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Power Plant Engineer

Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu, India
50000 / month
April 30, 2019

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Personal details:


Date of Birth : 29/06/1992

Nationality : Indian

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Blood Group : B(e) Positive


Languages Known:

Tamil, English, Hindi and Kannada.

Passport No : L2327739

Valid upto : 20.06.2023

Permanent Address :


S/o, K.Murugan,

2/145 Weaver’s street,





Pin code: 628721.




Mobile : +91-962*******




With the experience in the field of Testing and Commissioning of power system products, I look forward for an opportunity to display my skills in the field of Testing& commissioning Engineering, Maintenance and Execution of projects related to power systems.

Professional Details

Qualification : BE - Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Institute : PSR Engineering College, Sivakasi.

Percentage : 77.3% (First Class)

Year of Passing : MAY-2013

Career Profile

1) Organization : INSER HITECH ENGINEERS Pvt Ltd.

Designation : Sr. Testing & Commissioning Engg.

Experience : From Sep 2013 to Aug 2017.

2) Organization : Al-Ahleia Switchgear Co., Kuwait. Designation : Testing Engineer(equipment + Prot.)

Experience : From Sep 2017 to june2018.

3) Organization : Sree parthasarathy Engineering.

Designation : commissioning Engineer.

Experience : From Aug 2018 to till.

Skill Set

Having an experience and knowledge in power projects, Planning, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Retrofitting, Numerical, Electromagnetic relay testing and Maintenance of power plant, substation and process plant. Knowledge of Generating Reports

Generating the Daily Progress Report base on Quantity as well as the actual work complete.

Generating the Monthly Report representing the look ahead activities as well as the performance on the current month.

Attending periodic meeting with clients and higher officials regarding project growth.

Maintaining fault materials and punch list details periodically.

Making testing kits, tools and tag for a day activities with safety assurance.

2 P a g e

Nature of work

1. Planning the activities for Testing & commissioning. 2. Coordinating with customer & other departments. 3. Testing & Commissioning of HT & LT Switchgear Panels, HT & LT Motors, PCC, LDP, UPS Panel, Battery Charger, MCC, Transformers. 4. Testing of individual equipments like Numerical Relays, Power Transformers, Current Transformers, Capacitive Voltage Transformers, Potential Transformers, Circuit Breakers ranging from 415V to 400KV.

5. High Voltage Test for Cable, Bus Bar & Bus duct ( NSPBD, IPBD ) 6. Testing of Motor protection, Transformer Differential Protection, REF & SEF Protection, Bus Bar protection, Motor Differential, and synchronizing scheme. 7. Tan Delta testing of Power Transformers, CT, CVT, PT, LA ranging upto 400KV. 8. Checking, modifying interlocks in LT and HT schemes. 9. As build cable schedule, Scheme drawing submission and Trouble shooting of all Electrical circuits, control and protection circuits. 10. Attending technical discussion with client & consultant and modification according to the customer & system requirement.


CLIENT 1. M/s. Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited LOCATION Dhuvaran, Gujarat

PROJECT 375 MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant

Responsibilities – Jr. Testing and Commissioning Engineer

LV panel CT, PT, Breaker, Control Transformer, Bus bar, dead & Live Bus Auto operation.

Testing of Various make LT & HT motors and Differential Stability.

Testing & Commissioning of 20KV PT, CT, LA, Neutral Grounding Transformer and NG cable HIPOT Test.

CLIENT 2. M/s. IBEPL Thermal Power Plant

LOCATION Shagajbahal, Odissa

PROJECT 2x500 MW Thermal Power Plant

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer 3 P a g e

Testing of 400kV Switchyard CVT, CT, LA (Includes Tan Delta test), Isolators, Earth Switch, Circuit Breakers, Bus bars.

Testing and Commissioning of ACDB, DCDB, UPS panels and CRP scheme & operation checking.

Preparing cable schedule depends upon field requirements.



LOCATION Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand

PROJECT 63 MW Extension Thermal Power Plant

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Testing & Commissioning of 11kV PT, CT, LA, NGT and NGR units.

Testing of Generator, Excitation unit, Outgoing Bus ducts and panels.

Testing of Control Relay Panel and Control Desk panel wiring & Operation checking.

Generation protection checking.

CLIENT 4. M/s ONGC Petro Addiction Ltd

LOCATION Dahej, Gujarat

PROJECT 33/11 kV Substation

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Testing and Commissioning of 33/11kV, 20MVA transformers, CT, NCT with necessary mechanical protections.

33kV & 11kV cable HIGH VOLTAGE test.

Transformer Differential Protection (7UT615), Feeder protection relay (7SJ610) testing

CLIENT 5. M/s Tata Steel Ltd.

LOCATION Kalinganagar, Odissa

PROJECT Coal Wagon tippler unit LV panels

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

T&C of 415V, LV MCC (SIEMENS) panels, CT, PT, Control Transformer, Breakers, Feeder protection relays (REF615, REJ601), Motor Protection Relays (7SG) and DMPR relays, scheme checking and modifying.

