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Engineer Electrical

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India
per company standard
January 30, 2019

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Phone No: +91-770*******


Saudi Aramco SAP # 70012069 & Badge No.7995129-5

ATEX/JTL CompEX Ex01–Ex04 Competence Approved Inspector (Certificate no.65320)

Seeking assignments in Electrical and Instrumentation Quality Assurance/Control job with a high growth oriented organization.

Professional Synopsis

A competent Professional with 18 years experience in Electrical & Instrumentation Quality assurance and control in construction Project inspection, Field installation inspection and pre-commissioning of various electrical equipments and instrumentation instruments for offshore platform, In-plant substation, outdoor electrical installation, hazardous areas installation, fire & gas control system, Process interface building, analyzing shelter and solar system installation.

Presently associated with SGS Gulf Ltd, Dubai, UAE. QA/QC E&I Inspection Engineer /Project Inspection.

Adapt in swiftly ramping up projects in close coordination with contract cell, materials, proponent/consultants to ensure the Project Quality Requirements.

Possess in depth understanding of various Quality issues and leading variety of people and projects with an ability to develop strategic plans.

An effective communicator with excellent relationship quality management skills and strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude.

Core Competencies

Project Quality Management

Implementing the contractor approved project Quality plan and Schedule Q requirements for grass root project per ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System.

Attend contractor Top Management Quality meeting, Monthly Quality meeting and conduct quality audit as per approved Schedule. Preparation of corrective and preventive action reports for non-conformance of quality issues.

Monitoring projects Electrical and Instrumentation installation and pre-commissioning activities at site to ensure timely execution of projects. Coordinating with other disciplines for other co-ordinates.

Interfacing the engineering activities with various vendors like reviewing of detail drawing and prepare field modification drawing.

A dynamic Electrical and Instrumentation Inspection and pre-commissioning with proven abilities to apply knowledge and skills in the area of Electrical & Instrumentation of the Plant. I would also like to be an integral part of the team, which works dynamically towards the growth of the organization

Issue technical clarification on field technical quality issues and follow up with proponent to get appropriate solution.

Preparation of special process procedure and method of statement for elctrical and instruments works like elctrical heavy equipments, MV cable and equipments pre-comm test/ Instrumentation loop test package preparation.

Conversant with international standard NEC, NEMA, IEC, IEEE and Hazardous area codes, Saudi Aramco Standards like SAEP, SAES, SAMSS, SATIP and SAIC and SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total refining & Petrochemical Company) standards like JERES, JERMSS, JERITP

Site & Team Management

Supervising all construction activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction & coordination as requirement of approved relevant Quality documents/ standard.

Leading and motivating large teams of workers and professionals and handling allocation of tasks within teams based on skills profile. Conducting Quality tool box meeting prior to Install/testing of hazard electrical & Instrumentation activities.

Directing, leading & motivating workforce and continuous improvement from previous projects lesson learn quality issues on job.

Working on succession planning of the workforce, shift management activities, appraising the member’s performance & providing feedback.

Career Highlights

Since April-2017 till to date, SGS Gulf Limited, Abu-Dhabi, UAE. (QAQC E&I Engineer/Inspector)

Projects working:

1.Saudi Aramco Offshore platform of SFNY-5 projects SFNY- 159, 234, 08, 252, 228, 19, 26, 28 and 9 in McDermott Yard at Jabel Ali – Dubai, UAE.

2.Saudi Aramco Offshore platform of LTA-II Projects SFNY 10, 13, 27 WHP, SFNY-10, 13, 27 AUX, BERRI-51, 76 and MRJN-400,410,460 AUX in McDermott Yard at Jabel Ali – Dubai, UAE.


Inspection of ESD, HIPS panel and tubing installation, tube pressure testing, instrument & power cable installation and testing, loop testing and functional testing activities.

ESD and HIPs skid receiving, installation and grounding inspection.

Witnessing of MOV, ZV valves calibration functional check, installation, testing activities.

Crude Flow monitoring system’s Skid receiving and installation.

Corrosion Inhibitor (CI skid) installation, grounding, loop test witnessing.

Witnessing of RTU panel installation, instrument cable testing, loop testing and performance acceptance test.

