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Doctor of Pharmacy

Olympia, Washington, United States
April 30, 2019

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Angelica Mercedes Pauley

**** **** *** **

Olympia, WA 98501

Home: 360-***-****

Cell: 360-***-****


Mason General Hospital (08/06/2018-Present)

Pharmacy Team Manager

Department of Pharmacy

Shelton, WA 98584

Phone: 360-***-****

Hours per week: 40

Accountable for the administrative direction and operations of the pharmacy department in a critical access hospital that include services to: in-patients (intensive care unit, medical surgical, emergency department, birth center); operation rooms; infusion center; observation patients; ambulatory anticoagulation patients; and eleven clinics. Serve as the co-chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee and ensure safe, appropriate, cost-effective medication therapies for patients are initiated and conducted according to established policies, procedures and protocols.

Manage a total of 6 full-time pharmacists; 5 full-time pharmacy technicians; and an on-call pharmacist and pharmacy technician.

Monitor and analyze adverse drug events, errors, and evidenced based practice. Identify opportunities for improvements; and initiate quality improvement projects such as: the pharmaceutical bedside counseling to all the patients before being discharged from the hospital; modification of the automated drug dispensing devices policy and procedures which resulted in the prevention of diversion of controlled substances.

Prepare newsletters for the clinics to bring awareness of drug shortages; regulations of prescriptions; the difference between multiple and single dose vials; and other crucial topics related to pharmaceuticals.

Department of Health (09/16/2016-08/03/2018)

Pharmacist Investigator-Pharmacist Consultant

Health System Quality Assurance-Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC)

Tumwater, WA 98501

Phone: 360-***-****

Hours per week: 40

I protected and improved the health of people in the state of Washington by providing technical assistance and promoting voluntary compliance with drug laws and rules related to pharmaceutical practice in the State. As a clinical pharmacist, I participated as a member of committees composed of representatives from other department units, stakeholder members; and other agencies to address and/or resolve drug-related issues and identify emerging trends or processes that require assessment by the department and/or pharmacy commission.

Provided technical assistance to both internal and external customers, I regularly conducted research; collected, analyzed, and presented statistical data related to performance measures; assembled background information; prepared and disseminated reports; and made recommendations to department supervisors and the pharmacy commission on issues of interest.

My pharmaceutical consultation to the PQAC technology services guidelines subcommittee included: shared pharmacy services (remote medication order processing and workload balancing); central filling of prescriptions; kiosk, vending machines, outlet pharmacies; and remote supervision of technicians.

Provided pharmaceutical consultation to a team from the Department of Health which developed a comprehensive framework for identifying and evaluating the policy effects of technology on health care; additionally, I suggested methods for effectively regulating various forms of technology and telemedicine to protect the public.

I authored several newsletters published via Gov-delivery and the National Association Board of Pharmacies website with the objective of teaching licensees about changes in state laws and high profile pharmaceutical topics. Some of the articles included, but are not limited to: Critical shortages of injectable; and Schedule II Partial Fill of Prescriptions.

Away from the desk, I have participated in three pharmacy inspections and two pharmacy investigations. I leveraged my bilingual capabilities to assist pharmacist investigators to assess practice compliance.

I promoted and fostered professional ethics in licensees; maintained objectivity in decision-making for the preservation of public health and safety by interacting with department employees, professional licensing and disciplinary boards, commissions and committees, outside agencies to include the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Washington State Patrol, Washington State Office of Attorney General, US Food and Drug Administration, US Drug Enforcement Administration, US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigations, US Attorney’s Office, county prosecuting attorneys and local law enforcement agencies.

Madigan Army Medical Center (04/18/2011-08/30/2016)

Clinical Pharmacist-DAC/GS-12

Inpatient Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy

Fort Lewis, WA 98431

Phone: 253-***-****

Hours per week: 39

I served as the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) expert in the medication-use system on all aspects of pharmaceutical care to optimize health outcomes that included: pharmaceuticals, pharmacotherapeutics, clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, and pharmacogenetics.

Used an extensive and intensive knowledge of the drugs and other pharmaceuticals available, their nature, action and interaction, provided authoritative management, instructions, advice, and assistance to prescribing and dispensing officials on effectiveness suitability, hazards, and other aspects of their use to an average of 200 patients daily. Managed a wide range of patient population including, but not limited to: neonatal intensive care, pediatric, labor and delivery, psychiatric behavioral care, medical surgical, and trauma patients in the emergency room.

