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Design Engineer

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
April 25, 2019

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Resume: Civil & Structural Engineer


Name: Angad Hanmant Chavan

Date of Birth: 11/02/1985

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Indian

Passport Number: J8381417, Valid Till: 23 May 2021

Mobile Number: +919*********, +974********

Skype ID: angadchavan

Email ID:

EDUCATION: B.E. Civil Engineering from the University of Mumbai in 2006 First Class with distinction.

Achievement: Stood First in Maharashtra State in Final Year Examination of Diploma in Civil Engineering.


Civil & Structural Engineer with 12 years of experience in Industrial Structures design.


Oil & gas, Chemical plants: Chemical Process Buildings, Industrial Sheds, Piperacks, Prilling tower, Electrical room & Substation Building, Vertical Vessels (Process Column) Foundations, Horizontal Vessels (Heat Exchangers) Foundations, Electrical cable galleries supports, pipe sleepers design, steel platforms, pump foundations, Pipe supports, special pipe supports.

Cement plant: Industrial shed for limestone storage, Transfer Towers, Steel Conveyor Galleries, Retaining walls.

Infrastructure: 4 No of R.C.C. Underground Light Rail Transit (LRT) Train stations design.

Brownfield Experience: Inspections of Structures, Inspection reports preparations, Non Destructive tests witnessed at the site. Suggestions & repair recommendations, Structural Audit reports preparation. Pipe supports design.

Foundation Design: Isolated Footings, Combined Footings, Raft foundations, Combined Piled-Raft Foundation, 3pile & 4pile pile caps, Ringwall, base plates, and anchor bolts.

General Work activities:

Steel Structures & Fabrications drawings checking: Steel structures general arrangement drawings and fabrications drawings checking for steel process structures, steel piperacks is done.

Interdisciplinary coordination: Coordination with Piping, Mechanical, Electrical departments for the load data collections, drawings comments corrections, modifications in the structure, to make clash free structures is done.

Review and Checking work: Sub consultants Structural Design reports & Drawings checking work.

Structural Design calculations report checking:

Structural Calculations design report checking for the Steel Process building, steel piperack, substation building, security building is done.

Steel Structures Drawings:

Steel Structures drawings generated from the Tekla Software checking for various steel process buildings.

Fabrication drawings generated from the Tekla software checking for various steel structures like Steel Storage sheds, steel process buildings, Steel piperacks, steel conveyor galleries etc.

R.C.C. Structures Drawings:

Substation Drawings checking The RCC structural Drawings checking work is done around 30 nos of drawings checking is done.

Security Building Drawings: RCC structure drawings checking work is done.

Administration Building Drawings Checking: RCC structural drawings of Admin Building checking work is done.

Entry & Exit gate for the Newport project: RCC Entry and Exit structure drawings checking.


American Codes: IBC, AISC, ACI, ASCE

British Codes: BS-8110(Structural Use of Concrete), BS-6399(Loading for Building),

BS-5950(Structural use of steelwork in the building), BS-5400(Steel, concrete & composite bridges)

Euro Codes: BS EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1:2010 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures: Part 1-4 General actions – Wind actions

Indian Codes: IS456-Code of practice for plain & reinforced concrete, IS800-code of practice for general construction in steel, IS-1893 Indian Seismic code, IS-13920-Ductile detailing of RC Buildings.


Staad Pro V8i: Structural Analysis and design software used for the Steel & RCC Structures design.

Staad Foundation: Software used for the Design of Combined Footings and Rafts.

Foundation 3D: Software used for the design of Isolated and Combined Footings.

Mat 3D: Foundation design software is used for the Mat/Raft type of foundations.

AutoCAD: Used for Structural GA & details drawings preparation.

Naviswork: Review of PDS & PDMS models in the naviswork software.

1.Worley Parsons, Qatar

DESCRIPTION: Worley Parsons provides Engineering & Services from concept-to-completion design.

DESIGNATION: Structural Design Engineer

DURATION: 16th September 2018 to 13th December 2018 (3 Months)


Qatar Shell Gas to Liquid, Ras Laffan, Qatar

Project: Oxygen Import project

Fire protection wall structure design:

Design of RCC structure made of concrete walls called firewalls to prevent the fire in accidental case. The valve operating station is surrounded by the firewalls. The pipe supports are taken from the raft of the structure. FEM analysis of RCC structure walls & raft is done in the staad pro software. The structure of size 10mx25m.