Witnessing MPFM panel installation and pre-commissioning activities.

Witnessing of ESD system slop tank level switch, hand switch, level gauge, PDIT installation, duty & standby motor installation – testing and pre-commissioning activities.

Handling of TIT, TE, TW, PIT, HS, LS, PI, PZV calibration and installation at field.

Inspection of electrical & instrumentation enclosures installation in area classification location and corrosive area per NEC and NEMA standard.

Witnessing of ICCP Transformer/Rectifier, Positive & Negative JB installation, testing and pre-com activities.

Witnessing of 115KV GIS SWGR installation, control panels, 13.8KV SWGR, MCC installation, MV cables Hi-Pot test and pre-commissioning activities

Inspection Witnessing of Ladder, perforated, channel cable tray, conduits installation for MV, LV power & controls, instrument cables and cable gland (barrier & non-barrier type) installation, pre-commissioning test.

Inspection Main grid Grounding cable installation, thermite welding for field equipment’s in multi-level of offshore deck

Witnessing of NAV-AID system lantern, Aviation lighting installation, power & instrument JB installation, testing, autonomy testing of 120hours.

Inspection of 480V AC switch rack installation, AFD Transformer, MDP panel installation, Welding receptacle, receptacles, light switches, power, lighting & lighting control panels installation and function testing.

Witnessing of RTU, HIPs and ESD panel’s battery chargers, battery bank installation and functional testing, battery bank discharge test.

Determine and evaluates non-conformance and follow-up corrective action.

Ensure proper handling, storage and preservation programmed during the course of project phases

Perform high standard inspection procedure during construction of onshore / offshore oil & gas platforms.

Ensure that fabrication and installation works conform to clients, project specification, project scope of works, approved as per the project drawings and other applicable standards.

Ensure availability of appropriate version of applicable work documents such as Drawings, Specifications and Standards.

Prepares and signoff applicable records for quality surveillance/ Inspections/ tests and Maintain records of calibration, inspection and testing equipment.

Since Sept’ 2011- March-2017 SGS Inspection Services Saudi Arabia Ltd (QAQC E&I Inspection Engineer – Saudi Aramco Project Inspection Team)

Projects worked:

1.Upgrade Process Automation System, Sea Island, Juaymah Gas plant- Juaymah

2.Improve Hydrocracker Reliability, shutdown job, Refinery-Rastanura

3.Replace control System, crude oil stab and sulfur recovery, Refinery-Rastanura

4.Upgrade auxiliary Equipment at Refinery south terminal, Rastanura

5.Upgrade Substation -230 KV Switch yard at Juaymah Gas plant


Crude oil pipeline Pressure Relief valve’s Skid receiving and installation inspection.

MV loop oil skid receiving and installation inspection.

Ensure that the project materials, installation, pre-commissioning standards are met in line with the project quality plan, approved contractor quality documents.

Executes the activities as per ITP (Inspection Test Plan) Identify and coordinate to close out NCR’s

Participates in company quality audits to ensure that all quality approved deliverable are available at office and job site.

Assessing the contractor internal quality system.

Assessment of contractor Project Quality index evaluation as per Saudi Aramco requirements

Establishing the E & I quality documents as per Project Quality plan.

Make sure the contractor schedule Q implemented for this project.

Review Electrical and instrument special process procedure as per Schedule Q requirement

Review and comments on Contractor’s Monthly quality management documents.

Able to handle the Saudi Aramco QMIS to attending RFI and document the issues on site by Proactive notification, surveillance report, focus assessment and standard violation.

Report and Implementation of quality issues escalation procedure as per SAEP-0381

Strictly follow the all applicable Saudi Aramco standard and international standard.

Monitoring the contractor’s internal NCR and follow-up as per agreed completion date.

Attending Weekly Quality meeting and discuss the quality issues.

Report the Quality Supervisor and discuss the site quality issues as per standard requirements.

Evaluate and interview the new quality personnel for contractor as per site requirements

Submitting weekly highlights, monthly inspection report to Quality supervisor.

Material receiving inspection of Switchgear, MCC, Power & lighting panels, LV & MV cables, control cable.