Taught and awarded certification of Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to healthcare professionals in accordance with the American Heart Association.

Provided comprehensive evidence-based, cost-effective anticoagulation patient management, monitoring and education related to anticoagulation.

Provided discharge counseling to patients requiring anticoagulation and guidance for further monitoring and management of high risk medications.

I taught patients how to self-administer high risk medication such as Low Molecular Weight Heparins (i.e. Lovenox). Documented interventions and outcomes related to anticoagulation management activities in pharmacy and electronic medical record systems (Essentris and CHCS).

I monitored all aspects of the medication management system for all patient population to optimize patient outcomes. Provided patient specific information; participated and reviewed the appropriate medication selection; coordination of procurement of medications; ensured the appropriate distribution and storage; participated and reviewed medication ordering to include modification of dosage or methods of administering as necessary; participated and oversaw medication preparation and dispensing; monitored medication administration and system evaluation through the pharmacy quality improvement program.

Fully engaged with the healthcare team to ensure that the patient’s pharmaceutical care requirements were met and health outcomes were maximized. Conducted medication reconciliation, identified polypharmacy and helped conduct transitional care, disease state management and non-formulary drug request processing.

Developed, with the attending physician, pharmacotherapeutic regimens for especially difficult or complex cases. Analyzed patterns and trends to determine appropriate, effective, and economical prescribing and dispensing of drugs.

Prepared and conducted or oversaw training of physicians, pharmacists, and other health care providers on the use of drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Researched, evaluated and recommended which items were stocked based on their indications for use, safety, effectiveness, toxicity, pharmacoeconomics economy, and appropriateness for the intended use. Conducted in-services to pharmacy and the nursing staff in the Medical Surgical Section.

Puget Pharmacy Services,

Evergreen Pharmaceuticals, an Omnicare Company (05/23/2010 – 11/26/2010)

Pharmacist in Charge

1751 Circle Lane SE

Lacey, WA 98503-2570

Phone: 360-***-****

Supervisor: Dave Wallace, RPh. Contact: Yes

Salary: $7520 per month

Hours per week: 40

Provided long term care, assisted living, ambulatory care and hospice pharmaceutical care to geriatric patients in Panorama City Continuing Care Retirement Community and 11 additional long term care facilities in Olympia, Lacey and Shelton. Served as a liaison between Pharmacy Service and other healthcare providers to optimize the time and patient care resources. Evaluated drug therapy for patients with polypharmacy characteristics in order to reduce the number of medications required and to maximize the most safe and effective treatment plan.

Provided in depth, geriatric pharmacologic consultations upon request and dosing recommendations including pharmacokinetic dosing, based on age, renal or hepatic dosing; usual recommended starting doses and titrations and maximum dosing. Worked with providers, pharmacy and nursing staff to enhance and maintain continuous care of patients. Provided disease state management to patients in collaboration with referring providers for titration of medications based on outcome goals, laboratory data, and current clinical status at the Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center at Panorama City. Reviewed prescriptions set up by two pharmacy technicians and ensured proper item, quantity, and labeling before authorizing release. Counseled patients concerning their medication, its administration, likelihood of success, and possible adverse consequences in the ambulatory pharmacy care.

Washington State Labor and Industries (01/02/2010 – 01/29/2010) - Pharmacist Consultant/Advanced Practicum Clerkship.

7273 Linderson Way, SW, Tumwater, WA 98501

Preceptor: Jaymie Mai, Pharm.D. Pharmacy Manager. Phone: 360-***-****.

Contact: Yes

Advanced Practicum Clerkship #3. University of Washington

Hours per week: 40

Monitored the drug therapy, clinical parameters (i.e. creatinine clearance, etc.), specialist’s notes (i.e. neurosurgery, magnetic resonance imaging reports, etc.) and made recommendations to the providers of ten patients. Successfully developed mailers that will be used in academic detailing. Developed recommendations on the formulary status of alpha-blockers medications. Successfully developed a potential update to the Antiepileptic Drugs Guideline for Chronic Pain. Analyzed three House Bills and one Senate Bill and monitored the public hearing and executive session of one House Bill.