Pipe bridge design: Design of Steel pipe bridge of span 20m 30m, 40m is done in the staad pro software. The Foundation design is carried out in the staad pro software as FEM analysis. The foundation is modeled along with the superstructure & designed in the one model.

Piperack Design: Steel Piperack of 2m width 60m length design is done. Combined footings design, raft design is done.

Special Pipe Support and Miscellaneous pipe supports design: Design of Special pipe support, Hilti anchor fasteners connection design.

Qatar Chemical Company, Messaied, Qatar

Admin Building Expansion MTO calculation:

Calculation of MTO of the admin building expansion in Q chem. Project located at Messaied Industrial complex. The building is 1200 Sq.m. in Area. The material Quantities is calculated.

Special Pipe Supports design:

Around 30 Nos of Special pipes support are designed. The pipe supports are required in the Q Chem plant. The pipe supports of Height 1.5m and loading rage of 1 to 1.5 kN are designed. The geometry is the critical thing for these pipe supports since the pipe supports were in the highly congested areas in the plant. The pipe supports geometry is Irregular and locations are decided based on space availability.

TCM Warehouse: Inspection of Warehouse & Structural Integrity Checking, (Site Works at Qatar Chemical companies Messaied plant for about 3 Weeks:

The TCM warehouse in the Q Chem plant is used for the storage of the chemicals and it’s very near to the ground flare stack, so it is susceptible to the severe environment. The Size of the Structure is 20m x 60m. The structure is a PEB steel structure with concrete foundations of isolated footings.

Worked as Technical Supervisor for witnessing the NDT test at Site at Qatar Chemical Company, Messaied location. Following NDT Tests are witnessed & monitored at the site.

1)Concrete Cover Meter Test

2)Concrete Rabars Scanning

3)Concrete Core cutting Test to measure the compressive strength of concrete.

4)Concrete Dust samples collection for the Chemical Analysis.

5)Half Cell Potential Test.

6)Cracks Measurement by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test.

7)Excavation to check the foundation sizes.

8)Chipping out of the concrete in the cover portion of the structural elements to check the structural rebars arrangement.

9)Reinstatement of the chipped concrete portion

10)Existing steel structures size measurement and drawings checking: drawings prepared by the sub-consultant

11)Foundation reinforcement data collection.

Structural Inspection is carried out for the complete warehouse structure consisting of Steel Framed PEB building and Single Isolated Footings foundations. Defects in the concrete are observed and noted and NDT tests recommendations suggestions is provided.

The concrete core tests locations are decided as per the site condition. Various test locations are decided as per the structural requirements.

Underground Scanning supervision (Site Works at Qatar Chemical companies Messaied plant for about 1 Week):

For Construction of substation, new chemical storage shed modification in the Control room building & Construction of New polished water tanks in the Ethylene area. Construction of Catalyst & Mix tanks in the NAO area. Witnessing and monitoring of the subcontractor’s work for the Underground scanning work. Monitoring the calibration of the equipment approving the survey Instruments like the total station, GPS, Radio Detector for the work.

Civil & Structural Drawings checking:

Substation Building Drawings Checking. R.C.C. The building of size 30mx20mx10m heigh.

Consists of Transformer foundations, ACCU foundations, Duct banks, Monorail, Oil Collection pits, Trenches, Duct Banks etc. Drawings checking is done (30 Drawings).

Security Building Drawings Checking.

25mx26mx11m Heigh RCC structure drawings checking (30 Drawings). Drawings for foundations, first-floor slab & roof slab, grade slabs checking is done.

Electrical Room: 4x6mx3m Electrical Room R.C.C. Drawings checking, Security cabin foundation, Climate controls cabin foundation layout and reinforcement drawings checking (8 Nos).

2.Freelancer, Mumbai, India

DESCRIPTION: Freelancer into the Industrial Structures design.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 16th Nov 2014 to 12th September 2018 (4 Years)

PROJECTS Steel & RCC Structures design work.

Work for GS E&C Mumbai Private Limited, Mumbai-India

Gasoline and Aeromatic Project, UAE (Proposal Project)

Steel Piperack Design (6 No’s):

Analysis and Design of 3m wide x 10m height x 30m length, 4m wide x 20m height 28m length, 6m wide x 20m height 56m length, 9m wide x 27 m height x 56m length piperacks is done for the proposal. The structural Steel quantities are calculations are done. The American Codes are followed. The design is done as per the AISC ASD code.