Material receiving inspection of DCS cabinets, marshaling cabinets, work station console, low voltage power and instrument cables and thermocouple cables

Adhere and strictly implement the client approved QA/QC procedure and ITP's extract good quality of work which shall be in accordance with the project specification requirements.

Monitoring the minor, major and critical inspection activity and rising logbook entry for violation of installation standard.

Installation inspection of conduits, cable trays, grounding system, switchgear, MCC, Control panels, Transformer (dry - oil type), Neutral Grounding resistor and cable bus and hazardous area electrical fittings.

Witness all Testing activities like functional test, Hi pot test, insulation test and pre commissioning, etc

Witness the instrument cable testing, and loop test as per approved loop folder.

Conducting PMCC walk through and prepare EIL –punch list and uploading in MPCS system

Performance other miscellaneous related duties as directed by the Quality supervisor

Responsible for the implementation, monitoring and documentation of the quality plan to ensure its effectiveness

Handling the MOV and HOV valve actuator receiving, installation and pre commissioning activities

Experience with Cathodic protection system receiving, installation and pre commissioning activities. Temporary and permanent cathodic protection installation for buried pipeline and exposed pipeline and testing. Outdoor switch rack, cathodic Protection rectifier receiving, installation and pre-commissioning activities.

Aug’09 to Aug’11 Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia Ltd., Saudi Arabia as QA QC E&I Inspector.

Projects worked:

1.SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia, Aromatics Units, Package # 3

2.Diesel Hydro Treatment Project. (ONSHORE) Rastanura Refinery, Saudi Aramco.


Reporting the non-conformities to the clients as per approved contractual document Schedule Q requirements

Corrosion inhibition - CI skid receiving and installation inspection.

HV motor’s loop oil skid receiving, installation and grounding installation inspection

Verification of electrical & instruments job site installation methods of statements prior to client approval and strictly adhere the approved statements.

Preparation of Electrical and Instrumentation special process procedure prior to start up of site pre-commissioning activity as per schedule Q requirements

Controlling sub-contractor quality system as per client requirements and verification of their internal quality system assessment.

Conducting quality toolbox meeting at job site to technicians prior to proceed the installation and testing activity.

On daily basis visit the work site and check and monitor and make sure the work done is in compliance with project approved QA/QC plan.

Co-ordinate to project QA/QC manager about the required final QA/QC documents and other formats and QA/QC formalities necessary for final documentation for submission.

Prepare all other duties, attending meeting with client and discuss the progress and solution to different engineering problems occurring at site.

Prepare Daily/Week/Monthly QC report for client submission.

Prepare and submit RFI (Request for Inspection) for the consultant inspection (Saudi Aramco Inspection Group) and prepare site technical enquires and discuss with client /SAPMT (Saudi Aramco project Managing Team).

Thermal oxidizer, vessels & pipe rack and analyzer shelter- classified location electrical and instrumentation equipment inspection. MV & LV power cable and control cable installation in below & above grade and testing of cable as per JERES standard. Surveillance & inspection of Continuity / Insulation Resistance Test and Hi-Pot test for MV & LV power and Control cables. Surveillance & inspection of Power Transformer installation and HV & LV side cable termination for substation. Classified area Transformer installation, termination & testing @ Outdoor location. Torque testing of power & control cables termination as per vendor and standard. Cable tray support & installation in pipe rack at various platform elevation & as per NEMA VE 2. Pipe rack GRS PVC Coated conduit installation for motors, explosion proof panel boards and electrical & instrumentation equipment’s. Hazardous location electrical and instrumentation Junction boxes installation. Surveillance & inspection of Field installed electrical and instrument equipment – System Grounding & Equipment Grounding. Surveillance inspection of Grounding system installation for Electrical Equipment as per SATORP JERES- P-111.( NEC Article no. 250)

Installation, inspection and pre-comm testing of Process Interface building- UPS System, Battery system & Battery room electrical accessories installation & Testing as per SAUDI ARAMCO Standard.

Receiving, bench calibration, installation, field calibration, testing of field instruments power and control cables, Instruments control panels, field instruments thermos well, TIT, RTD, PIT, PI, LIT, Relief valve, control valves, Scraper passage indicator and LDS system.