Madigan Army Medical Center (11/02/2009-12/03/2009) - Pharm.D. Candidate. Oncology Clinical Rotation. Oncology Pharmacy

Preceptor: Rick Rutledge, RPh. Oncology Pharmacist. Phone 253-***-****

Contact: Yes

Advanced Practicum Clerkship #2. University of Washington

Hours per week: 40

Learned and applied Oncologic and pharmaceutical care to a variety of patients (adult and pediatric) with hematological and/or Oncologic diseases in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Monitored the drug therapy and clinical parameters (i.e. ANC, Platelets, LFTs, etc.) on an average of ten patients a day. Prepared and handled cytotoxic drug regimens on a daily basis. Learned how to assemble an ambulatory pump. Successfully presented an oral seminar on Cancer Screening Guidelines.

Capital Medical Center (10/01/2009-10/28/2009) - Pharm.D. Candidate. General Internal Medicine Pharmacotherapy. Department of Pharmacy

Preceptor: Janet Schade, MS, RPh. Chief of Pharmacy. Phone: 360-***-****

Contact: Yes

Advanced Practicum Clerkship #1. University of Washington

Hours per week: 40

Developed guidelines to providers, nursing staff and staff pharmacists based on medical literature evaluation in regards to the management of hypertension. Successfully presented a case study of a patient with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Developed a presentation on a patient with a complicated skin disease of AEEVM-related infections. Learned and applied anticoagulation therapy, pharmacokinetic drug management and total parenteral nutrition to patients in the intensive, progressive and general care in the hospital. Monitored the drug therapy and clinical parameters (i.e. creatinine clearance, INR, protombin time, etc.) on an average of 32 patients a day.

US Army, HMEDDAC (04/30/2007 - 06/02/2008) - Staff Pharmacist

Heidelberg, Armed Forces Overseas Germany.

Supervisor: COL (Ret) Allen Whisenant, RPh – Phone: 011(49) 622*-**-****

Contact: Yes

Pay Grade: YH - 0660 – 2. Effective date of last promotion: 04/08/2008.

Salary: $49,365.00 per year (Part Time)

Hours per week: 20

Performed outpatient hospital pharmacy services. Reviewed physician sterile product orders, patient medication profiles and records to prevent adverse drug reactions and interactions. Ensured correct labeling, handling and storage of all pharmaceutical products, to include controlled and other drugs requiring special handling. Advised physicians of findings and made recommendations. Compounded or oversee the compounding of drugs as prescribed, determining formulation to be used, dosage forms, quantities, concentrations, number of doses, etc. Reviewed prescriptions set up by pharmacy technicians and ensure proper item, quantity, and labeling before authorizing release. Counseled patients concerning their medication, its administration, likelihood of success, and possible adverse consequences. Provided written guidelines to providers to ensure compliance with regulatory policies and standards of care are met. Informed providers about the high value of different medications and recommends substitutions with more cost-effective therapy.

Mannheim Health Clinic (03/20/2004 - 04/13/2007) – Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge/Pharmacy Manager-Pharmacy Intern

Mannheim, Armed Forces Overseas Germany

Supervisor: Nina M. Johnson, Pharm.D. Phone: 270-***-****

Contact: Yes

Salary: $2,018.00 per month

Hours per week: 50

Served as senior pharmacy technician, responsible for preparing over 4500

prescriptions each month and provided superb leadership when assisting in pre and

post deployment processes ensuring over 3000 soldiers in the Mannheim, Germany U.S.

military community understood how to manage their prescriptions via the Tricare Mail

Order Pharmacy. Responsible for the supervision, training, and welfare of two technicians; and management of a $1,128,000.00 pharmacy budget that resulted in saving more than $100,000 in fiscal year 2006. Maintained consistently high standards for the daily operational activities that culminated in the Mannheim pharmacy earning excellent ratings for all of the Joint Commission of the Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) and quarterly inspections by higher headquarters. Assisted co-workers and other medical staff by translating for Spanish speaking patients.

Independently performed routine tasks such as stocking and inventorying prescription and over-the-counter medications; counting tablets; labeling bottles; mixing medications; and establishing and maintaining patient profiles. Solely responsible for the reporting of herbal documentation as part of a performance improvement project for 11 pharmacies which directly improved patient safety by screening for drug-drug interactions. Completed 1500 pharmacist internship hours under the supervision of a preceptor and completed all the requirements to become a Licensed Pharmacist in the United States.

Madigan Army Medical Center (10/15/1998 - 03/20/2004) - Pharmacy Technician

Fort Lewis, Washington United States

Supervisor: Elihue Claypoole – Phone: 253-***-****. Contact: Yes

Salary: $2,000.00 per month

Hours per week: 50

Served as senior military pharmacy technician, responsible for preparing prescriptions to soldiers, and their family members, at various locations in the Fort Lewis, Washington U.S. military community. Charged with the responsibility of the Outpatient Narcotic Vault while assigned to the Outpatient Pharmacy. Prepared over 400 prescriptions daily, while working at the installation's Drive-Thru Pharmacy.