HT, LT Motor commissioning,

DCS with field instruments and MCC coordination. 4 P a g e

CLIENT 6. M/S Power Grid 800kV HVDC Project.

LOCATION Agra,Uttar Pradesh

PROJECT 800kV HVDC Project

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Testing of 400/33 kV, AIS CT, CVT, Isolator, Filterbank (RLC), Transformer, Bushing and CRP scheme checking.

220V DC Battery charger panel, Battery bank test, DCDB panel commissioning.

Scheme check and correction, 33kV cable HIPOT test.

Testing of RET950 and MICOM (P143,P922) Relay testing. CLIENT 7. M/S Torrent power (SUGEN Mega Power Project) LOCATION Surat, Gujarat.

PROJECT 375MW Gas Power Plant.

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Approval function test of 415V LT MCC and LCP panels. Modification by client requirements, VFD troubleshooting.

Level Switches, Valves, Pressure Switches, Flow Transmitters, VFD commissioning. AI, AO, DI, DO Cable through from PLC panel to instruments and MCC.

SEL751A (Feeder protection),SEL 787, SEL 710,749 (Motor protection) relay testing.

CLIENT 8. M/S Power Grid Corp. India Ltd.

LOCATION Bihar Sharif, Bihar

PROJECT 400kV Switchyard Split Bus

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

T&C of 400KV split bus bay CB, Isolator, CT, PT, CRP, Control desk panels and 400KV Reactor bay, NGR with its necessary protections.

REF615 backup protection

CLIENT 9. M/S Renew Solar power

LOCATION Karnataka

PROJECT 20MW Solar Power Plant

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

T&C of 110/11KV switchyard CT, PT, LA, CB, Isolator, 11KV Switchgear panels, GIS RMU units, control panel, 25MVA power transformers with its protection.

Testing of Trafo diff., RET650 & REF615, REJ601 feeder protection relays 5 P a g e

CLIENT 10. M/S Raichur Power Corporation Ltd.,

LOCATION Karnataka

PROJECT Thermal Power project

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Testing and commissioning of LV MCC panels with power transformers. 11KV HT switchgear panel and motor commission. MCC panels ATS operation checks.

Configuration and testing of GE F650 protection relay, MICOM P141, P241 protection relays.

CLIENT 11. M/S 3.0MTP Steel Plant.,

LOCATION Chatisgar

PROJECT Integrade Steel plant

Responsibilities – Commissioning Engineer

33kv switchyard and 11Kv switchgear board substation commissioning activities. Commission and performance (Load and Noload) tests on HT/LT motors. CT, PT, Breakers, Relays function test and commissioning.

Control Signal commission test from feeder to desk board. Relays signal list testing.

Final approval test for LV/MV MCC and Switchboards. Earth pit commissioning activities.


CLIENT 12. M/S Ceylon Electricity Board

LOCATION Sri lanka

PROJECT Thermal Power project

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Digital Disturbance Recorder functions checking (fault signal generation) coordination with vendor.

CLIENT 13. M/S Bangladesh Power Distribution Board LOCATION Bangladesh.

PROJECT Rural electrification project

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

T&C of 33/11kV PT, CT, LA, Isolator, 25MVA Power Transformer with RTCC, 11KVswitchgear panels, 11KV GIS panels, ACR breakers.

Siemens 7UT (diff. protection), 7SR relay configuration, Power Transformer stability test, Transformers mechanical protections. 6 P a g e

Substation trouble shooting, retrofitting, replacing faulty devices in live panels and maintenance.


PROJECT New Refinery Project – 1

Responsibilities – Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Testing of Protection relays (SEL, SIEMENS, MICOM, ASHIDA), ATS Checking, motor restart, Operation Logic preparation, modification and updation.

Relay communication and status checking to Switches from MCC. Checking DI, DO, AI, AO signals on IMCS. Panel’s CT, PT, Breakers, Bus duct HV, Functional drawing testing.

Substation testing plan activities regarding FAT and work progress reporting to clients.

Protection Relays testing (SEL -751A, 787, 451, 2505, 849 & 3025 SIEMENS- 7SR, 7SD82 MICOM- P543, P241 ASHIDA – 244B, 245B, 233B, 204T) Relays Software Handled

SIEMENS – DIGSI 4 and 5.

REYROLLE – Reydisp Evaluation.

GE – Enervista, Agile

ABB – PCM 600.

SEL – AcSELerator.

ASHIDA – Relay Talk

Schemes Handled







Testing Equipment

can handle the Testing Equipments


CRM Test Kit

HV Test Kit (AC&DC)

Timer Test Kit

Primary Injection Kit, CPC and CT analyzer.

Tan-Delta Kit

All testing instruments & meters etc.

7 P a g e


I hereby declare the above-furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge. Regards,


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