Work for MCE Consulting Engineers, Mumbai-India

ONGC Mangalore Petrochemical Limited, Karnataka

Pipe Sleepers design in Naptha Tank Farm Area: Design of RCC pipe sleepers are done to support the pipes running near to the ground level in the refinery tank farm area. The pipe sleepers up to 5m width are designed as per the piping requirements.

Valve operating and pipe supporting Steel Platform design:

Design of Steel platform of 3mx18m of 2.5m height. The platform is provided to support the pipes and cable rack. The platform is designed as per the Indian codes. The Steel Tonnage of the platform is around 5 tonnes. Structural Steel GA drawings & design reports are prepared followings IS codes.

Raft foundation design: Design of Raft foundation for the platform steel structure and pipe supporting sleepers. The FEM model is done for the foundation design. Around 20 No’s of Foundations drawings are prepared for the sleepers and platform foundations In the Naphtha Tank farm area.

Mangalore Refinery Petrochemical Limited, Karnataka

A cooler fan supporting a steel structure design review. The steel structure of Size 18mx18mx7m height is designed considering the Bundle load, Cooling Fan, and motor Load in the Structure. The sprinkler system is required on the top floor of the steel platform. Sprinkler supporting arrangement is designed. The Load data received from piping, Equipment loadings from Mechanical is considered for the design. The Wind load calculations are done as Open steel structure considering the shielding effect in the structure. The steel tonnage of the structure is around 50 Tonnes.

Work for Nicholson Jones Partnership Oman LLC (NJP Oman)

Liwa Plastic, Oman

Warehouse Foundation Design:

Analysis and design of a warehouse structure foundation are done. General activities: Modelling of RCC pedestals and plinth beams in staad pro, steel structure design is done by other company, steel structure loads transferred on the top of pedestals for the foundation design, design of pedestals and plinth beam is carried out in the STAAD pro software. GA & RCC reinforcement drawings checking work is done, 6 Nos of drawings are prepared and checked.

Workshop Foundation Design:

Analysis and design of the Workshop structure foundation are done. General activities: Modelling of RCC pedestals and plinth beams in staad pro, steel structure design is done by other company, steel structure loads transferred on the top of pedestals for the foundation design, design of pedestals and plinth beam is carried out in the STAAD pro software. GA & RCC reinforcement drawings checking work is done, 8 Nos of drawings are prepared and checked.

Chemical Storage Building Foundation design:

Analysis and design of a CSB structure foundation are done. General activities: Modelling of RCC pedestals and plinth beams in staad pro, steel structure design is done by other company, steel structure loads transferred on the top of pedestals for the foundation design, design of pedestals and plinth beam is carried out in the STAAD pro software. GA & RCC reinforcement drawings checking work is done, 7 Nos of drawings are prepared and checked.

Work for Taal Tech India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India:

Detailed Design of 40 TPH Cement Grinding Unit as per Euro Codes

Steel shed Design (17mx30mx25m high): Analysis and design of Steel Shed are done in the staad pro software as per Euro code. The wind intensity is considered as 100KMPH for the design of the steel shed. Optimized design is carried out for the steel shed. The total tonnage required for the shed is 100 Tonnes. The steel drawings are prepared as the output of the Tekla model. The complete steel structure is modeled in the TEKLA software the clash check with the equipment, piping’s cranes, and ducts are carried out in the Tekla structure by the Tekla designers. My work is to resolve the clashes with the mechanical parts in the structure it was involved in the change in the structural arrangement, coordination with the other departments. Around 20 No’s of the Structural Steel GA drawings are required. Checking of Structural Steel GA drawings is done.

Conveyor supporting steel structure design:

Open conveyor (without roof) of 40m length with walkways on both side of the conveyor is considered. The trestles of height 1.5m to 3m is required to support the walkways and the conveyor supporting channels at the trestles locations. The Analysis and design are done in the Staad pro software, Structural GA drawings checking work is done. Around 4 No’s of Steel GA drawings are required.

Structural Design of Feeder hoppers foundation:

FEM Model is done for the Feeder hoppers foundations the hoppers are supported on the concrete wall on one side. The retaining walls are required at the feeder’s side. Mechanical loads of Feeder hoppers, truck movement load is considered for the foundation design. Piles of foundations are required for the structure. The design of the foundation is done as a FEM Analysis in the Staad pro software. 5 No’s of RCC GA drawings are prepared for this structure.

