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Human Resource Manager

Bakersfield, California, 93311, United States
December 18, 2018

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Bakersfield CA 93311


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

POSITION HELD: Alternative Dispute Resolution Service Human Resource/Labor Relations Consultant

PROFESSION: Human Resource Management/Labor Relations


Alternative Dispute Resolution Services: 2000 to present

Position Held: Human Resource/Labor Relations Specialist

Schools Legal Service: 1980 – 2000

Position Held: Bargaining /Labor Relations Specialist


Substantial human resource and labor relations training and experience as a human resource manager and labor relations specialist representing employers in the public and private sector. These duties and responsibilities includes but not limited to the following:

Employee Relations

Manage all areas of human resource management and labor relations matters of the Company under an At Will employment relationship and/or a Collective Bargaining Agreement where there is a recognized union.

Facilitate new hire orientation and assimilation.

Ensure employee programs support the ability to attract, develop and retain top talent.

Develops and updates job descriptions and objectives in order to ensure a balance relationship between duties performed and compensation.

Ensures staff has appropriate training and adequate resources to be successful.

Builds positive and effective relationships with managers and supervisors and functional leaders to build trust, confidence, and respect among exempt and non exempt employees.

Conducts investigations, facilitates resolution of complex employee relation issues and develops solutions in the interest of the employer and employees.

Manage compliance on company policies and regulations, employee handbook, collective bargaining agreements, safety, and employment laws that relate to the employment relations with the company and its employees.

Provide performance coaching, HR policy interpretation and management advice to executives and department supervisors to support organizational culture.

Manage all employee programs including service anniversary, recognition, workers’ compensation, education assistance and professional development.

Ensures company handbooks and HR policies are reviewed regularly and revised when necessary to maintain accuracy and reflection of the organization’s culture.

Partner with VP, HR, researches, benchmarks and recommends policies which support a principled-performance culture.

Represent employer’s interest and concerns before state and federal agencies, such as EDD, DOL, DEFH, and OSHA matters.

Compliance / Recordkeeping

Ensures that processes, policies and actions are in compliance with applicable regulations of the organization and all applicable state and federal law as they pertain to the employment relations between the employer and its employees.

Oversees department records to ensure compliance and accuracy, and maintains employee files and work authorization records (I-9) for current and past employees.

Risk Management

Oversees the management of all workers’ compensation claims.

Interact with workers compensation carrier(s) regarding on-going claims and investigations.

Coach supervisors and managers in long term strategies to decrease the number of injuries in the workplace and employee time away from work.

Develop, update, maintain and administer the safety programs to ensure reported injuries are thoroughly investigated.

Collaborate with HR in developing workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP).

Coordinate with HR team members complete and/or facilitate accurate safety and health documents in accordance with CAL/OSHA and

Coordinates and cooperate with the Company’s legal counsel to facilitate prompt and cost effective adjudication of all claims from date of injury to closure.

Provides support in developing safety policy, process and awareness within the organization.

Meet regularly with staff to set work objectives, monitor progress and provide and receive constructive feedback when evaluating employees under the supervision of management and supervisory employees.

Functional Strategy and Infrastructure

Collaborate with other human resource and organizational professionals in developing and implementing a successful and effective a human resource strategic plan that is aligned with the overall mission and vision of the company.

Assisted in the development and planning of the company’s infrastructure to support changes needed or required in the workplace for purposes of reaching goals and objectives set by the company in order to successfully grow and progress in the future

In addition to my training and experience I have participated in numerous workshops and seminars as a trainer and facilitator in the training of management and exempt personnel in all areas of human resource management, personnel practices and procedures, sexual harassment, evaluations, leaves of absences, employee discipline, safety, and informational programs that help promote and foster growth and productivity in the workplace.

EDUCATION: West Valley College, Associated Arts Degree – Business (1966-1969)); San Jose State University, Bachelor of Arts Degree – Business Administration (1969-1971); Lincoln University School of Law – California Law (1971-1973); and California Real Estate Licensing School, Department of Real Estate, State of California – (1989-2005).

SALARY: Salary is important but may be secondary to professional growth and stability in the position with the Employer and will be discussed at the time of interview.

LANGUAGE: English and Spanish

PERSONAL REFERENCES: Personal references can be provided upon request at the time of interview.

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