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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
April 20, 2019

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Name : Dharmarajan Tamil Tilakan.

Date of Birth : 28


Sept. 1958 ( Dahanu, Maharashtra)

Address for Communication : V-7/004, Ashokvan, Panhalgad C.H.S.Ltd. Borivali (East) Mumbai-400066.

Tele. Nos. /Email Id. : 022********./996-***-****

Martial Status : Married.

Light/Heavy Vehicle

Driving License. : 83/W/904.

Passport No. : P-6136708

Languages Known : Hindi, Marathi, English & Tamil. Educational Qualification :

Work Experience :

1. Bombay Airport (I.A.A.I.) – 05 Yrs.

2. Yanbu Petromin Refinery (Saudi Arabia) -05 Yrs. 3. Reliance industries Limited(PG)- From 16.06.1988, till today. Nature of Duties Performed in Different Organizations. 1. Bombay Airport Fire Service.

Sr. Exam UNI/BOARD Year of Passing.

01 S.Y.J.C.(Com.) PUNE Oct.1981.

02 G.I.F.E. IFE, New Delhi Sep.1992.

( Graduated in Fire Engineering )

a) Conversant with Operation, Testing & Maintenance of foam Tenders & Crash Fire Tenders(Nishan,Rosenbaur & Flextrac Nodewell) b) Fire & Rescue Operations, Aviation Emergency planning, Effective in communication both verbal & written.

c) Fire Alarm & Evacuation System, Emergency Standby procedure & Safety Standard Requirements at Airport.

2. Yanbu Petromin Refinery (Saudi Arabia)

a) Installation, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of Automatic water spray for High Pressure/ Temp. Product pumps, Semi Fixed Water monitor at process.

b) Foam Spray System for Truck loading racks, Balanced & Diaphragm pressure proportionators.

c) High Expansion foam systems for Chemical & Catalyst warehouse & Laboratories with pressure differential controls (Plenum system). d) Top & Sub-surface foam injection for floating & Cone roof tanks with automatic hydraulically operated water Oscillating monitors. e) Semi automatic water sprinkler/Drencher for LPG Spheres. f) Alarm & Mobilization control room operation with Host data Base, Computerized turnout instructions, fire load, water & foam requirement for given hazards display & printer system. 3. Reliance Industries Ltd. ( Patalganga)

a) Conversant with Elementary Fire & Safety measures. b) Knowledge of maintenance /testing & operation of various fire protection installations (Remote/Manual/Automatic) viz.

• Foam system for Storage Tanks.

• MVWS system for Storage Tanks.

• HVWS system for HF Unloading / Loading Bay.

• Hal on (1211, BCF ) system for Floating Roof Tanks.

• Hal on (1311, BTM) system for Process Control Rooms. c) Knowledge of Plant Emergency procedures, MEPS, Communication methods, mock Drills, Mutual Aids scheme, Types of rescue techniques, BA sets & other PPEs.

d) Handling any type of Emergency (Spillage, Leakage, Explosion) plant patrolling & Hot work standby.

e) Knowledge of Operation, Testing & Maintenance of Foam/DCP Tenders & various types of Extinguishers.

f) Getting Superannuation on 30.09.2016.Shift activities-- Fire Protection system checking periodically Imparting training to plant Employees,Audit of Fire protection system.

1 Ensure timely response to emergencies, mock drills - On site & Off sites

2 Ensure the proper functioning of all fire vehicles, communication systems, personal protective equipments. Ensure they are in ready to operate condition

3 Carryout FSM trainings, AFS trainings, AFS refresher trainings. 4 Plant fire coordinator.

5 Monitor the inspection, testing, maintenance of fire protection system at plant and timely apprise fire chief, area owners about deviations. 8 Actively lead the fire crew and auxiliary fire squad in shifts and during emergency

9 Drain fire crew on defensive driving, knots.

Job Accountabilities

• Availability and operability of Portable Fire protection equipment.

• Ensure adequate spares availability and indigenization of imported spares.

• Maintenance schedule and Implementation

• Equipment failure database, failure analysis, reporting and implementing corrective measures.

• SAP system operation, Budget Control & Monitoring.

• Provide assurance to site leadership on implementation and adherence to fire safety standards, procedures and checklist

• Preparation of RA sheets for all identified M&I activities

• Manage Inventory levels to ensure adequate spares & equipment availability

• Review & update datasheets /specification for all the equipment & spares.

• Review the scope of work for outsourcing maintenance jobs

• Ensure availability of tools & tackles to carryout maintenance activities

• Liaise with Engineering services, plant maintenance, contract cell, procurement, Material management center, Excise and contractors/vendors.

• Periodic testing & certification of lifting tools/tackles, weights & measuring equipment, pressure vessel and cylinders as per statutes

• Review and validate contractor performance

Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills)

• Analytical frame of mind for solving fire equipment maintenance issue

• Application and make use of different firefighting equipment, consumables, systems and other resources management for effective emergency Management

• Good understanding about SAP system and its various transaction

• Ability to formulate specifications of various fire protection equipment

• High level of proficiency in Fire Safety Management

• Planning and decision making ability

• Team work, Delegation, Communication and Time management skill

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