3.Consolidated Gulf Company, Qatar

DESCRIPTION Consolidated Gulf Company is a leading provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 13 May 2014 to 15 November 2014 (6 months)


Qatar Gas, Ras Laffan, Qatar

Industrial Steel shed design: Analysis and Design of Industrial shed are done to cover new fuel dispensers & some existing piping in the Qatar Gas plant. The project involved the site survey, taking measurements of existing pipe locations, a feasibility study to accommodate new structure & piping & detailed design of Industrial Shed. Few new Pipe supports design is done.

Qatar Vinyl Company, Qatar:

Modification to existing RCC Dyke walls to Increase in storage capacities of tanks: Analysis and design are done for the Existing Dyke wall to increase the dike wall height. Work involved the no’s of site visits, Inspection of dike wall, Inspection report preparation, ND test suggestions to check the existing strength of the wall, dike wall modifications suggestions. Man-hours Estimation required performing all the above activities for this project. Drawings preparation, construction methodology preparation, and drawings checking work are carried out.

On Deputation to Worley Parsons, Doha Qatar

Projects Worked on in Worley Parsons, Qatar:

Lusail City Development, Qatar.

Underground light rail transit (LRT) train Stations Design:

Light Rail Transit (LRT), or fast tram is a form of urban rail transit using rolling stock similar to a tramway, but operating at a higher capacity.

FEM Analysis & Detailed Design of 4 nos underground RCC LRT train stations:

Light Rail Transit (LRT) Underground Train Stations Structural Design: RCC structure of size 10m x 10m x 90m with the underground depth of 10m. The Structure is having the concrete Base slab, all around R.C.C. walls & Top slab. The enclosed underground concrete structure is used for the support of required electrical machinery/equipment for the train movement. And required openings are provided for the staircase, electrical cable routing in the structure. The base slab is at 10m depth from the ground level. The top slab of the structure is flushed with the ground level to support the rails on which LRT train runs.

On the top slab, the steel superstructure shed & waiting rooms are supported to provide the waiting rooms for the passengers. The top slab is designed to resist the trainload, steel shed and waiting rooms loads. The top slab level is flushed with the ground level and the top slab is having the level difference of about 1m. In the upper top slab portion, the steel shed & waiting rooms are supported. & on the lower top slab, the LRT train rails are supported for the train movement. Also, the Train Impact loads are considered for the structure design. The RCC Structure supporting structural steel superstructure shed & train route for lusail city. The design is carried out considering Earth pressures, train loads, superstructure loads for the design life of 100 Years. The design is done considering BS 5400 Steel, concrete and composite bridges. Around 50 Nos of RCC GA drawings are prepared for the total 4 Nos of LRT train stations.

For the Structural Design of the LRT train stations, the Finite Element Model is prepared in the Staad Pro software. The primary loads like Dead loads, weight of structural components, weight of superstructure, earth pressure, groundwater, Railway Live loads, overhead catenaries System, Live loads on backfillings, Effect of creep, shrinkage of concrete, Thermal Effects, Wind Loads, Thermal rail forces Accidental actions like railway derailment (Impact on columns or walls), fire & specified earthquake loads are considered.

Load combinations are done as per the Lusail City project Structural Design Basis. The structure is designed in such a way that the structure design life is 100 years. The entire structure including the base slab, walls & top slab is designed for the maximum permissible crack width of 0.2mm as per BS 8007. The Buoyancy/flotation check is performed for the accidental/extreme condition of water being at the proposed ground level. The Entire structure is designed in accordance with the British Standards.

Structural Calculations report preparation work is done for the LRT train stations design.

Around 30 No’s of R.C.C. Structure General arrangement & reinforcement details drawings are prepared for each LRT train station, like that 4 no’s of train’s station's drawings checking work is done.

New Port Project, Qatar:

Around 20 no’s of drawings checking and approval work is done for the various structures like entry and exit gates structures, grade slabs in the port projects.

4.Freelancer, Dubai-UAE

DESCRIPTION: Freelancer into the Industrial Structures design.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 14th October 2013 to 12th May 2014 (6 Months)

PROJECTS Steel & RCC Structures design work.

