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Multimedia authoring and technical artistry

St. Augustine, Florida, United States
April 27, 2019

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Corey James Comstock

Saint Augustine, Florida


Creative Director, Multimedia Author and Technical Artist

Grounded in engineering, sparked by artistry, wizened by experience, a full service content creator who channels project appeal through a full understanding of design and an arsenal of illustration skills.

Projects run on schedule and within budget with a continual vision across design teams and clients. Commanding expertise in creative and technical processes, invaluable mentoring and troubleshooting capacity of the highest caliber. Decades of prestigious positions working alongside industry leaders like Steven Spielberg and Nora Ephron in progressive studios like DreamWorks SKG and Digital Domain on world class projects like The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Shrek. Authoring novels, screenplays, storyboards and commentaries with compassionate eyes on the human condition and a cynical repartee that cuts through the quagmire of current events.

His work has been featured in countless publications and industry-leading media outlets.

— Areas of Expertise —

Project Management/Art Direction

Character Animation

Illustration: All Mediums

Web Design and Implementation

Graphic Design

Game/Edutainment Design

Original Stories and Editorials

Design Drafting and Engineering

Mechanical Art / Illustration

Acting and Performing Arts

Professional Experience

Multimedia Author and Technical Artist - 2011 to Present

Corey James Books – Saint Augustine, Fl.

Conceived, devised, outlined,authored and illustrated full-length literary works of contemporary fiction.

Semi-biographical elements fused with blue-sky imagination create intriguing original drama and comedic conflicts. Protagonists composed in rainbow colors and antagonists bound-up in twisted zeal face soul-biting dilemmas. Conceived, designed, and animated marketing promotions including movie-style trailers, encompassing websites, media campaigns, complimentary promotional products as well as the book covers themselves.

Technical Proficiency: 3DS Max and related Plug-Ins, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Soundbooth, Encore, Acrobat, Media Encoder. Anvil Studio and Cakewalk. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Scripting/Programming in Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Basic, and C

Selected Novels:

BLACKWATER - A professional surfer is abducted and transported deep beneath the cold Pacific Ocean to a secret sect of sunken bubbles where bloodthirsty sharks battle mysterious sea creatures and unhinged inmates shadowbox with their own malignant humor.

The doomed surfer comes to see no way but cray-cray except for one overlooked thing…

He sure can swim.

MINIMAL CRIMINALS - Benedict Spender, ex-quarterback turned snarky-cop, gets his day punted into the odd-zone when Hollywood's most eligible bachelor ransacks a major casino, loots an armored car, abducts a teenage daughter and then blackmails a corrupt executive, all while a lightning storm plays Whack-a-Mole on meandering pedestrians.

One should always be advised of one's demise, don't you agree?

TURTLE ISLAND - Cute college girl Sandy Miller is thrilled to death when she lands her summer dream job blasting around a pristine island preserve on an electric ATV. She soon realizes the endangered wildlife she thought she was protecting is suddenly her.

But then… Hell's Locomotive shrieks across Turtle Island.

Actor and Performer - 2017 to 2018

Ghosts and Gravestones – Saint Augustine, Fl.

Acted and performed leading roles on a daily basis.

Authentic costumes, haunting make-up and bold performances staged nightly to produce historical and engaging experiences. Performed varying roles with contrasting styles and authentic props to entertain and educate thousands of people live and intimately and in the moment. Conceived and developed characters within historical parameters and maintained impeccable timing along with superior guest relations. Five star reviews and perfect performance evaluations prevailed throughout this engagement.

Selected Roles:

Charlie Powell – The starring role in a premiere entertainment experience. A high energy fifteen minute monologue delivered guerilla-theater by the traversing ghost of a doomed character. The macabre and chilling chronicle of a tragically hanged inmate along with his twisted companions. Staged within a 19th century jailhouse, multiple personifications and several floors of energized performance elevated this crowning encounter on the Ghosts and Gravestones Experience.

Diego the Executioner – Dark humor abounds as this 17th century Spanish executioner tightens the rope of a garrote around an English pirate’s neck. Improvisational acting, supreme timing and unprompted humor required to drive this Monty Python style bit home. Full costume and spooky surroundings made this creep fest a fun fest.

Cornelius – A Connecticut Yankee gone Snake Oil, Cornelius can charm the pants off of a Southern Belle while picking the pocket of her significant other. He will close the deal, any deal, with thirty minutes of improvisational performance in a guerilla-theater setting. A crooning harmonica, comedic bits, and crackerjack guest interactions made this character a hoot to behold.

Director, Designer, Writer, Animator, and Artist – 1998 – Present – Saint Augustine, Florida.

Muiltimedia Author and Technical Consultant in both traditional art and contemporary CGI in a multitude of media and in numerous production pipelines.