Conducting end to end loop test for instruments and electrical interlocking system.

Cable tray support & installation in pipe rack at various platform elevations & as per NEMA VE 2. Pipe rack GRS PVC Coated conduit installation for motors, explosion proof panel boards and electrical & instrumentation equipment.

Substation grounding system installation & pre-comm testing as per standard. Inspection for the installation of Grounding grid cable, Grounding Electrodes, Ground wells, Ground Bus bar in the field and Building connection to the equipment as per the international standard NEC and approved Project drawing & specification.

Inspection of Process Interface system- UPS System installation & Testing. Surveillance & inspection of Lightning Protection Installation and pre-comm. Testing, Hazardous (Classified Area) location Power & Control panel Installation inspection. Hazardous area MV motors & LV motors installation/ inspection and pre-comm. testing.

Hazardous location electrical and instrumentation Junction boxes installation and sealing by approved method.

Dry type and Oil type transformer test at field prior to service. Pre-Commissioning of Motors-Polarization index test, motor RTD testing and no load SOLO RUN test.

Pre-Commissioning of MCCB Breaker test, LV ACB and MV ACB test at field prior to service. Pre-commissioning of LV & MV switchgear and MCC as per Saudi Aramco standard. Witnessing inspection of Protective relay test and auxiliary relay test

Indoor & outdoor (hazardous location) Lighting installation / Inspection and Illumination test. Aviation lighting system receiving and installation inspection.

Material Receiving inspection of cable tray, lighting fixtures, lighting pole, panel board, MCC, SWGR, IRP (Inter posing relay panel ), Annunciator panel, AFD, ATS, Power Transformer and motors, PVC, Rigid PVC, RGS and PVC coated RGS conduit & EMT, LT Flexible conduit and Stain less Steel Fittings.

Inspection for the installation of Fire & Gas system Instruments in the field and building such as H2S (blue color) & LEL gas detector, Horn, Beacon, Push Button.

Previous Experience

Feb’2008 to Jun’2009 Gulf Lights Electrical Engineering, Doha, Qatar as Project Engineer/Quality Engineer

Jan’2003 to Dec’2007 Khalid A Almulhim & Bros. Co.Ltd, Saudi Arabia, as QAQC Electrical Engineer/Inspector

May’2000 to Nov’2002 Alfa Power Engineering Pvt Ltd, India as Electrical Quality Engineer/ Site Engineer

Trainings/ Courses Attended

Saudi Aramco Trainings

H2 S Awareness.

Safety Orientation Training @ Saudi Aramco – RT Terminal Area & RT Refinery

Safety Orientation Training @ Saudi Aramco – Juaymah Gas Plant

LOTO- Safety Orientation Training @ Saudi Aramco – RT Refinery (Lock Out/ Tag Out) for Grass root Project.

Familiar Standard

Familiar with the international industry codes and standard related to intrinsically safe system and electrical system for instrumentation such as : ISA RP 12.6, ISA RP 12.2.02, ANSI MC96.1,

IEEE 518, IEEE 1100, IEC 60529, NEMA ICS6, NEMA 250, NEMA VE-1, NEMA VE-2, NFPA-70/NEC and UL 94

Education Qualifications / QMS Training / Competence course

2001 B.E. (Electrical & Electronics) from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu, India.

1996 DEEE (Electrical & Electronics) TamilNadu Technical Education Board, Tamil Nadu, India.

QMS 9001; 2008 Lead Auditor, Tamilnadu, India.

ATEX/JTL CompEX X01 – EX04 Competence course – Electrical Hazardous area classification(Certificate no.65320)

Personal Information

Date of Birth : 17th Jan 1976

Driving License : Valid India & Saudi Arabia Driving License

Passport Number : J 7691222

Present Address : 8/114, CSI Church Street, Chettikulam – 627120, Tirunelveli District,

TamilNadu, India.

Permanent Address : 8/114, CSI Church Street, Chettikulam – 627120, Tirunelveli District,

TamilNadu, India

Languages Known : Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi, and Arabic (spoken)/ Tamil and English (Written)

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