and participation in the 9th edition of the International Conference on Caribbean Literature, also in Saint Lucia.

2004 – University of Buea Staff Development Grant ($3500). Book published: The Silver Lining - 2004-Paperback ISBN: 9956-26-034-7 Limbe: Design House

1980 – University of Lausanne Research and Publication Grant ($5800). Book published: The West African Village Novel, with particular reference to Elechi Amadi’s The Concubine. Paperback ISBN: 326******* Berne: Peter Lang, 1982.



Whether Losing Whether Winning: Musings in Political Realism – 2016-ISBN: 978-0-692-62673-3 Buea: Derin Publishers

The Sins of Babi Yar – 2012 - Paperback ISBN: 978-8856-719-13-7 Buea: ANUCAM

Facing Meamba – 2012-Paperback ISBN: 978-9956-719-31-5 Buea: ANUCAM.

Tussles – 2009-Paperback ISBN: 978-9956-558-54-4 Bamenda: Langaa

The Silver Lining – 2004-Paperback ISBN: 9956-26-034-7 Limbe: Design House

The West African Village Novel, with particular reference to Elechi Amadi’s The Concubine – 1982 – Paperback ISBN: 326******* Berne: Herbert Lang


“The Bali Social Man” in P.K. Titanji et al., Bali Nyonga Today – 2016 – Paperback. Bamenda: Langaa.

“Absented Presences in Recent Cameroon Anglophone Poetry” in Michael Williams et al., The English Academy Review – 2009- 26(1): 3-14-Paperback

“Prospective Commitment in African Literature” in Nordic Journal of African Studies – 2009 - 15(4): 566-578.

“Prospective Commitment in African Literature” in Nordic Journal of African Studies – 2009 - 15(4): 566-578.

“Inside the African Mythical Narrative: Promptings and Findings” in Lapai Journal of Humanities. 2008 2(2): 47-54. Makurdi: Aboki Press for Ibrahim Babamasi Babangida University

“Corporeality as Ideological Trope in African Drama” in La Revue LISA – 2008 <>.

“Bate Besong or the Therapeutics of Laughter” in La Revue LISA – 2008 <>.

“Amadi’s Man: Savage or Homo Religiosus?” in Nordic Journal of African Studies – 2006 - 15(2): 185-198.

“Elechi Amadi’s Women: Voices of Reason” in Codesria Gender Series – 2004 - 4:79-92.

“Bate Besong’s Requiem for the Last Kaiser: A Promethean Reading” in ALA Bulletin – 2002 - 28 (3/4): 118-132.

“Seeing the Thing Clearly: Monga’s Poetic Vision of South Africa” in Epasa Moto – 2001 - 1(4): 99-119.

“The Cattle of ‘Lake God’: Symbolism and Meaning” in Epasa Moto – 1996 - 1(3): 228-232.

Book Reviews

Foreword to The Power of Prayer. Prince V. Edison. Bamenda: Langaa, 2016

Non-scholarly Publications

‘Crime Intensification in Cameroon: the Place of Forensic Investigation’ in “The Guardian Newspaper” Issue no. 7, April 2017

In collaboration with Nso Kenneth, Nigerian Consul to Buea, Cameroon: ‘Africa’s Development Agenda for the 21st century: Renaissance and Integration as Alternative Futures’ in “Friends For Africa Newsletter”, Issue no.4, June 2016

‘Heart-to-Heart with Anglophones’ in “The Post Newspaper”, no. 13, August 2004


Foreword to Power Dialectics and Commitment: De-gendered Bodies and Re-gendered Minds in Postcolonial African Drama. Etame A. Mesang and Andrew T. Ngeh

Essays in African Literary Criticism. Practically done and already accepted for publication by Langaa Publishers, Bamenda

Critical chapter in CLC: Elechi Amadi, to be published in 2018 by Layman Poupard Publishing, Columbia, SC.

Yes Indeed: Owning up to Issues of Race (A book-length study of race relations).


2016 – Keynote address: “The Marshal in the Mirror” at the Ethics Marshals International Conference on the theme “Higher Dynamics of Safe Schools-Best Practices in Education as Collective Responsibility”. From 21-25 November 2016.

2015: Chaired a panel discussion on the Commonwealth Day on the topic: “The Role of the Commonwealth in a pluri-cultural society like Cameroon”.

2014: Keynote Address delivered on the occasion of the First Regional Conference of Exam Ethics Marshals Cameroon at the Cameroon GCE Board Conference Hall, Buea, 8 Novmber 2014

2013 - University of Buea Commonwealth Day celebrations. Paper presented:

“Unity and the Language Problematic”

2014 – Attended the Festschrift in honour of Professor Mbangwana at the University of Yaounde I.

2009 – Paper: “Tongue and Nation: Paradigms of Intercourse” at the Higher Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) Matriculation

2008 – paper: “Prospective Commitment in African Literature” presented at the 9th edition of the International Conference on Caribbean Literature, Saint Lucia.

2007 – paper: “Processism in Literature: Mapping the Creative Trajectory”. 10th edition of the International Conference on African and Caribbean Literature, Saint Lucia.

2005 – Guest-speaker, St Theresia College Matriculation, Douala. Paper presented: “Ignorance: Gateway to Knowledge”.

2004 – Guest speaker, Friedrich Herbert Seminar, OIC, Buea, Cameroon.

Paper presented: “The Indolence Factor in Cultural Hierarchization”

2002 – Guest-speaker: Project Seminar on the Creation of the Catholic University of Buea. Delivered a paper titled: “St Joseph’s College, Sasse: Choice Foundation for Tertiary Take-Off”. The result of my plea, along with contributions by other stakeholders, was the creation in 2003 of the University Institute of the Diocese of Buea (UIDB).

1996 – Co-organizer, the University of Buea Symposium on Anglophone Cameroon Writing. Presented a paper titled “The Cattle of ‘Lake God’: Symbolism and Meaning”.


English, French, Mungaka and Creole

Limited working proficiency in German

Computer Literate

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