Work for Asset Integrity Engineering, Dubai, UAE

Sharjah Gas Plant, UAE: Inspection/Rehabilitation Work

Inspection of existing gas plant Structures. Entire Sharjah gas plants including onshore and offshore structures concrete part structures Inspection is carried out. Work involved the Inspection of concrete structures, structural Defects identification in the RCC structures, Inspection report preparation and Severity definitions for various defects in concrete and repair recommendations for the defects. Structural works repairs recommendations & construction procedures recommendations are provided in the Inspection reports.

Onshore structures Inspected: Complete Sharjah Gas Plant Unit, LPG Terminal Unit & condensate terminal

Offshore structures Inspected: Offshore loading platform, Jetty, breasting & Mooring dolphins.

5.Kentz, Qatar

DESCRIPTION: Kentz Qatar is a leading provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 15 April 2013 to 13 October 2013 (6 months)


Qatar Shell GTL, Qatar:

Analysis and design of Heavy duty paving: Design of paving for construction crane movement,

Project Involved Site visits, required data collection, Analysis & design of paving for construction crane movement. 12mx15m heavy duty paving is designed to sustain the construction crane movement. FEM Analysis of the foundation is done.

Qatar Petroleum, Dukhan Field, Qatar:

Substation Building design: Analysis & design of RCC Substation building of Size15mx15mx4m height is carried out. The building includes the transformer foundation, EL cable trenches, and various equipment foundations.

Gasco, Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Proposal quantities calculations for Burried EL & Instrumentation cable trenches.

Zadco, UAE:

Potable water & Sewage treatment plant quantity Estimation for the Proposal, Preliminary design of the buildings, Equipment foundations etc.

6.Freelancer, Muscat-Oman

DESCRIPTION: Freelancer into the Industrial Structures design.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 15th December 2012 to 14th April 2013 (6 Months)

PROJECTS Steel & RCC Structures design work.

Work for Technicas Reunidas Engineering, Muscat Oman

Design of Electrical Room for the Qatar Petroleum project at Dukhan Doha Qatar. The electrical room of 6mx8mx4m height is designed. The RCC foundation drawings, grade slab drawings, trenches pits drawings checking work is done.

Pipe supports design: Structural Analysis and design of special pipe supports are done. Pipe supports drawings checking work is done.

7.PENTA Engineering Corporation, Mumbai

DESCRIPTION: Penta India Cement & Minerals Private Limited” is the LSTK / EPC Company of India for Cement plants, Minerals plants, Conveyors, Plant Construction, Power, Petro Chemicals and Infra-structure etc.

DESIGNATION: Senior Structural Engineer

DURATION: 2 Jun 2011 to 14 December 2012 (1.5 Year)


Ultratech Cement Plant, Andhra Pradesh, India: Inspection/Rehabilitation Work

Structural Inspection & Audit of the Cement plant:

Inspection of cement plant structures is carried out.

Following cement plants structures Inspection is carried out

Kiln foundation, preheater building, cement silo, mill foundation, and various process buildings.

Work involved the Inspection of Structures, defects Identifications, ND Tests recommendations for the structures as per the defects severity. ND Test results in Interpretation and repair recommendations/strength improvement based on the ND test results & judgment.

Structural Inspection reports including the modifications in the existing structures, defects locations, repair recommendations are prepared.

Lafarge Cement Plant, Jamshedpur. India

Transfer Tower Design: Analysis and design of closed steel structure of size 10mx10mx25m heigh supporting various mechanical equipment like bag filters, fans, and ducts & conveyor galleries are done. The structure included the roof purlins and cladding runners. The design of purlins and cladding runners is carried out in the staad pro software. Around 20 Nos of Structural GA drawings of the plans at various levels and purlins and cladding runner’s details are prepared.

Structural steel Bridge Design: The Steel Bridge of Railway crossing is designed (width 4m & length 50m) for movement of men & lightweight machinery. Analysis and design of the steel structure bridge are done in the Staad pro software. The steel trusses are modeled, wind load as per the site location is considered for the design. The work involved the nos of site visits, taking site measurements & data collections for the design work. The design drawings and report is approval taken from the client. Around 5 Nos of Structural Steel GA drawings are prepared.

Structural steel chimney design: Structural Analysis & design of cement plant steel stack 1.2m Dia. 30m height, considering wind & Earthquake dynamic loads is done.

