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Engineer Electrical

Martinez, California, United States
April 24, 2019

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Peter Matta

Contact Information:

Address : Walnut Creek, California, 94596, U.S.A.

Cell Phone : 925-***-****

E-mail :

LinkedIn :

Personal Information:

Nationality : Egyptian, U.S.A Green Card Holder (Permanent Resident).

Electrical Engineer – Systems and Biomedical Engineer.

Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers Member.

Federation of Arab Engineers Member.

Career Objectives:

To pursue a challenging growing career in the field of Electrical Engineering. To find a suitable position where I can commit to and apply my experiences to excel and help in achieving the company mission.

Experience (at USA):

Experience for almost two years on troubleshooting and fixing Semiconductor machines (Semi/Bio Equipment).

QA Quality Control & Performance Test for Semiconductor systems.

Assembler for Semiconductor systems (Semi/Bio Equipment).

Experience (at Egypt):

Experience for almost five years on maintenance Medical Devices.

Installation and maintenance Dental units & panoramic x-ray machines & X-ray & X-ray Scanners & Dental Lap Devices and all Dental Devices (for more than three years plus I attended the advanced service training at J. Morita Group Company – at Kyoto, Japan on May-2012).

Installation and maintenance for Hemodialysis machines & Water Treatment Stations.

Installation and maintenance Lasik devices (ALLEGRETTO).

Computer (hardware and software) and internet experience desktop and web programming / development.

Won the First prize in the Golden Minds Competition Held by Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University (March 2006) for inventing a Protection and Security System that can be used in Banks, Museums …etc.


Current Job:

Precision Assembly & Test Senior Technician for Robots, ADO, EFEM and stages at Kensington Laboratories (February, 2018 – Current).

Previous Jobs (at U.S.A.):

International Field Service Technician for Semiconductor machines (Semi/Bio Tech Equipment) - I was working in USA and other countries as Taiwan…- at Yield Engineering Systems, INC. (YES), also I was a member of ECR meeting, Engineering Project Status meeting and two R&D systems meetings (May, 2016 – September, 2017).

QA Quality Control & Performance Test Technician for Semiconductor machines (team leader) at Yield Engineering Systems, INC. (YES) (January, 2016 – April, 2016).

Electrical and Mechanical assembler for Semiconductor machines at Yield Engineering Systems, INC. (YES) (December, 2015).

Previous Jobs (at Egypt):

Service and maintenance Biomedical Engineer for all dental units and devices (Self employment) (January, 2013 – September, 08, 2014).

Installation and maintenance medical Engineer for Hemodialysis machines “B. Braun” & Water Treatment Stations at High Tech for projects & Trading S.A.E. (January, 2014 – August, 2014).

Installation and maintenance Senior Bio-medical Engineer for Digital Systems "Panoramic Devices & X-Ray machines & Scanners & Sensors & internal Oral Cameras and Dental units and devices" at Safwan Egypt (July, 2013 – November, 2013).

Installation and maintenance Biomedical Engineer for Lasik devices "ALLEGRETTO" at High Tech Egypt (Alcon's WaveLight Lasik Devices) (October, 2012 – June, 2013).

Installation and maintenance Biomedical Engineer for Dental units and dental devices at General Egyptian Trading (GET) (May, 2011 – September, 2012).

Sales Engineer for Biomedical Devices at Cairo Med. Egypt (C.M.E.) - Biomedical Company working in Ultrasound devices (January, 2011 – April, 2011).

Production Engineer (Temporary job) at Flora - Pyramids paper Mills (S.A.E.) (September, 2009 – January, 2010).

Courses and Programming Languages:

International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

C++ Programming language.

C# Programming language.

Structured Query Language using (SQL Server 2000).

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).


Arabic : Mother Tongue.

English: Very Good in reading, writing and speaking.


J. MORITA Group Company – at Kyoto, JAPAN - for dental Devices, installation and Maintenance especially for apex locator Devices & Dental Units & X-Ray Devices and panoramic x-ray machines (May, 2012).

Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Company (EIPICO) (July, 2003).

The French Kasr El Aini (August, 2003).

Heart institute (July, 2004).

Medical Service [at the Company Site in New Kasr El Aini Teaching Hospital Operations Department] (July, 2005).

Participated in the Second Conference of Scientific Associations for under Graduate (March, 12, 2006).

Related Field Projects:

Power Supply with variable output voltage levels (0~18v).

Electrical trap.

Security System Controlled digitally.


Interface circuit with the computer (Parallel Port).

Organizer software Using C++.

Program to implement the Cardiology Department using SQL 2000 and interface it using C#.


Data Structure and Algorithms.

Database System, File Structure and Programming.

Hardware Design, Logic Design, Logical Circuits, Microelectronics and Circuits.


Mechanical Engineering: Static/Dynamic Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Thermo Dynamics.

Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry and Biology.


Measurement Fundamentals.

A professional Windows OS user.


Medical Gasses Networks Applications at hospitals.

Oxygen sensors and wireless Oxmeters.

Detectors in Radiology.

Virtual Design of C.T. (Computed Tomography).


Electrical Engineering - Systems and Biomedical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. (2004 – 2010).

oBachelor’s degree in Engineering (5 Years college).

Military Technical Collage. (2001 – 2003).

[Orman School, Giza, Egypt] (1998 – 2001).

oHigh School Certificate, with grade 93.9%.

[Orman School, Dokki, Giza, Egypt] (1995 – 1998).

oPreparatory Studies, with grade 95.6%.

[El Kawmeya Agouza Private School, Agouza, Giza, Egypt] (1990 – 1995).

oPrimary Studies, with grade 96%.

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