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Engineer Engineering

Linden, New Jersey, 07036, United States
January 30, 2019

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Obiwuru Onyekachi Ngozi

Reservoir Engineer


Experience: 9 Years

Educational Qualification: Petroleum Engineering




I am a dynamic and experienced Reservoir Engineer with 9 years working experience in Reservoir Simulation and Management with unlocking subsurface potential using latest technology both in matured and new fields.

Having worked on the Imo River Maturation Studies (SPDC), Omoku West Integrated Field Study (NAOC) & Ekpe West-West Integrated Field Study projects (ExxonMobil), my job activities include Field development, Reservoir fluid characterization, Well Planning, Completion design, Artificial Lift design, Reservoir Simulation and Production Analysis.

Also, I have consulted for companies like Chevron Texaco, Walter Smith and Movido Exploration & Production via various service providers in reservoir management projects.


University of Port Harcourt - Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Petroleum Engineering (1999)

NIIT Educational Resource - Oracle 9i-Data-base Administration (2003)

Goethe Institute - German language course. Certificate (2004)


10+ years cumulative relevant work experience

7 years strong integrated reservoir modeling and production optimization skills.

Experience in wells and reservoir surveillance and management design and implementation.

Reservoir studies function (reserves estimation, reservoir characterization, material balance/history matching, well test analysis & alternative development scenarios).

Production system modeling and optimization (De-bottleneck field production systems)


Period: Sept. 2015 – Aug. 2017

Company: Nubian (Group) Nigeria Limited

Position: Petroleum / Reservoir Engineer


Planning of all reservoir engineering and production technology workscope and input in addressing asset mangement and development challenges.

Comprehensive analysis on activities requirement in engineering studies, ensuring its implementation through coordination of schedule of tasks and target deadlines.

Inter/intra team growth development

Responsible for career development of intens and trainee engineers.

Contact person with clients for project progress and development.

Hands-on reservoir engineering and production technology functions

Period: May. 2012 – Aug. 2015

Company: Nubian (Group) Nigeria Limited

Position: Reservoir Engineer


Project development concepts, opportunity framing, realizations, uncertainty management and decision making, execution and feedback; For FDPs & FODs, green and brown fields alike.

Engineering data gathering and QA/QC

Well and Reservoirs performance review to evaluate current production trends

Reservoir allocation, BHP plots and well test review for reservoir characterization

PVT modeling and Material balance

Analysis and interpretation of production logs

BHP survey analysis and interpretation

Dynamic model construction, history matching and multiple developemnt scenerios realization

Quantification of uncertainty associated with reservoir development

Economic analysis and project execution

Model Calibration (inflow/outflow performance) and Lift table generation

- Well production review, Well potential, Water cut development, Natural flow limit/Artificial lift Review per well/reservoir

- Wells-to-Field /Lease production Re-allocation and reconciliation

- Well completion assessment

- Sand production history and Sand Control Review/Assessment

Implement work processes, procedures and technical resources in accordance with laid down policies and quidelines

Analyze RFT sampling points data to determine the pressure gradient and fluid contact and depletion history.

Produce the quality control reports for daily production and analyze the production profile.

Period: Dec. 2007 – Feb. 2012

Company: Rego Petroleum Services limited

Position: Reservoir Engineering


Work side-by-side with the geoscientists to deliver static reservoir models

Responsible for wellbore and reservoir production optmization

Carry-out production forecast

Carry out dynamic reservoir modeling

Modeling of the wellbore for the purpose of troubleshooting and diagonising potential problem and overall well production enhancement.

Generating flowtables used during production forecast

Responsible for wellbore and reservoir production optmization

Tender preparation

Clients Relation /Presentation


Field re-entry project Studies OML-61 (4-Levels) (NAOC)

- Delivered reservoir engineering input in integrated reservoir stratigraphy (sand continuity and EOD definition with uncertainty)

- Supported geo-cellular models' construction and built/calibrated dynamic models for 2 reservoirs

- Well planning, performance and recovery estimations using 3-D modeling

- Updated uncertainty register, risk analysis and recommendations for further data gathering

- Reservoir engineering input in development of new discovery and reserves booking

Full Field Maturation Studies OML-11 (SPDC Nigeria). (Imo River field onshore Niger-Delta, Nigeria).

- Delivered robust dynamic models, development scenarios and booked reserves for 7 reservoirs (28 wells, 50 years history).

- Delivered sandface completion designs, productivity test schedules, well concepts and surface facility requirements for current and new wells.

- Wells/reservoir development, production monitoring and forecasting

- Smart well modeling and optimization

- Real Time update of reservoir and well models (Dynamic model calibration with 4D seismic)

Integrated Field Study (Mobil Producing Nigeria):

- Delivered reservoir engineering input in integrated reservoir characterization (complex faulting system)

- Supported geo-cellular models' construction and built/calibrated dynamic models for 2 reservoirs (26 wells, 37 years history)

- Re-entry and further reservoir development strategy recommendation

- Updated uncertainty register, risk analysis and recommendations for further data gathering

- Reservoir engineering input in development of new discovery and reserves booking

Review/Update of Ibigwe Field Model (Walter Smith Oil Limited):

- An Update of Ibigwe Field using recently acquired data (New seismic interpretations data, PVT lab data etc.) to update existing model. Major uncertainties associated with the former model from past study conducted were reduced.