Graphic and Web Design and implementation, Illustration, CGI/3d modeling, textures, materials, and lighting with a focus on character animation, post production and special effects. Directs, creates and rigs human/animal characters, keyframes animation with pathos, believability and appeal. Devises and implements physical real-world simulations: Cloth, fur, dynamics, particle systems/effects, photometric lighting. Writing and storytelling across many genres. Photography and Videography. MIDI Musical scoring and sound design.

Technical Proficiency: Softimage, 3DS Max and related Plug-Ins, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Soundbooth, Encore, Media Encoder, Acrobat. Anvil Studio and Cakewalk. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Scripting and Programming in Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Basic, and C

Selected Projects:

Multiple Website Designs – Concepts, Logos, wireframes, graphics, photography, copy, and digital content for numerous websites of varying style and purpose. Brand development with custom interfaces and implementation with responsive web design including input fields, videos, animations, e-learning and shopping carts.

Woody and the Girl with the Pink Chainsaw - Produced, directed, wrote and animated this adult-leaning, comically animated short film. HD quality, high-resolution models, dynamic cloth, fur, and physical springs in the geometry (anatomical jiggles), post production enhancements, special effects including dynamic particle systems, multiple video compression codecs for HD, Blu-Ray, and web streaming, original music and soundtrack.

Appearances - Produced, directed, wrote and animated this quirky animated short film. HD quality, high-resolution models, dynamic cloth, fur, post production enhancements, physical dynamics, multiple video compression codecs for HD, Blu-Ray, and web streaming, original music and soundtrack.

Lego Alpha Team - Character animator, director and implementer of most of this video game’s characters. Multiple unique personalities of Lego characters both male and female walking, running, climbing, swimming and interacting with key elements in the environment.

Warpath: Jurassic Park - Game designer, animation director and character creator of animated battling dinosaurs. Intricate interaction of real-time animation including contact moves, grappling, wrestling, and tearing each other up. Tight budgets, fast-paced milestones, intricate coordination across multiple teams of developers.

Creative Director and Project Manager - 1982 – 1993 / 2006 - 2009

PACE - Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering – Fountain Valley, Ca.

Write, design, direct, produce, engineer and consult in Civil Engineering Design/Build Projects as well as Conceive and Create Animated Project Visuals such as Fly-Throughs and Edutainment Compositions.

Writing, designing, directing CGI visuals, modeling, animation, real-world dynamics and physics and green-screen technologies. Project management and engineering of design/build civil and architectural projects involving elaborate water features, wastewater treatment, and/or storm water management. Graphic design, web design and implementation.

Technical Proficiency: 3DS Max and related Plug-Ins, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth, DreamWeaver, Flash, Illustrator, Media Encoder, Acrobat. Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook. Scripting and Programming in Flash, JavaScript, HTML, Basic, Pascal, and C

Selected Projects:

Waveyard Surf Park - Design, modeling and animating of future surf park with 12 foot surfing waves, a Canyoneering experience, Scuba Lagoon and Water Ski Lake, with surrounding shops and restaurants.

Santa Paula Water Reclamation Facility - Design, modeling and animating of Water Reclamation facility including ponds and waterfalls, architectural offices and equipment yards and rooms. Modeled from design drawings.

The Westin Maui - Artistic conceptualizations and engineering designs for one of the world's largest leisure pools and natural fish and fowl habitats. Design development drawings, a scaled and working model, construction drawings, calculations and specifications. State of the art chlorine and ozone disinfection, biological filtration, pH and chemistry control.

The Hyatt Waikoloa- Project manager and project designer for a natural swimming lagoon with beaches and dolphins, a saltwater boat-way to transport guests, three swimming pools, several spas and a saltwater waterfall. Intricate coordination with other designers and contractors.

Kelowna Waterfront Park - Project manager and designer of a leading-edge boating lagoon/lock system, the centerpiece of a planned community including hotels, residences, parks, canyons, and structural elements. Boat lock designs interfacing Lake Okanagan formulated around community membership with push-button activation and minimum maintenance.

Creative Director – 2002 - 2006

Teknik Digital Arts – Newport Beach, Ca.

Producer, Director, Designer, Writer, Artist,and Animator for traditional art and CGI new media, online games and edutainment on multiple platforms.

Design of original media interactive content, conceptual designs, modeling and animation, lighting, staging, compositing. Marketing campaigns across multimedia, graphic designs and branding, website designs and implementation. Coordination with sports personalities such as Cal Ripken Jr. and Phil Simms plus other celebrities. Secure, grow and maintain product licenses, mobile and PC platforms.

Technical Proficiency: 3DS Max and related Plug-Ins, AutoCAD. Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Encore, Acrobat. Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook. Scripting and Programming in Flash, JavaScript, HTML, Basic, and C

Selected Projects:

AniDragons - Character design, storyboards, art, animation and direction of budding real-time desktop/screensaver dragons. Dragon infants hatch with related puppy-like personalities and mature into full-grown, monstrous adult dragons. Tight budgets and deadlines, intricate coordination between developers.