Kuwait Cement Plant, Kuwait

Structural steel EL cable galleries running at height 4 to 6m for the road crossing points. Box type gallery made up four angle sections of size 1.5mx1.5m is designed. Isolated foundations are designed to support the conveyor galleries columns. Around 4 Nos of the steel GA drawings are prepared.

Orient Cement Plant, Bengal, India

Complete cement plant proposal bill of quantities calculation, man hour’s estimation.


General notes for Concrete Construction

General notes for Steel Construction

Shear Connections (Welded & Bolted)

Moment Connections (Welded & Bolted)

Bracings connections (Bolted & Welded)

Ductile detailing

Chequered plate

Anchor Bolts

Insert plates

Splice Connections

8.Freelancer, Mumbai-India

DESCRIPTION: Freelancer into the Industrial Structures design.

DESIGNATION: Structural Engineer

DURATION: 28th Nov 2010 to 20th May 2011 (6 Months)

PROJECTS Steel & RCC Structures design work.

Work for L&T Engineering Powai, Mumbai

Piperack Design: 6mx60m with 2 tiers steel piperacks design. Tekla Structure model review and Tekla output drawings checking work. Steel Fabrication drawings checking work is done.

Steam Drum supporting steel structure design: Structural Design of Steam drum supporting steel structure in Gujarat Narmada Valey Fertilizers company project. The Structure of size 6m x 12x 10m in height. Steel fabrications drawings checking work

9.Uhde India Limited, Mumbai

DESCRIPTION: Uhde India Limited is an engineering Consultancy firm which takes contracts on LSTK basis. Uhde group scope of work includes Project Management, Basic engineering, Detail Design Engineering, Procurement, Procurement Services, Construction and Commissioning on the plant.

DESIGNATION: Engineer (Civil)

DURATION: 3rd July 2006 – 27th October 2010 (4.5 years)


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) Paradeep, Orissa:

RCC Process Buildings design:

Analysis and design of 2 Nos of RCC process buildings are done in the staad pro software. The RCC Structures of size 20mx30mx 20m is designed to accommodate the various mechanical equipment, piping & EL cable galleries. Around 30 Nos RCC GA drawings are prepared for the structure.

The RCC structures of process buildings are supported on the Raft foundation with piles. The FEM Analysis and design of piled raft is carried out in the Staad pro software. The piling arrangement drawings foundation GA drawings and RCCreinforcement drawings are prepared for these structures.

Steel Piperacks design (2nos):

Analysis and design of steel piperacks of 8m wide 35m heigh of 4 tiers are done. The piperack is loaded with heavy piping loads, electrical cable galleries. The foundation of piperacks is of 3pile, 4pile pile cap foundation. Design of foundation is carried out in Standard UHDE excel spreadsheets. Steel piperacks Structural drawings checking work is done.

Process column foundation:

The process columns are the most important equipment in the oil & gas plants. The civil work is to design the RCC foundations to sustain the process column load. The foundation for the 50m high process column is designed considering the given mechanical loads. The RCC foundation of octagonal shape with piles is designed in the staad pro software. FEM Analysis and design are done for the foundation design. RCC GA drawings showing anchor bolts, foundation sizes, foundation arrangement and reinforcement details are prepared.

Horizontal vessels (Heat Exchangers) foundation design:

The horizontal vessels i.e. heat exchangers resting on the fixed and sliding saddle support which is supported on the RCC pedestals and foundation are designed considering the equipment empty loads, Equipment Operating Loads, Equipment Test loads, Equipment earthquake loads, wind loads.

Tank foundation design (1Nos):

Ringwall foundations: The tank foundation for the tank of Dia. 6m supported on the R.C.C. Ringwall type foundation is designed considering the tank loads.

Pump foundations design:

Process pumps are supported on the RCC block type foundations of 1.5mx1.5x1m the. are designed.

PDH-Polypropylene Plant – Egypt (Structures are designed as per American Codes)

Process column Equipment Supporting Structure (2Nos):

The Stool speed RCC structure of a 6m x 6m plan dimension of 4m height to support the Vertical process column structure is designed. The structure is designed for mechanical equipment loads. The Equipment is resting on the peripheral beams in the structure. The Anchor Bolts arrangement is done as per the mechanical requirement. Suitable Edge distances are maintained in the equipment supporting beams. The Rebars BBS drawings are prepared. Concrete Quantity and Rebar's steel quantities are calculated.

Concrete Process Buildings:


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