Provided special professional service and consultation for geriatric patients while working at the Satellite Pharmacy. Performed duties at the Inpatient Pharmacy IV Section; prepared Total Parental Nutrition, and Intra Venous solutions intended for patients in the neonatal intensive care unit, adult intensive care unit, labor and delivery, geriatric, pediatric and adult units. Supervised three technicians and was accountable for the medications they prepared for approximately 130 inpatients, while assigned to the Unit Dose Area. Responsible for maintaining crash carts for wards and clinics and earned recognition as the Military Inpatient Pharmacy Technician for 2003. Performed duties as the Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM) Coordinator for the pharmacy department and was responsible for training staff members on hazardous chemicals and proper use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Pharmacy Arrocha (06/18/1996 - 11/01/1996) - Staff Pharmacist

Panama City, Panama

Supervisor: Telma de Donado - (507) 600-000. Contact: No

Salary: $1,000.00 per month

Hours per week: 40

Worked as a staff pharmacist in a retail pharmacy responsible for compounding medications; filling and dispensing prescriptions; as well as communicating information about prescription and health related products to approximately 150 customers per day. Supervised three pharmacy technicians; maintained files for legally required documents, pharmacy reports, and various communications; conducted drug utilization review; and maintained an appropriate image for staff and department.


University of Southern Indiana (01/17/2011-03/04/2011)

College of Nursing and Health Professions

8600 University Boulevard

Evansville, IN 47712-3596

Anticoagulation Therapy Management

Certification Program

University of Washington (09/01/2006 – 06/11/2010)

School of Pharmacy

4225 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 305

Box 354699

Seattle, Washington, 98105

Degree: Doctorate of Pharmacy

University of Panama (05/15/1990 - 06/21/1996)

Avenida 3rd Norte

Panama City


Degree: Bachelor - Major: Pharmacy


American Society of Consultant Pharmacist-Member (05/07/2018- 05/09/2019)

License-Pharmacist Preceptor (05/18/2011-11/11/2021)

State of Washington, Department of Health.

License - License to Practice Pharmacy (08/04/2006-Present)

State of Washington, Department of Health.

Certification-Basic Life Support (01/29/2019-01/29/2021)

Certification- Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (01/29/2019-01/29/2021)

Certificate-Principles of Documentation for Non-Long Term Care- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (02/20/2018).

Basic Life Support Instructor (Dec 2014—Dec 2016)

American Heart Association, MAMC-WRMC-MTC.

Certificate- Collaborative Opioid Prescribing Education- Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (COPE-REMS), (02/27/2016), University of Washington School of Medicine.

Certificate- “AMDG-DOH Pain Management Rules and 2015 Interagency Guideline CME Package Activity”, (02/25/2016), Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Certification - Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee Certificate, (01/11/2005)

Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee.

National Association of Board of Pharmacy.

Strong Bilingual Skills in the Spanish-English Languages.

Recognition Certificate- La Raza Graduation Celebration, University of Washington (06/11/2010).

In recognition for completing a Doctorate of Pharmacy.

Awards –

US Army Commendation Medal (03/05/2007)

Exceptional meritorious achievement while assigned to the Troop Medical Center Pharmacy, Mannheim, Germany.

US Army Achievement Medal (04/18/2005)

Exceptional meritorious achievement while serving as lead pharmacy technician in the Troop Medical Center, Mannheim, Germany.

Army Commendation Medal (03/20/2004)

Exceptional meritorious achievement while assigned to Madigan Army Medical Center-Inpatient Pharmacy.

Army Achievement Medal (11/01/1999)

Exceptional service while assigned to Madigan Army Medical Center

Training and Specialized Education –

Hazard Communication/Waste Train-the-Trainer (06/10/2003)

Hazard Communication training at the Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, Washington.

Pharmacy Specialist Course (10/01/1998)

720 hours. U.S. Army advanced initial training for pharmacy technicians at the Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Pharmacy Sterile Products Certification (09/03/1998)

90 hours. Intravenous preparation training at the Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information on and attached to this Resume is true, correct, complete and made in good faith. I understand that false or fraudulent information on or attached to this Resume may be grounds for not hiring me or for firing me after I begin work, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment. I understand that any information I give may be investigated.

Date: April 23, 2019

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