Fear Factor: DELIrium - Producer, game designer, and license coordinator of the mobile phone puzzle game. Coordination, promotion, product distribution, and porting to numerous handsets and product distribution to Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular and many other purchase and download pipelines.

Senior Animator – 1997 - 1999

DreamWorks Animation – Universal City, Ca.

CGI Senior Animator for Visual Development of SHREK the movie.

Concept modeling, animating, lip-syncing, performance acting, all choreographed to pre-recorded soundtracks by Chris Farley and Eddie Murphy to flush-out technical and creative issues concerning the star character, Shrek. Blue-sky design, group think tanks, raw thumbnail concepts, state-of-the-art technology, and team building with dedicated professionals. Thank you to Jeffrey Katzenberg, Kelly Ashbury, Andrew Adamson, Chris Farley, Eddie Murphy and all the other stellar members of this team for all their contributions to make this motion picture an Academy Award winner.

Technical Proficiency: SGI Softimage. Autodesk 3D Studio, AutoCAD, and Animator Pro. Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere. Microsoft Word and Excel. Scripting and Programming in Flash, Basic, and C

Senior Animator – 1995 - 1997

DreamWorks Interactive – Bel Air, Ca.

Directing, modeling, animating, coordinating and designing animation/programming/production pipelines and leading teams of animators.

Mentoring and managing junior to midlevel animators, spear-heading inventive approaches to real-time gameplay and interaction, trouble-shooting artistic and production pipelines. Real-Time gameplay characters and high resolution rendered cinematic products. PlayStation and PC platforms.

Technical Proficiency: SGI Softimage, Autodesk 3D Studio, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Animator pro. Adobe Photoshop. Microsoft Word and Excel. Scripting and Programming in Basic, Pascal and C

Selected Projects:

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Character creation, modeling and animating of all game player characters. Major contributor to pioneering state-of-the-art morphing/transition techniques to create the most responsive, yet visually realistic real-time playable characters of any computer game to date. Characters include the dinosaurs Compy, Dimorphedon, T-Rex, and Velociraptor, and Humans.

Virtual Life - Character creation, modeling and animating of all characters in this real-time 3D romantic comedy. Body and facial animation and performance acting of multiple people and animals. Interactive sequences in both cinematic and real-time animation. This video game project was personally directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Nora Ephron.

Lead Artist – 1993 - 1995

Interplay Productions – Irvine, Ca.

Artist, Animator, Game Designer, Writer and Storyboards.

Writing, storyboarding, traditional and CGI art and animation, modeling, texturing, animating, illustrating, and game design for this popular video game studio from the early years. Vector art and bitmap graphics, SNES tiling, and breakthrough compression techniques. Sega, Sega CD, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PC and Apple platforms.

Technical Proficiency: SGI Wavefront: Model, Dynamation, Kinemation, Preview, 3Design. SGI Alias. SGI SoftImage: Model, Matter, Motion, Particle, Actor, Mental Ray. Autodesk 3D Studios, AutoCAD, Animator Pro, Animator Studios. Adobe Photoshop. EA Deluxe Paint (Dpaint). Scripting and Programming in Basic, Pascal and C

Selected Projects:

Heart of the Alien - Stories, storyboards, puzzles, character designs and animations to sequel the award-winning Out of this World video game. Rotoscope action, challenging compression techniques, developing storyline.

Stonekeep - Wavefront Dynamation particle systems utilized to create magical special effects with pioneer alpha-channel video composites and 3d rendered art.

Educational Background

Fine Arts and Mathmatics

Mercer University, Macon, Georgia

Curriculum: coursework, fine arts, calculus, creative writing & literature.

Activities: school illustrator (newspaper), popular cartoon strip (Hip Harry), Campus Police Dispatcher

Achievements: CLEP (College Level Examination Program). Illustrator for City Newspaper (Macon Telegraph and News)

College Prep

Lake Worth High School, lake Worth, Florida

Curriculum: College Prep, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Art and music. Activities: Band Musician, school Illustrator in the newspaper, literary magazine and yearbook

Technical Proficiency


Mac OS, Windows, Android, SGI, UNIX, DOS


3DS Max and Related Plug-Ins

Alias and Wavefront and related modules

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Soundbooth, Encore, Media Encoder, Acrobat

Anvil Studio, Cakewalk, Animator Pro, Deluxe Paint

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Project, Outlook, PowerPoint.

Scripting/Programming: Flash, JavaScript, HTML, Basic, and C



Minimal Criminals

Turtle Island


Hip Harry: Outside the Box



Bio Filters, an Environmental Solution- Co-writer and illustrator. Landscape Architect and Specifier

Profile of an AEC Firm- Writer and Artist- Cadence

Hip Harry Makes Waves – Cartoon paperback

Hip Harry – Cartoon paperback

Tradewinds – High School yearbook

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