Addition of C2.3, C-04, D-02 reservoirs. Re-matching of the model and extending production forecast. Inclusion of IB-04 well in the model, update of the production to July 2009

Well Completion Design:(Walter Smith Oil Limited)

– Completion design for Ibigwe new drills. Perforation design, tubing selection, gravel pack selection and gas lift design (Injection pressure, point of injection and injection volume). Evaluation of sands for completion consideration, evaluation of perforation intervals from available wireline and LWD/MWD data, interpretation of Cement bond log and PVT analysis

Flow Simulation study of Ibigwe Fields (onshore)(Walter Smith Oil Limited)

- Integrated Reservoir Study of Ibigwe Field farm-out. Comprehensive review on twelve multilayered (Stacked) reservoirs (Eight oil & Four gas reservoirs) which an Uncertainty Analysis (Experimental Design) was done for the field at both earth modeling and Flow simulation stages using Design Expert and @Risk to generate a P10, P50 and P90 models. Eclipse 100, Eclipse 300, Pan System were used for simulation and Well test analysis respectively.

Meren Field (Chevron Texaco, Nigeria):

-This project is a Field development study in an old field which include building 3 new Simulation models with Eclipse Simulation software, History matching and carry out prediction to evaluate possible scenarios which is 2 infill wells and a water injector. The result supports 2 infill wells.

Parabe Field (Chevron Texaco, Nigeria)

-Four new Simulation models were built with Eclipse Simulation software, History matched and prediction carried out to evaluate the recovery factor of 2 infill wells.

Abiteye Field (Chevron Texaco, Nigeria):

-Asset Development Study for 15 Reservoirs, this involves Reservoir production performance review, estimating reserves via decline curves analysis and material balance analysis.

Utonana Field (Chevron Texaco, Nigeria):

-Asset Development Study for 13 Reservoirs, this involves Reservoir production performance review, estimating reserves via decline curves analysis and material balance analysis.

Associate Team Lead

-Representing team in daily Management meetings

-Software support to clients/ team members (Mbal, WEM, RTA, Eclipse)

Period: Jan. 2003 – May 2006

Company: IKI Engineering Services Nigeria limited.

Position: Supervising Engineer

Project: Rehabilitation of MM International Airport Tarmac.


Supervise and evaluate work in progress.

Prepare weekly minutes of site progress meetings

Prepare project running cost

Contract documentation

Drilling of 6(Six) Bore hole for NAHCO HQT. Lagos

Repairs and Maintenance of hydraulic mobile drilling rig.

Repair and Installation of Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Installation and troubleshooting of Pressure Regulating Valves

Period: Aug. 2000 – June 2001

Company: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, R & D, PERS. Port Harcourt.

Position: Trainee Core Analyst (NYSC)


Core Analysis

Collecting fluid samples for PVT analysis in Lab.

Plug Drilling Auditing

Analyze reservoir rock & fluid data to design optimum recovery methods & predict reservoir performance and reserves.


Advanced understanding and application of SLB (Eclipse), IPM Suite (MBAL, GAP, PROSPER)

RTA (Decline curve analysis)

Well Evaluation Model (WEM)

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel, Power-point, Word, Project, MS Outlook


ExxonMobil Nigeria - Reservoir Engineering Modeling Strategy integrated workshop 2015

Shell Nigeria - Production Technology Field Studies (PT QA/QC) 2014

Shell Nigeria - Advanced reservoir Engineering Modeling 2013

Shell Nigeria - Advanced Methods in reservoir simulation ECLIPSE 2011


To be made available on request


1106 Middlesex Street,

Apt-2, Linden, NJ 07036


Sky Firm International

Midland, Texas

Dear Sir,

Reservoir Engineer

This is to express my interest in your organization and have included my resume so that you might become familiar with my qualifications in the field of Petroleum engineering.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Port Harcourt and work experience in reservoir engineering (simulation) and Field development studies which are my current function. Both my academic coursework and work experience have afforded me the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills. I have worked closely with other specialized disciplines such as geoscientists and Petrophysicists to understand what it takes to create standard integrated quality project and services.

Skill and Abilities;

Software skills:

Eclipse (100 & 300), Fekete RTA (Decline Curve Analysis), IPM Suite (Prosper, Mbal, PVTp & GAP), Design Expert & @Risk, Microsoft Suites.


Reservoir simulation, Asset Development Plan, Volumetric Estimation, Material Balance Calculation, PVT analysis, Production Optimization and Pre-simulation studies.

You will find me to be well-spoken, energetic, confident and personable which makes me a team player. I also have a wide breadth of experience which gives you the versatility to place me in a number of contexts with confidence that the level of excellence you expect will be met. Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.

I have learnt not only the scientific and technical skills that are fundamentally important in this field, but also how to collaborate with asset management team both in exploration and subsurface engineering. I have greatly enjoyed participating in Asset Development study, maximize hydrocarbon recovery in brown and green field, reservoir simulation and working to present the result to clients and management.

I look forward to making your acquaintance and discussing a possible placement with your organization.


Onyekachi Obiwuru

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